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Notes:  Part one of the new fic.  Continuing with the Holiday Series that was started with Christmas Memories.

Valentine Blues

Part One

Wufei scowled as he watched Hilde’s husband leave for work.  He had been watching the pair for almost a month.  Hilde
rarely, if ever, left their house.  That, in and of itself, didn’t fit the spirited girl who had once risked her life to bring Duo some
information.  Then he caught glimpses of Hilde . . . saw the bruises marring her face or arms, and sometimes her throat.  If
Wufei had ever doubted that Hilde was in an abusive relationship . . . those doubts had quickly passed.  The only reason he had
delayed talking with Hilde was because he had seen her husband’s reaction to her speaking with even the mailman.  Wufei didn’
t see a reason to make his ally suffer any more than she already was.

He had just finished preparations.  Hilde was the friend of all the ex-Gundam pilots, the Vice-Foreign Minister, the head of the
Preventers, and a lot of awfully powerful people.  Wufei had pulled a few strings and he was going to take Hilde off the
colony.  At least that was the plan.  He knew he couldn’t force her to leave.  No, that would do no good.  Forcing an abuse
victim to do something, wouldn’t help, it would only cause more damage.

Once the man’s car had pulled away, and was out of sight, Wufei slipped out of the tree he had been sitting in and walked to
the door.  He knocked twice very firmly, and waited for the door to open.  After thirty seconds, he knocked again.  He waited
for another thirty seconds before he yelled at the door.  “Hilde, I KNOW you’re in there!  I come here on urgent Preventer
business and am authorized by my superiors to break down this door if I deem it necessary to do so!  You have another ten
seconds before I deem it necessary to break the door down!”

He almost smiled in satisfaction as the door opened slightly, but put on his best poker face when Hilde peaked out.  He fought
back a gasp, not wanting to lose his calm exterior, when he saw an ugly bruise on her cheek, one of her eyes blackened.  
However, she ducked back behind the door, keeping it open only a slight crack.

“Will you please open the door the rest of the way?  I’ve been observing this house for about a month now, so there are no
bruises on you that I haven’t already seen.”

Hilde opened the door and half-glared at Wufei.  That glare however, was false.  Wufei could see right through her act.  She
was in pain and frightened.  “What’s this urgent Preventer business that you need to see me about?”  Her tone was frightened
and hopeful all at the same time.

Wufei nodded at her.  “An ally of the former Gundam pilots is in a dangerous situation.  I am authorized to use any means
necessary to extricate her from said situation.”

Hilde gave Wufei a ghost of a smile, another false expression.  “Is this your way of saying that you came to rescue me?”  She
shook her head.  “No, I’m not leaving my husband.”

Wufei held out all the necessary travel papers.  “Sally will meet us at the space port when we land on Earth.  When was the last
time you saw a doctor?”  He said, ignoring her.  He had to convince her to go with him.  Perhaps confusion would be a good
tactic in this situation.

Hilde shrugged.  “Just before Christmas when I fell ill for a then-unknown reason.  Odd how he can nearly break every bone in
my body without so much as a twitch, but a little vomiting and he freaks out.”  She smiled slightly, and placed a hand on her
stomach.  “It turned out that I was pregnant.  I’m almost three months along now.”

Wufei frowned in concern.  “What’s to stop your husband from harming the little one?”

“He wouldn’t . . .”  Hilde gasped, then let out a breath.  “He couldn’t.”  She shook her head.  “I won’t leave him.  I can’t.  He’
s a very influential person on this colony . . . I wouldn’t be able to leave even if I HAD my papers.”

Wufei nodded.  “No one on this colony supercedes the authority that Vice-Foreign Minister Relena Dorlian has.  You know
some very influential people yourself.  Why haven’t you contacted us?”

Hilde smiled sheepishly.  “Please . . . leave Wufei.  I have things to do.”  She said, slowly closing the door.

