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Notes:  Duo and Heero enjoy each other’s company after Relena leaves.  Lemon ahead!  1x2.

Valentine Blues

Part Twelve

Heero smiled as he said goodbye to Relena.  “Again, thank you so much for bringing the papers.  You don’t know how much
this means . . . to both of us.”

Relena’s eyes were as happy as her smile.  “I can guess.  Duo’s so good with children, and you’re such a softie when it comes
to the little ones.  I could see that in the way you handled the Mariemaia incident.”

Heero flushed, embarrassed.  “I do have a soft spot for them.  It got me into a lot of trouble during my training.”  He shook his
head, deciding not to dwell on the memories that haunted him.  “Tomorrow, Duo and I will be going to the hospital to tell
Laurel the good news.  I’ll invite you over sometime next week once the two kids are settled in.”

Relena smiled.  “I’ll hold you to that.  Goodnight, Heero.  Goodnight, Duo.”

Heero turned to kiss his lover’s cheek as Duo wrapped an arm around Heero’s waist.

Duo’s voice was warm and calm, more at peace than it had been just earlier that night.  “Goodnight, Princess.  Remember, my
offer for an incinerator that looks like a normal inbox still stands.”

Relena laughed.  “I promise.  If things pile up too much, I’ll call you in to run interference.  Good night.”  Then she was gone.

Heero closed the door and was surprised to find himself spun around with Duo kissing him almost desperately.  He pulled Duo
close and returned the kiss that left them both breathless.

“What . . . what was that for?”  He panted, holding Duo close.  “Not that I’m . . . complaining.”

Duo groaned softly and suckled on Heero’s neck before answering.  “You . . . you gave me a family.  You made US a family.  
Do you . . .”  He paused on a soft sob.  “Silly question.  Of course you know how much this means to me.”

Heero smiled and rubbed Duo’s back.  “These two kids . . . were meant for us, Duo.  These things happen for a reason.”

Duo pulled away, looking Heero in the eye.  “Bedroom . . . NOW!  I’m not sick anymore, and I need to be with you again.”

Heero smiled and took hold of Duo’s hand, pulling him along.  They stopped only once in the bathroom to get a damp
washcloth.  Once they were in their bedroom and the door was locked behind them, Heero was being passionately kissed yet
again.  Although he didn’t mind it in the least, this was the first time that Duo had ever been aggressive like he was at the
moment.  This was the first time Duo had ever taken charge.  Heero found that he liked it a lot.

As he felt Duo’s hands stripping him, he smiled into their kiss.  ‘When I can think again, I’ll have to let Duo know how much
of a turn-on this is.’  Not that he thought he’d HAVE to tell Duo such a thing.  He guessed Duo already knew considering that
the long-haired ex-pilot was now caressing Heero’s rapidly hardening length through the thin material of his boxers.

Duo moaned seductively, his hand squeezing firmly enough to make Heero shudder.  “You’re already hard.”

Heero chuckled and caressed Duo’s face lovingly.  “You’re so damned sexy when you’re in charge.  I never knew that
before.  Of course, you’ve never taken the dominant role before.”  He felt a wave of passion flood him as he imagined Duo on
top for the first time, and groaned a little at the thought of Duo filling him.  “Duo, love . . . will you . . . will you take me?”

Duo’s eyes sparkled with delight.  “Really?  You’d really want me to?”

Tenderly, Heero brushed aside Duo’s bangs, loving the way Duo’s eyes shone.  “Absolutely.  I trust you.  With my life, with
my body and soul.  I know you’d never hurt me.”

“Never in a million years,” Duo said, quickly taking a swipe at the tip of Heero’s nose with his tongue.  “But, we have to be
quiet.  We don’t want to wake Solo.”

Heero nodded, moving where Duo led him.  He fell to the bed, grasping Duo’s arms and pulling the beautiful American down
on top of him.  He used training that had been ingrained in him to keep quiet.  He suppressed a chuckle as he wondered if
Doctor J had ever intended Heero to use his skills to keep silent during sex as well as torture, but ended up shuddering as he
had to push away the lingering dark thoughts that threatened to overtake him at the consideration of J.

