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Notes:  A fic by The Powers That Be, which consists of Keara and Tenshi-Chan.  It’s the end of the wars and Heero is called
back to Doctor J’s laboratory.  What does the old scientist want with him?  This is a short prologue to our fic, enjoy.



The war was over . . . mission completed.  There should have been elation or relief at that thought.  For the vast majority of the
population, that was the case.  For Heero Yuy - there was only indifference.

‘So we won a war and stopped a revolution.  I don’t see why everyone is making such a big deal out or it.’  He sipped at his
club soda and glanced over to where Duo was flirting with just about everyone in attendance of the party.  At the moment, Duo
was making moves on an equally inebriated Relena.  ‘Odd how one can drink fermented grape juice and be affected in such a

The party was being thrown by the Preventers . . . with buffet tables against one wall and several card tables set up around the
dance floor.  Heero could spot the other three ex-Gundam pilots within a split second.

Wufei was standing by the ice sculpture with Trowa . . . apparently discussing the detail of the work.  Heero had to admit that
the globe was topographically correct.  The sculpture of Earth seemed to be the centerpiece since all of the other decorations of
the room were dependant on the sphere.  ‘Ironic . . . that they chose to use ice as a medium.  Perhaps to symbolize how fragile
the Earth really is.’

Then Heero felt his eyes drawn to Quatre, when he heard the soft laughter of the young man that he picked up easily despite the
noise in the room.  Quatre was currently speaking with Lady Une, but Heero’s attention was solely on Quatre.  The blonde pilot
and tactician had always held Heero’s interest.  Heero found it fascinating that Quatre could hold onto the innocence of a child
and still fight a war.  He wondered about how peaceful Quatre seemed to be.

Quatre was the sole reason for Heero’s presence at the party.  Heero wouldn’t have attended the party at all if Quatre hadn’t
been the one to invite him.  Quatre’s logic was infallible to the point where refusal was unacceptable.

Checking his watch, Heero noted that he had exactly five minutes and fifteen seconds before he had to leave.  He had a meeting
to get to, and he could not be late.  He put his glass down and headed over to Trowa and Wufei to say his farewells.  He felt
nothing for his comrades . . . but it would keep them from following him.

He nodded at Wufei and Trowa as he approached.  “I’m leaving now.”  He stated with no more emotion than he would express
when on a mission.

Trowa nodded back.  “All right.  You need a ride?”

Heero shook his head.  Accepting a ride from anyone would have been counteractive since he already had a means of
transportation.  “Negative.  Farewell, Chang.”

Wufei bowed a little.  “Drive carefully.”

“Ryoukai.”  Heero turned to look for Duo.  He scanned the room and frowned when he couldn’t spot the American.  He would
have gone to say goodbye to Relena, but she was also absent from the room.  Heero glanced at his watch.  Three minutes,
twelve seconds.  He did not have time to go look for them.  He turned to Trowa.  “Tell Duo I said good bye.”  He didn’t even
wait for Trowa to acknowledge the command.  He had only three minutes in which to say goodbye to Quatre and leave.

Taking a quick glance around the room, he spotted Quatre walking out through the main doors next to Lady Une.  
‘Convenient.’  He thought, easily making his way to the doors and stepping outside just as Lady Une drove off.  He cared little
to ask why she was leaving at such an early hour, so just continued on his original objective.

He walked over just as Quatre turned back toward the main entrance.  “I have to leave now, Quatre.  Goodbye.”  He said, then
turned to head over to his vehicle.

Quatre grabbed his arm, stopping him from leaving.  Heero turned, wondering why Quatre had done such a thing.  Was there
something the Arabian needed?  “Where are you going?”  Quatre asked.  “Why are you going?”

“Doctor J has requested that I return to his lab.”  Heero stated.  There was nothing more to it than that.  He had been ordered to
return to the lab for a meeting, and so he would return to the lab as J said.  J was still his commander and he had to follow
orders.  As a soldier it was expected of him to follow every order given to him, to do less was unacceptable.

“I can’t let you go alone to him.  What if his motives for calling you back are hostile?”  Quatre asked.

Quatre had posed a good point, but Heero could not ignore an order.  “I have to go . . . I was ordered to.”  He said, his brow
furrowed slightly.

“Well, then I’m coming with you.”  Quatre nodded, smiling.

“I can’t allow you to do that, Quatre.  J has no reason to want others to accompany me.”  He said calmly, pulling his arm away
from Quatre’s grasp.

“Well, did he say I couldn’t come?”  Quatre asked.

Heero thought for a moment, recalling Professor J’s exact words.  “No, he did not explicitly inform me that I was to come
alone . . . it was more insinuated that he expected that.”

“Fine, then I’m coming.”  Quatre stated, nodding decisively.

“Quatre . . .”  Heero growled, only to be stopped before he could really argue.

Quatre held up his hand, hushing Heero.  “Listen, Heero.  You’ll get there faster if you have my help.  I’ll pull some strings and
get you there in record time.  I promise to only come along as backup and not interfere unless the need arises.  You know me,
Heero.  You know how level headed I almost always am.”

Heero sighed, nodding his head.  He couldn’t argue with that reasoning.  “You will wait outside the building.  Doctor J does not
abide visitors.”  Heero said, stalking over to his car.  “You are not to enter without cause.”

“I understand.”  Quatre nodded.  He pulled out his cell phone.  “Just get us to the airport and I’ll arrange for a shuttle.”  He

Heero sighed.  He didn’t really want Quatre coming with him.  Still, he saw no way that he could dissuade the blonde without
resorting to physical violence, and hurting the Arabian was not acceptable to Heero.  As soon as the two of them were in the
car, Heero started the engine and drove off, taking them to the nearest airport.  He had an appointment to keep with Doctor J.

To Be Continued . . .