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Notes:  The repercussions of Gregory’s words.  Professor McGonagall has a talk with Harry about his relationship with Quatre.  
Quatre has an unfortunate run-in with Draco Malfoy.

Soldiers of Sorcery

Part Twenty-Four

Harry watched, gaping as he heard the accusations that Gregory Cosman had thrown.  He couldn’t believe it.  Quatre a
murderer?  It was just so unbelievable.  However, he was even more surprised when he turned and heard Quatre utter apologies
for the actions he was accused of, as if he had really done those things.  Was it possible?  Had Quatre really destroyed one of
the colonies?

He watched as Quatre turned and stumbled away.  His friends tried to stop him, but Quatre pushed them away, continuing on
and eventually into the castle.  Harry took a step forward and reached out, he wanted to help the young man that he cared so
deeply for, but a firm hand clamped on Harry’s shoulder.  He turned back, seeing Professor McGonagall standing beside him,
holding him back.  She escorted him away from the crowd and looked at him shrewdly.

“Is there something I should know, Professor?”  She asked, her voice no more than a harsh whisper.

“I don’t know what you mean.”  Harry responded, trying to seem innocent.  

McGonagall rolled her eyes.  “Please, don’t give me that rubbish.  You’re as transparent as that invisible cloak you own.  It’s
obvious that you have feelings for the boy.”  She said.  “This will cause you nothing but trouble, Harry.  An affair with a student
. . .”

Harry cut her off.  “No, it’s nothing like that!”  He exclaimed, then lowered his voice.  “Yes, I do plan on a romance with him,
but it’s not just some fling for fun or a better grade.”  He said, blushing even as he spoke.  “I’ve spoken with Professor
Dumbledore about this and he’s already made things clear.  I don’t need to hear this from you as well.”

McGonagall sighed, shaking her head.  “Well, I can’t decide things for you, but you better be serious about this relationship with
him, Harry Potter.  I don’t think he needs getting his heart broken . . . he seems so fragile already.”

Harry nodded.  “Yes  . . . ”  He turned, looking the way that Quatre had run off.  “If you’ll excuse me, I think someone should
make sure that he’s okay.”

Professor McGonagall smiled, if only slightly.  “Go on.  I’ll see to it that things are handled here and then send his classmates
back to the tower.  I think it would be best if he doesn’t return there tonight.  It would be awkward at best if he does.  I hope
you can figure out some accommodations for him.”

Harry nodded, then turned and walked away, not replying in any way to the implications that Professor McGonagall had left
open in her statements.  He rushed into the castle, wondering where Quatre had gotten to.  In all probability he hadn’t returned
to the Gryffindor tower . . . and he would probably want to be somewhere the Slytherins wouldn’t bother him.  That didn’t
leave many places to look for him.  Harry frowned, not knowing where to start looking.

“Hello, Harry . . . good to see you again.”  Nearly Headless Nick greeted as he floated through a nearby wall.

“Nice to see you too.”  Harry nodded in reply.  “Tell me, have you seen a young blonde run by here?  He would have had
bruises on his face, possibly bleeding.”

“Why yes, I did.  Heading to the Astronomy tower actually . . . looked quite depressed mind you, crying and all.”  The ghost

“Thanks.”  Harry smiled, then ran off toward the tower.  He should have thought of the tower earlier.  It was where Quatre had
gone the last time he had wanted to be alone.  Shaking his head for neglecting that memory, Harry quickly made his way to the
Astronomy Tower, hoping that Quatre wouldn’t do something foolish in his state of distress.


Quatre stared out at the afternoon sky.  He wasn’t looking at anything in particular, he just . . . he wanted some time to calm
down a little before packing his things.  He wouldn’t be welcome at Hogwarts after today’s events . . . he was sure of that.  But
he didn’t want to pack now, no he needed time alone and the Astronomy Tower was the perfect place.  There were no classes
scheduled to use the tower until nightfall, so he figured that he’d be safe here for the rest of the day.

“How did he find out?”  Quatre asked himself, taking a seat on the stone floor to take the weight off of his sore ankle.  “We
were so careful not to let things slip.”  He sniffled and curled in on himself, his face pained as he set it down on his knees and
cried.  “Am I THAT much of a monster that they can see it on my face?”

A snide voice spoke from the shadows.  “Not necessarily, Winner.  Although, you are pretty close.”

Quatre looked over, watching as a young blonde man approached, stepping out of the shadows near the door.  Quatre was
unsure of when he had entered the room, but he was here now, so it didn’t truly matter.  He recognized him as Draco Malfoy,
the one that Ginny had warned him about.  “Go away.”  Quatre whispered, attempting to glare, but knowing that he was failing
miserably.  With all the bruises to his face, he just couldn’t manage a good glare.

Draco snickered.  “Or what?  You’ll kill ME, too?”  He shook his head, a cruel smile curling his lips.  “I bet you enjoyed it, didn’
t you . . . destroying that colony?”

