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Notes:  Trowa heads for his apartment after a long lonely night.  Duo tries to get Heero to take a nap again.

Valentine Blues

Part Eighteen

Trowa sighed as he approached his apartment.  He'd stayed the night before at a motel.  After the argument with Quatre, he'd
driven around for a few hours.  When he'd noticed the time, it had been too late to come here.  It wasn't like he could just
come and go at all hours of the night.  Well, he could, but it would be rude.  There were other people to consider.  Trowa had
a roommate here.  A roommate who had a family to think of.  Showing up in the middle of the night, he might have disturbed
one if not all of them.  He didn't want to be a burden to anyone.

With a shake of his head, he unlocked the door and stepped inside.  The scent of nail polish was the first thing he noticed.  
That, and a faint odor of some incense or air freshener.  Vanilla.  That was his favorite.  He nearly smirked.  It wasn't just his
favorite.  His roommate was fond of it as well.

"Oh, God damn it!  Trowa!  Why on Earth didn't you call and tell me you were coming?"  This was from a rather attractive
redheaded young man who had been in the process of painting one little toenail an eye catching silver.

Trowa found it hard not to smile as the lithe figure jumped from the sofa and awkwardly tried to tidy up.  "Hi, Jules."  He
watched as Julian walked around on his heels in an effort not to smudge the freshly applied nail color.  The same could be said
as he delicately picked up clutter by avoiding the use of his fingertips.  He must have done his fingernails recently.

"Don't worry about it.  This place is as much yours as it is mine until you get back on your feet."  Julian wasn't the tidiest of
people, but he was honest and reliable.  He was a good friend and a talented trapeze artist.

Two months previous, Julian's life partner had been killed in a car accident.  That had left the redhead all alone with funeral
expenses and three young children, one of which was barely a year old.  Not to mention all of the hospital bills and other debts
they'd had together.  With the mortgage as well that the slim trapeze artist couldn't afford, he'd been in dire straights when
Trowa had offered his empty apartment on L-2 for his use.  Trowa handled the rent while Julian paid for the utilities and other
personal expenses.  He worked for the circus when he could, saving up every penny he made to last throughout the rest of the
year when he couldn't travel.  When it came to his kids they always came first.  So when his oldest was in school, he was a
stay at home parent, working part time.  When school was out, he and his kids traveled with the circus.

Trowa now regretted not mentioning any of this to Quatre.  Maybe Quatre wouldn't have been so upset about the apartment if
he'd known about Julian's need of it.  Julian couldn't afford the rent himself.  A three bedroom apartment was costly, even on

He also regretted not telling Quatre that he'd already known male pregnancy was possible.  Julian's spouse had been a volunteer
test subject.  It hadn't seemed like an important detail at the time.  But maybe it had contributed to Quatre's anger.  He didn't
know for certain.

"Where are the kids?" Trowa asked, putting on a wavering smile as he glanced around the living room.

Julian's smile was brilliant as he flopped back onto the sofa, his flimsy robe falling open to reveal what he had most likely worn
to bed - a powder blue camisole.  It didn't really bother Trowa that his friend and frequent co-worker felt more comfortable in
women's clothes.  Hell, he looked great in whatever he wore.  Beneath the makeup and clothes though, he was all male and
vehemently acknowledged the desire to always remain one.  He was happy with his gender.  He just preferred skirts to suits.

"Still asleep," he said, pointing a manicured nail toward the bedrooms.  He glanced at the slim watch on his wrist.  "I have to
get Erica up in about an hour.  She has school today."

Trowa nodded in understanding.  If he recalled, Erica was five.  The other two, Juliet and Christopher were three and fifteen
months old respectively.

Julian propped his feet up on the coffee table, his full lips curled in a warm smile.  "So, where's this gorgeous blonde you keep
telling me about?"  His face grew concerned when he saw Trowa's reaction.  "Trowa?  What's wrong?"

Trowa collapsed into the nearest armchair and took a shaky breath.  He could hardly contain the pain he felt.  Quatre had left
him, probably for good.  He probably deserved it too.  He'd always known that Quatre was too good for him.  

