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Notes:  Heero heads back to the Hospital Wing and runs into someone he’d rather not see.

Soldiers of Sorcery

Part Twenty-Five

Heero listened as Professor McGonagall concluded her talk with the students on the Quidditch field.  To be honest, he felt quite
nervous now . . . since everyone here had been alerted to the fact that he and the others had been Gundam pilots during the
war.  The children from wizard families were unsure of what that was, but Heero knew that the Muggle children would know
the term.  And by the glares on some of their faces, Heero knew they were not all that thrilled with having ex-pilots for their
house mates.

“All right!  That is enough out of all of you.”  Professor McGonagall announced, quieting the whispers of the crowd.  “I don’t
care what these boys were before.  They are here now, and are students.  If ONE fight breaks out concerning these five, the
entire house of the instigator will be put into detention, a hundred points will be deducted from that house, and the incident will
go on record!”  She glared at the collected group.  “I will personally see to it that this announcement is posted for all the houses
to see, and will speak with each of my fellow teachers and Professor Dumbledore on the matter.”

A number of grumbles and angry whispers broke out in the crowd, several people turning to glare at Heero and the others
again.  The warning that Professor McGonagall had made offered a minor amount of relief for Heero . . . but still he did feel
somewhat better.  A moment later, Professor McGonagall dismissed the group, telling them all to go back to the dorm.

Heero turned, intending to return to the Hospital Wing as he had promised to Madam Pomfrey that he would.  He limped away,
his ankle still quite sore, but stopped after only a few steps, feeling dizzy.  Playing Quidditch had taken a lot out of him.  He was
injured after all, so doing such a strenuous activity was expected to wear him out.

“Are you well, Yuy?”  Wufei asked, standing beside Heero.  Behind Wufei stood Trowa and Duo, all three of them looking

Heero shook his head, not feeling all that good actually.  His vision was blurring and he was feeling rather faint.  “I don’t think
so.”  He admitted quietly, feeling embarrassed about his body’s weaknesses.

Wufei silently wrapped his arm around Heero’s waist, draping Heero’s arm around his neck to take on most of his weight.  
“Come along, you should get back to Madam Pomfrey I think.”  

Heero nodded, closing his eyes.  “Yes.”  He said simply, allowing Wufei to help him walk.

Duo stepped in front of them.  “Listen, I don’t think any of us should be walking anywhere alone for the time being.  Things are
pretty tense . . . it might be a good idea to have company in case someone starts anything with one of us.”

Heero saw the benefit of that.  People would be less likely to attack someone that wasn’t traveling alone.  “Yes, that is a good
idea.”  Heero commented.

Duo smirked and stepped aside, letting Heero and Wufei continue on their way while he and Trowa followed behind them.  They
walked in silence for a few moments, before Duo spoke up again.  “Who do you suppose spilled the beans about Quatre?”

Heero frowned.  He had his suspicions, so he gave voice to them.  “It was probably Relena.”  He muttered.

“Why not Dorothy?  She knows about Quatre.”  Duo pursed his lips.  “Why do something so deliberately cruel?  They both
know we’re trying to put our pasts behind us.”

Heero shrugged.  “You know the old saying.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”  He smirked at the mental image of
Relena’s face when he had spurned her.  “And Relena is a woman scorned.  However, if it was Dorothy or someone else . . .
well . . . I cannot give them reasons for doing this.”

Wufei sighed deeply, shaking his head slightly as they entered the castle.  “There is no honor in stabbing a person in the back,
whether with a knife or in words.”

“You’re right, Wu . . . only a slimy, no good rat would do something like this.”  Duo hissed, then took a deep breath.  
“Especially to someone as kindhearted as Quatre.”

Heero paused and turned, Wufei stopping as well since he was all but holding Heero up.  “Why don’t you two return to the
tower?  There’s no need for all of us to go to the Hospital Wing.”

“But what about Wufei?  I thought we agreed that none of us should travel alone for the time being.  After dropping you off, he
would have to return to the dorm on his own.”  Trowa pointed out.

Heero bit his bottom lip, thinking for a moment.  “Well, send your panther, Max to accompany Wufei then.  That animal of
yours does seem to do as you instruct.”

Trowa smirked.  “Max does what he wants . . . it just happens that he wants to pay attention and agrees to listen to me on
occasion.”  He replied.  “But I will see if he would like to help out.”

“If Max does not want to, I can always occupy my time with Heero until lunchtime . . . you two can drop by and we’ll go
together then.”  Wufei stated.

Heero nodded, allowing Wufei to assist him again as they resumed their walk to the Hospital Wing.  Duo and Trowa turned at
the next corner, bidding their goodbyes quickly while Wufei and Heero continued on their way.  Heero was quickly growing
weary.  All he wanted to do was close his eyes and go to sleep . . . however Wufei kept him talking and awake, keeping him
conscious and aware.

They were nearing the entrance to the Hospital Wing when Heero heard someone clear their throat.  He looked up, only to sigh
in annoyance at the sight of Relena leaning against a nearby wall.  She smiled when she looked at Heero, an expression that left
Heero shuddering in disgust and left him with a deep sense of foreboding.

Relena walked over, confidence filling her strides.  “Hello, Heero.”  She greeted, her smile sickly sweet.  The rat perched on her
shoulder bared its teeth at Heero, before scrambling down and hiding beneath the robes that bore the Slytherin crest.

Heero glared at Relena.  “What do you want?  Haven’t you done enough damage?”

