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Notes:  The guys go to the meeting.  Heero gets there first and waits for everyone’s arrival.

Soldiers of Sorcery

Part Five

Heero walked down the street, looking around to find the address he was seeing.  In his arms, he carried a box containing Odin .
. . it was the box that Odin had come in, so it already had air holes.  He hoped some answers would be given to him at this
meeting.  If he could find it that is.  Sighing deeply, Heero read the address number again, disturbed by the fact that he could not
find Number 24 1/2 anywhere on the street that he was walking along.

He paced back and forth between Number 24 and 26, only seeing an alley between them.  He didn’t like the idea of going down
a dark alley to somewhere unknown.  However, it didn’t look as if much choice had been left to him.  Growling lightly in
annoyance, Heero approached and headed down the alley, turning sideways so that he could fit down the narrow path.

He blinked as he got to the end of the narrow alley and found a door.  A number was written on the wall beside the door in gold
letters, indicating the address as 24 1/2.  Well, he had finally found the right place, Heero thought.  He reached out to grab the
handle of the door.  But before he could grasp it, the door swung open on its own.

Heero shrugged, but stepped inside anyway.  He had just walked into an elaborate, pentagon-shaped room.  It was done up in
greens and golds, tapestries hanging from stone walls.  On each of the four walls that Heero could see, was a different banner.  
One depicted a snake, another a lion, while the other two were a badger and an eagle.  He didn’t know what they stood for.

The room was spacious, most surprising considering the fact that Heero had walked down a narrow alleyway to find it.  It was
lit by numerous candles held in sconces around the room, although the lighting seemed too bright to just be that of candlelight.  
A large fireplace was directly across from him, set into the farthest corner and looked rather nice there.  A few comfortable-
looking chairs were set up close to the unlit fire.

In the center of the room was a low, round table of a dark mahogany.  The chairs around the table were padded on both the seat
and the back.  The various colors of the padding seemed to swirl and change as the moments passed, as if they were alive.  It
was a very lovely room, and a wonder to behold.  

He didn’t see anyone else, so he assumed that he was alone here.  He stepped into the room, hearing as the door closed behind
him.  Shrugging off the fact that the door moved on its own, Heero knelt down and set the box on the floor.  A moment later, he
opened it, allowing Odin some fresh air.

The puppy climbed up, then tumbled out of the box, only to get up and scamper off into the large room.  Heero pushed the box
and its lid to the side, then got up and followed Odin.  He watched, amused, as Odin sniffed at as much as he could, stopping at
a few things and making little growling noises.  He didn’t seem too fond of the fireplace, or the chairs.  However, he positively
could not stand that banner with the snake on it, since he was growling at it . . . even going so far as to jump up and try to nab
it with each of his three sets of teeth.

Heero picked up Odin, carrying him over to one of the chairs by the fireplace.  He took a seat, idly scratching each of the three
heads randomly, looking around at his surroundings as he waited for his host to arrive.  Only a moment after he had sat, the
door opened and a damp Wufei stepped inside, brushing his hands over his hair as he walked in.

Heero stood and crossed the room to greet the other youth, letting Odin follow along behind him at a run.  “It is good to see you
again, Wufei.”  Heero said, trying to be polite.  He wasn’t used to it, but he would make the attempt to be civil.

“Ah, Yuy . . . I assume that you also received a letter?”  Wufei smirked, looking Heero over.  “I didn’t think you were a wizard .
. . of course I have not seen one since my father’s passing.”

Heero opened his mouth, intending to ask Wufei about all this wizarding stuff, since the Chinese youth seemed to know a good
deal more than he did . . . however, Odin decided to interrupt before Heero could utter a sound.  Odin placed his front paws on
Wufei’s leg, looking up at him, one head yipping to gain Wufei’s attention, another sniffing at his leg, while the third just
watched him with his ears up.  The entire body of the puppy seemed to be wagging along with his tail . . . apparently he was
pleased to see Wufei.

“I see you have acquired a new friend, Yuy.”  Wufei stated with a smirk, bending and picking up the three headed puppy.  He
didn’t look surprised at all to see an animal with more than one head on its body.

“Yes, I found it outside my door.”  Heero replied, turning and heading back to where he had been sitting earlier.  “Is it raining
out now?”  He asked, deciding to change the subject.

Wufei joined him near the unlit fireplace, setting Odin on his lap as he sat across from Heero.  He idly stroked the puppy’s fur.  
“Yes, but not heavily.  It only just started as I was entering this place.”  He said, looking around at his surroundings.

The door was suddenly thrown open with a loud bang.  Heero turned and watched, feeling his eyes widen in shock as a huge
man entered the building.  This stranger was so much larger than Rasid . . . Heero wondered how he had fit through that narrow
alleyway.  Odin jumped out of Wufei’s lap and ran over to the stranger, jumping up and down and all but begging for attention.

The stranger bent, lifting Odin and placing him on the palm of one hand.  “Hey there, little one.”  The man smiled, petting the
puppy carefully.  Then he walked over to Heero and Wufei, a smile on his bearded face as he greeted them.  “Good to meet yeh
two.  I’m Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts.”  He held out his hand and shook both Wufei and Heero’s
entire arms in turn.