Duo must have taken the shudder as one of pleasure, as he never ceased his touching or tasting.  It was difficult to separate the
present from the torture sessions of the past.  Of course, with Duo in charge, this session of lovemaking probably could be
construed as torture, a torture he hoped would last a long, long time.  ‘Gotta see about soundproofing this room . . .’

Duo’s mouth and hands seemed to move everywhere all at once.  He was caressing and kissing every inch of Heero that he
could reach, his tongue going in places that left Heero flushed and panting.  It was pure heaven as Duo suckled on one of
Heero’s index fingers - the digits were very sensitive to that sort of stimuli - Duo might as well have been sucking on the
rapidly hardening flesh between Heero’s legs.  Heero would never have been able to tell Duo why his fingers were so sensitive.  
He didn’t know the reason himself.  All he knew was the way that Duo touched him sent his senses reeling.

Duo drew his mouth away and smiled lovingly as he reached for the night stand drawer where they kept their various supplies,
now hidden safely under a false bottom.  He chuckled wryly as he deftly retrieved what they needed.  “Why don’t we ever
think of getting this stuff out before we start something?”

Heero smirked back and reached up to caress the scars on Duo’s wrists.  Oddly enough, the jagged marks had become an
erogenous zone for Duo.  The simplest caresses caused Duo to shudder.  “We’ll learn, in time.”

Duo groaned.  “Heero, quit that before I lose all control.  I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You’d never hurt me,”  Heero replied, placing a soft kiss to the inside of Duo’s wrist.  Despite the knowledge that Duo
wouldn’t hurt him, he stiffened a little when Duo’s slender fingers teased his entrance.

Duo made a few soft soothing sounds as he rubbed the pad of his finger against Heero’s clenching ring.  Never once did he
press inward while Heero was so tense though.

Swallowing nervously, Heero felt himself relax a little only to stiffen again once Duo’s index finger was inside him.  He flushed
in shame.  With all the times they had been together, Duo had never once put up a fuss, not even the first time, though he did
have trouble relaxing at first.  “I’m sorry,” Heero apologized.  “I’m probably killing the mood.”

Duo chuckled softly.  “Don’t worry so much about it, Heero.  I’ve had a lot fewer emotional barriers that I had to set up.  To
be honest, I’d be shocked if your body didn’t put up a little bit of a fight.  You’ve never been on the receiving end before.”  All
the time while Duo spoke softly, he was patiently stretching Heero.

Heero could feel the pressure of Duo’s fingers and he quivered a little.  The anticipation helped to relax him more.  Then he
saw stars dance across his vision and his nerves sang.  He had to bring his arm across his mouth and bite hard to keep from
crying out at the sensations.  He figured Duo would start soon, but he was shocked to discover that his lover - when in charge
- had a slight sadistic streak.

Now that Duo had found his prostate, his braided lover teased it almost relentlessly.  Not that Heero would complain.  After all,
the feeling was quite exquisite.  Already he could feel the perspiration beading all over his body.  He groaned as Duo brought
him to the brink and growled as Duo withdrew his fingers.

“Patience, lover, the fun is just beginning,” Duo assured, tenderly pushing Heero’s thighs a bit further apart and taking his place
between them. “Is this all right?”

Heero took a deep breath and nodded.  “More than all right.  Hurry!”

Duo shook his head.  “Not tonight.  Tonight, I’ll show you how you’ve made me feel every time we’ve made love.”

And, as Duo slowly and carefully slid himself into Heero’s welcoming body, Heero felt more loved and cherished than he had
ever felt before meeting Duo.  His sweet selfless idiot who had risked so much to gain trust and friendship, and had stood up to
face great danger.  His brave Duo, who had smiled for them even in the face of great heartache and pain.

His first concern had always been Duo’s well-being.  Now that he and Duo were together, he found that Duo took care of him
just as must as he took care of Duo.  And now they had Solo and little Laurel.  Heero tightened his fingers in the grasp he
shared with Duo and let his love shine through his eyes as Duo moved at a maddeningly slow pace.

True to Duo’s word, the act was more about tenderness than raw desire.  Heero vowed to himself to make love to his Duo like
this more often.  While it wasn’t the fast pace that he was used to, he could feel every inch of movement.

