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entertainment purposes only.

Notes:  Here’s what the rest of the guys are doing with their lives.  Just a little introduction for everyone before I get the real
story underway.  I swear, Harry Potter characters and other things from the books will be appearing soon.  This is not a happy
part, no one is content in their lives.  

Warnings:  This part contains foul language and Relena bashing.  Insinuations of prostitution and the beating of a G-boy.

~ blah blah ~  Denotes the voices in Duo’s head and any telepathic speech.

Soldiers of Sorcery

Part Two

It was the middle of the night, and here Duo was, scrounging for food like some filthy starving animal.  He was little more than
a rat, a worthless dreg of society.  He sighed as he sifted through the garbage in the dumpster of a restaurant that had just
recently closed for the night, hoping to find something . . . anything that was at least partially decent.

He had been living on the streets for the past few months now.  His business was gone . . . bad investments on Duo’s part.  
Hilde had moved out, the two of them had just grown apart.  She hadn’t felt useful with Duo, so she had gotten a place of her
own and a handsome young boyfriend to keep her company.  Duo was happy for her though . . . she was content, so Duo was
happy for her.

Duo nearly smiled when he finally found something.  Then he remembered where he was.  He picked up the crusty, hard half-
eaten burger and brushed it off, just glad that he had found something.  His small bit of comfort was crushed however, when
someone roughly grabbed his shoulder and shoved him away from the dumpster, causing Duo to drop his meager, pitiful excuse
for a meal.

“What the hell?”  Duo asked, turning to face whoever had shoved him.

“Well, well . . . what do we have here?”  A man dressed in a police officer’s uniform said, his eyes roaming over Duo’s form.

Duo shivered, not liking the look in that man’s eyes.  There was something there that frightened Duo, a look that he had seen
countless times when he had been growing up on the streets.  And in Duo’s experience, seeing lust like that on a cop’s face was
a very bad thing.  He backed away, trying to put some distance between himself and the cop . . . knowing that no good could
come from this situation.  Cops on L-2 generally tended to enjoy throwing their weight around.

The cop chuckled, following with a smirk on his face as Duo backed himself into a wall.  Duo turned, looking for any viable
means of escape, feeling a desperate need to get away.  But it was futile . . . a moment later, the cop was standing right in front
of Duo, his one hand braced on the wall beside Duo’s head.

“W-what can I do for you, officer?”  Duo asked, trying to sound nonchalant.  

The cop smiled.  “You could do a lot of things for me, punk.”  With that, he pulled out his baton and jabbed Duo in the stomach
with one end, laughing as Duo collapsed around the hard instrument.  His fingers wound around Duo’s throat, shoving him back
so that his head hit the wall roughly.  

Stars danced across Duo’s field of vision.  He momentarily blacked out, wincing with each fresh strike the cop delivered to his
weary body.  There were a few blows to his head, but mostly the attack was directed at Duo’s body, knocking the breath out of
him as the cop had some fun beating him.

When it was over, Duo was allowed to collapse to the ground, spitting out the blood that was dripping from his split lip.  He
struggled to rise to his hands and knees, wincing in pain.  “What was that for?”  Duo asked bitterly, glaring up at the cop above

The cop shrugged.  “Just a little bit of fun.”  He replied, pulling his leg back and delivering a good strong kick to Duo’s ribs,
knocking the young ex-pilot over again.  The cop grabbed Duo by his clothes and hauled him to his feet.  He leaned forward, his
lips just a breath away from one of Duo’s ears.  “You know, if you get cleaned up, you’d probably be a good fuck.”

Duo gasped, pushing the cop away from himself, even when his body protested the action.  “Get the hell away from me!”  Duo
seethed, glaring at the man.

The cop only chuckled.  “With that body, I bet you could make a good deal of money.”  He smirked.  “Just buy some kneepads
and you're all set.  Maybe next time I see you, I’ll try out that mouth of yours myself.”

~ Run, Duo. ~  A lilting voice whispered to Duo.