His throat was beginning to hurt from the strain of pushing down his feelings.  He wasn't used to this, but he fought it
nonetheless.  He would not cry.  Julian didn't need to deal with his shit.  "I messed up somehow.  One minute, everything
seems to be fine.  Then, out of nowhere, he's angry at me and telling me to kiss his ass.  Sorry."  He shot a look to the doors,
worried the kids might have heard, then turned back to Julian.  "Anyway, right now he's at a mutual friend's house."  He shook
his head and buried his face in his hands.  "What am I going to do?  I don't want to lose him, but everything I do seems to be

Julian was up and across the room.  He sat on the arm of the chair, dropping a hand on his friend's shoulder.  "I'm sure it'll be
all right.  Even Mike and I had our occasional quarrels about family or money or the like, but we stayed together until death
parted us."  Julian sniffed a little, his fingers tightening a fraction.  "Parted us way too soon."

Thoughts of Quatre spiraled through his mind.  He couldn't deal with this.  Worthless little Nanashi had done it again.  He'd
ruined the one good thing in his life.  He didn't deserve Quatre.  He never had.  This proved it.  Trowa really was the worthless
little piece of trash everyone had called him, nameless, nothing.  Nanashi, a castaway child who should have died ages ago
before he could become a burden to anyone.

Julian squeezed his shoulder again.  "You're putting yourself down right now.  I can tell.  I'm not going to tell you to stop it, but
I am going to tell you that it's probably not as bad as you think.  Now, tell me what happened as best as you can.  Maybe
having an outside person hearing about it will help you."

Trowa took a deep breath and started talking.  He tried to remember all the details, but he was certain he was missing
something.  Through it all, Julian simply listened without interrupting.  When he was done, he gave Julian a beseeching look.

The slim redhead looked at his nails in thought.  "It looks like the two of you just have a failure to communicate properly.  You
never mentioned me or Mike to him, did you?"  When Trowa shook his head, Julian chuckled.  "He probably thinks you're not
planning to stick around.  With an apartment available to you that you've been keeping secret, you could leave at any moment."  
He held up a hand to still Trowa's arguments.  "I know you had no intention of doing that, but that's most likely what he'd
think.  It also sounds like the two of you have personalities that are very different.  That's a good thing though.  Too much in
common and the two of you would grate on each other's nerves after a while."

Trowa frowned at Julian's upbeat attitude.  Didn't he understand how important Quatre was to him?  How much it hurt not
having him around?  

"How do I fix this?"

Julian reached over and patted Trowa's shoulder.  "Time will fix it, Trowa.  If this mutual friend is as good as you said earlier,
then Quatre is probably talking to him right now, so he's also getting an outside opinion.  Does he know the number here?"

Trowa shook his head.

"Then wait a while and call your friend again.  Don't talk to Quatre, just give him your number so he can reach you.  I'm sure
everything will be all right.  All I suggest is wait and maybe do something to show how much you care and want to be with

Trowa sat there contemplating this.  Julian moved away from him, going about his normal morning activities.  Trowa didn't
really notice his movements, lost in his own thoughts the way he was.  But he did come to his senses when Julian tenderly
touched his arm.  He looked up into smiling blue eyes.

"Hey, it'll be okay.  You want some breakfast?"

"No.  I don't think I can eat."  He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees.  As he sat there, he heard the beginning
sounds of little Christopher rousing through the baby monitor set on the coffee table.  In seconds, it would be a full blown
wail.  "You need any help?"

Relief was evident in the redhead's face.  "Oh God, yes.  I was hoping you'd offer."  He smiled brighter.  "Can you get Chris up
while I get the girls?"

Trowa had helped Julian out before and he remembered the routine.  He still wasn't all that comfortable with dealing with
children, but he could handle changing a diaper and feeding the baby.  He rose quickly and went into the baby's room, which
also served as Julian's bedroom so that he could be close if needed.  The girls shared the second bedroom and the third was
always kept empty for Trowa.

He was grateful for this task and let himself be swept up in the routine of it all.  Anything was better than thinking about the
screwed up mess he'd made of his relationship with Quatre.


