Disclaimers:  I do not own either Gundam Wing or Harry Potter.  I am making no money with this.  This story is purely for
entertainment purposes only.

Notes:  Duo hits rock bottom and takes desperate measures to ensure his survival.  Wufei and Heero get their letters with
definitely different views of their letters.  Heero gets a gift from an unknown source.

Warnings:  This part contains foul language, LIME, and the prostitution of a G-boy.

~ blah blah ~  Denotes the voices in Duo’s head and any telepathic speech.

Soldiers of Sorcery

Part Four

Duo stood in the bathroom of a gas station, sifting through his bag.  It contained only a few of his belongings, all he had in fact.  
He bit into his lip, pulling out a pair of leather pants and a vest, frowning deeply at the only prospect left to him.  He truly didn’t
want to go through with this, but he’d rather not starve to death.

He stripped out of his dingy clothes, using the small sink to wash his face and body somewhat before he got dressed.  He
arranged himself suitably, the pants barely covering his hips and clung to him like a second skin.  The vest stopped several
inches above the pants, giving off a good view of his midriff.  Lastly, he pulled on his only other pair of footwear, his black
boots.  They were a little scuffed, but they still looked good, especially with the leather pants.  

When he was dressed, he worked on his hair, brushing it out.  The fact that his brush was missing several bristles made it more
difficult to brush, but it was better than just using his fingers to do it.  His hair was a little greasy, but he eventually managed to
get it into a suitable braid, using his stretched out elastic band to keep the braid together.

He sighed, looking at himself in the mirror.  He didn’t look drop dead gorgeous, but he didn’t look too bad.  Even Duo could see
that he was a bit too thin, but there wasn’t anything he could do about that until he found something to eat.  And the only way to
get something to eat would be to do what he was about to do . . . at least it was the last option available to Duo.

Duo stuffed his belongings back into his bag and shouldered it, sighing once again as he headed out of the bathroom.  Sure it
was morning, but what better time to start a new occupation then early in the morning.  It would probably take all day just for
him to get the nerve up to actually go through with this.

He found a secluded area and dropped his bag by the side of a light post, leaning back against it as he waited for his first
“customer” to arrive.  His heart was pounding in nervousness.  Sure he was no virgin and he had done this kind of thing before
to survive, but he had never enjoyed it, and he had grown to think that he didn’t need to resort to doing this anymore.  But that
time was past, and now he was hungry.

Duo hadn’t waited long when a slimy looking drunk stumbled over to him.  He leaned against Duo’s body, pawing at him almost
right away.  Duo grimaced, hating the feel of this asshole’s hands touching him, but he let it continue, trying to ignore the
intense body odor the guy had . . . he smelled as if he hadn’t bathed in years.  However, the man was dressed in a suit . . .
perhaps he was just some loser that had just recently lost his job.  It would explain why he was willing to rent some
entertainment in the middle of the morning.

“Hey, I got a few credits to spare, you wanna come back to my motel room and suck my cock?”  He asked, his voice slurred
by alcohol.  “Then maybe I can pound you into the mattress.”

Duo put on his best fake smile, arching his body against the man’s greedy hands as if he were enjoying this.  “Anything you
want . . . but it’ll cost ya.”  Duo whispered, moaning as he ground his pelvis up against the other man’s.  Inwardly, he cringed,
hating the words and sounds that were falling from his own mouth as well as the actions he was participating in.

The man grabbed Duo’s hand, giving him just enough time to pick up his bag before he was dragged off down the street.  The
motel wasn’t that far away, just a few blocks.  As they walked, Duo made it a point to keep the guy aroused, using every
opportunity he could to touch him in some way, forcing himself to act like the average horny teenager.

Once inside the motel room, the man slammed the door shut and locked it, grabbing Duo around the waist and yanking him
forward.  He grabbed Duo’s braid, burying his face in Duo’s neck as he licked and sucked on the exposed skin there.  Duo
shivered in disgust, but the man must have taken it as a sign of Duo’s consent, since he ripped the vest open in front and shoved
it off Duo’s body.

Duo had to mentally force himself to move his hands, sliding them in graceful strokes along the man’s body.  He untucked the
shirt, pulling it open and baring the man’s chest, then let his hands wander down to the man’s pants.  He removed the belt, his
hands shaking as he unfastened the button and slowly pulled down the zipper.

