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Notes:  Heero takes care of a sick Duo at their home.  Duo gets an unexpected visitor.

Valentine Blues

Part Four

Heero set Duo down on the bed, frowning at his unconscious form.  Duo looked so cold, his lips a faint bluish shade, his skin
pale.  Heero didn’t like seeing him like this.  Heero removed his own coat, tossing it carelessly to a nearby chair.  

He rushed into the bathroom that adjoined their bedroom and turned on the water, filling the bathtub with warm water.  He set a
washcloth over the edge of the tub.  Then he returned to the bedroom and quickly stripped himself of the rest of his clothes,
leaving himself nude as he leaned over Duo’s body.  

Carefully, he removed the American’s clothes, then picked him up and carried him into the bathroom.  Heero stepped into the
bathtub, sitting and resting Duo’s body in front of him, between his spread legs.  

Flashes of previous shared baths flittered through Heero’s mind, and he smirked at the memories.  However, he pushed aside
those enticing thoughts, knowing that this bath was just to get Duo warm, not for fun.  Duo was just so cold . . . Heero was
immensely worried about him.  

Heero stretched and turned off the flow of water, then settled back, keeping his arms protectively wrapped around Duo’s body
to keep him sitting upright.  Duo’s head rested on his shoulder, his eyes closed as he remained in a state of unconsciousness.  
After sitting there for a moment, Heero removed one of his arms from around Duo, reaching over and grabbing the washcloth.  
He soaked it in the water, then brought it up, sliding it over Duo’s chest, trying to spread warmth throughout the young man’s
shivering body.

Heero continued to spread the warm water across Duo’s cold body, not stopping until the young man stopped shivering.  
Then, once he was sure that Duo was suitably warmed up, Heero carefully stood up, picking Duo up with him.  He stepped out
of the bathtub, holding Duo with one arm as he reached over to grab a towel.  He dried both Duo and himself as best as he
could, then dropped the towel to the floor, grabbing another towel before sweeping Duo up into his arms.

Heero carried his American lover out into the bedroom, gently laying him down on the bed.  He wrapped the towel around Duo’
s hair, leaving it there to soak up the moisture.  For a brief moment he left Duo’s side and stepped over to a dresser, pulling out
a pair of boxers and slipping them on himself.  He then grabbed a pair for Duo and returned to his lover’s side.  He took a
moment to get the first-aid kit and bandage the cuts on Duo’s feet, glad to see that they were not too deep.  Then he slid the
boxers on Duo’s body, arranged Duo in bed, and covered him with the blankets.

Heero sighed, watching as a shiver made its way throughout Duo’s pale body.  Without a thought, Heero climbed into the bed
and pulled Duo against him, laying his chin against the top of Duo’s head as he tucked the blankets around them as snugly as
he could.  Slowly he fell asleep, his only thoughts centered around Duo’s health.  He wouldn’t be able to bear it if Duo were to
get as ill as he had been before . . . he didn’t want to see Duo in such pain again, emotionally or physically.


Duo sighed and snuggled deeper into the wonderful warmth that surrounded him.  Slowly he opened his eyes, yawning as he
awakened.  A smile quickly spread across his face as he saw that he was wrapped in Heero’s loving embrace, his head laying
against Heero’s chest.  Taking in a deep breath, Duo savored his Japanese lover’s unique scent, only to end up coughing as he

One of Heero’s strong hands rubbed along Duo’s back.  “You okay?”  Heero asked, his voice weary from having just

Duo slowly got control and was able to stop the hacks.  He looked up at Heero, trying to focus his eyes as he gazed up at his
lover’s concerned face.  “I don’t feel so good.”  Duo admitted, pouting.

It was the truth though.  Duo’s head was throbbing, his nose all stuffy and he couldn’t breathe very well.  Not to mention the
fact that he just felt all achy and woozy, his head spinning in dizziness.  He was sick, and he knew he did not like it.  The only
other time he had really been sick was after his attempted suicide, before that he had just ignored all the signals his body had
been telling him.

“Would you like me to go make you some chicken soup?”  Heero asked, giving the top of Duo’s head a quick kiss.

Duo sighed, cuddling closer to Heero.  “Yeah . . . I’d like that.  And a grilled cheese sandwich?”  

Heero chuckled.  “Of course.  I’ll be back in a few minutes.”  

Duo sighed as Heero left, watching as his handsome lover pulled on a robe and strode out of their bedroom.  A few seconds
later, Duo heard a slight rapping noise.  He sat up, groaning as his headache only worsened and looked around, wondering
where the sound was coming from.  It took a moment, but Duo eventually determined that it was the window.  He carefully
stood, wincing at the pain in his feet and hobbled over to the window.  He opened it, peering out and gasping as he saw that kid
standing just outside.

“What are you doing here?”  Duo asked, wrapping his arms around himself as the chill winter air surrounded him.

“I wanted to talk to ya.”  The boy frowned a little.  “Shouldn’t ya get a blanket or something?  Yer gonna freeze wearing just
them boxers.”

Duo smiled a little.  “I’m already sick.  I can’t get much worse.  What did you want to talk to me about?”

After what looked to be a second of debate, the boy slipped inside the bedroom and shut the window behind him.  “Ya oughta
be in bed if yer sick.  And yer feet are hurt.  I can let myself out when I’m done.”

Duo chuckled at the boy’s attitude.  The child was acting like a mother hen, even though he was being brusque about it.  “All
right.”  He hobbled back to bed and pulled the covers over his mostly unclad body.  “Now, what did you want to talk about?”  
He wouldn’t admit it, but he was glad to be back in the warm bed.

