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Notes:  Duo goes out clubbing and meets a few interesting individuals.

Warnings:  LEMON.  2xOC, OCx2xOC  Yup, a threesome too.

Coming Home

Part Five

Duo let out a soft breath as he hefted his duffel bag over one shoulder and a bag of groceries over the other.  He figured the
least he could do to repay Solo for letting him crash, was to pick up a few groceries.  Even if Solo didn’t want him there
anymore, Duo felt it was only right to do it.

He felt a pang of sadness as he climbed the stairs to the apartment.  ‘Might as well take a shower, eat something and nap before
going out.  I doubt I’ll be able to do as much after tonight.’  Duo entered the apartment and headed to the kitchen.  He blinked
when he saw that there was an envelope with his name on it set on the kitchen table.

After quickly putting the groceries away, Duo opened the envelope and read the letter aloud.  “Kid, I’m sorry about acting like a
fussbudget earlier.  You’re right.  I don’t know anything about what happened to you.  You’re your own person, free to come
and go as you please.  It was wrong of me to try and keep you from doing your own thing.  Please don’t leave.  Despite time
and circumstance, I’m still your friend.  And it brings me great joy to have you as my guest.  I won’t wait up, but I hope to see
you tomorrow.”  Duo shook his head with a small smile.  “Damn you, Solo.  Why the hell do you have to care?  You’re playing
with death.”

He folded the letter, setting it back on the table.  “At least I still have a place to stay.  Now . . . about that shower.”


Solo sighed as he entered the apartment.  He truly expected to find all of Duo’s stuff gone.  But he blinked in surprised delight
when he entered his home and took a deep breath.  Something smelled really good.

He walked into the kitchen and saw that his oven was just now turning off.  He smiled as he figured Duo had put something in
on a timed bake.  Next to the oven was an envelope with his name on it.

He picked it up and opened it.  After taking another deep breath, he read the note, murmuring the words silently to himself.  
“Hey, Solo.  I’m sorry about snapping at you like that.  I’m so used to having only myself looking after me that it rubs me the
wrong way when someone tells me what to do, or even make suggestions about how to care for myself.”  Solo chuckled as he
remembered the fiery spirited child Duo had been.  The kid had often stamped his foot and done what he pleased, no matter
what Solo had said to him.  It was actually an endearing quality.  When it wasn’t as aggravating as hell of course.

With a slight shake of his head, he continued reading.  “You’re probably right.  I probably shouldn’t go out again and I am very
upset.  I deal with pain the only way I know how.  Since it bothers you so much, I won’t do this every night.  Tomorrow
night, I’ll stay in and maybe we can watch a movie or something.  I really do appreciate you worrying about me, even though I
may not seem to.  I bought a frozen lasagne and put it in the oven.  I guessed that you got home about the same time every
evening, so it should be done by the time you get home.  It’s pretty big, so you won’t have to worry about cooking tomorrow.  
Sleep well, buddy.  I’ll try not to wake you when I come in.”

Solo smiled, relishing the warm feeling that filled his heart.  Duo was staying.  The relief that filled him was so overpowering
that Solo nearly collapsed from the strength of it.  He opened the fridge and nearly laughed when he saw there was a salad
already made and waiting for him.  ‘Looks like you worry about me too, Kid.  Especially if you go out of your way to buy what
looks like fresh produce.’  He pulled the salad and a can of soda out.  He set them on the table and then went to get his lasagne.  
After retrieving a spatula and a plate, he served himself a good-sized portion and walked back to the table to sit.

He ate thoughtfully and nodded.  If he remembered the hangover the Kid had earlier that morning, Solo would be able to get
Duo’s room ready for him.  ‘I don’t have to work tomorrow, so maybe I should wait up for him and get him to drink some
water before going to bed.  That should help prevent a hangover.’  Then he shook his head.  ‘No, that will only piss him off.  I’
ll just leave a couple aspirins by his bed with a bottle of water and hope he has the sense to drink it.’  He sighed softly and
finished eating his dinner.  When he was done, he’d make sure Duo’s room was ready.