The man raised his hands, placing them on Duo’s shoulders.  “I want you on your knees.”  He said, his voice deep with want
and desire as he shoved Duo downward.

Duo swallowed nervously, hating every moment of this as he reached out, drawing the man’s erection from the confines of his
shorts.  The sleazy jerk hissed in obvious pleasure as Duo ran his slim fingers over the massive organ.  Duo reached over,
grabbing his bag and blindly searching around in one of the small pockets, pulling out a condom.  He may be desperate, but he
wasn't crazy . . . this bastard was going to wear protection if he wanted any part of Duo.

The man didn’t seem to notice what Duo was doing, his head thrown back and panting as Duo slipped the condom onto him.  
Duo licked his lips, his throat going dry.  Then slowly, he leaned forward, clenching his eyes closed as he licked a slick trail
along a throbbing vein on the man’s hard shaft.

Above him, the man groaned in obvious appreciation.  Duo shuddered, a tear dripping from his eye as he slowly took the length
into his mouth, despising his every action as he sucked the man with all the skill he possessed.  He just wanted to get this over
with, so he bobbed his head up and down quickly, using his one hand to pump along what hadn’t fit inside his mouth as his
other hand massaged and toyed with the man’s sac.

It was over quickly.  As soon as the man blew his load into the condom, Duo pulled away.  He let the organ drop from his
mouth, wishing that he had some mouthwash even if he hadn’t actually tasted anything of him.  He still felt disgusting for what
he had just done.

The man grabbed Duo again, pulling him up.  “Now I’m gonna take that sweet little ass of yours.”  He smirked, licking his lips
and pulling at the button at the front of Duo’s pants.

~ Don’t do this, Duo. ~  That same strange voice from yesterday said.  

Duo looked around, but found nothing or anyone that could make such a beautiful voice.  Surely it wasn’t the man in front of
him . . . there was no way he could have such a lovely tone.  Duo thought to dismiss it as his own imagination.  However, then
he remembered how the voice had saved his life yesterday, warning him to get away moments before a car had crashed into a
dumpster he had been scrounging in for food.  Duo would’ve died if not for the voice telling him to get away.

Duo backed away from the man, thinking that perhaps he had better leave.  “Listen, you can keep your money, but I’m getting
out of here.”  Duo said.

The man’s face contorted into a hate-filled sneer.  “I don’t think so!  I’m going to pound you into oblivion!”  He insisted.  “You
came here for work, you aren’t backing out now!”

~ Duo, get out before it’s too late. ~  The voice urged, sounding afraid for him.

Duo took a defensive stance, knowing that he had to get out of here and quickly.  He waited until the man lashed out at him,
then he reacted.  He grabbed the fist that had meant to strike his face, pulling it forward and using the man’s momentum against
him, flipping him over and to the floor.  He followed up with a strike to the man’s stomach.  The man groaned, but stayed
down, not making a further move to stop Duo as he rapidly lost consciousness.  It probably wasn’t Duo’s single strike that had
attributed to his unconscious state, his drunkenness had probably had something to do with it as well.

Duo grabbed the guy’s wallet, pulling out his cash then tossed the empty wallet back to his unconscious form.  “That’s for
trying to force me.”  Duo said, grabbing his bag and vest and leaving the motel room as quickly as he could.  As he walked, he
shoved the credits into his pocket and pulled on his vest.

He didn’t stop moving for several blocks, and not until he found an alley to hide himself in.  He ducked down behind some trash
cans so that if the man thought to search him out, he wouldn’t be able to see Duo.  Duo on the other hand, could see the
entrance to the alley quite clearly, by peering through the small space between the cans.  He’d know if anyone meant to threaten
him and have time to decide on an appropriate defense.

Only a moment after he had sat, an owl swooped down, dropping an envelope at Duo’s feet.  Duo jumped, startled, as he
watched the large bird land on the ground a few feet away, watching Duo just as curiously as he was watching it.  Duo reached
out and picked up the envelope, blinking as he read it:

Mr. D. Maxwell
Formerly known as: Daniel Cassell
Behind the Trash Cans

Odd, Duo thought.  How did anyone know where he would be?  And who was this Daniel Cassell?  Duo didn’t recall the name
as being his own . . . of course he didn’t remember much of anything before he had met Solo, so it could be his name.  But that
just brought up so many more questions.  Who knew it and why send him a letter addressed to him?