Duo smiled and leaned forward, stilling his movements completely.  “If you think this is good now, lover, wait until there’s a
day when the kids are both in school.  I’ll let you feel what I feel when you make me scream in ecstasy during our more fiery

Heero reached up and pulled Duo down into an embrace.  The trembling in Duo’s muscles told Heero just how much willpower
Duo was showing.  Normally, by this time, Heero would pick up the pace.  There had only been the one time when Heero had
taken things slow and steady from start to finish, that very first time they had made love.

Their mouths clashed and Duo started moving again.  Heero tightened his arms around Duo, holding on and riding the waves as
Duo mercilessly struck his prostate again and again.  His moans were caught, his cries silenced by his lover’s talented mouth as
Duo slid his cock in and out of Heero’s trembling body.

Heero broke his lips away from Duo’s.  “Please, please Duo . . . please go faster,” he begged, not certain if he could take this
pace for much longer.

Duo chuckled, pressing a fleeting kiss to Heero’s throat.  “God, I love the way you sound when you beg.”  He thrust inward
sharply once.

Heero gasped, covering his mouth with his hand.  “Yes,” he whispered against his fingers.  “Again, please?”

“For you, love . . . anything for you,” Duo replied, drawing his body away from Heero’s.  He rearranged their positions,
moving to straddle one of Heero’s thighs as he lifted the Japanese youth’s other leg, holding it to his chest.

Heero rolled onto his side, biting against his fingers as Duo effortlessly began to plunge in faster and harder.  He buried his face
into the pillow to muffle the sounds he was allowing to escape.  His whole body was singing with sensations in a way he never
thought was even possible.  The feeling was intoxicating and he knew that he’d want it again even with the slight soreness that
would accompany being bottom.  He knew that Duo was quickly approaching completion when one slightly calloused hand
gently began to pump his cock in time with Duo’s thrusts.

The dual sensations quickly brought Heero to the edge.  He couldn’t hold back, even if he wanted to and found himself easily
falling.  He bit his fingers to silence himself, a convulsion ripping through his body as he gave himself over to Duo’s talents, his
semen spewing forth to splatter the sheets.

Duo grunted, his own body shaking a mere moment later.  He gave a kiss to Heero’s calf, his hips moving in small circles as he
milked the last vestiges of pleasure from their orgasms.  With a happy sigh, Duo let go of Heero’s leg and collapsed on top of
his lover, lazily cuddling up to him.  “Did I do good, Heero?” he asked, his voice laced with weariness.

Heero found himself chuckling.  “Absolutely, love,” Heero replied, giving Duo’s shoulder a quick kiss.  “Now, what do you say
we take a shower?”

Duo sighed, drawing circles through the sweat covering Heero’s chest.  “Not yet.  I just want to lie here a while longer,” he
said, sliding off of the other young man to lie alongside Heero, his arms winding around his lover’s body.

Heero ran his hand up along Duo’s arm, just for the sake of touching him.  If Duo wanted to cuddle for a while, Heero didn’t
mind.  In fact, he would enjoy it immensely, despite the fact that he thoroughly despised the feeling of the sticky semen cooling
on his stomach, clinging to his inner thighs.  He smiled, nodding his head.  He’d do anything if it meant Duo would be happy.


Duo sighed in contentment as he cuddled up to Heero.  He knew that they couldn’t stay like that for too long though.  He knew
as well as Heero did that semen was altogether unpleasant when it dried.  Plus, he wanted to get the sheets changed so he could
go back to bed.  He was better, but he knew how Heero would worry if he caught a chill.  He didn’t want Heero to worry
about him anymore.  With a smile, he kissed Heero’s shoulder.  

“How are you going to paint Laurel’s room?  Umm, where IS Laurel’s room going to be?”

Heero hummed softly, as if thinking.  “Well, there is that room I’ve been using as office space.  It’s right next to Solo’s room,
and I haven’t been using it all that much.  We could move the computer out of there and into my studio and put everything else
in the basement for now until we can decide what to do with it all.”  He entwined his hand with Duo’s, just for the sake of
holding onto some piece of him.  “As to the actual painting, I’m not sure yet.  It depends on what colors she likes.”  He shifted
slightly so they were looking into each other’s eyes.  “You always look exquisite after we make love.”

