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Notes:  Duo shows Trowa that sex doesn’t equal pain.  Then Trowa returns the favor.  Limish . . . possibly tame lemon.  2x3
citrus ahead!

Soldiers of Sorcery

Part Thirty

Duo awakened, feeling something soft brushing through his hair.  He smiled, remembering that Trowa was in bed with him.  
Opening his eyes, he yawned a little, raising his gaze until he was met with a pair of emerald gems.

“You’re beautiful.”  Trowa commented, stroking slender fingers down along Duo’s cheek in a loving manner.

Duo cast his gaze downward, suddenly feeling very guilty.  He didn’t deserve such a wonderful guy as Trowa.  “I’m not
beautiful.”  He said forlornly.  “Not after what I’ve done in my life.”

Trowa curled his fingers under Duo’s chin, tenderly tilting his head up to meet his gaze once again.  “I don’t see you as a
prostitute, Duo.  That’s in your past . . . you’re in the present.  You are beautiful in my eyes.”

Duo blushed, biting his lip in thought.  “But I was a prostitute, Trowa.  It’s a fact that can’t be denied.  I sold my body for
meals and money.  I’m not proud of it, but I did do it.”

Trowa looked down, his eyes conveying confusion and hurt.  “How . . . how could you do that willingly, Duo?  I don’t think
one could stand the pain for too long, not day after day.”

Duo frowned.  Trowa was thinking the absolute worst.  Sure he had sold himself for other men’s pleasure, for a few credits
when he had been younger.  But even though he had to do it, Duo had been able to get some pleasure out of it.  If he hadn’t, he
would have gone insane a long time ago.  Duo set one of his hands against the side of Trowa’s face.  He had to make Trowa
understand.  “Tro . . . it . . . it doesn’t have to be painful.  Some jerks just like to cause pain because it gives them a power trip.”

Trowa looked up into Duo’s eyes, tears shimmering in his kind, green eyes.  “I . . . I don’t know how it could be anything other
than painful.”  He admitted quietly, a single tear escaping to run down his cheek.

Duo leaned forward, taking Trowa’s lithe form in his arms.  He hugged him, offering comfort in a gentle embrace.  While he
was doing that, he thought . . . he had to do something to show Trowa that it wasn’t all pain.  But he didn’t want to rush Trowa
into anything.  He didn’t want to hurt Trowa if the young man wasn’t ready for this step.  

Pulling away, Duo knew that he had to at least ask.  “Trowa . . . I know you don’t think it can be good . . . but I can show you
how pleasurable it can be.”  He raised his hands, cupping Trowa’s face as fear entered his eyes.  “No, don’t be afraid of me.  I
swear I won’t hurt you.  You can say no to this.  It’s just an offer and nothing more.  I won’t make a move unless you say I
can.  I just don’t want you to condemn something that can be a wonderful experience with the right partner, just because of the
bastards that hurt you in the past.”

Trowa sighed, closing his eyes for a long time.  Duo thought for sure that Trowa would reject the idea.  But when Trowa
reopened his eyes, he smiled a little.  “I’ll do anything to make you happy, Duo.”  He said, releasing his hold on Duo’s body and
laying back down along the bed.  “I believe you if you say it can be pleasurable.  Do . . . do what you want to me.”  He blushed,
averting his gaze.

Duo smiled a little, but knew that he couldn’t do this when Trowa was so tense.  Trowa was shivering, afraid.  Duo had to calm
him down.  He looked over, smirking at Max who still lay on the bed.  “Hey, get lost kitty, and take the kids with ya.”  Duo
said.  “Why don't you go visit Wufei and Heero in the Hospital Wing?”

Max jumped off of the bed.  The panther stalked over to Wufei’s bed, and climbed onto it.  After carefully picking up Wufei’s
kitten, Mei from where she had been sleeping, Max left the dorm room, Odin happily yipping and chasing after Max’s tail, one
of the puppy’s three heads snapping at it now and then.  Mei didn’t seem all that upset about being carried by the scuff of her
neck, or that it was a panther’s teeth that held her in the air.