With a shrug, Duo turned it over, opened it, and read through the contents of the heavy parchment envelope.  This had to be
some kind of joke, Duo thought.  A wizarding school?  It just couldn’t be real.

~ It’s not a joke, Duo. ~  That strange voice that only he seemed to be able to hear, insisted.

Duo looked up, smirking.  “Well, what’s in it for me if I go to this school or the meeting in London?”  He asked to the empty air
around him, wondering if the voice would give him an answer.  “Will there be a decent meal for me for a change?”

~ I’m sure of it, Duo. The people there are good.  The school gives free room and board. ~  The voice replied.

“Free, huh?”  Duo said, then shrugged.  “I guess I can take a trip to London.”  He reached into his pocket, pulling out the
money Duo had gotten from the sleazeball’s wallet.  “I got enough to get passage on some ship.  Won’t be much left for food

~ You’ll get food during the meeting, I’m certain of it. ~

Well, the voice hadn’t led Duo wrong so far.  Maybe he could trust it.  Then he noticed that the owl from before was still
staring at him.  “I guess you’re waiting for a reply, huh?”  Duo asked, reaching into his bag and searching around a bit.  He
found a pen and scribbled a simple little note on the blank parchment that he had found in the envelope, then folded it up and
handed it to the owl, smirking when the bird took off and flew away quickly.


Wufei buried his head under his pillow, not willing to get up at such an early hour.  He didn’t need to open his school for another
few hours, so he could sleep a little longer.  The previous day hadn’t been a good one.  One of his students had unfortunately
gotten sick all over the mat, which resulted in several other students doing the same.  It had been a bitch to clean up, not to
mention disgusting.

A sudden gust of wind blew through his open window, tossing his sheets away from his body and to the floor.  Wufei frowned,
reaching down and pulling the sheet back, not realizing that he had company until a hoot caught his ear.  He turned and looked,
only to find an owl sitting on the footboard of his bed.

Wufei gasped, seeing the envelope that the bird carried.  He hadn’t thought he would get one . . . it was coming a good deal later
than expected.  If his father hadn’t been lying to him as a child, then Wufei should have gotten this letter as an eleven-year-old

He reached out, taking the envelope from the owl, nodding to the creature in greeting.  His father had taught him to respect
owls, especially ones that delivered mail.  Carefully opening the letter, he found just what his father had told him to expect, an
acceptance into Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

A smile broke out on his face and he leapt from his bed, quickly heading over to his desk.  He pulled a wooden box from the
bottom drawer.  This had been in his possession ever since he had first left his home colony, safely hidden in a safety deposit
box in a bank as far from the war as he could put it.  Wufei had retrieved it shortly after the Mariemaia incident, right before
moving into his apartment.  

It had been a gift from his father, just in case Wufei ever got into Hogwarts.  It had been given to Wufei as his father lay in his
deathbed.  Wufei opened it, pulling out a bottle of ink and a quill pen, both of which had been enchanted to stay in good
condition until Wufei needed them.  He scrawled out an acceptable note and handed it over to the owl to take away, putting
away his quill and the bottle of ink with the utmost care before he started packing for a trip to London.


Heero sighed, as he searched the Internet for job opportunities.  Even if he had only quit his position with Relena yesterday, he
didn’t want to wait around when a good job could be only moments away.  He typed away at his computer, doing a
comprehensive search while sending his resume out to several possibilities in the chance that he’d find something worth his skill
and time.  

A distinct tapping at his door drew his attention away from his searches.  Frowning, he stood and walked to his door,
wondering who could be disturbing him so early in the morning.  It had better not be Relena again.  He had gotten enough of her
pestering since he had so abruptly quit the previous day.  She had called at least once every hour since, either to threaten him or
to ask him to come back, sometimes doing both at the same time.  Heero was just tired of it.

He opened his door, his eyes narrowing as he saw no one there.  Then he looked down and was surprised to see an owl
standing at his feet.  It was an odd sight, especially when the owl seemed to have an envelope in its beak.  He idly wondered
how the bird had gotten into the hallway of the apartment complex, whether it was a pet of one of his neighbors or something.  