“Why were ya being so nice ta me?  I’m a no-account brat as far as ya know.  So what’s the deal here?  Ya give me money
and stuff.  Whatcha want from me?”  The boy had a look on his face as if he were expecting to be told to do something

Duo shook his head, not intending to hurt the child in the least.  He felt a need to explain, so smiled faintly.  “I want you to have
a decent meal and some warmer clothing is all.”  He held up a finger as the child opened his mouth.  “Let me finish.  What do
you see when you look at me?”

“Huh?”  The boy blinked in obvious confusion and then shrugged.  “Ya look like yer pretty well off.  Nice place, a guy who
cares about ya, from the sounds of it, ya get decent meals.”

Duo shook his head.  The boy hadn’t understood his question apparently.  “That’s not what I asked.  I asked you what you
saw when you looked at me, not what you think of my living conditions.”

The boy frowned.  “Ya look like a guy who’s thin, but pretty well off.  Ya got friends, a nice, warm home.  What’s this gotta
do with me and why yer being so nice ta me?”

Duo let out a few coughs and swallowed, rubbing his sore throat with one hand.

Heero’s voice carried into the bedroom from the kitchen.  “Duo?  You okay?”

Duo flushed a little and swallowed again before answering in a croaking yell.  “I’m sick, Heero!  It’s not bad!”

There was a pause before Heero answered.  “All right!”

Duo smiled fondly then turned to the boy.  “Now . . . would you believe me if I were to tell you that we’re the same?  Until this
past Christmas, I was a street-rat myself.”  His smile turned sadder.  “I got lucky, kid.  I got REALLY lucky that someone
cared enough to try and see past the empty smiles I wore like a mask.  I brushed off his concern though . . . I was afraid to be
hurt.  It was the stupidest mistake of my life.  I was lonely and unhappy and I was falling with no chance at getting a net under
me.  I am SO lucky that Heero caught me when I fell.”  The boy looked bewildered, so Duo turned his wrists so that his scars
could be clearly seen.

The boy blinked in confusion.  “But . . . ya seem so happy!”

Duo smirked and nodded.  “I am happy . . . really happy . . . now.  I was only putting on an act then.  A friend of mine wasn’t
well, and I didn’t want to burden him or anyone with my problems.”  He shrugged.  “I just wanted to give something back to
the universe, although I had thought it abandoned me.”

“Oh.  Well, I should go.”  The child stood and moved to leave.

Inspiration struck Duo.  “You don’t have to.  Stay for lunch and dinner.  It looks like it’s going to be really cold tonight.  Do
you have anyplace else to stay?  You CAN leave at any time, but I would like it if you stayed.  That way I won’t have to worry
about what happens to you.”

The boy frowned and drew himself up, glaring at Duo with an air of dignity.  “I don’t need no charity!”

Duo sighed, shaking his head.  “That’s not what this is.  It’s a genuine offer of someplace to stay for the night, or as long as
you want.  You won’t be treated like a charity case here like you would at a shelter.”  He chuckled carefully, so as not to
induce a coughing fit that would worry Heero.  “Heero will see to that.  He’ll probably have you do the dishes.”

“That’s another thing!  How’s that other guy gonna react to me being here?”

The sound of someone clearing their throat came from the open doorway.  Heero was standing there, one eyebrow raised in a
silent question.  Heero approached the bed, setting the tray he was carrying on the bedside table.

Duo grinned, always marveling at how Heero could so quietly enter a room.  “One of these days, you have to teach me how to
do that!”  He declared with a bright smile.  He smiled as Heero helped him to sit up.  He gestured to the boy standing near his
bed.  “I invited him to stay for lunch and dinner.”

Heero frowned slightly and looked at the window.  “The window was locked.  Duo . . . tell me you didn’t get out of bed to
open it.”

Duo shrugged.  “Sorry, can’t tell you that.  I don’t lie.  Can he stay, or are you going to hold my foolishness against him?”  He
sighed and looked over the tray.  “He can have my sandwich.  I’m not all that hungry, and I think I’ll fall asleep in the middle
of my soup as it is.  Guess my eyes were bigger than my stomach when I asked you to make all this.”

Heero set the tray over Duo’s lap, smiling and not offering a reply to Duo’s words.  “I made the soup just the way you like it.  
With lots of vegetables.”  He placed his hand against Duo’s forehead and sighed.  “I also brought you some cold capsules.  
DON’T make that face at me.  I know you hate being impaired, but you need to rest, and you won’t do that unless you’re

Duo scowled as he took the cold capsules and sipped some of the liquid in the teacup to wash them down.  He blinked and
took another sip of the warm beverage.  “What is this?”  He asked.

“It’s a tea Quatre sent to us when you first moved in with me.  It helps soothe nerves.  Whether he sent it for you or me . . .”  
Heero smirked.  “Remains to be seen.”

Duo snorted and started on his soup.  He paused though, noting that the child was looking rather nervous.  “So, can he stay
Heero?  He can help you clean your paint supplies . . . and I’m sure you could use a hand now that I’m temporarily out of

Heero flicked his eyes over to look at the child.  He sighed, then smirked slightly.  “If he’s willing to pitch in and help around
the house, he’s welcome to stay for a while.”  Heero picked up the sandwich from the plate on the tray and held it out to the

The child nodded, grabbing the sandwich without hesitation.  With a mouthful of food, he smiled.  “Absolutely.  But I can
come and go as I please, right?  I don’t have to stay here unless I want to?”

Duo nodded tiredly, yawning widely.  “Right.  You can leave any time you want.  But while you’re here you have to work for
your keep.  Got it?”

The boy nodded again.  “I got it.”  He smiled.

To Be Continued . . .