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Notes:  Quatre regrets his actions with Harry in the Astronomy Tower.

Soldiers of Sorcery

Part Twenty-Two

Quatre stared deeply into the crackling red and gold embers in the fireplace of the Gryffindor common room.  He sighed deeply,
wiping his hand over his teary eyes as he thought back on what a fool he had been only a short time ago.  It had been a horrible
mistake . . . he knew that for certain now.  He never should have done such a thing.

He had almost given up his virginity for a simple fling with a teacher . . . a damn fine teacher, but still a teacher.  For just a
moment of mental and emotional peace, he had been willing to sacrifice his purity and morals.  He had been so flippant about
Harry’s feelings.  It had been a terrible mistake on Quatre’s part, to overlook the damage he could have caused with his idiotic

Besides, Harry didn’t really want him . . . no matter what his body and emotions had been telling Quatre at the time.  Quatre had
caused those reactions himself.  He had aroused Harry . . . of course, doing that with a teenage boy was not such a difficult
thing to do.  Harry was only eighteen years old, and still within the range of unpredictable hormone shifts.  It had only been
natural for him to succumb to what Quatre had been doing with his mouth and hands.

Quatre shuddered, thinking back on the feelings that had been awakened by Harry’s talented touches.  He had never been
touched like that before . . . never been touched by anything but his own hand.  It had been wonderful.  He hadn’t wanted to
stop.  Of course, his own feelings had been spurred on by letting his mind stay open to Harry’s feelings, so it wasn’t all his own
choice really.  Maybe if he had been thinking clearly, he wouldn’t have done such a deplorable act.

He laid down on his side, curling his legs closer to his chest, his head resting on the arm of the comfortable sofa that he reclined
on.  Tears ran along his cheeks, still hating himself over the fool that he had made of himself earlier.

“Quatre, are you okay?”  Duo asked, taking a seat on one side of the sofa, a book held in his hands.

Quatre wiped his hand over his eyes, trying to hide the fact that he had been crying.  He failed miserably though, since he
already knew that he was a wreck.  He had seen his face for himself when he had first returned to the dorm.  There was a
mirror near the exit, and his eyes had been red and puffy when he had looked.  He probably looked much worse now than he
had then, since he hadn’t really stopped crying in the hours since he had returned.

“I’m fine.”  Quatre lied, his voice hoarse and pained.  It was sore, from trying to stop himself from crying, from suppressing
the sobs that ached to be let out.  But he hadn’t wanted to disturb any of his house mates.  He had quietly taken a seat near the
fire, not speaking to any of his friends, ignoring the other people that occupied the room.  His violin lay in its case, forgotten by
the side of the sofa, while Zaki was safely back in the owlry . . . Quatre had made sure to take him there before going to the
Gryffindor tower.

Duo shook his head.  “You know, for some reason I just don’t believe you.”  He said, then sighed deeply.  “However, I won’t
force you to talk if you don’t want to.”

“Thank you, Duo.”  Quatre said quietly.

“No problem, buddy.  Hey, I got a present for you.”  Duo said, holding out the book.  “Well, actually, it’s only on loan.  I
borrowed it from the library . . . figured you’d enjoy it.”

Quatre pushed himself to a sitting position.  He reached out, taking the book from Duo.  Reading the title, he was intrigued to
find that it was a biography of Harry Potter entitled, “The Life of Harry Potter, written by Ronald Weasley.”  Quatre wondered if
this Ronald Weasley was at all related to Ginny.

“Thank you.”  Quatre said, offering a faint hint of a smile.

Duo chuckled.  “I know you’re sweet on him, I figured you’d like to read up on his life.  A good deal of information there.  The
author is his best friend . . . one of Ginny’s brothers.”

Quatre blushed, feeling embarrassed.  If Duo only knew what a fool Quatre had been, then he wouldn’t be making such light-
hearted comments.  Duo’s hand brushed Quatre’s cheek, causing Quatre to turn and face his friend.

Duo looked concerned, his smile oddly absent from his face.  “Why don’t you get some sleep?  It is getting pretty late and you
look tired.”  

“No, I’m okay, Duo.”  Quatre replied, casting a glance around the common room.  It seemed that only he and Duo were there.  
He guessed that everyone else had already gone to sleep.  “You go on though . . . I’ll be fine here.”

Duo smiled, if only a little.  “You sure?”  He asked, rising to his feet.

Quatre nodded.  “I’m just not ready to go to sleep yet.  I-I want to be alone for a little while.”

“All right, if you're certain.  But don’t stay up too long.  We do have classes in the morning, and I don’t want you getting sick.”  
Duo warned, waving one last time before heading up the stairs to the bedroom.

Quatre curled up on the sofa again and started reading, smiling with each picture that he found of Harry as a student or standing
with friends.  Here was Harry’s life, all but laid out for him, the death of his parents which coincided with how he had gotten
that scar on his forehead.  There were those awful people that had raised him, but the majority of the book was on Harry’s
years at Hogwarts.  It was quite interesting, and left Quatre feeling a great deal of admiration for the struggles that Harry had
survived.  He didn’t even realize the passage of time as he sat there reading, he was so absorbed in it.

“You should be asleep.”

Quatre jumped and shot his eyes up, not having expected anyone to speak to him.  He blinked, seeing that Professor Potter was
standing in front of him.  His face held a mixture of concern and curiosity.  “I . . . I’m sorry, Professor.”  Quatre said,
swallowing as the young professor focused on the book that Quatre was holding.

