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Notes:  Duo wakes up to the realization that he’s not alone in bed and has a brief moment of panic.  Heero watches over Wufei
and then they talk over a few things.

Soldiers of Sorcery

Part Twenty-Eight

Duo wearily opened his eyes, his memories as hazy as his vision while he slowly climbed through the levels of
unconsciousness.  He didn’t remember how he had gotten into this bed, didn’t really remember much of anything.  A moment
of panic swept through him, feeling a pair of warm arms circling his body and holding him close.  Had he gotten caught by
some sleazeball on the street?  Who was holding him?  What did he want?

Duo tried not to move, his body trembling as he fought to keep his breathing even.  He didn’t want to awaken this person.  Duo
wasn’t quite aware enough to effectively defend himself at the moment.  What if this person wanted to hurt him?  Duo didn’t
want to be assaulted . . . no, not again.

~ You’re safe, Duo.  Calm down. ~  The soothingly familiar voice in his mind whispered to him.

‘I don’t feel safe.’  Duo replied in kind, wondering if this voice was real or imagined.

~ I’m quite real, Duo.  Just calm yourself.  You’re in the arms of someone that cares deeply for you.  Just let yourself awaken
and you’ll remember. ~

Duo nodded, more to himself than anything.  He trusted this voice, remembered that the soothing feminine voice had saved his
life in the past.  As he slowly came to wakefulness, his memories cleared and he sighed, knowing that he was in Hogwarts . . .
and that the person holding him was Trowa Barton, the youth that Duo did have feelings for.  He wasn’t ready to proclaim love,
wasn’t sure if he even knew what love felt like.  But he did know that he cared more about Trowa than he did for any of the
others, and for the first time in his life he wanted to be held by someone . . . more specifically, by Trowa Barton.

His nervousness abated, Duo sighed and snuggled closer to Trowa’s strong body, breathing deeply his unique scent.  Duo found
that he quite enjoyed being in Trowa’s arms, liked the feel of his body pressed against his.  It was safe, secure . . . he could get
used to this.  Maybe if they spent more time in each other’s beds like this, Duo would grow more accustomed to waking up in
this situation.

Trowa jerked slightly in his sleep, a frail whimper leaving his lips.  Duo scooted back, his arms loose around Trowa’s body,
frowning as the tall youth broke out into severe shivers.  Tears ran in bitter trails along his cheeks, his face scrunched up with
internal suffering.  Apparently, Trowa was having a nightmare, or at the very least remembering something quite painful from
his past.  It was no surprise, considering the story that he had told to Duo not all that long ago.  Trowa had been abused for the
majority of his life.  At least Duo was able to say that there had been people that had really cared for him in his past . . . Trowa
didn’t have that luxury.  

Duo was at a loss of what to do for Trowa, how to make him relax . . . it wasn’t as if he could invade his dreams or anything.  
Slowly, hesitantly, Duo set his hand on the side of Trowa’s face, finding it disturbingly warm.  Tenderly he brushed aside
Trowa’s bangs, frowning when Trowa flinched in reaction to the contact.

“Sshh . . . it’s okay, Trowa.”  Duo said, trying to soothe the young man in the midst of his restless sleep.

Trowa flinched away from the gentle touch of Duo’s hand, the trembling in his body increasing into violent shudders.  “Please .
. . stop . . . don’t.”  He whimpered in his sleep, fresh tears spilling from his closed eyes.  “Don’t hurt me.”

Duo felt his own tears mingling behind his eyes, ready to fall forth at any minute in response to the suffering he was witnessing
just on Trowa’s beautiful face.  Trowa was hurting . . . Duo didn’t know what to do.  “Trowa, it’s okay.  You’re safe.”  Duo
attempted again, his fingers gracing over the smooth contours of Trowa’s face.  “No one’s going to hurt you.  You’re safe with

Trowa whimpered feebly, his fingers digging sharply into Duo’s back as he held him.  Duo could stand the pain though, if it
meant that he was helping.  Trowa just had to deal with this on his own, had to push aside his own demons.  Duo could only be
there with him, to offer comfort if he should want or need it.

Duo was so focused on Trowa, that he almost missed it when Max climbed up on the bed behind Trowa.  Duo blinked, merely
watching as Max slid up along Trowa’s back, stretching out close behind the tall ex-pilot.  He wasn’t sure why this was so
significant . . . there was just something telling him that Max meant to help.  