Duo smiled a little as they walked in the door.  The day had gone as smoothly as he could possibly have hoped for.  The kids
had been successfully registered for school and on Monday Solo would start seeing his tutor so that he could start school in the
fall.  It was a pleasant surprise that Laurel would be allowed to start at the preschool immediately.

After all the testing and meetings with school officials to go over the results of those tests, Duo and Heero had decided to treat
their kids and took them to McDonalds.  Quatre didn't seem to mind it much either, though Duo knew this wasn't the wealthy
Arabian's normal type of dining establishment.

As the kids entered behind him, he turned to them.  "Okay.  You kids can either go outside and play, or play quietly in the house
while I try and convince your Daddy to get some sleep.  We'll have dinner in a little bit."  He smirked up at Quatre as the blonde
strode in.  "You don't mind watching them for a while, do you?"

Quatre smiled warmly at the children.  "Of course not!  They're delightfully well behaved."

“Thanks!  Okay, Heero.  Let's get you into bed."  Duo gently, but firmly, took hold of Heero's elbow.  The fact that Heero
didn't put up any argument at all had Duo worrying again.

He paused in the hall when he saw a blinking light on the answering machine.  He hit play.  The electronic voice spoke up.  
"You have one new message.  New message."

There was a brief pause before someone sighed and Trowa's familiar voice spoke up.  "I hate machines.  Duo, it's Trowa.  If
you're there, please pick up."  There was another pause as Trowa obviously waited to see if his call would be answered.  "I
guess you aren't there.  I just called to let you know I'm at the apartment I have here on L-2.  If you need me, or if Quatre
wants to talk to me, here's the number."

Duo let go of Heero, who continued to their bedroom, and quickly wrote the number down on the pad by the phone.  He cast a
furtive glance at Quatre, trying to gage the meaning behind the frown on the blonde's face.

Once the number was relayed for a second time, Trowa sighed again.  "Okay, that's it.  Call any time.  Bye."

Duo deleted the message.  "I'm not going to tell you what to do.  It's not my place.  But I am here if you want to talk."

Quatre gave Duo a relieved smile.  "Thank you."  

He turned to the kids then.  "Okay.  Maybe the two of you can teach your Uncle Quatre how to build a snow man."

The kids grabbed a hold of either of Quatre's hands and all but dragged him toward the back door, smiling and laughing the
entire way.  Duo smirked as he watched them go.  He pulled off his coat and hung it up in the closet.  "Not too long!  I don't
want any of you catching colds."  He listened to the disgruntled agreements and headed for the master bedroom.

He paused there in the doorway, his smile widening by the second.  Heero was sluggishly removing his clothing, leaving
everything in a small pile near the bed.  That alone attested to his weariness.  Heero always folded his clothes when he took
them off.  Here he was though, just dropping them in a pile on the floor.  However, despite worrying for his lover's health, he
couldn't help but appreciate the view.

"Take it all off, love."

Heero froze like a deer caught in the headlights as Duo walked around and made sure the blinds were closed and the door was
locked.  "What?"

Duo gave Heero a leer and started removing his own clothes.  "Everything.  You need some stress relief.  The kids are
outside."  He leaned in close and licked the shell of Heero's ear.  "And we both know you can be quiet when you need to be."  
He took delight in the shudder that ran through Heero's limber frame.

Heero shucked his boxers eagerly.  Before he could stand upright again, Duo gave him a gentle shove, causing the weary man
to stumble back.  He fell on his ass on the bed with a soft huff of breath.

The long-haired man was still wearing his own shorts as he dropped to his knees in front of his lover.  Grinning wickedly, he
brought his hands to Heero's knees and roughly shoved them apart, quickly scuttling forward into the inviting space between
the limbs.

"You look good enough to eat," Duo hummed, debating where he should start.  He had the urge to lick and suck and bite his
way all over Heero's tempting body.  However, he wanted Heero to get to bed, so he wasn't eager about the idea of drawing
this tryst out with unnecessary teasing.  Still, Heero deserved more than just a quick and sloppy suck off.

