As some people have requested to know more about me, I decided to add this page to my site.  I'm not generally an
extroverted person, but I'll try to think of something to say about myself.

First off, Keara is not my real name.  It's simply an alias I go by online.  Very few people know my real name, and I plan
to keep it that way, so please don't ask what it is.

Birthday:  April 18th, 1978.

Gender:  Female

Current Occupation:  I work at a Dunkin' Donuts.  Yep, I make donuts.  I frost them, fill them, powder them, the
whole deal.  I work from midnight until 7am or later doing this, as well as baking bagels, muffins and croissants.  I very
rarely meet or deal with people, so my job is rather stress free.

Current Location:  Florida

Family:  A father I rarely sees, my mother, and one older brother.  (Note:  I don't see any of them anymore, as I have
moved to another state.  Except at Christmas, when I go up north for a visit.)

Pets:  One Evil Cat named Drusilla. And I also take care of my mother's cat Fred.  She's just stupid ...yes, HER name is

Hobbies:  Writing Fanfiction, writing novels, reading manga, collecting as many anime and manga series as I possibly can
and hoarding anime collectibles and action figures of other sorts.

Likes:  Feedback of my work.  Finding the ONE toy I've been missing from the current set I've been collecting.  Finding
great deals on eBay.  Playing with my cat.  Warm weather.  Rainy days.  Overcast skies.  Staying up until hours most
normal people would consider to be late.  When my muses decide to cooperate with me.

Dislikes:  Cold weather and bright sunny days.  Losing auctions on eBay.  When my cat bites me (which happens
often).  When my mother's cat scratches the hell out of hmy arms for no apparent reason other than to do it.  Waking up
early.  Going to work.  Waking up early to go to work.  When my muses are being spiteful and mean and unhelpful.

Short Description:  I used to live at home with my mother in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in New Jersey.  Now I live
in Florida in a two-bedroom townhouse with my very good friend Tenshi-Chan.  Where, I feel TOTALLY out of place
and miss my own mother very greatly.

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