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Notes:  Quatre takes Duo to find out about his inheritance.

Raider’s Legacy

Part Three

Duo blinked, sure that he had heard Quatre wrong.  “What?  My family?”  He asked, wondering what on earth the young
Arabian was talking about.

“Don’t you remember, Duo?  You, Trowa, and Heero submitted DNA samples to the Preventers in the hopes that your families
could be found?  Trowa’s worked rather quickly . . . I mean who knew that Catherine was really his sister . . .  but yours and
Heero’s were still being searched for.  Well, now only Heero’s is being searched for.”  Quatre babbled happily, a huge smile on
his face as he gently took the IV out of Duo’s arm and got Duo dressed into some clean clothes that Duo didn’t remember even
seeing the blonde bring in with him.  “There has been a positive match to your blood sample, but the Preventers were requested
to let some lawyer tell you in person . . . something about an inheritance.”

Duo was confused and thrilled all at the same time.  He had a family.  He had an inheritance.  He blinked again.  “Inheritance?”

Quatre sighed.  “I guess someone in your family is dead and you get to collect something from them.  But you won’t know
unless you come on.”  Quatre said, reaching over and grasping Duo’s hand.  He blinked as if realizing his own words then.  “I’
m sorry.  That came off rather harsh.  It sounds rather crass of me to say such things, I’m sorry.”  He shook his head.  
“Anyway . . . come on, Trowa and Wufei are waiting in the parking garage with a car, and I’m sure Heero will come with us . .
. I was guessing you’d like the support of your friends in a time like this.”

Duo smiled.  “Thanks Quatre.”  He glanced at Heero even as he was being led away.  “You coming with us, Heero?”  He asked.

Heero nodded.  “I suppose I could spare a few hours.”  He said, following behind them.  “We should stop by the cafeteria.  
Sally went to get him some food.  Duo does need to eat.”


Duo sat in the car with his friends, watching as the trees went by.  Sally had made sure he’d eaten, giving him a sandwich and a
container of juice for him to take with him in the car.  Heero sat and watched as Duo ate every last bit, not giving Duo the
opportunity to set anything aside.

“What’s my family’s name?”  Duo asked absentmindedly, wondering why he had been left on L-2.  Had there been an
accident?  Were his parents dead?  Is that why he hadn’t been raised by them?  Or had he been stolen away?  Or lost on a trip?

“I don’t know, Duo.”  Quatre’s voice was warm and sympathetic, his hand on Duo’s arm.  “They wouldn’t tell me.  They said
it was confidential . . . not to be disclosed until the lawyer spoke to you.  They seem to think you’d be in some sort of danger
should it leak out.”  He shrugged.  “Lady Une agreed not to push for answers because she doesn’t want the press to have a field
day with you.  After all, if your family was important, reporters would leap at the story.  And they sound like they were rather

Duo sighed, looking down at his shaking hands.  “If my family was important, then why did I grow up on the streets of L-2?”

“L-2 is not known for keeping accurate records.”  Heero’s voice was calm, but not cold.  “Children on the streets can stay
there.  Less red tape for the bureaucrats to work through.”  He gave Duo a kind look.  “It’s something the Vice Foreign
Minister is working on.”

Duo nodded.  It did make sense.  Children on L-2 were either taken in by kind individuals or left to survive on the streets.  In
some cases, the people taking kids in weren’t all that kind.  He’d seen dozens of cases of kids being forced into prostitution.  He
was only thankful that he hadn’t been one of those unfortunate enough to be caught by the seedier men and women.  On his last
visit to L-2, he had been pleased to see that there were a few orphanages open for the kids.  Duo had donated his entire salary
for two months to those orphanages.

Duo blinked as the car pulled into a parking lot.  “We here?”  He asked, though he knew the answer already.

Quatre nodded emphatically, his face lighting up as he hopped out of the car.  “We’re here!”

Duo had to smile at his friend for stating the obvious, since he had asked the question himself only a millisecond earlier.  He felt
extremely grateful when Heero helped him out of the car.  Truth be told, he was still exhausted.  “Thanks.”

Heero nodded and stayed beside Duo the whole trip up to the lawyer’s office, a man by the name of Gerald Kenyon.  Trowa,
Wufei and Heero stayed behind in the waiting area then, leaving Duo and Quatre to continue.

Duo stayed quiet as Quatre spoke to the secretary.  He was still in a bit of shock.  And quite frankly he was worn out.  Sally
had told him to rest, but he felt anything but rested as he was led into a large office with comfortable-looking leather chairs.  He
sank into one and blinked as a warm mug was pressed into his hands.