Duo smiled and noticed the bite marks appearing on Heero’s hands.  “You didn’t hurt yourself, did you?”  He pulled Heero’s
hand close and kissed the red marks before nuzzling Heero’s hand.  “Although I find it flattering that I can make you lose

Heero shook his head with a soft smile.  “I’m fine, but the marks will bruise a little.  I don’t mind it though.  I didn’t want to
wake Solo.”

“Maybe we should soundproof this room,” Duo thought aloud.

Heero’s chuckle was warm.  “I had the same thought, myself.”

“We’ll look into it later.  For now, let’s get cleaned up.”  He reluctantly drew away from Heero and sat up, brushing his hand
back through his bangs.  “You go on and shower and I’ll change the sheets.  I’ll hop in when you’re done.”

Heero smiled, running his hand over Duo’s arm as he sat up.  “You could just save time and shower with me.”

Duo shook his head, grinning.  “You and I both know what would happen if we showered together.”

“True, but you always look so hot when you’re dripping wet,” Heero commented, leaning over and planting a kiss on Duo’s
cheek.  “I’ll save you some hot water.”  He slid off the bed, stopping only to grab a pair of pajama bottoms before he retreated
to the bathroom.

Duo contented himself in watching the view as Heero left the room, enjoying the sight of Heero’s nude body.  When Heero was
in the bathroom, Duo got up from the bed.  He stripped the sheets and left them in a heap next to the door.  Knowing that
Heero never took very long in the shower, Duo made quick work of putting clean sheets on the bed.  By the time Heero walked
out, Duo was done and waiting for his turn in the shower.


Heero smirked at his lover as he stepped out of the bathroom, running a towel over his hair.  He leaned over and kissed Duo
briefly as he passed by.  “Love you,” he said, meaning it with every fiber of his being.

The smile on Duo’s face was all the answer that Heero needed, but he voiced his reply anyway.  “Love you, too.”  Then he
disappeared into the bathroom, leaving Heero to wait.

Heero shook his head, seeing the pile of sheets by the door.  With a small smile, he picked up the soiled sheets and left the
room, taking them to the laundry room.  He left them and the towel he had used with the rest of the clothing waiting to be
washed, deciding that he’d get around to it in the morning.

As he was returning to bed, he came across Solo.  The boy was standing in the hall just outside his bedroom, rubbing his eyes
with the back of his hand.  “What are you doing up?” Heero inquired.

“Huh?” Solo yawned, blearily looking up at Heero.  He shuffled closer to the Japanese man, yawning again before he spoke.  “I’
m thirsty.”

Heero bent slightly, picking the child up.  Solo curled against him, laying his head down on Heero’s shoulder.  “Let’s get you a
glass of water.  Then you can go back to bed, okay?”

“Okay,” he said with a slight voice, his eyes just barely open.

Heero smiled, turning and heading to the kitchen.  He got Solo a glass of water, carrying it with him as he took Solo back to his
room.  He set Solo down on the bed, softly running his fingers through the boy’s hair as he took tiny sips from the glass.

“Better?”  Heero asked, setting the glass on the table beside Solo’s bed.

Solo nodded, his voice a mumble as he answered affirmatively.

Heero tucked the small child in, noting with a faint smile that Solo was asleep before his head ever hit the pillow.  He couldn’t
wait until Laurel was with them as well.  Then their family would be complete.

He left Solo’s room with a light heart, his smile spreading when he found that Duo was done with his shower.  The beautiful
youth was standing beside the bed, pulling a number of pins from his hair.  Heero knew that Duo hated showering before bed.  
So he generally pinned his hair up to keep it from getting wet.

Duo turned to him, pulling the last pin from his hair.  “Ready for bed?”  He held his hand out, smiling that warm and loving
smile of his.

“Absolutely,” Heero nodded, taking hold of that hand and kissing the knuckles.  He loved every inch of Duo’s body and
delighted in showing that love.

Together the two of them got into bed.  Heero lay on his side, spooning himself up behind his energetic lover.  He wrapped his
arms around Duo, taking a long deep breath and inhaling Duo’s scent.  He fell asleep content, looking forward to the rest of the
life the two of them would share, to the family that he now found himself a part of.

To Be Continued . . .