Max looked at Duo briefly, leaning forward and sniffing at the hand that Duo was using to caress Trowa’s face.  The panther
then licked Duo’s hand, as if telling Duo that he agreed with the relationship between Trowa and Duo . . . that he approved of
this tender contact between them.  Duo grinned, glad that he had been accepted by the large black cat . . . he knew that Max
was particularly protective of Trowa’s well-being.

The moment passed quickly as Trowa whimpered again, his breath reduced to short pants as he fought his way through what
had to be a horrible nightmare, or more likely a memory of his past traumas.  The large panther nudged its head against Trowa’s
back, a low purring sound coming from within its sleek body.  Immediately, a sense of calm overtook Duo, and he wondered
why he suddenly felt so good.  Then he realized, Max was doing it . . . somehow the panther was expending pleasant feelings
from its body.

Trowa quickly calmed down, his sleep becoming deep once again.  The shivers coursing through his body slowed and stopped,
his whimpers disappearing as his tears dried.  Duo really didn’t care how the panther had learned how to do that . . . he was just
thrilled that Trowa was relaxing into a peaceful slumber.

Duo looked over at Max.  “Thanks.”  He smiled, reaching out and stroking his hand along the panther’s soft fur in appreciation
of his kind act toward Trowa.

Max nuzzled against Duo’s palm in response, then settled down alongside Trowa’s body and continued the low rumbling of his
purring.  Duo grinned, feeling as Trowa pulled him closer to himself in his sleep.  With a smile firmly set on his face, Duo laid
down beside Trowa again, his arm thrown around the taller youth’s body.  He adjusted the blankets that covered the two of
them, wanting Trowa to be as comfortable as possible.

Duo laid his head down on a pillow, his eyes drawn to view Trowa’s lovely features.  A wave of protectiveness overcame him
and he reached out, lovingly caressing Trowa’s cheek.  “I swear, no one will ever hurt you again, Trowa.”  Duo said, leaning
forward and placing a chaste kiss to the lips of the youth in bed with him.  He was glad that Trowa was asleep . . . he probably
wouldn’t have been able to do that had he been awake.  “I’ll protect you . . . I promise you that, even if it kills me.”  Duo
sighed, curling closer to the young man.  

Snuggling his face against Trowa’s strong chest, Duo closed his eyes and slipped to sleep again, hoping he wouldn’t ever have a
need to live up to his promise.  He didn’t want anything to threaten Trowa’s safety or health . . . Trowa deserved to be happy
and safe.  He only hoped that Trowa could be happy with him.  That would be a dream come true.

As he drifted into a pleasant slumber, he never noticed the small smile that crept across Trowa’s features, or the glint of green
as Trowa cracked an eye open.  “No one will ever hurt you again either.”  Trowa murmured to the resting youth, his own eyes
falling closed again as he returned to sleep as well . . . his arms gently tightening around Duo’s body briefly.


Heero watched Wufei resting.  He was still a little confused as to what had happened to his friend, but he was sure that Wufei
would clarify things when he was able to.  All he knew was that he had awakened to strange sounds and when his eyes had
finally focused he had watched Wufei pass out.  It was strange seeing Wufei in such a condition . . . his body covered in a layer
of sweat, trembling with an intensity, and his skin so pale.  Wufei hadn’t looked sick before . . . Heero wondered what had
caused him to get ill so suddenly.  Heero knew that he had to question Wufei about what had happened, and this was the best
way to ensure that he would get to ask his questions before Madam Pomfrey shooed him away.

As soon as Madam Pomfrey had left the room after seeing to it that Wufei was comfortably laid out in one of the beds, Heero
had taken the opportunity to sit at Wufei’s bedside.  The woman was a mother hen, probably not aware of the pains they had all
had to bear while piloting . . . well, perhaps she knew of Quatre’s pains.  Heero remembered from a talk with the blonde Arabian
that Madam Pomfrey had linked their minds for a time to help him recover.  She could have seen something within the blonde’s
mind to allude to the past that they had all suffered through.