The music pulsed through Duo’s whole being as he danced.  He’d already had three Blue Kamikazes and was about to go back
for a Yeager Bomber to get his energy up when he got the urge to stop dancing.  At the moment, he was part of a writhing
pulsing mass of dancers.  Hands touched and caressed, while hips swayed and heads bopped.  No one knew, nor cared, where
hands would roam during the song.  That’s exactly what Duo wanted.  He wanted to drown out the thoughts in his head with
loud music.

His attention was grabbed when someone gripped his wrist and gently tugged him.  Duo turned, only to blink when he
recognized the man from last night.

The Heero look-alike smirked at him and spoke over the music.  “You told me we would pick up where we left off another
time.  It’s another time.”

Duo fought a smirk of his own.  Did this guy think he could get the best of him?  He was Duo Maxwell.  He had lived through a
war and fought an uprising.  This guy wasn’t going to get anywhere unless Duo wanted him to.

“Dance with me first,” Duo said, pulling away from the man a little.  He was pleased to see a brief flash of surprise before the
man acquiesced and joined Duo on the dance floor.

Duo groaned as the man pressed himself close, grinding his body against Duo’s in time with the throbbing music.  An arm
wrapped around Duo’s waist, holding him close.  Duo allowed it, moving with the motions, giving in to the tactile pleasures.

As the song ended and a new one began, a voice whispered in his ear, sending shivers rippling along Duo’s spine.  “Now . . .
shall we go?  I need to touch you.”

Duo nodded and allowed the man to lead him from the dance floor.  Their bodies staying close together, they moved to the
restrooms.  Duo glanced around, spotting a boy about his age watching the two of them hungrily.  He smirked at the boy,
watching the blush creep across his face as he ducked his head.  Then thoughts of the blushing boy were driven from his mind
as they entered the bathroom.

They stumbled into one of the stalls.  Duo kicked the door shut and locked it.  Though he didn’t mind being watched, he felt
like being alone right now.  Well, out of the line of sight at least.

When the man placed his hands on Duo’s jacket, Duo stopped him.  “Uh, uh, uh.  I do nothing on the first date,” he chided with
a singsong voice.  “You want some?  You gotta do the work.  No penetration tonight.  A hand job on both counts or you
blowing me.  Anything else before I say so, I kick your ass.”  He leaned forward to the reddening face of his partner and
lowered his voice to a near whisper.  “Neither of us expects more than a quickie.  You want a conquest and I want to forget.  If
you don’t like it, I’ll just walk out and find someone who isn’t as picky.”

His companion was silent for a moment before he nodded.  “I don’t usually let others call the shots.”  He pulled his zipper
down, his hands moving to do the same with Duo’s pants.

Duo shrugged.  “I can see that.  Sometimes though, you have to be on the other side of the wall.  Domination can be damn near
scary to some people.”  He basically stopped all conversation at that point.  He wanted to lose himself in the fantasy that this
was Heero and not some nameless look-alike.  He was ashamed of himself enough as it was.

The man went down on his knees, pulling a condom out of his pocket and slipping it onto Duo’s length before he started.  His
mouth worked with the skill of an expert while he worked himself to a fervor with his own hand.  It was over relatively
quickly.  Duo came first, slamming his head back against the stall door as he spilled himself in the condom.  The man grunted
his own completion a moment later.

Duo took a moment to savor the sensations.  Then he pushed the man away and tucked himself back into his pants.  He had a
wicked idea.  Wicked, but fun.  He smiled, pressing his hands down on the man’s shoulder.  “Keep those pants unzipped and
get yourself ready.  I’ll be right back with a surprise.”

The man blinked, but nodded.  Duo guided him to his feet, then to sit on the toilet, his half-erect length peeking out of his

“Don’t worry.  You’ll like this surprise,” Duo grinned, turning and skipping out of the bathroom.

Once outside, he was all business.  He spotted that adorably shy boy they had passed earlier.  He was standing a lot closer to the
bathroom than he had been, that blush seemingly frozen on his cheeks.  Duo wondered if he had been listening in.  All the better
if he had been, Duo thought.

“Hey there, cutie.”  Duo smiled, sweeping his arm around the boy’s shoulders.  “You look good enough to eat.”