Wufei thrust his hand out and caught the door before she could shut it.  “Answer my question.  Why haven’t you called for

From behind the partially closed door, Hilde answered.  “I can’t use the phone anymore . . . My husband was not happy that I
called someone on New Years.”  She bit her lip.  “I . . . I’ll think about what you said.  Now, please leave.”

Wufei nodded.  He took his hand away and bowed as she closed the door.  He turned away and glared at the nosy neighbors.  
“Do NOT give him a reason to harm her!”  He shouted, watching as they ducked behind their curtains or scurried back into
their homes.  Sighing, he walked away from Hilde’s home, hoping that if she truly needed help she would come to one of her


Duo stared up at the ceiling, lost in thought.  He was bored, totally and utterly bored.  There was nothing to do, and he had
checked all of the channels on the vid several times that day, searching for anything to watch.  Of course, nothing had
attracted his attention at all.  So now, here he was, just staring up at the ceiling above the bed he and Heero shared, wishing for
something to take the mind-numbing boredom away.

He had already cleaned everything he could find, all of Heero brushes, all of the rooms in the house.  He had arranged all of
Heero’s painting supplies, then did a room to room search of stuff to clean.  He even cleaned out the toilets, a job he loathed
doing.  Even the very thought caused him to shudder.

Duo swung his legs over the edge of the bed, just needing to find something to do.  He saw a pad of paper, the one Heero used
when he sketched.  Duo grabbed it, and a pencil, and just began doodling, not really set on drawing anything at all.  He was just
doing it to pass the time.  He wasn’t even paying attention to what his hand was doing and let his mind drift.  He wasn’t even
aware that Heero had come home until Heero’s soft voice startled him.

“Who’s that, Duo?”  Heero asked.

Duo blushed a little at being caught.  “Sorry for using your stuff, Heero.  I was bored.”  He turned and blinked when he
received a gentle kiss.

“I was a little annoyed seeing you here using my sketch pad, but that passed.  Who is she?”  Heero asked, gesturing to the pad.

Duo frowned and turned back to what he had thought was a simple doodle.  Then he blinked his eyes in disbelief.  The young
woman in the sketch had a gentle face and flowing hair.  A pair of wings seemed to hold her aloft.  It took him a moment
before he smiled sadly.  “I didn’t even notice . . . this is what Sister Helen looked like.”  He touched the image’s face briefly
before sighing.  “I almost forgot . . . just how beautiful she was to me and the other kids.  All the girls wanted to be like her
and all the boys wanted to marry her.”  He leaned against Heero when his lover sat beside him.  “What would she think of me?  
Would she still think of me as her angel, or would she agree with the rest of L-2 and say I was a demon?”

Heero kissed Duo’s temple.  “You would be her angel . . . as you are mine.  She loved you too much to think otherwise.  You
were very lucky.  If only for a year . . . you knew what it was like to have a mother.”

Duo smiled a little.  “Yeah . . . no one else wanted me, so I guess I became hers by default.”

Heero chuckled.  “Actually . . . maybe you became hers by design.  You told me on the plane that she believed that God had a
plan for everyone and everything.”  He held Duo closer.  “Maybe you were meant to have the experiences you had.”

Duo frowned.  “I don’t understand.”

Heero let out a breath as he thought of the best way to say what he had meant.  “Because you were homeless . . . you were
brought to the Maxwell Church.  Because you were not adopted, you lived in the church until it was destroyed.  Because it was
destroyed, you started drifting and G snagged you and trained you.  Had none of that happened . . . we might never have met.  
And had we met, we might never have gotten to know one another.”  He frowned.  “I'm sorry if I’m not making myself clear.  
I’m still not good with putting my thoughts into words.”

Duo nodded and put the pad down.  “I understand, Heero.”  He twisted in Heero’s arms and hugged Heero tightly.  “I
understand what you mean.”

After a few moments of silence, Heero picked up the pad.  “This is actually very good.  Have you ever considered painting,

“Me?  No, I’m not good enough.  Who would buy my stuff?”  Duo replied, half smiling at his lover.

