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Notes:  Wufei and the other impatiently wait until they can visit Heero, and then are shocked to discover just how poor his
condition is.

Soldiers of Sorcery

Part Twenty

“What is taking so LONG?!”  Wufei exclaimed, pacing back and forth in front of the door leading into the Hospital Wing.  
“Madam Pomfrey is the best healer there is!  We should have heard something by now!”

“Heero will be fine, Wufei.”  Duo said, apparently trying to calm Wufei.  “The guy sets his own broken limbs, survives a self-
detonation, as well as a fifty-foot drop, getting shot at, and saving the world.  A little thing like losing control of the broom is not
going to kill him.”

Trowa nodded from where he stood, his body leaning up against a wall.  “Wufei . . . Madam Pomfrey is the best, just as you
said.  There’s nothing you can do to help, and worrying will only send you to the Hospital Wing as well.”  He said.

“Yeah!  I thought worrying was MY department!”  Duo said, a false smile plastered on his face, in an obvious attempt to relieve
the tension in the room.

Wufei glared at him.  “The five of us have been here less than two weeks and three of us have already found themselves patients
in the Hospital Wing.  Don’t any of you find this upsetting in the least?”

No one answered that question, although many of them looked down at the floor.  It definitely wasn’t good that more than half
of them had been in and out of the Hospital Wing in such a short amount of time.  If they got hurt so early in the year, what
would the rest of the school year hold for them?

Quatre flinched, backing away from Wufei and the door of the Hospital Wing, moving back until he came to a wall.  He slid
down, sitting on the floor, tears marring his face.  Duo quickly rushed to the blonde’s side.  “What is it?  You okay, Quatre?”  
He asked, concerned.

Quatre sniffled, wiping the tears from his face.  “There’s a lot of pain in that room . . . worry and fear.  I don’t think Heero is
doing well.”  He said, his voice wavering and full of emotion.  He looked away, as if ashamed of himself.

The news was hardly uplifting.  Hearing the blonde’s words only left Wufei more concerned about Heero now.  He didn’t know
why, but he was quite worried . . . he didn’t understand this at all.  Why was he this worried about Heero?  He had never
worried for him before.  Had something changed between them without Wufei’s knowledge?

Before Wufei could further contemplate his feelings, the door to the Hospital Wing opened and Madam Pomfrey walked out.  
“What are you all doing here?”  She asked, closing the door behind her.

“We came to see how Heero is doing.”  Wufei stated.

“Ah, so you’re friends of Mr. Yuy.”  She noted.  

“Can we see him?”  Duo asked, helping Quatre to rise from the floor.

Madam Pomfrey shook her head.  “Not yet.  Professor Dumbledore is working on removing a charm from your friend.  I
cannot heal him until he can remove it, so it may be awhile before he is ready for visitors.”

“Charm?  What sort of a ‘charm’ are you speaking of?”  Wufei asked, confused.  Since when did Heero have a charm on him?  
And who had put it there?

“It seems that Mr. Yuy has had a charm preventing any and all kinds of functional magic placed on him.  It is probably the
reason he has been doing so poorly in all of his classes and the reason that he lost control of his broomstick.”  Madam Pomfrey
said quite simply.  “I do not know who placed it on him or their reasons for doing so.  Perhaps Professor Dumbledore will be
able to figure that out.”  Then she looked over at Quatre.  “You haven’t been opening your mind to the things going on inside
that room, have you?”  She asked.

Quatre looked down at the floor, blushing slightly.  “Sorry.”  He replied, sheepishly.  “I was just concerned.”

“It’s not polite to eavesdrop without permission, Quatre.  I thought you had better manners than that.”  Madam Pomfrey chided,
then sighed.  Quatre said nothing in reply.  “Don’t you boys have somewhere else to be?”  Madam Pomfrey asked, crossing her
arms over her chest.  “You really won’t do any good standing around in the corridor waiting.”

“We do have a class soon.”  Trowa said.

“Then I suggest you get to it.  Heero will be here when you finish with your classes.  By then perhaps Professor Dumbledore
will be finished with his incantation . . . it is a very long and draining spell he is performing.”  Madam Pomfrey said.

Wufei sighed, turning and leaving the area.  He didn’t really want to, but he knew from past experiences that Madam Pomfrey
was not someone you wanted to cross.  Duo had tried to argue with her about visiting Trowa, and that had ended with him
losing a few points for Gryffindor because of his ‘attitude.’  Wufei did not want to repeat the incident.

Duo opened his mouth to argue, put Wufei grabbed his arm, hauling him away before he had been able to utter even one word.  
“Come on, Duo.  We will visit later.  You don’t want to lose more points, do you?”