“No!  I never!”  Quatre blurted out, rising to his feet, only to wince as he put pressure on his aching ankle.  A moment of
thought and Quatre realized something.  “How did you know?  How do you know about the colony?”

Draco slowly circled Quatre, as if he were some menacing bird of prey ready to swoop down on Quatre.  “I heard all about it
from the lovely Dorothy Catalonia.  I’m the one who told that Gregory boy about you.  How you cold-bloodily murdered a
whole colony full of civilians and got away with it because all the scumbag Gundam pilots, including that L-2 whore, got a full

Quatre met Draco’s eyes and growled.  “Duo is NOT a whore!”  He shouted, thinking nothing of defending his own reputation.  
However, he would protect his friends’.

Draco shrugged carelessly.  “Not from what Relena told me.  She said that he walked into your initial meeting with Dumbledore
looking like a poof’s wet dream.”  He shook his head.  “But enough about that street scum.  Gregory was whining all about how
his sister was killed and how he would love to strangle the one responsible.  I simply did him a favor.  Can you deny it?”

Quatre lowered his heard.  Draco was right.  He was a murderer, a cold-blooded killer of men, women, and children.  He never
should have come here to Hogwarts.  It had been a mistake to think he could be happy.  He didn’t deserve it.

“That is ENOUGH!”  An angry voice shouted.

Quatre looked up, just as Draco turned, both of them seeing Harry stalk into the tower.  “Come to pamper your little pet,
Potter?”  Draco asked.

Harry’s green eyes were dark with anger as he approached.  “If you had spent more time studying and less time tormenting
your fellow students, you would have graduated with the rest of us.  But you didn’t, did you?”  Harry smirked.  “And you are
not one to talk about someone being a teacher’s pet, Draco.  Miss Catalonia had no right to disclose confidential information,
and so I will be deducting fifty points from Slytherin for her breech of trust as well as another fifty points for you rubbing salt
in what is obviously an open wound.”

Draco balked, opening his mouth and closing it several times.  “Potter, you . . .”

Harry held up his hand.  “Remember, I am a teacher here, so unless you want more points deducted, I suggest you keep your
mouth shut and just go to wherever you’re supposed to be right now.”

Draco growled, but said nothing.  Instead he brushed past Harry, muttering to himself as he hastily left the tower.  Quatre
lowered his head, burying his face in his knees.  He didn’t think that he could look at Harry without breaking into tears.  Harry
must hate him now that he knew the truth about him.  Quatre was a murderer . . . a monster.

A warm hand landed on his shoulder and Quatre shrank back, afraid.  Harry couldn’t care about him now.  No, Harry would
just punish Quatre for his past actions, just like that Gregory wanted to do.  Quatre had made too many mistakes and now it was
time for the consequences.

“Quatre?  Are you all right?  You got beaten up pretty badly.”  Harry said, his hand firm on Quatre’s shoulder.

Quatre gasped and looked up at Harry, thinking that he’d only see disgust and hatred in the older boy’s eyes.  “How . . . Why
would you care?  It’s true what Gregory said!  I’m a murderer!”

“What happened?”  Harry sat down in front of Quatre, pulling him close.  “Tell me, Quatre . . . let me help you.”

Disbelief filled Quatre even as he rested his head on Harry’s shoulder, his arms timidly circling Harry’s body.  “What does it
matter?  It doesn’t change the facts.”  He whimpered.

“No . . . No knowledge will change the fact that Gregory’s sister is dead.  But sometimes you need someone unattached to the
situation . . . someone who will not judge you without knowing everything.”  Harry said, while running a soothing hand up and
down Quatre’s arm in a gentle motion, cautious in case of any injuries Quatre might have.

“I . . . I don’t really remember it.  Everything is a big blur.  I remember . . . watching a satellite explode with my father on it.  
The next thing I know . . . Trowa was telling me to go back to being the gentle person he knew . . . and Heero was trying to kill
me.”  Quatre shuddered and closed his eyes, a brief flicker of an explosion crossing his perception as well as the echoes of
thousands of emotions ending abruptly.  “I . . . I sometimes have nightmares about doing it, and I know that I did it . . . but I
don’t remember the act itself, not really anyway.”

Harry nodded.  “So . . . basically you snapped.”  He sighed.  “It happens.  Still, no one has the right to judge you or anyone else
without knowing the facts.”  He paused, carefully drawing Quatre away from himself.  “Now, let me check you out.”

Quatre gasped, blinking in confusion as Harry gently started moving his hands to check for injuries on Quatre’s body.  “That’s
it?  You’re not going to . . .?”

