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Notes:  Heero and Duo have dinner with Relena.

Valentine Blues

Part Eleven

Heero entered the house and closed the door quietly.  He didn’t want to wake Duo if he was sleeping, still worried over Duo’s
brush with illness.  Sure enough, his long-haired lover was lying across the length of the sofa.  His eyes were closed and his
face was relaxed, a throw blanket covering him up to his waist.  Heero chuckled softly as he saw the T-shirt that Duo was
wearing.  ‘Actually . . . YES, the world DOES revolve around me.’  Heero shook his head and leaned down to kiss Duo

Duo’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled sleepily.  “Hey, gorgeous.  Solo still napping?”

Heero shrugged.  “I don’t know.  I just got in.”  He poked the writing on Duo’s chest.  “I don’t know about the entire world,
but I know my world revolves around you.”  He leaned down as Duo reached his arms up, then he gave into the embrace
happily.  “You are my world.”  He mumbled against Duo’s shoulder.

Duo chuckled softly.  “When did you become such a sap?”

Swallowing against the lump that had suddenly formed in his throat, Heero pressed a little closer to Duo’s body, his voice
muffled as he spoke.  “When I almost lost you.”

“Hey . . . hey, now.”  Duo pushed at Heero gently so that their eyes locked.  “I intend to stick around for a VERY long time.”  
Duo’s eyes softened.  “I have good reason to.”  Then he lightly slapped Heero’s cheek.  “So, will you quit with the

Heero smiled, unable to resist the sparkle of laughter in Duo’s eyes.  “All right.”  He brushed his hand through Duo’s sleep-
mussed hair, then lightly pulled the thin blanket away from his lover.  “Well, you should go shower and . . . I kind of like the
shirt, but you should put some pants on.  Relena’s coming over.”

Duo blinked.  “How did you know?  I was just going to tell you.”  Then he paused and let out a soft laugh.  “Let me guess . . .
you called her sometime today?”  He shook his head with a smile and sat up, not really waiting for Heero to answer as he kept
speaking.  “I called her earlier and then she put me on hold because another call came through.  Then she came back saying
that she’d pop by tonight to talk to the both of us.  I should have known you’d had something to do with it.”

Heero had to laugh as he watched Duo stand and head toward their bedroom.  “Yeah, it’s amazing how we think on the same
frequency sometimes.”  He shook his head and straightened the throw.  “I’ll start dinner after I clean up a bit.”  He smiled as
Duo simply gave a dismissive wave, yawning as he kept on the path to the other room.

Heero shook his head and began to tidy up the living room.  Relena was a friend, but she was still going to be a guest in their
house and he wouldn’t have their house dirty when company was coming.  He looked up from his work when he heard Solo
shuffling into the room.  “Hey, there.  I see you coordinated your nap time to synchronize with Duo’s.”

Solo smiled tiredly.  “I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

Heero waved the concerned away.  “You’ve had it hard.  I understand.  Besides, Duo has enough energy to wear out a store
full of batteries.”  He fluffed the two throw pillows.  “Now, you should get cleaned up a little.  We have company coming over
tonight and I hope she’ll be able to help us make this your home.”

Solo’s eyes widened and he ran forward to hug Heero, his arms winding around the Japanese youth’s knees.  “That’d be
great!  I’d like it a LOT!  I’ll go get clean and dressed.  Should I clean my room?”

Heero chuckled and tousled Solo’s hair.  “It won’t be necessary.  As long as she sees you’re happy, she should be satisfied.”  
He sat on the sofa, lifting Solo to sit on his knee.  “I have a question to ask you.”  He smiled as the boy looked up at him with
wide inquisitive eyes.  Eyes that held no fear in them any longer.  “There’s a little girl in the hospital where Duo works, where I’
ve been going every day.  She was given up for adoption and has no family of her own.  She’s been hurt and abandoned.  How
would you feel if Duo and I were to adopt her as well as you?”

“Is she older than me?”  Solo asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

Heero smiled.  “No.  You’re about five, right?”  