Duo closed his mouth.  He wrenched his arm from Wufei’s grip and followed, although he didn’t seem all that pleased about
leaving in the least.  He muttered and grumbled all the way to the tower, then once they had gotten their books he had continued
to mutter and grumble until they sat in their seats in their Defense Against the Dark Arts class.


Quatre tried to concentrate in class . . . he did attempt to pay attention to Professor Potter during his explanations of some
creature or another.  However, he just couldn’t think of anything but Heero.  The pain he had sensed in the Hospital Wing . . . it
had been so horrible.  Even after Heero had self destructed, it hadn’t felt that bad when Quatre had sensed it.  Maybe Quatre
was just overly sensitive.  Perhaps he was sensing things stronger than they actually were now.  Ever since his walls had broken
down, everything did seem sharper to Quatre.

“Please pay attention, Mr. Winner.”  Professor Potter announced, breaking Quatre from his thoughts.

“Sorry, sir.”  Quatre apologized, picking up his quill and doing the task assigned to him . . . once he found out what it was at

The class passed at a tedious pace, at least it seemed that way to Quatre.  It seemed to go on and on for hours, stretching out an
impossible amount of time just to keep him and the others away from the Hospital Wing where Heero lay suffering.  

All he wanted to do was get up and run out, to go to the Hospital Wing and barge into the room, just to see with his own eyes
the condition of his friend.  But he knew that he couldn’t do that.  No, he might interfere with whatever spell Professor
Dumbledore was performing and endanger Heero.  Quatre didn’t want to be the cause of Heero’s suffering.  He only wanted to
help his friend and to be sure that he was okay.

Finally, the class was dismissed.  Quatre, Duo, Wufei, and Trowa jumped from their seats, running to the door and out of the
classroom.  They rushed through the corridors, eventually reaching their destination, the Hospital Wing.  Outside the door stood
Madam Pomfrey.

“Is there any news?”  Quatre asked, his breath coming out as ragged pants as he leaned forward to rest his hands on his legs.  
The four of them had all but run down here . . . walking at an exceedingly brisk pace just incase Filch was waiting to make an
example of them.

“Not yet.”  Madam Pomfrey said.  “Did you four run all the way here?”  She asked, leaning over and helping Quatre to stand up
straight, brushing back his bangs from his sweat-glistening forehead.  Since he and Trowa had been ill and/or injured recently,
the two of them were more tired from the vigorous walk, than either Duo or Wufei were.

“Yeah . . . all the way.”  Duo nodded.  “We’re worried about our friend.”  He said.

Madam Pomfrey probably would have yelled at them for doing such a thing . . . however, before she could utter a word, the
door to the Hospital Wing opened.  Professor Dumbledore walked out, wiping the back of his hand over his sweat-dampened

“Has the charm been removed?”  Madam Pomfrey asked him, looking on with concern as he braced his arm against one of the

“Yes.”  He said, sighing.  “That was quite a strong spell placed upon him.  Looks as if he’s had it for years.  In all probability,
his father was the one who placed it on him . . . perhaps as a way to protect him.  I doubt he would have known the effects a
charm like that would have on Heero later in life, such as now.”

“Can we see him now?”  Wufei asked, stepping forward.

“I don’t know.  I do still have to tend to his injuries.”  Madam Pomfrey said.

“Now, now Poppy . . .”  Dumbledore spoke up, a smile on his kind face.  “These boys have been waiting quite a while to see
their friend.  Surely, they can pay him a visit while you brew your healing potion.”

“Please?”  Quatre added, hoping she would allow them in.  He truly did need to see Heero’s condition, if it was as serious as his
empathic abilities had led him to believe.

“Fine.  But I don’t want any of you to stay for too long . . . you especially, Quatre.  You don’t need the added burden on your
emotional walls.”  Madam Pomfrey said, giving Quatre a stern glance of warning before turning and heading into the Hospital

Quatre and the others quickly followed her.  Quatre gasped, nearly falling over in shock as he finally took in sight of the injuries
Heero had sustained.  Waves of pain flooded him, threatening to knock him down, but Quatre pushed the feelings back,
knowing that he had to stay strong if only for his friends’ sakes.  He wouldn’t break down and leave the others to deal with this
situation alone.

Heero just looked bad.  There didn’t seem to be a single inch of him that wasn’t either covered in bandages, bruised, or marked
in some other fashion.  Quatre frowned, setting his hand on the edge of Heero’s bed, hoping for the health of his friend.  Around
Heero, the other three gathered, looking down on his unconscious form with worry apparent on each of their faces.

To Be Continued . . .