Wufei shifted a little in his sleep before blinking his eyes open slightly.  When he focused on Heero, a tiny smile made a brief
appearance on his face, before disappearing to be replaced by a grimace of discomfort.  “Odd . . . I thought I was supposed to
be sitting at your bedside, not the other way around.”  Wufei said, raising a hand to his forehead and wincing.

Heero smirked at the remark, dropping the expression when it pained his bruised face.  “Plans changed.  What happened?  I
woke up to Madam Pomfrey fussing over you.”

Wufei frowned, his brow furrowing with thought.  “I don’t really know.  Allow me a moment to collect my thoughts and I will
attempt a proper answer.”  He responded, setting his hands on the bed and pushing himself to a more upright position.

Madam Pomfrey chose that moment to step out of her office.  “Ah!  Mr. Chang!”  She said, rushing over to Wufei’s bedside
and adjusting the blankets over his body, pushing him to recline against the pillows behind him.  “It’s so good to see you
awake.”  She briefly turned her attention to Heero.  “Mr. Yuy . . . get back into bed this instant.  You should be resting.”

Heero didn’t like being told to go to bed as if he were a disobedient six-year-old.  “I’m fine.  I want to know how Wufei is.”  He
stated, staying where he was.

Madam Pomfrey apparently ignored him, her attention focused on Wufei.  “Now, what caused you to pass out?  One moment,
you were looking after Mr. Yuy, and the next you needed a bed of your own.  Care to explain?”  She asked.

Wufei sighed deeply, shaking his head slightly, only to frown in obvious discomfort from the motion.  “I do not remember much
of anything.  I was watching over my friend, and then my attention was drawn to the flame of a lantern.  I saw something in it,
but I do not recall what.  It was all very hazy.”

“Ah, you’re a seer.”  Madam Pomfrey nodded.  “You must be quite powerful to see anything in such a small flame.”  She laid
her hands on his forehead.  “Tell me, have you ever had a vision before?”

“If you mean that odd conglomeration of nonsense I can’t truly recall . . . then no, I have never had a vision before.”  He
replied, glaring at her and weakly pushing her hands away from his face.

“Then it’s no wonder that you reacted so severely.  You have a dreadfully high fever, a common side effect of this type of
vision for beginners.  The more you get used to it, the less severe the fevers will become.  I’m guessing you’re dizzy . . . and
have a headache?”

Wufei nodded, wincing once again.  “And I am somewhat nauseous.”

Madam Pomfrey nodded.  “I’ll get something to help you with these symptoms.  Don’t worry, you’ll get used to these visions.  
With practice you’ll even remember the things you see after a vision and possibly even put them to use.”  She gave a brief smile,
then turned and walked away, heading back into her office for a few moments.  When she came back, she pushed a mug of
steaming liquid into Heero’s hands.  “Since you refuse to go to bed, you might as well be put to use.  See to it that he drinks all
of that . . . it’ll help his body adjust to his new ability.  There’s a basin beside his bed as well as a number of cloths for use as
cold compresses.”  With that she turned and left again, leaving Heero with the task of caring for Wufei.

Heero rose from his seat, limping the short distance to stand right beside the bed.  He wasn’t accustomed to caring for other
people . . . the closest he had gotten was taking care of his puppy, Odin.  Still, he would try his best to help Wufei.  Cautiously,
he held the edge of the cup to Wufei’s lips, flinching when Wufei raised a hand and brushed his fingers over the back of Heero’s
hand.  Heero wasn’t fond of the contact, but he would allow it this once . . . Wufei was trying to do things on his own and not
rely on Heero’s help completely.  Heero could understand the feeling.  He didn’t like relying on others either.

Slowly, Wufei consumed the contents of the mug, pausing now and then to breathe.  Heero patiently held the cup, tilting it
whenever Wufei’s grip tightened, telling him of the fact that Wufei wanted more.  When Wufei finished, Heero set the empty
cup aside.  He picked up a cloth from the nearby table, soaking it in the water of the basin and ringing it out.  Then he laid the
soft cloth across Wufei’s forehead, frowning when his fingers came in contact with the overheated skin of Wufei’s face.

“Madam Pomfrey was right . . . you are very warm.”  Heero commented, pulling the chair closer to Wufei’s bedside and taking
a seat.