Out of curiosity, Heero took the envelope from the owl and opened it.  He read the address and was shocked to see the name
written on it:

Mr. H. Yuy
Formerly known as: Yosei Lowe
Apartment 7
District Twelve
Building Ten
Sanc Kingdom

Heero hadn’t heard or read that name since he was a child.  The last person who had known that name had been his father, Odin
Lowe, and he had died years ago.  Not even Doctor J had known his pupil’s true name.  It was Heero’s secret and he hadn’t
told one single soul.  He didn’t understand why this envelope would contain his true name when there was no one that knew it
besides himself . . . at least he had thought that no one else knew it.

He tore the envelope open, reading through the first page to see if any answers would be supplied there.  He found nothing but
rubbish about a wizarding school though.  Rolling his eyes in disinterest, he crumpled the parchments and tossed them into the
trash, not caring to read anymore of it.  It was probably someone’s idea of a joke.  With a shrug, Heero returned to his
computer and his searches for employment.

The next day, Heero received two of those letters, both of which he tore up and threw away without reading.  He ignored the
three owls that were hooting outside his door.  He didn’t believe any of it for an instant.  Someone was obviously toying with
him.  He didn’t like being toyed with.

However, on the third day, when Heero answered the tapping at his door, he only found one rather large owl and a box with
numerous holes in the lid and sides.  Tied to the top of the box, was another of those heavy envelopes.  Heero had to admit that
he was curious about what was inside the box, so he picked it up and brought it inside his home, leaving the owl outside on his

He carried the strange package into the kitchen, setting it down on his table.  Suddenly it moved, an odd scratching sound
emanating from within.  Heero jumped back, watching the box warily, thinking that perhaps it contained some dangerous animal
. . . a snake or something.  He moved over to one of the drawers in his kitchen, pulling out a gun that he kept there . . . he kept
weapons all around his home, a habit he had not grown out of since his days as a soldier.  

Moving slowly, he untied the string and lifted the lid, aiming his weapon inside.  His mouth fell open in shock as he saw what
was actually inside.  It was something he had never imagined he would ever see in his life.  Inside of the plain brown box, was a
three-headed puppy.  It had dark fur that almost looked black, but Heero was pretty sure it was just a very dark gray.

Quietly, still stunned, Heero placed his gun to the side.  While one of the puppy’s three heads yawned tiredly, the other two were
looking up at Heero.  It got up on its hind legs, its front paws resting on the edge of the box.  Heero blinked again, tentatively
reaching out his hand and petting each of the three heads in turn.

A faint smile crossed Heero’s face as the puppy wagged its tail happily, all three heads trying to lick his hand at the same time.  
Well, it certainly was a friendly little thing, Heero thought.  A note on the inside of the lid got Heero’s attention.  He opened it,
reading it quickly.  “If this puppy doesn’t convince you that magic is real then nothing will.  We hope to see you at the meeting
in London.  Please reply to the owl posts if you intend to join us.”

Heero sighed, picking up the puppy and holding it gently.  He smirked when all three heads fell asleep, finding the trust this
creature seemed to have in him very comforting.  Looking down at the puppy, he decided to go to that meeting.  Perhaps it
wouldn’t be a total waste of time.  

He took the envelope from on top of the box and opened it, pulling out the blank parchment he knew would be in there.  With
his one free hand, he scrounged around in a drawer until he found a pen and wrote a simple reply.  When he was done, he
strode over to the door and handed the note to the owl that was still waiting there, not waiting around to watch as the bird flew

As he was shutting the door, the puppy woke up and looked at him with six blinking, tired eyes.  It was adorable, Heero
thought, taking his puppy into the living room and sitting down on the sofa.  “What should I name you, hm?”  He asked, gently
stroking the fur on the puppy’s back.

The puppy merely looked up at him.

“How about Cerberus?”  He asked.

In response, one of the heads nipped his finger.

“I’ll take that as a no.”  Heero sighed.  He thought for a moment, considering various mythologies and divinities.  Then he
thought of something.  “How about Odin?”  He asked, knowing that the name would have a double meaning.  For one it had
been the name of his father, and for another it was the name of a Scandinavian God of wisdom, magic, and death.

One of the heads barked, another panting happily, while the third licked his hand affectionately.

“Then Odin it is.”  Heero said, offering a slight smile as he continued to pet his new friend.  He hoped that he would get some
answers to this puppy’s origin at the meeting in London.

To Be Continued . . .