Duo looked around, wondering where that strange voice had come from.  He didn’t see anything or anyone but that cop.  And
he was sure that the officer didn’t have such a lovely voice as the one that had spoken to him just a moment ago.

~ Duo, you’re in danger.  Get out of there . . . quickly! ~  The voice said, a little more insistently, as if there wasn’t much time

Well, if Duo was going mad, then perhaps he should listen to the voices that were apparently in his mind.  He had to get out of
there, but first, he had to get past this cop.  The answer suddenly came to him.  With a smirk, he thrust his knee into the cop’s
crotch, watching with a good deal of satisfaction as the man crumbled to the ground, releasing his hold on Duo to cradle his
own anatomy.

Without looking back, Duo took off running.  He made it across the street . . . and then he heard it.  There was the piercing
sound of screeching tires.  Duo spun around, his eyes widening as he watched a car plow into the dumpster he had been
scrounging in only a few minutes ago.  The driver of the car stumbled out and moved away.  A few moments later, the car
erupted in an explosion of flames, causing Duo to stumble back, watching in shock as he watched his own life flash before his

He had been there just a few moments ago.  He would have been dead if not for that voice telling him to run.  Oh God, that cop
. . . he had been there.  Duo’s eyes widened more, sure that the cop hadn’t been able to escape in time.  With that revelation,
Duo fell back to lay sprawled on the concrete, the world fading to oblivion as he passed out.


Quatre awakened very early in the morning, watching as the sun rose outside his windows, without getting up from bed.  He
frowned, finding no peace in the sight of the new rays of dawn, turning away and burying his face in one of the pillows.  There
was a quiet knock at his door, but Quatre didn’t look up.

One of his sisters walked in, a young dark-blonde-haired woman by the name of Cera.  “Quatre, are you getting up?”  She
asked, her voice gentle.  “Are you going to work today?”

“No, please just leave me alone.”  Quatre replied, tears slowly beginning to trail from his weary eyes.  

Cera sighed.  “All right.  But call if you need anything, Quatre.”

Quatre didn’t reply.  He just hid his face in the pillow, not looking up even after he heard Cera’s departure.

Every night Quatre cried himself to sleep.  And every morning Quatre awoke to cry even more, his eyes puffy and red from all
of his tears.  He felt as if he were lost, just flowing with the days without any idea of what he was doing.

He was miserable running his father’s company.  All he did was work and work.  There was no time for his musical interests.  
His violin hadn’t been touched in months, his piano needed a good dusting it had been so long since he had played.

And he was lonely, so lonely.  He was surrounded by a loving family and a troupe of Maguanac and yet he was still utterly alone
in the world.  There was no one to comfort him when he awoke screaming in the night . . . his room was too far away from
those of his sisters for them to hear him crying out in sadness.

He just wanted it all to stop.  And so here he was, having given up on trying anymore.  He would stay here in the bed for the
rest of his life if he had to, unless something came to give him hope once more, a reason for living.  At this moment, it would
probably take a miracle to uplift his melancholy heart.


Wufei sighed as he stepped out of the shower, feeling tired although he had slept long and peacefully.  He toweled his body and
hair dry, going about his other early morning activities as he started his day.  He got dressed and pulled his hair back, then ate a
healthy breakfast.

He sighed as he grabbed his keys and slipped his shoes on by the door, dreading the day ahead of him.  Although he did find his
job to his liking most of the time, teaching martial arts to children was sometimes a tedious task.  He smirked as he thought of
those young faces that looked to him for guidance . . . finding their admiration for him to be soothing to his soul.  However, it
still wasn’t enough to fill the void he felt in his heart.

A blinking light caught Wufei’s eye, and he looked, noticing that he had a few messages on his answering machine.  Last night
he had been tired, he hadn’t listened to them.  Teaching children did wear a person out.  With a shrug, Wufei played the
messages, wondering if there was anything of importance.