Wufei smirked a little.  “Yes, well I feel as if I am on fire.”  He replied.  “My father had this ability . . . seeing things.”  Wufei
admitted.  “I know it is not an exact thing, and sometimes difficult to interpret the meanings.”  He shrugged.  “He never knew
for certain what he was going to see . . . past, future, or present . . . but sometimes he was able to focus his sight on one
person at a time, getting glimpses of things.  He was not a powerful seer.  But perhaps I should have listened when he tried to
instruct me about the various techniques of concentration he used for his . . . gift.”

Heero nodded.  “Yes, it probably would have been wise to listen.”  He said.  “But I am certain you will do well.  Your meditation
style cannot be too far off.”

“Yes.  I will just have to adapt to this new aspect.”  He said, then blinked and gave Heero a quizzical look.  “I wonder . . . do
you think it is possible for all five of us to have these special mental capabilities?  Trowa, Quatre, and I have all demonstrated a
certain talent.  Perhaps you and Duo will eventually show some signs of an ability as well.”

Heero pondered this for a moment.  “It is possible.  Mental astuteness as well as physical strength was necessary for piloting
our Gundams . . . it would not be a surprise to me if all five of us demonstrated some form of extra sensory perception.  
However, until my ability shows itself I will be unable to determine what use it could present.  I will just have to see how things

Wufei nodded.  “A very clinical decision.”  He paused, then looked at Heero with an odd expression of compassion in his eyes.  
“Heero, might I suggest you learn to relax.  There is no war anymore, and even if one happened again, you would be ineligible to
fight in it . . . we all would.  It is frowned upon for wizards to interfere with Muggle affairs and if magic is used around
Muggles, the wizard who had used it could be arrested.”

Heero frowned.  He hadn’t thought of that.  But he didn’t know how to relax.  He was a soldier, and if not a soldier then he was
a body guard.  He didn’t know how to do anything else really.  His entire life had been devoted to the protection of something or
someone.  How could he return to a civilian life when he had never truly lived one to begin with?  

“I am not sure I know how to do that.”  Heero confessed.  “I have been raised as a soldier, nothing more, nothing less.  You at
least had the opportunity to enjoy yourself outside of studies and training.  I have known nothing but training.”  Heero sighed.  
“However, I will attempt to adjust my attitude to a less militaristic thought process.”

Wufei reached up and pulled the compress away from his head, sighing deeply.  “Changing your personality won’t be as easy as
that.  I suggest you speak with either Quatre or Duo.  Between them I am sure they will be able to instruct you on . . . lightening
up . . . learn how to have fun again.  That Ginny Weasley girl might also be of some use in such a matter . . . she has already
done wonders on Trowa’s antisocial behavior . . . I am sure you have noticed that he now participates more in classes than he
did earlier.  He is not so averse to speaking his opinions as he had been.  I am sure that Ginny is at least partially responsible for
this change.  And Quatre and Duo have always been cheerful . . . the both of them could help you as well.”

Heero didn’t like the sound of enlisting help for his integration into a more relaxed frame of mind, but he would try.  He trusted
Wufei’s opinion.  Besides, he did see that it might be a good thing to alter his personality.  He was obsolete now.  There was no
need for the perfect soldier anymore.  He would have to work on it, even if he had no idea of how to change himself.

“I will attempt, but I do not know if it will do any good.”  Heero said.  He let a smirk cross his features, taking note of the
weariness present in Wufei’s eyes.  “I believe that you should get some rest.  Apparently your newfound ability has taken a good
deal of your energy.”

“I believe you are correct.”  Wufei nodded.  “But I will only agree to it if you rest as well.  You are still injured and today’s
activities would have worn your down significantly.”

Heero saw the advantage of more rest, so he did not argue.  Lunch was still more than an hour away and he could sleep until
Trowa and Duo came to get them.  He merely nodded his assent and smirked.  

Rising from his seat, he set a hand down on Wufei’s arm, thinking perhaps to show a form of kindness to the Chinese youth.  
He returned to his own bed, cautiously getting himself back into it.  He pulled the blankets up to cover himself, trying to get
more comfortable despite the aching in his body.  Casting a glance over to Wufei’s bed, he smirked, seeing that his friend had
fallen into sleep already.  It wasn’t long before Heero followed Wufei into slumber, weary from all the exercise his aching body
had received that day.

To Be Continued . . .