Relena blinked, exuding a false innocence.  “Moi?  Oh, nonono!”  She smirked.  “Dorothy was the one who let the facts about
Quatre slip.  Draco passed the news onto that poor grieving Gryffindor boy.”  She walked closer and her eyes took on a
predatory glint as she lowered her voice, ignoring Wufei’s presence completely.  “Even after all the insults, Heero, I’m willing to
give you one last chance.”

Heero narrowed his eyes, not believing that he was hearing this.  “What?”

Relena shrugged.  “Well . . . I guessed that you must have simply been surprised that I was being so . . . forceful.  You’re
probably used to me being Miss Pacifist asking you to kill me.”  She walked closer and reached out to caress Heero’s cheek.  
“What do you say, Heero?  We would make such a lovely couple, don’t you think?”

Heero gave Relena a look.  He couldn’t believe her nerve.  He jerked his face away from her hand, as if it were a snake biting
him, not caring that the hasty motion left him in pain.  He just had to get away from her.  “Relena?  What part of ‘no’ do you
have a problem understanding?  Is it the ‘n’ or the ‘o’?”  He glared at her again, enjoying the look of fury that was seeping into
her eyes.  “I would not touch you with a sanitized ten-foot pole even if my life depended on it!”  He hissed.

Relena’s eyes were burning with fury.  Without hesitation, she screeched, slapping Heero harshly and scratching his cheek open
with her nails.  Heero blinked, the stinging of his cheek quite substantial . . . of course he had already been injured before her

“You’ll regret those words before I’m through with you.”  She spat, turning on her heel, her hair flying into Heero’s face before
she stalked away angrily.

Heero didn’t care that Relena had just threatened him.  He doubted that she could do anything to him worse than what he had
already been through.  “That went well, I think.”  He smirked as Wufei snorted at that comment.

A soft voice spoke up from the shadows.  “It’s good that ye’re not letting her get to ye.”  It was a soft Irish accent Heero heard
in a girl’s voice, if he wasn’t mistaken, and he rarely ever was . . . also the voice sounded quite familiar.

Heero turned, his eyes catching sight of a movement in the shadows.  He hadn’t heard her approach.  Then again, Relena tended
to be pretty loud when screeching angrily.  “Who are you?”  Heero asked, curious to know who the eavesdropper was.

A young girl stepped out of the veil of shadows near Heero and Wufei.  She was quite attractive, with dark-brown hair that was
tied back in a high ponytail . . . not long, but it did bob with her movements.  The hair was curly and some escaped the elastic,
leaving a number of baby-fine hair framing her face in little ringlets.  Large brown eyes glittered with kindness, her skin touched
by the sun to appear like honey.

The girl smiled at Heero.  “I’m Emily Kiernan . . . the Gryffindor Keeper.  Don’t tell me ye forgot me already?”  

Heero shook his head.  “I apologize . . . but I have not been myself lately or I would have remembered.”  He said, extending his
hand in friendship.

She smiled, accepting it and giving Heero’s hand a firm shake, then shaking Wufei’s as well when he offered his hand.  “Ye did
well on the field despite yer injuries.”  She said to Heero, motioning back toward the field.  “Don’t let anyone put ye down.  Ye
did good work during the war.  Many died, true . . . but many more would have had it not been for ye Gundam pilots.”

“I believe you are among the minority in that line of thinking.”  Wufei stated.  “We are not well liked at the moment by our
fellow Gryffindors.”

Emily shook her head.  “Tis true . . . but then again I have reason for my beliefs.  Most of the others don’t know or only heard
the news reports.  I was there to witness yer efforts once . . . one of ye saved my life as well as the lives of my sisters and
parents.  If I knew which of the five of ye did it, I would give a great hug to ye.”  Her smile was luminous, rivaling Duo’s.  
“What the hell . . .”  She reached out, wrapping her arms around both Wufei and Heero . . . although with Heero she was
obviously more delicate in her touches.  “I thank God all of ye did what ye did during the war.  If not for ye, I might not be
here.”  She stepped back, a faint blush on her cheeks.  “Ye all have my eternal gratitude.  If ye ever need anything, don’t hesitate
to ask.”

Heero smiled, if only barely.  “Thank you.  Although your kind words would be better spent on Quatre right now.”

Emily nodded.  “I know . . . a shame what happened to the colony . . . but I also know what grief does to a person.  I was there
when that bugger Malfoy blurted the info about him . . . I had hoped that Gregory wouldn’t do something so rash during
Quidditch tryouts.  I guess he couldn’t keep his temper in check.”  She shook her head.  “Anyway, I plan on telling yer friends
exactly what I told ye.  I want all of ye to know that ye do have friends among the Gryffindors.  And with time I’m sure the
others will see ye for the people ye are and not for the past.”

“I sincerely hope so.”  Wufei nodded.  “If you’ll excuse us, Heero needs to rest.”

“By all means . . . I only meant to tell ye to keep yer hopes up . . . not monopolize yer time.  I hope ye get well soon, Heero . . .
the five of ye are excellent Quidditch players.  I hope Jeremy puts at least a few of ye on the team.”  She smiled again, then
turned and walked away.

Heero chuckled.  “I think I like her.”  He commented, allowing Wufei to once again assist him on his way to the Hospital Wing.

“Yes, quite a nice young woman.”  Wufei agreed.  “It is nice to know that not everyone in Hogwarts thinks of us as monsters.”

To Be Continued . . .