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Notes:  Quatre arrives with Heero at the mansion.


Part Four

The mansion had stood empty for years, but Quatre could see signs of their friends' work on making it livable again.  It had
been hours since he had called the others and Trowa had called back a short time ago to let him know they had arrived and
were at work on fixing the place up.  Heero had not awoken again during that time.  Sally had returned to the motel to help
Quatre transport Heero.  She was pleased to hear that Heero had regained consciousness, even for that brief amount of time.

Quatre pushed the wheelchair that held Heero's inert form.  Sally was walking along beside them.  Although the Japanese youth
hadn't opened his eyes again, Quatre still retained hope for his friend's recovery.  That was all he had left right now, his slim
sense of hope.

"Hey, Quatre!  Come on in!  We've all been waiting."  Duo bounded straight for them as if everything was normal.  His clothes
were filthy and covered in dust and there were a few smudges of paint here and there on him.  He glanced briefly at Heero, but
said nothing about their friend.  "The gang's all here ... plus Dorothy.  I don't know WHY Wufei invited her, but she's here."  He
shrugged.  "All help is good help, right?"

Quatre smiled and patted Heero on the shoulder.  "Well, the more familiar faces around, the better.  Sally said that Heero's
recovery would be a long one."  He didn't mention that she'd also warned him that Heero might not recover at all.  He was trying
to keep himself optimistic.

Duo reached out his hand and brushed it across Heero's cheek.  The unconscious youth didn't stir.  "Don't you worry, buddy.  
You'll be back up to par in no time at all."  He smiled at Quatre.  "Come on, I'll give you the grand tour."

Their eager friend hustled them into the house then and showed them around the first floor.  It didn't seem like much of
anything had been done.  The furniture was all covered with sheets.  Anything of true value had been removed so the walls
were completely bare.  It was pretty depressing actually.  Quatre had never been to this house, at least not that he could
remember.  It stood to reason that it would get rundown over the years.

The long-haired youth motioned to the room they were approaching.  "Sally, we've got this room set up for you.  Well, for
Heero.  But the stuff you had sent over is all in here.  We've been concentrating most of our efforts into getting this room
livable.  We already got the electricity going in the house, and the water's been turned on.  Those two things were first on the
list.  Can't fix stuff without lights and water."

Quatre entered the room and smiled at the progress being made.  "Nice.  Functional and yet attractive."  The bed was something
that Sally had obviously supplied, as it was the sort that one would find in a hospital.  It was made up with clean, fresh bedding
and it was obvious that every effort had been made to make it look like a normal bed.  The walls, rather than a stark white, were
painted a rather calming shade of blue.  There were a few pastoral paintings adorning the walls.  Quatre could still smell the
fresh paint.  "I wish the last hospital I'd had to stay in was like this."

Sally smiled.  She had broken away from the small group and was examining a monitor set up near the bed.  "Well, we don't
know what Heero's reactions will be to excessive stimuli, so this should be perfect."  She turned her attention to Heero.  "Let's
get him tucked into bed."

Quatre and Duo gladly helped Sally with the task.  "Where are the others?" Quatre asked, smoothing out the blanket over
Heero's slumbering form.

"Hm?"  Duo looked around.  "Oh, I think Trowa is working with the fireplace in the living room and Wufei is in the kitchen
taking care of what he called Toxic Waste.  Apparently, when the house was abandoned, it was abandoned with a fully stocked
pantry."  He turned green as he obviously remembered the experience.  "I swear that something in the fridge moved before I had
to bail out of there."  He motioned to the hallway.  "I think Dorothy volunteered to take care of washing the linens.  She chose
the color for the room.  Odd that she has such good taste.  When she volunteered to grab the paint for us, I thought she'd get
something more gaudy."

"I have far more sense than that."

Quatre spun and smiled at the blonde woman.  He had no hard feelings over past bad experiences with the young lady.  "It's
good to see you again."

She inclined her head.  "How is he?"

"We won't know until he wakes up."  

The sound of a heart monitor's rhythmic beeping caught his attention and he turned to find Sally adjusting some dial.  An IV had
already been put in place in Heero's arm, as well as a pair of restraints.  Sally had already told him that she intended to restrict
Heero's movements.  They simply didn't know what to expect.  

He turned back around and took a breath. "You need any help with anything?"

Duo clapped his hand on Quatre's back.  "Sure.  You can help Wufei out in the kitchen.  Or you can help Dorothy with painting
the rooms."

It didn't take long to decide.  "I think I'll go with painting."

Duo let out a long sigh.  "Fine, I'll go dredging through the waste with Wufei then."  He slapped Quatre's back again.  "See you
later.  Trowa's gonna get dinner for us in a couple hours."  He was out of the room a moment later.

With one last glance back at Heero, Quatre left as well.  He kept up a polite conversation with Dorothy as they went to the next
room to be painted.  But even though he kept up a cheerful air, it was simply a facade.  All he wanted to do was sit in that room
with Heero and keep a watch over him.  Sally was there with him, but Quatre wanted to be there himself.  He wanted to see
those blue eyes open again, to be there when they found out whether he could understand them.  He just wanted to be there.

For the rest of the day, that was all he could think of.  Heero.  When dinner was over with, that's where he was.  He had come
into the room and told Sally food was waiting, using that as an excuse.  This way, Sally could eat and someone would still be
here to watch over Heero.

Quatre leaned forward against the bed's railing.  "I'm still here, Heero," he said, brushing his fingertips lightly over Heero's bare
arm.  "Don't you worry.  You'll get better, I know you will."

As usual, there was no reply.

Sally returned in time and Quatre resigned himself to the fact that he'd have to leave, if only to get some sleep.  He'd rather
spend the night watching over his friend though.  "Goodnight, Heero."

This time, instead of the silence he had been expecting, Heero's lips parted and a faint sound escaped.  Quatre's heart skipped a
beat and he leaned in closer as Sally rushed over to the other side of the bed.

Under their intent gazes, Heero's eyes began to flutter.  He was finally waking up.

To Be Continued ...