“I asked for some hot chocolate for you, Duo,” Quatre said, smiling over at Duo from the chair he was sitting in next to his.  
“You look a little tired and the calories will do you some good.”  His smile was soft and comforting and it made Duo feel
somewhat better, if only a little.  “The lawyer will be here in a few moments.  Don’t worry.  You have nothing to prove since
the DNA has already proven who you are to these people.  They can’t ask any more of you.”

“Thanks, Quatre.”  Duo sipped at the rich beverage, grateful that he had friends who were willing to help him when he needed
help.  He relaxed against the soft padding of the chair and sighed in contentment.  ‘Who knows, maybe my inheritance will be
enough so I can live somewhere quiet.  Yeah . . . like that’ll ever happen.’  Duo smiled at that thought as the door opened and a
handsome middle-aged man stepped into the room.

“Good afternoon, gentlemen.  Mr. Winner . . . always a pleasure to do business with you.”  He walked over and shook hands
with Quatre.  Then he turned to Duo.  “I don’t even have to ask who you are.”

Duo blinked as he found himself shaking hands with the older man.

“I knew your father.  You look very much like him.  But the resemblance to your mother is uncanny.  She was a very beautiful
woman.”  The lawyer smiled warmly as he straightened.  “But you didn’t come here to listen to an old man reminisce.”  He
walked over to the desk and pulled an envelope out of one of the drawers.

Duo felt like frowning.  It didn’t look like much of an inheritance.  He put his half-empty mug down and accepted the envelope
when it was passed to him.  “So, what do I get?  A watch?  Some neat figurines or a check?  What?”

The lawyer, Mr. Kenyon, shook his head.  “Sir, you don’t seem to understand . . .”

Duo fingered the envelope.  It felt like there were pictures in it.  He guessed that they were photos of his parents.  “Come on,
what do I get?”

Mr. Kenyon chuckled and motioned to the envelope that Duo was holding.  “Inside, are the pictures of your inheritance.”

Duo felt a little better.  Maybe he had gotten a motorcycle or something too big to be carried.  He opened the envelope and
pulled out a stack of pictures.  Sure enough, the first picture was of a shiny black Harley Davidson.  “Cool!”  He exclaimed,
flipping through the photos.  As he did so, he felt a knot grow within him.  Whether it was from fear or excitement, he didn’t
know.  No two photos were the same.  Some of them were cars, some motorcycles, some houses.  There were even pictures
of random stretches of property.  And a lot of other things.

Still, he managed to comment.  “Nice . . . nice . . . VERY nice . . .”  Then he got to the papers that had also been in the
envelope.  He read through them, his mind whirling.  “You’re kidding me!”

Quatre was beside him in an instant.  “What?  What do you get?”  He asked with curiosity, leaning over in an attempt to see.

Duo took a breath and went through the photos again, seeing them in a new light.  The first time, he had felt that he was going
to be able to choose among them, to only take one.  The papers disproved that little fantasy and he saw stars dancing in his
fading vision.

Quatre’s voice sounded far away as he shouted, “Duo . . . BREATHE!”  He shook his friend's shoulder roughly.

Duo gasped in a breath and started panting as he looked to his friend, shocked to his very core.  He shakily handed the papers
and photos to Quatre and turned his attention back to the lawyer.

There was understanding in the man’s hazel eyes.  “As you can see, Sir, your inheritance consists of everything that has been
passed down in the family name.  Sixteen motorcycles, thirty-one cars, seven all-terrain vehicles, several hundred billion
pounds, a number of homes around the world and on the colonies including the Family Manor in England . . . the entire sum of
the croft estate which has been held in trust until you were found.  In short, Sir, you are now the Lord of Croft Manor.  There
is only a handful of servants still in employment, including your personal butler.  As a matter of fact, Lord Croft, your chauffeur
will be here shortly to drive you to the airport so that you may visit the estate in England and complete the contract I was honor
bound to complete.”

Duo was panting for breath and looked to Quatre for help, shaking his head in denial.  No WAY could he be a lord.  He was just
a street rat orphan, an ex-Gundam pilot who didn’t have a proper name.  He couldn’t believe this.  This had to be some cruel

“Quatre  . . . ?  What  . . . ?”  He swallowed.  “What do I do?”

Quatre swallowed as well, placing a hand on Duo’s shoulder.  “Duo, do you want me to find an accountant for you?  This . . .
it must be incredibly shocking to you.”

Duo felt overwhelmed.  “I . . . I don’t know, Quatre.  Right now, I’m not even sure of who I am anymore.”

Mr. Kenyon smiled gently and knelt so that he could look Duo in the eyes.  “No one can tell you who you are, but your parents
called you Daniel Edward Croft.  And you ARE Lord of Croft Manor.”

To Be Continued . . .