Seasons of Art

Quarterly Fanart Contest

1.  Color and Black and White images will be accepted.

2.  Images must be sized underneath 500K.  Email me, if this poses a problem.

3.  Only characters and situations from my fics can be used.

4.  You can use any character or characters from any of my fics, ongoing or finished.

5.  Entries are restricted to THREE images per artist.

6.  Deadline for this contest is June 21st.  Late entries will NOT be accepted, unless the artist contacts
me first.

7.  If you are a judge, you cannot enter the contest for this quarter.  You can, however, enter the
following season, but then you can't judge.

8.  Submitting an entry gives me permission to display it on my webpage as a part of this contest.
However, artists retain full rights and may post pictures elsewhere as they wish.

Judging will start June 22nd.  It will be conducted by a team of volunteers.
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