Wufei bowed respectfully.  “I am Chang Wufei, and this is Heero Yuy.”  Wufei said, introducing the two of them.

Hagrid turned to Heero.  “Ah, so yer Heero.”  He smiled.  “How yeh like this little fella?”  He asked, holding Odin out to Heero.

Heero took his puppy, eyeing Hagrid up and down.  “You left him outside my door?”  He asked.

Hagrid nodded.  “That I did.  Yeh weren’t answerin’ your owls.  Had to get yer attention somehow.”  He replied.  “My dog,
Fluffy just sired himself a litter.  I gave yeh the runt, thinkin’ yeh wouldn’t want one o’ the larger ones.  They get to be big they
do.  Professor Dumbledore put a spell on this one to keep him the size of a normal dog, guess he didn’t think yeh’d want it to
grow to normal size.”

“Normal size?”  Heero asked.

Hagrid looked around at the room, then nodded.  “Fluffy wouldn’t fit in this room . . .”  He shook his head.  “No, he wouldn’t
have no room at all.”

Heero blinked, then looked down at Odin.  He was grateful that this Dumbledore person had thought to keep his puppy from
growing so big.  Although, he still wasn’t sure if he could believe in such things as spells and magic.

“It’sa migh’ chill in here.  Better get a fire started before it gets worse.”  Hagrid said, stepping over to the fireplace and pulling a
pink umbrella from his coat.  He paused a minute, looking back at Heero and Wufei. “Ah, yeh mind not mentionin’ this at
Hogwarts?  I’m . . . er . . . not supposed ter do magic, strictly speakin’.”

“Why aren’t you supposed to do magic?”  Wufei asked.

Hagrid looked down, fiddling with his umbrella briefly.  “Oh, well I was at Hogwarts meself but I got expelled.”  Hagrid sighed.  
“In me third year.  Dumbledore . . . he’s a great man . . . he let me stay on as gamekeeper then gave me a job as a teacher a few
years back.  Great man, Dumbledore.”

“And what do you teach, Hagrid?”  Heero asked, taking a seat and looking up at the large man.

Hagrid was practically beaming with pride.  He cleared his throat before speaking.  “Care o’ Magical Creatures.”  He said, then
hovered over the empty fireplace.  Heero couldn’t see around the man to figure out what he was doing, but when Hagrid moved
back there was a roaring fire in the fireplace.

“So are you going to tell us what we’re doing here?”  Heero inquired.

“Me?  No, that’s for Dumbledore to do himself.”  Hagrid replied, sitting in one of the chairs.  Heero heard it creak under Hagrid’
s weight and wondered if it would hold up under the large man for much longer.

The door opened again, this time revealing Trowa, who stumbled in.  His shoulders were wet, as was a good portion of his
body, and he was shivering a bit.  His calm demeanor didn’t change however, as he made his way into the room and over to the

“Have a seat, young man.”  Hagrid smiled.

Trowa nodded silently, dropping into a seat close to the fire, stretching out his hands toward the flames.  “It’s gotten a bit cold
outside . . . strange for summer weather.”  Trowa noted calmly.  

“I see it’s also raining a bit harder, Barton.”  Wufei said, gesturing to Trowa’s shoulders.

Trowa nodded.  “Yes, started to downpour just as I got to the alley.”

Hagrid looked as if he was about to say something, but his words were cut off when the door opened again.  This time
however, it wasn’t a face that Heero was happy to see.  It was Relena, and just a few steps behind her was Dorothy.  Heero
sneered at the two young women, not happy to see either of them in the least.  And Odin didn’t seem pleased to see them either,
as he had started growling the moment Relena and Dorothy stepped over to them.

“Keep the mutt quiet.”  Dorothy sneered.

“Now, Miss Catalonia . . . there’s no need to be rude.”  Hagrid said, his tone warning.

“Ah, I see the professor is here.”  Dorothy replied with a sarcastic tone, before she and Relena found a seat close to the fire, yet
as far away from Heero and the others as she could get.  It was a rather large fireplace, which Heero was now very thankful for.

“You know Dorothy?”  Wufei asked quietly.

Hagrid nodded.  “Yes, unfortunately I met her on several occasions.  She went to Hogwarts, at least before her grandfather
pulled her out . . . Dumbledore left her an open invitation to return though . . . never seen such a sour disposition in a girl in my
life.”  He said, speaking quietly, then looked embarrassed.  “Ah, I’d be obliged if yeh didn’ mention this to Dumbledore either. I’
m not supposed to speak of students like that.”

Heero nodded and smirked.  “I won’t say a word.”  He replied, hearing as Wufei and Trowa gave similar responses.

They all looked up as the door opened once again.  This time, a tall man with flowing silver hair, beard, and mustache strode
into the room.  He was wearing long robes, and carried a wand in his hand.  He smiled to the group in the room then turned and
ushered a shivering and very wet figure into the room.  Heero recognized the golden hair immediately, and knew that it was

Quatre looked soaked to the bone and very cold.  He was wrapped in a robe, most likely one of the tall silver-haired
gentleman's.  Silently, he was led over to the fireplace and sat down.  Hagrid stood and pushed Quatre’s seat even closer.