“I . . . I . . .”  The young man stammered, not really saying much of anything.  He was cute, his soft dark curls falling around
his head and he had green eyes one could get lost in.

Duo leaned in close, taking a long slow lick along the edge of the boy’s ear.  “You want to have some fun with me and my

The boy didn’t seem to be able to speak.  His breath froze in his throat.  For a moment, Duo thought he was going to pass out.  
Then he breathed again, his face redder than a beet as he nodded.  “Y-Yes . . . please.  B-But I’m . . .”

“A virgin?”  Duo asked, his smile only widening.  “What better way to break you in than with a threesome?”

He didn’t wait for an answer as he guided the young man into the bathroom.  He pressed his fingers to his lips, quietly telling the
boy to stay silent.

“You ready for your surprise, big boy?”  Duo asked, his hands working on unfastening the young man’s pants.

“Yeah, sure.”  The voice from inside the stall answered.

Duo was nearly bouncing in anticipation as he pushed the door open, guiding the youth inside.  “Look what I found?”  He
smiled from behind the curly-haired youth.  “You wanna taste?”  He slid his hand down, easily slipping inside his trousers to
grope an impressive package.

“Oh, yeah.”  The man groaned, beginning to stroke himself to hardness.

“Down on your knees.”  Duo whispered to the teenager.  He looked to the other man.  “He’s a virgin.”  Duo proclaimed,
yanking the youth’s pants down to his knees before they both knelt on the ground.  He held his hand out to the older man.  
“Hand over your lube and a condom . . . and put one on yourself.”

The man fumbled to get the items Duo wanted.  Duo smiled as he opened the tube, covering his fingertips with lube while the
man put the condom on himself.  “This is going to be fun.  Just relax and enjoy it,” Duo said to the younger man, even as he
eased a finger up inside of him.  The boy grabbed onto the Heero look-alike’s thighs, his breath coming out in pants.

The man slid his hand along the youth’s cheek, his own breath coming uneasily.  “Don’t be scared.  The first time is always the
most nerve-wracking.  It’ll get better.”

Duo smiled, not really paying attention to the conversation going on between the other two men as he prepped the younger one.  
He was looking forward to losing himself in this boy’s body, to take all the pleasure he could get for himself.  He wanted to
forget and this was as good a way to forget as any.

Three, then four fingers went into the young man.  Duo was satisfied then, feeling about ready to burst as he ripped the
wrapper off the condom and slipped it on himself.  The two men were kissing as Duo grasped the boy’s hips, slowly nudging
his way inside the hot tight body of the, now, former virgin.

As Duo was making shallow thrusts, the man gently urged the younger man to suck him off.  The boy was obviously
inexperienced and he faltered when Duo began to move faster, but the man didn’t seem to mind.  In fact, Duo was pretty sure
that he was enjoying it greatly.

Duo gripped the boy’s hips harder, feeling the first tingling sensations of an oncoming orgasm.  He jerked his hips forward,
wrapping a hand around the younger man’s cock.  He stroked him fast and roughly, pressing his thumb across the tip with
every pump of his hand.  The boy moaned, rocking back and forth between Duo’s hand and the shaft plunging into his ass, lost
between which sensation to seek out first.

All too soon it ended.  The younger man convulsed and moaned, losing himself to the pleasure.  The man came next, grabbing
the former virgin’s head and shooting his load into the condom.  While Duo harshly yanked the boy back against him, slamming
inside as far as he could go as he let himself loose.

“So good,” Duo groaned, rocking his hips into the curly-haired youth, stealing each faltering remnant of pleasure that he could.

When he was done, Duo stood up and took off the condom.  He took it off and threw it into the nearest trash can, even as he
was zipping up his pants.  One brief glance at the man and the boy told him all he needed to know.  They were done with him.  
The man was sitting there still, his cock lying limp.  The curly-haired youth was still on the floor, breathing heavily, his head
pillowed on the man’s lap as the man stroked his hair in a gentle manner.

Duo grinned, not really caring about what the two of them did now.  “Have fun, you two,” he called as he left the bathroom,
returning to the party and the throng of people who could help him forget his miserable life, if only for a few fleeting moments.

To Be Continued . . .