Solo nodded.  “Yup.  My Mama taught me how to keep track of time.  And the bookstore lady never chased me away when I
stole the calenders from her store last year or when I did it again two months ago.  I’ll be six in . . .”  He seemed to think for a
moment.  “In March.”

Smiling sadly, Heero brushed his fingers through Solo’s hair.  He felt sorry that he hadn’t found the child sooner.  “She told me
she just turned four a couple months ago.”

“That means I get to be a big brother!”  Solo was bouncing, his braid flying around behind him.  “I always wanted to be a big

“Sshh,” Heero hushed, settling one finger over the boy’s lips.  “I haven’t told Duo my plans yet.  I wanted to surprise him.  Do
you think you can keep it a secret?”

Solo nodded empathically.  “This’ll be great,” he said more quietly.  “Can I help you paint her room like you did mine?”

“Of course you can.”  Smiling, Heero set the boy on the floor.  “Go on now.  Get ready for dinner.”  He gave the boy a gentle
push, watching as he scampered off to his room.

Then Heero got up and went to the kitchen, going about the task of making dinner.  He was just putting the chicken in the oven
when he felt a pair of warm arms wrap around his waist.

Duo chuckled.  “Chicken nuggets . . . parmigiana?”  He rested his chin on Heero’s shoulder.  “Looks good.  What else are we

Heero closed the oven door and smiled warmly, glad that Duo’s appetite had returned with his health.  “Well, I know how
Relena enjoys eating potentially messy foods when with us.  She likes being able to relax.  So we’re having linguine with it, and
a side of corn on the cob.”  He turned and gave Duo a playful push.  “Would you start the laundry now?  I tidied the living

“Yeah, yeah.  I’ll do it if only so Relena doesn’t have to be offended by the sight and scent of dirty clothes.”  With a soft
chuckle, Duo kissed Heero’s cheek and went to his appointed task.


Duo had just finished folding the clothes when the doorbell rang.  “I got it, Heero!”  He called out as he got up and walked over
to the door.  He looked through the peephole, a smile coming to his face.  Sure enough, Relena was standing there with her hair
. . . Duo blinked.  Oh, he had to get a better look at this.  He opened the door and bit his lip, trying to keep from laughing out
loud at the sight of the former Queen.  “Trying to avoid the press?”

Relena, Vice Foreign Minister to the colonies and Earth, stood there in all her regal glory.  Her hair was in two braided pigtails,
and she wore a studded denim ball cap backwards on her head.  She was wearing a pale blue long-sleeved shirt under a pink T-
shirt that had - in bold letters - the words, “She who laughs last . . . thinks slowest,” on the front.  She was also wearing a pair
of faded blue jeans with tears on the right knee and what looked like a pair of Heero’s old ugly yellow sneakers on her feet.  
There was a red flannel shirt tied around her waist and she was carrying an old beat-up jacket and a backpack slung over her

She pulled her sunglasses down to the end of her nose with one finger and grinned at Duo.  “Well, I didn’t want to answer a
million questions.  But, I do have a question of my own.”

Duo tilted his head and studied what had to be a fake nose ring on the side of Relena’s nose.  “Oh?  And what is that?”

Relena smiled sweetly and removed the nose ring, proving that it was, indeed, a fake.  “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

Duo laughed and nodded, stepping back and sweeping his arm in an inviting gesture.  “Sorry about that.  I’ve just never seen
you in an outfit like . . .”  He blinked as Relena entered the house and he spotted what looked like a pair of lips on Relena’s right
back pocket.  “I had often wondered what Heero had done with those thrice-cursed sneakers.”

Relena dimpled a smile at him.  “Well, he WAS going to throw them away, but they gave me the idea . . . along with this shirt
you gave me . . . of how to have some semblance of a normal day.”  She placed her coat on a nearby chair and turned to Duo.  
“Now, if you are quite finished with the fashion critique . . .”  She pulled Duo into her arms for a hearty hug.  “You’re looking
good, Duo.”  She then released him, a warm smile on her face.  “How have you been, besides the recent cold?”