Fingers danced through his hair, grazing lightly across his ear.  The sensation was wonderful and made Duo's heart thump
pleasurably.  He bent his head and placed a soft and deliberate kiss to the side of Heero's left knee.  He trailed his lips and
tongue upward in feathery caresses.  He paused only when there was no thigh left for him to kiss, no quivering flesh to taunt
with a tender nibble.  Duo leaned back then, watching the Japanese man shift his hips subtly with a look of adorable frustration
to his pouting lips.

Heero's manhood was half-hard.  Duo licked his lips eagerly.  "Watch baby, no hands."  He dipped his head, sweeping his
tongue up under the broad head and drew it hungrily into his mouth.  He suckled at the tip lightly, flickering the edge of his
tongue against the slit before circling the circumference with a steady pressure.

Heero hissed in a breath.  He dropped his hands to his trembling knees, covering Duo's hands with his own.  It was clear to
Duo that he was struggling not to grab Duo's head and fuck his mouth to oblivion.  Duo appreciated his restraint.  The last
thing he wanted was an aching jaw.  Or hell, a dislocated jaw.  Heero could be quite enthusiastic.  But he would never hurt Duo.

To reward him for his good behavior, Duo repeated his tongue maneuver until Heero's pumping blood brought his full erection
to glorious life.  Duo couldn't believe how happy he was to be able to do this, to know that he pleased his lover so much that a
simple twist of his tongue turned Heero's plentiful cock to steel.

Duo flipped his hands under Heero's grip and returned the hold.  He offered up a look of unyielding love and devotion, wanting
Heero to see it in his eyes just how much he was cherished as he started a slow descent along the rigid member.  The flesh
pulsed against his tongue as he traced his way along the throbbing vein, breathing heavily through his nose and relishing the
invigorating scent of his lover's masculinity.

He would never get enough of Heero.  His touch, his taste, the way his breath came out in a shaky rasp as he tried to control
his body.  Everything about him was captivating.

Heero groaned as he squeezed Duo's hands.  "You're addictive, Duo.  You know just what I like."

Duo smiled as best as he could around Heero's plentiful organ and continued the gentle suction.  Seeing Heero writhe and nibble
at his lower lip in an effort to remain silent was invigorating.  It was difficult to keep from prying his hands away from Heero
so that he could fondle himself.  His own body was responding to Heero's enticing actions and the soft sounds that issued from
between his lips every now and again.

He slowly lowered his mouth and relaxed as he took the whole of Heero in.  It was an effort not to gag, but he had practice at
this.  Heero was never one to turn down a good blow job.  With his nose buried in curls of dark hair, Duo hummed lightly.  
Heero's hands tightened around Duo's fingers, tightening again when Duo swallowed around the heavy organ.

He knew that Heero wouldn't last much longer by the way his usually stoic lover was whining softly.  That was a sure sign that
his release was close.  To urge it on, Duo increased his sucking and began a languid bobbing of his head, even going so far as
to carefully scrape his teeth against Heero's sensitized manhood.

That was the final straw for Heero and he let out a grunt as his hips jumped off the bed.  Duo greedily swallowed as Heero
released his essence.  He never stopped sucking, licking around the head as the last few drops issued forth.  He only stopped
when Heero began softening in his mouth.  Then he drew back, both relieved and disappointed as that delicious heat slipped
from his bruised lips.  He loved sucking Heero's cock.  Nothing gave him greater joy than pleasing Heero.  But he couldn't deny
that he was glad it was over.  His jaw was beginning to ache from the continued activity.

Heero gently tugged on Duo's hands.  Duo smiled and crawled up onto the bed to join Heero.  Heero lay back, a smile on his
own face as Duo reclined next to him, propped up a bit on one elbow.  "Something else I can do for you, Heero?" he asked
innocently, drawing lazy circles across Heero's bare chest with one finger.

With nothing but love and tenderness in his blue eyes, Heero caressed Duo's face.  "No, but there's something I can do for
you."  His hand trailed down, cupping his fingers around Duo's aching erection.  "You need release, too, love."  His gaze turned
into a smoldering one and he leaned up to bite tenderly at Duo's slightly parted lips.  "And I know for a fact that you can be just
as quiet if you need to be."

Duo grinned.  Who was he to stop Heero from wanting to share?

To Be Continued ...