Disclaimers:  We do not own Gundam Wing, Tomb Raider, or any of their characters.

Notes:  A Collaboration!  This fic is a collaboration between Tenshi-Chan and I.  A crossover fic of Gundam Wing and Tomb
Raider.  Enjoy.

Raider’s Legacy


The dreams were always the same . . . except for now.  This time . . . something was different.  He couldn’t find her in any of
the training areas, so he wandered around the vast estate, searching for his elusive teacher.  She had to be somewhere . . . she
always had been before.

Finally, he walked into the pool room and stared down at the shimmering depths of the heated water.  He stripped off his
clothes, not caring if he was seen.  There wasn’t anyone here anyway, besides his teacher, and she knew every inch of his
body already.  Not in a sexual way . . . that would just have been weird.  It was just that the first time he had been here, he
found himself wearing nothing.  Humility had been the first of his lessons.

He dove into the soothingly warm water, just content to float around for a bit.  Then he started swimming, loving the feel of the
water around himself.  He paused, thinking that he had caught a glimpse of a familiar stretch of dark hair.  But when he looked,
he saw nothing.

He shrugged and began swimming again, doing laps around the pool.  When he saw the wisp of a braid, he paused again.  He
swam to the edge, glancing around at his surroundings before he dragged himself out of the water, immediately crouching into a
defensive stance.

A faint sound reached his ears and he ducked and rolled to his right, just as a knife swept through the air where his neck had
been only moments ago.  He quickly rose to his feet, glaring at his opponent, his teacher.

The attractive woman smiled, tossing her braid of hair back over her shoulder.  She quirked an eyebrow, then casually tossed
the knife aside.  It landed in the water with a loud splash.

“Very good.”  She said, her voice rich with a British accent.  “I have taught you all I can.  It is time.  Time for you to awaken
to your true destiny.”

It was at that moment that Duo Maxwell snapped awake, panting as he bolted straight up in bed.  He lifted a shaking hand to his
forehead, mumbling over and over again, “No.”  He didn’t want the dreams to end . . . They had been the only constant thing in
his life.  He had been having them for years, had known that woman almost all his life.  However, he realized that in all the
years, never once had he heard her speak, until now.  It must be over then, if something so drastic in the dreams had changed.

Duo buried his face in his hands, pushing back his tears.  A choked up sobbing sound escaped his throat, although no tears fell
from his eyes.  He felt alone, more so than he had ever felt before.  That woman, although he didn’t know her name or if she
even had one, had been the closest thing Duo had ever had to family, except perhaps Sister Helen and Father Maxwell.  Even
though she was nothing more than a dream, Duo couldn’t help but mourn the loss of her presence.

He snapped out of his grief, hearing the sound of a floorboard creaking.  The sound had come from the hall outside his bedroom
door.  Quietly, he climbed out of bed, ignoring for the moment that he was drenched in sweat, now shivering in the cool night

He pressed himself against the wall beside the door, just as the door was slowly pushed open.  He raised a hand, waiting for just
the right moment to strike.  No one invaded his home without paying for it, even if it was just a crappy little one bedroom

He smiled once he saw the outline of the intruder, knowing the time to strike had arrived.  He shoved the door as hard as he
could, hitting the intruder with it and knocking him off balance.  Then he leapt out, surprised for a moment as the man lashed
out at him.  A flash of pain surged up his arm, but Duo chose to ignore it, kicking the man’s arm to knock whatever weapon,
that he had used, out of his grip.  Duo smiled, hearing something metallic slide across the floor.

Quickly, Duo pounced on the man, grabbing his head in just the right grip.  He jerked his arms to one side, hearing the satisfying
crack of bone snapping as he broke the man’s neck.  Duo stood, shoving the lifeless corpse away from himself as he backed

He took in a deep breath, wiping his hand across his forehead to get rid of some of the sweat soaking him.  A sharp ache made
itself known in his arm, and he hissed in pain.  He looked down at the arm that pained him.  Even in the dark he could make out
the blood, which appeared almost black in the darkness of the room.  The guy must have had a knife, he idly thought.

Duo shrugged, not giving it much thought.  He walked back over to the bed, grabbing his sheet and wrapping it around his arm
to stop the flow of blood.  The sheets were cheap anyway.  It didn’t matter if he got blood on them.  He flicked on the bedside
lamp, wincing at the sudden brightness as he reached for the vid phone.  He quickly dialed a number, not even finding it
necessary to look.  It was quickly picked up from the other end of the line.

“Hey, Quatre!”  Duo said cheerfully, pushing aside all his feelings and keeping his joker’s mask in place.

“Duo?”  Quatre mumbled, turning on the visual display.  Duo smiled at Quatre’s disheveled state, the way his hair stuck out in
so many ways, the adorable tiredness his face and body were showing.  “It’s four in the morning.  What are you doing up?”  
He yawned.

“Eh . . .”  Duo shrugged, answering flippantly.  “I just killed someone who had broken into my place to kill me.  Nothing new.”

“What?!”  Quatre shouted, apparently wide awake now.

“Someone tried to kill me.  I just killed him first.”

Quatre held up his hands, obviously trying to remain calm.  “Okay . . . I’ll call Une and tell her to get a cleanup crew there.  I’ll
be over as soon as I can.”

“No sweat, Quatre.  See ya!”  Duo said, then switched off the transmission.  

As soon as he did, a shiver coursed through his body.  Fear shook him to the very core, and he laid down, pulling his legs
against his chest.  Someone had just tried to kill him . . . Why?  Did he still have enemies because of what he had done during
the war . . . because he had been a Gundam pilot?  No, that couldn’t be it.  The wars had ended years ago, anyone that wanted
him dead because of that time in his life, probably would have already tried it by now.  So who could it be?  And why?

Duo just laid there, trying to regain his composure.  He did not want to be found lying around whimpering.  He would just have
to put his mask back on, pretend that it was nothing like he did with everything else.  In a few moments he would get up, but
not just yet.

To Be Continued . . .