Duo smiled.  At one time, he had been worried that Relena would harbor some ill will toward him because Relena had seemed
to want Heero for herself.  Then both he and Heero relaxed when Relena had stated she just wants Heero to be happy, since he
had often looked sad and lonely during the war.  Heero had been happy when he realized that Relena wasn’t going to try and
drag him from place to place anymore, which was what had strained their friendship to begin with.  Heero honestly had never
liked traveling much.  It had simply been a necessity throughout the war.  And after, he had been searching for a place to call
his own when he had taken work with Relena.  Then she had dragged him around the world on her diplomatic missions as his
bodyguard, leaving Heero feeling worn and tired.  It was one of the reasons he had moved back to L-1, where he had been
fortunate enough to find his calling, working out his tensions with canvas and paint.

“I’m doing well.”  Duo said, taking a breath and motioning with his hand for Relena to have a seat.  “Heero sees to it that I eat
meals that are balanced and still taste good.  I have to admit that I dreaded the thought of eating tofu and bean sprouts all the
time.”  He made a face and smiled warmly when Relena laughed.

Heero came out then and also received a brief friendly hug from Relena.  “Hmm . . . jeans are from Trowa, I would guess.  
The hat looks like something one of Quatre’s sisters would concoct.”

Relena shook her head.  “Reverse that assessment.”  She gestured to the rest of the ensemble.  “As for the rest of the outfit . . .
I put it together myself.”  Then she glanced around the room.  “So, where is the little boy you both told me about?”

Duo looked around, and spotted Solo shyly standing in the doorway that led to the hall.  The boy was nervously picking at the
front of his shirt, biting his lip as he peered around the corner at the group gathered in the front room.

“Well, don’t be shy, kiddo.  This is Relena.  You knew she was coming,” he said as he rose from his seat and walked over to
Solo.  “Don’t you worry, she’s a very nice lady.”  He smiled and bent enough to pick Solo up, carrying him back over to
Relena.  “Relena . . . this little man is Solo.”

Solo hugged Duo close and mumbled a hello.

Relena’s face blossomed into a bright smile.  “Oh, he is SO adorable!  I can hardly wait to meet the other one.”

Duo blinked as confusion flooded him.  “Other one?”  He heard a groan from beside him and turned to see Heero with his face
in his hand as if warding off a headache.  “Heero?  What is Relena talking about?”

“Why, the little girl.  I thought . . . Heero?”  Relena sounded as confused as Duo felt.

Heero sighed and shook his head.  “I had wanted it to be a surprise to Duo.  I was going to tell him in a while.”

Duo felt a sort of excited apprehension fill him.  “Tell me WHAT?”  He asked, hearing Solo giggle a little.  It looked as if
everyone was in on this information except for Duo.

Heero’s mouth quirked into a small smile.  “It’s about Laurel.”

Duo frowned.  “What about her?”

Heero sighed.  “A bully at the orphanage beat her up and she ended up in the hospital again today.  I started a rough sketch of
you to cheer her up and she asked that I include myself.”  He smiled a bit again.  “Somehow both she and Solo turned up in the
drawing as well and it got me thinking.  That’s why I called Relena.”

Duo blinked.  He’d felt sorrow and then anger on behalf of the sweet little girl.  Then, as Heero explained what had transpired
that afternoon, a blossoming feeling of joy filled him.  They’d have a son AND a daughter.

Solo’s voice was filled with the same happiness that Duo felt.  “I’m gonna be a big brother!”  He proclaimed proudly.  Then, as
if remembering Relena’s presence, he shyly buried his face against Duo’s chest.

“Oh, Heero . . . this is wonderful!”  Duo wrapped his free hand around Heero’s neck, pulling his lover in for a kiss.  He pulled
back when he heard Solo giggling.  “Quiet, you munchkin.”  He grinned, giving the top of Solo’s head a kiss.

“Do you think you can help us?”  Heero asked, his gaze focused on Relena.