“How far have you gotten in that thing?”  Harry asked, taking a seat beside Quatre.  Then he held up his hand.  “No, on second
thought, don’t tell me.  I probably don’t want to know.”  He sighed deeply, shaking his head.  “I wish you wouldn’t read that.  
Ron . . .”  He smiled gently, as if remembering something fondly.  “I could do almost no wrong in Ron’s eyes.”

Quatre smiled a little, closing and setting the book aside.  He could finish reading it later.  “I know how that is.  Duo suggested I
should read it.”

Harry nodded.  “I understand.”  He paused, then set his hand down on one of Quatre’s.  “Quatre, we should talk about what
happened earlier.”

“Professor Potter . . . I really should apologize!”  Quatre exclaimed, although as quietly as he possibly could.  He didn’t want to
awaken anyone.  He bit into his bottom lip and shook his head, silent tears running along his cheeks once again.  “It . . . It was
wrong of me to do that . . . and . . .”  He let his chin drop to his chest in shame, fearing that Harry would berate him for his
previous actions now.

“Please call me Harry, Quatre.  Look at me, please.”  Harry said, gently hooking his fingers under Quatre’s chin and tilting his
face upward.  “The first part . . . the kissing and caressing, I rather liked.”  He blushed, yet continued speaking.  “I would like
to have a relationship with you, Quatre . . . but I don’t want to take it too far too fast.  We both deserve better than a quick
romp to forget pain.  It doesn’t work, not for too long anyway.”

Quatre closed his eyes as Harry caressed his lips with a tender brush of his fingertips.  “So . . . what do we do?”  Quatre asked,
once he had regained the ability to speak.  Harry just made him feel so giddy, lightheaded, as if everything was safe and right
with the world.  He simply made Quatre feel good.

“We take it slowly.”  Harry said.  “You’re still too young for this in the law’s eyes.”  Harry paused and nodded.  “And . . . I
have to be sure that a relationship with you will not interfere with my objectivity toward you in class.  I spoke with Professor
Dumbledore before coming here and he said that I can have a relationship with you ONLY if I follow two rules.  That is, if you
wish to pursue a relationship with me.  Do you?”  Harry asked, his eyes overflowing with hope.  Quatre didn’t need to open his
mind to Harry to know that the other young man truly did care about him.

Quatre’s blush deepened.  “Y-Yes.  I just . . . I’m nervous.  I mean . . . you’re famous.”

Harry smirked, setting his hand on the side of Quatre’s face, his thumb idly brushing against his cheek.  “So are you, in a way.  
Dumbledore told me about you.  You’re the heir of the wealthiest Muggle family in the colonies . . . you run your own
company.  I think we’re pretty much even in the fame department.”  He opened his arms, tenderly drawing Quatre into a hug.  
“First rule is, we can NOT let our relationship affect how we work.  I can’t give you any special treatment in class, and you
can’t expect any special treatment in return.  It’ll be hard on the both of us regardless.  People will know what’s up.  But we’ll
have to keep our relationship out of the classroom.”

Quatre nodded and snuggled closer, sighing as he sank into Harry’s strong embrace.  “And the second rule?”

“We go no further than cuddling . . . at least until both of us are certain that you are truly ready for more.  I don’t want a repeat
of what was happening in the Astronomy Tower.  Both of us deserve more than cheap flings for lack of a better distraction.  
Just because I’m older than you, even if we still are both teenagers, I don’t want to take advantage of you.”  Harry pulled back
to look into Quatre’s eyes.  “Can you deal with that?”

Quatre smiled, raising his hands to cup Harry’s face.  “Yes, I can deal with it.  But I suppose we should keep our relationship a
secret for now.  I doubt people would understand . . . you being a teacher and me only a student after all.”

Harry smirked.  “A very beautiful and kind student.”  He whispered, delicately touching his lips to Quatre’s, if only for a brief

Quatre smiled, his cheeks tinted a deep rose.  He was unused to such flattery.  However, he did like it quite a bit.  Yawning,
Quatre settled down next to Harry, curling his arms around the slightly taller youth’s body, laying his head down on his shoulder
and snuggling close.  Harry’s hand wove through his hair, soothingly stroking his scalp, while his other hand settled on Quatre’s
side, just barely touching him.  


Harry smiled.  He enjoyed having Quatre’s body in his arms.  He felt so nice there . . . right, like he was supposed to be there.  
After a few moments, Harry became aware that Quatre’s arms had loosened around him.  He looked down, his smile spreading
when he saw that Quatre was asleep beside him.

Carefully, Harry maneuvered himself out from under Quatre, laying the beautiful young blonde down along the length of the
sofa.  He pulled the thin blanket from off the back of the sofa, covering Quatre with it.  He didn’t want the young man to be
uncomfortable or catch a chill in the night.

Harry looked over, his eyes catching sight of that biography Ron had written about him.  For a moment he debated over whether
he should take it or not.  He had begged and pleaded for Ron not to publish that thing . . . he did detest being famous, although
he had gotten used to it.  He usually hid that book though, whenever he got the opportunity.  Either taking it from the library
himself for some amount of time, or shoving it behind some dusty old tomes, he really rather not have people reading about him.

Still, Quatre had already started reading it and he would notice if it mysteriously disappeared probably.  So Harry couldn’t really
take it.  With a sigh, Harry shook his head and left the book where it lay.  Taking a brief moment to brush his fingers through
Quatre’s golden hair one last time, he turned and strolled out of the Gryffindor tower room, heading back to his private quarters
to get some sleep.

To Be Continued . . .