“No, Duo . . . I mean it.  This is good.  I’m sure if you could come up with a few more you could have a show and they’d sell
well.”  Heero replied.

Duo snickered.  “I think I’ll leave the painting up to you.”  Duo chuckled, although the idea was tempting.  “Although, I do
wish I contributed more around here.”

“Duo, you contribute.”  Heero replied, running a hand along Duo’s arm in a gentle caress.

“No . . . really, Heero.  I’m tired of just sitting around all day and playing housewife.”  He said, pushing Heero’s hands away
and rising to his feet.  “I’m tired of being bored all day.”

“Well, what do you want to do?  Get a job?  Find a hobby?”  Heero asked.

Duo was getting frustrated.  It wasn’t Heero’s fault that he was so bored, but he just couldn’t help but feel mad at him.  “I don’
t know.”  He snapped, regretting it instantly.  “I . . . I’m sorry, Heero.  I didn’t mean to snap at ya like that.”  He mumbled,
running a hand though his bangs as he sighed.

“It’s all right, Duo.  I know you’re just sick of being cooped up here.”  Heero replied, casting his gaze downward.  Duo knew
he had hurt him by snapping at him, although Heero would never admit it.

Duo turned away, feeling ashamed for losing his temper with Heero.  “I’m going to take a walk, maybe clear my head.”  He
said, walking away.  


Heero sighed as he watched Duo leave the room.  He knew that sitting around with nothing do to would get on Duo’s nerves
eventually.  Duo had never been one to be idle.  He needed something to do, anything to keep himself occupied.  

He stood and walked into the kitchen, deciding that he might as well make dinner.  He wasn’t exactly sure when Duo would be
coming back, but he thought he should have something ready for when Duo did return.  If it got cold, he could always just
reheat it.  Which meant he would have to make something simple, something that wouldn’t be ruined easily.


Duo strolled along, not really watching where he was going.  He was thinking, trying to figure out what to do.  Did he want to
go out and start hunting for a job?  Or would he be satisfied with just some hobby?  If he did go for a job, what was he
qualified for?  There just wasn’t too much need for a street rat thief turned ex-Gundam pilot/terrorist.

As he was walking, something collided with him.  He looked down to see a small boy.  Duo blinked, gasping when he saw a
striking resemblance between this child and the boy Duo had once called his best friend, Solo.  The same dirty blonde hair,
those same hazel eyes.  The boy was young, no more than five.  However, the resemblance to Duo’s long dead friend was

“Sorry, Mister.”  The boy said, using his small hands to push himself away from Duo.  He hastily continued past Duo.

Duo smirked, lashing out and grabbing hold of the kid’s arm before he could get too far away.  “Not so fast.”  He said,
kneeling down and turning the boy to face him.

“Leggo!”  The boy replied, trying to squirm out of Duo’s grasp.

“You're very good, short stuff. But . . . I felt that.  Hand it over.”  Duo smiled, holding out his hand.

The boy grumbled, glaring at Duo, dark smudges on his face.  “Here!”  He spat, handing over the wallet he had picked from
Duo’s pocket.  “Now let me go!”

Duo shoved his wallet back into his pocket, keeping a firm hold on the boy.  “Hey . . . you got a place to stay?”

The kid eyed Duo suspiciously for a moment.  “I ain’t goin’ nowhere with you!”  He shrieked, finally able to wriggle free from
Duo’s grasp and run away.

Duo just watched for a moment, sighing.  He knew that he wouldn’t be able to catch the boy.  The kid was small, and probably
knew hundreds of places to hide.  If he didn’t want to be found, then he probably wouldn’t be.

He shook his head as he rose to his feet, hoping that kid would be okay.  Living on the streets wasn’t easy, especially for
someone so young.  Duo knew that well, he had done it himself as a child.  As he looked around to see where he was, he
caught sight of something.  Finally, an answer to his problem.  He jogged forward, racing across the street and into the huge
building that took up most of the block, happy that he had finally found a possible solution to his boredom problem.

To Be Continued . . .