Duo turned, his heart in his throat as he awaited Relena’s answer.  She smiled, gracefully rising to her feet.  “Well, L-2 has a
sad abundance of orphans . . .”  Her smile widened.  “Which is why the authorities are thrilled when volunteers such as you
two come along.  I’ve helped place many war orphans into good homes.  And I think this is the best home for both Laurel and
Solo.”  She reached into the backpack she had brought with her.  “In fact, I’ve already drawn up the necessary papers.  I
made a few calls and had a meeting here on L-2 with the local child welfare office.  As soon as you sign these, they’re yours.  
I hope this doesn’t seem rushed to you, but with the overcrowding, the authorities try to hurry things along.”

Duo took the papers from her hand.  He didn’t think he had ever felt so happy in his life.  At least, not since the day Heero had
first proclaimed his love.  Now, he was going to have a family.  He already had a family.

He could only think of one thing to say and he smiled shakily as he asked, “Do you have a pen?”


Relena smiled after another of Duo’s jokes.  This night had gone wonderfully.  She had made both Heero and Duo so very
happy, not to mention that adorable little boy, Solo.  And she was certain that little Laurel would be just as happy to have people
who loved her to take care of her.

Just a few hours ago, she had handed over the papers that would make them a family.  Duo and Heero had both signed without
reservation.  Afterward, they had sat for dinner.  It had been delicious, but she hadn’t expected anything less from Heero.  
Heero was a spectacular cook, though he was adorably modest about it.  Now the four of them were sitting in the living room
again, having coffee - milk for Solo.

She looked over to the little boy, a smiling easily spreading across her face when she saw that he had fallen asleep on the sofa.  
He was curled up beside Duo, his head pillowed on the armrest.  “I think your son is all tuckered out,” she commented quietly,
gesturing with her coffee mug toward the boy.

“Yeah, it’s past his bedtime.”  Duo reached over, stroking his fingers along Solo’s cheek.  The boy moaned in response,
turning slightly toward the gentle contact.  “Better get him to bed.”

Relena set her mug down.  “May I?”

Duo smiled at her.  “Sure.  His room is right down the hall.  First door on the right.”

Relena smiled and all but bounced out of her seat.  She couldn’t help but be thrilled at the idea of taking care of this sweet little
guy.  Carefully, she lifted his body into her arms, holding him snugly against herself.  “He’s such a sweetie,” she commented
with a whisper.

There was a grin on Duo’s face as he stood.  “Come on, Heero.  Let’s get started on those dirty dishes.”

Relena didn’t hear Heero’s answer.  She was already halfway down the hall by then.  She entered the bedroom, flicking the
light on with her elbow.  She had to bite back a gasp at the sight of the room, knowing Heero’s handiwork when she saw it.  
“Heero, you certainly are a talented man,” she breathed to no one in particular, looking around at the mural, at the wooden birds
dangling from the ceiling.

Solo moaned lightly in her arms and Relena returned to the present.  She gently set the boy down, moving to the dresser and
finding a pair of pajamas for him to wear.  Gently, she sat him up, hushing him with soothing words and tender touches when
he pouted and whimpered unhappily.

“Okay now, time to get ready for bed,” she said, even as she slipped the shoes from his little feet.  She helped him change
clothes, smiling all the while as he groggily tried to stay awake.

“When’s my little sister comin’ home?”  He asked with a wide yawn as Relena was pulling up his pajama bottoms.

“As soon as she’s released from the hospital,” Relena replied.  “You can ask your daddies when that will be in the morning.”  
She pulled his braid from the back of his top, taking a moment to brush her thumb across his cheek.  “Come on, under the
blankets,” she urged, patting his side.

Solo moved sluggishly, crawling over the bed and maneuvering his way beneath the blankets.  He yawned again as he cuddled
close to his pillow, his arms winding around a stuffed dog to hold it close to his body.  “You’re a nice lady,” he commented,
his eyes falling shut.

“Thank you.  You’re a very sweet little boy.”  She leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to Solo’s forehead.  “Goodnight.”

He smiled tiredly, then succumbed to his weariness.  He fell asleep.  Relena hoped he would have nothing but good dreams.

She rose to her feet and left the bedroom then, turning off the light as she did so.  She knew the children would be in good
hands here.  Duo and Heero would make wonderful parents.

To Be Continued . . .