“Thank you.”  Quatre mumbled, his teeth chattering.  He looked a bit paler than usual and Heero had to wonder if Quatre had
been taking care of himself properly or not.

“Are you okay, Quatre?”  Trowa asked, a tone of concern lacing his voice.

“I got lost . . . with all the rain, I couldn’t see the number.”  He said sheepishly, ducking his head.  “But I’ll be fine.”

“Yes, the weather has turned quite bad.”  The silver-haired man said, then turned to Hagrid.  “Is everyone here yet, Hagrid?”

“Not yet, Professor Dumbledore, we’re missin’ one.”  Hagrid replied.  “Named Duo Maxwell, I think.”

“Why don’t we start without the little gutter rat?”  Relena asked, butting herself into the conversation.

“Miss, I’d be obliged if you showed the proper respect when speaking of a fellow student.”  The old Professor commented.  “I
won’t give you another warning.”  Then he sighed.  “If Mr. Maxwell isn’t here soon, we will begin the meeting . . . However, I
am willing to give him some time to arrive.”

Heero smirked, turning his attention back to Odin who was currently resting in his lap, all three heads asleep.  He was glad that
this Dumbledore fellow was a kind man.  Besides, he had enjoyed the way he had told Relena off.  Her startled look alone was
enough to make him very pleased.  He stroked his hand along Odin’s fur, waiting patiently along with the others for Duo’s


Duo trudged through the rain, his arms wrapped around himself to try and fight off the chill.  He was cold and wet, not to
mention in a foul mood.  First off, he hadn’t been able to get a legitimate ride on any passenger shuttle . . . none of the clerks
would sell him a ticket.  Stuck up bunch of jerks.  Just because he looked like common street filth, they had turned him and his
money away, as if he was just some glob of dirt that needed to be scraped off the bottom of their shoes.  He hated assholes like

Duo had been forced to resort to stowing away on a freighter just to get down to Earth.  And one of the guards on that freighter
had uncovered his hiding place, so he had been forced to blow the majority of his money to bribe the guy to keep quiet.  Then
no cab driver would give him a ride into the city . . . well, there was one cabdriver, but he had wanted something else in the
form of payment and Duo hadn’t been willing to go that far when he had the money to pay for a ride.  He didn’t want anyone’s
slimy hands wandering along his body ever again . . . he’d much rather be in the arms of someone he actually cared about

So here Duo was, walking through the pouring rain, completely and totally miserable.  He blinked his tired and hazy eyes,
pushing his soaked bangs back and over his head as he tried to see where he was going.  He didn’t really want to trip and fall
flat on his face.  For the past few miles of walking, he had been fighting off his tiredness, forcing himself to keep moving when
all he wanted to do was crawl up on the side of the street and close his eyes.  He knew that would be a bad thing.

He stumbled, catching himself with his hands before he collapsed completely.  His hair fell over his shoulder and to his dismay,
Duo saw that his elastic band was gone from the end of it.  His braid was slowly unraveling, the strands probably getting tangled
even as he looked at them.

Muttering curses under his breath, Duo forced himself to stand again, feeling queasy and faint for several long minutes.  He
braced his one hand against the wall, closing his eyes as he waited for the dizzy spell to pass.  When it was gone, he adjusted the
straps of his bag and continued on, his legs threatening to buckle under him at any moment.

Duo frowned deeply once he found Number 24 of the street he was currently walking along, wondering where 24 1/2 was.  All
he saw was a single narrow alleyway.  It couldn’t possibly be down there, he thought, almost certain that the voice must have
been wrong.  It had been guiding him ever since he had gotten to Earth.

~ No, Duo . . . it’s down there.  Go on, Duo.  You’ll find a warm, dry place down that alley, I promise you. ~  The voice said

Duo nodded weakly, taking his bag from his back and turning to the side to shimmy down the narrow path.  There was no way
he would have been able to fit through while he had been carrying his bag, it just wasn’t wide enough.  He shivered almost
constantly, and breathed a deep sigh of relief when he found a door at the end of the alley.  Holding out his hand, he was
surprised when it opened on its own.

He stepped in, wiping the rain from his face as he looked into the room.  He blinked in surprise and smirked, seeing that all of his
friends were there . . . Wufei, Heero, Trowa and Quatre . . . there they were around the fire.  However, he wasn’t all too happy
about Relena and Dorothy being there, but there probably wasn’t anything he could do about that.  Then there was the question
as to who the two strangers were that stood near the fire with the guys.  Of course, they could just be the people who were
running this meeting.  Maybe Duo could finally get some answers.

Duo smiled and took a single step forward.  All of a sudden, the world around him began to spin madly.  He dropped his bag, his
body shuddering uncontrollably as an intense coldness seeped through even his bones.  He had the distinct impression that he
was falling, however he never felt himself hit the floor.  Instead, everything simply went black.

To Be Continued . . .