The first message was from Lady Une, asking him to call her back.  Wufei knew that he wouldn’t do that.  He had already given
Une his formal resignation, there was no need to discuss the matter any further.  He had quit the Preventers to start his Martial
Arts school and he was happy for it . . . he didn’t want to go back to being a Preventer agent.  He was a sixteen-year-old retiree
. . . having only worked there for a few months at most.

The next message was from Sally Po.  He sighed, shaking his head as he deleted both messages, not even listening to the entire
message from Sally.  He had dated her off and on, while he had been with the Preventers.  However, she wasn’t what he
wanted romantically.  She was a good woman, strong and intelligent . . . but he had discovered that she was not where his
sexual preferences lay.  Since his only real romantic relationship before Sally had been his wife Meiran, Wufei had just assumed
himself to be straight.  It didn’t take him long to figure out that he was most definitely not.

The light reflected off of something and Wufei turned, letting his hand brush across a photo frame, containing a picture of his
long dead family.  His parents would be disappointed in him if they had lived long enough to see him like this.  They had wanted
so much more for him.  And if that school hadn’t decided not to accept colony children, perhaps he could have lived up to their
expectations.  With another sigh, Wufei turned and headed out of his home, deciding it was time he got to work.


Heero groaned as he walked into work, hearing as his name was called by that annoying pest that was his boss.  Relena had not
matured, despite her position as the Vice Foreign Minister.  While she was diplomatic and well-versed in political situations, she
still hadn’t gotten the hint that Heero did not like her in the least.

“Heero . . . good morning.”  She said cheerfully, latching onto his arm as he walked.

Heero tried to ignore her, even as the vein in his temple throbbed.  If he wasn’t her bodyguard, he would have knocked her out
by now.  Every day she worked on his last good nerve, every day she made him want to smash her face against the nearest
wall.  He didn’t know how much longer he could deny his urge to do either of those to her.

“So, when are you going to take me out on a date?”  She asked, as if he had ever shown the least bit of interest in her.

Heero stopped dead in his tracks, gaping at how blind she was.  Heero couldn’t believe that anyone could be so dense as this.  
Heero had never once talked to her on a personal level.  All he was here to do was protect her from assassinations.  How many
times did he have to turn down this girl’s advances anyway?  It seemed like he did that every day as it was, several times a day
in fact.

“I am not taking you out on a date.”  Heero stated simply, wrenching his arm away from her, as he headed to the security office
to check the status of the security cameras.

“There’s no need to be shy, Heero.”  Relena grinned.  “Let’s see . . . we can go to Andreotti’s.  You won’t have enough money,
so I’ll pay . . . Oh, and you’ll need a suit . . . I’ll buy one for you.”  She said, rambling on and on as she planned everything for
a date that Heero did not want to go on.

Finally, as she was picking out what color shirt she thought would compliment his eyes best, Heero exploded.  “That’s it!  I
quit!”  He yelled, pushing her away from himself.  “I can’t take this anymore.  You don’t listen!  I DO NOT want to date you
Relena!  I have no interest in you other than as a client.  You are superficial and boring and ignorant!  How many times do I
have to tell you that I’m GAY?  I don’t want to even look at you right now!”

He shook his head and turned away from the annoying girl, not caring that everyone within earshot of him was looking at him in
shock.  The look of utter horror on Relena’s face had been a very pleasing sight, but other than that, Heero didn’t care one bit
what anyone thought of his exclamations.

Before he could reach the door, Relena grabbed his arm, oddly enough in a strong grip.  She turned him to face her, then
slapped his face.  “How DARE you insult me like that, and in front of all these people!”  She hissed through clenched teeth.  
“You can’t reject me!”

Heero couldn’t believe this.  The look on Relena’s face was one of pure fury, and yet here she was still in denial.  He sighed in
disbelief.  “I can and I AM!”  He growled, prying her fingers off of his arm and pushing her away from him, watching in
satisfaction as she fell on her ass.  Without another word, he turned and walked out the door, quickly heading to his car.

As he left the estate, he could still hear her screeching at him.  “You can’t reject me!  You’ll come crawling back to me!  You’ll
see!  You’ll come back to me!”

To Be Continued . . .