Harry shook his head.  “I’m not going to punish you, nor am I going to tell you that I don’t want anything to do with you.  I’d
be lying is I said that.  Sometime . . . sometime you should tell me about your friends.  Not now, though.  You’ve been beaten
up, inside and out . . . and your empathic shields are probably battered as well.”  He caressed Quatre’s face, no more than a
feather-like touch.  “Nothing would make me stop loving you.  Not even if I should find out that you are actually Lord
Voldemort in disguise.”

Quatre blinked.  “Y-You love me?”  He stammered, certain that he had heard wrong.

Harry blushed slightly.  However, he did nod.  “Yes, I do love you.  I may not have known you for very long, but I know how I
feel.  I love you, Quatre Winner.”

Quatre felt his lower lip start to tremble and he threw his arms around Harry and started sobbing as Harry returned the hug.  
“Thank you!  I-I love you too.”  He said, truly meaning it, even if he had only known Harry for less than a month.

“No more tears, Quatre . . . crying makes your face all red and swollen-looking.”  He pulled back, a gentle smile gracing his
face.  “And it won’t help your bruises any.”  Harry gently kissed the bruises forming on Quatre’s face.

“What am I going to do now?”  Quatre asked timidly.  “I . . . I can’t go back to the dorm.  There could be other students who
want a piece of me.  If . . . If Dorothy and Relena spilled the beans about me . . . it’s only a matter of time before they tell
people about the others as well.”  Quatre sniffled . . . feeling only marginally better than he had before.  He still feared for his
friends’ safety, even if his own was of no concern to him.  He would bear the guilt of the deaths of those colonists until he died

“Right now, I think you should get cleaned up and then get some sleep.”  Harry suggested, his fingers lightly brushing through
Quatre’s hair.  “Professor McGonagall is talking with everyone on the Quidditch field, your friends included.  She also told me
to find you suitable accommodations for tonight.  So I figure you should stay in the one place where I know you’ll be safe . . .
with me, in my room.”

“Y-Your room?”  Quatre blinked, a little surprised.

Harry chuckled.  “Quatre, you already know that nothing will happen between us while you’re there.  I still stand by the
agreement we made.  You’re still not ready for anything physical, nor am I.  You just need a quiet place to sleep and my room is
the perfect place for me to watch over you and make sure you’re well.”  He smiled, lightly tracing a finger along the edge of
Quatre’s face.  “Can you walk?”

Quatre smiled, if only a little as Harry helped him rise to his feet.  He was shaky, and his ankle hurt quite a bit.  But he felt that
he could walk if he had to.  “I think so.”  Quatre said.  “My ankle hurts, but not too bad I guess.”

Harry paused.  “Ankle hurts?”  He asked, but didn’t wait for an answer.  Instead, he bent slightly and swept Quatre into his
arms, smirking at the shocked gasp that Quatre made.  “Then you probably shouldn’t walk on it.”

Quatre smiled, laying his head down on Harry’s shoulder.  He liked the attention, enjoyed the feel of being in Harry’s arms.  He
closed his eyes, sighing as Harry carried him out of the Astronomy Tower.  He didn’t realize that he had fallen asleep until he
found himself being gently shaken.

“Quatre?”  Harry asked, cautiously dabbing a wet cloth along Quatre’s face to clean up the traces of blood.

Quatre blinked open weary eyes, for a moment wondering where he was.  Then he saw Harry’s face and any fears he might
have had disappeared.  He smiled, even though it pained him, and pushed himself to a sitting position.

Harry carefully helped Quatre to remove his robes, always being delicate when touching Quatre in case of injuries.  He pulled off
Quatre’s shoes and socks, wrapping Quatre’s swollen ankle in a length of cloth.  Quatre unbuttoned his shirt, shrugging it off.

Harry looked up, an appreciative smile crossing his features.  He helped Quatre up, keeping him steady as Quatre removed his
pants, leaving him clad only in his boxers.  Quatre blushed deeply, embarrassed by his lack of covering.  He yelped as Harry
unexpectedly picked him up, enjoying it when he was carefully laid down on the bed.

Harry covered him with the blankets, smiling as he brushed Quatre’s bangs back.  “Quatre, do you want me to sleep on the
floor?  I will if it would make you more comfortable.”  Harry offered.

Quatre shook his head.  “No . . . please, could you . . . hold me?”  He asked, feeling quite foolish about his need for physical
contact.  He must seem so childish in Harry’s eyes.

“Of course I will.”  Harry replied, a bright smile on his face.  He kicked off his shoes, removing robes and clothing to leave
himself in a similar state of undress as Quatre was in.  Lastly, he took off his glasses, setting them on the bedside table, before
climbing into bed with Quatre.

Quatre sighed, snuggling against Harry’s body as the dark-haired youth wrapped tender arms around his frame.  He was happy
here . . . in Harry’s arms, Quatre was happy.  With feelings of contentment and calmness in his body and mind, it didn’t take
long for Quatre to drift off to sleep.  Harry was just a pacifying influence and Quatre loved him for it.

To Be Continued . . .