Duo turned his attention back to Trowa, sighing as he saw that the young man’s trembling had not stopped.  Trowa was just
terrified . . . he probably wouldn’t even be able to get it up while he was in this state of mind.  Duo had to calm him down
somehow.  Thinking, Duo only came to one conclusion.

He got up onto his knees, staying just to the side of Trowa’s body as he pushed the blanket down to the end of the bed.  Setting
his hands delicately on Trowa’s shoulders, Duo leaned down, his lips a mere fraction away from Trowa’s ear.

“Trowa . . . please trust me . . . this will not hurt you.”  Duo said.  He backed off, waiting until Trowa’s frightened eyes looked
up at him.  “I just want to give you the opportunity to know both sides of sex.  There’s the cruel side, which you already know
far too much about . . . but there is also a very good side to it.  If you keep thinking that it’s awful, we’ll never be more than we
are now . . . friends.”

Duo sighed, taking a breath and letting it out before he continued.  “Now, I am content to just cuddle with you for a while . . .
hell, you can take years to want to go all the way.  But I do want you to be able to consider it with an open mind.  I want it to
be a plausible option to us in the future.  Heaven knows I’m not ready to go all the way yet either, but at least I know that some
day I will be ready to do it with you.”

Trowa closed his eyes.  “I’m sorry, Duo.  I just . . . I don’t know.  I’ve never enjoyed it . . . it’s never been anything but
painful to me.”

Duo caressed Trowa’s face with one hand, letting out a breath he hadn’t known he had been holding.  “Trowa, let me show you
the pleasure you can receive.  You can lead me . . . I’ll follow you anywhere.  If you ever tell me to stop, no matter what I am
doing, I will stop for you.”

Trowa nodded, his breath coming out raggedly.  “I . . . I want you to, Duo.  Please, show me?”

Duo smiled.  “Don’t worry, we’ll start off really slow.”  He assured, leaning forward and applying a delicate kiss to Trowa’s

Timidly, Trowa raised his hands, grasping Duo’s shoulders and pulling him closer, opening his mouth and allowing Duo access.  
Duo would have smiled if his mouth wasn’t otherwise occupied, but he took the invitation with great appreciation, dipping his
tongue into Trowa’s hot mouth and savoring his unique taste.  Trowa didn’t respond at first, but eventually he moved his tongue
along Duo’s, a deep moan escaping his throat as Duo sucked against that slick piece of muscle.

Duo forced his hands to remain still, despite the urge to slide them all over Trowa’s body.  He wanted Trowa aware of every
move he made, wanted Trowa to keep control and enjoy this.  He didn’t want anything to interfere in Trowa’s enjoyment.

Duo broke the kiss, smirking at the disappointed groan that he heard from Trowa.  That was a good sign.  He had been enjoying
the kissing at least.  Slowly, Duo straddled Trowa’s body, not wanting to appear threatening, just meaning to get a better angle
with which to pleasure the tall young man.  Keeping a smile on his face, Duo shed everything covering him above his waist.

Trowa gasped, his body breaking out into shivers again as he crossed his arms over himself.  Duo smiled down at him, taking
hold of one of his hands.  “Don’t worry.  I’m not going to ask you to take off your clothes . . . not yet.  You definitely aren’t
ready for that if you’re reacting like this.”

Trowa smiled a little, his shivers abating.  “W-What are you going to do then?”  He asked, his voice quiet.

“I’m going to kiss you again.”  Duo grinned.  “But this time, I want you to touch me, not just my shoulders.  Move your hands .
. . anywhere you want, but you don’t have to stay absolutely still.  I won’t break, you know.”  Duo said.

He leaned forward again, taking Trowa’s bottom lip into his mouth and sucking on it.  He swiped his tongue along the delicious
lips, thrilled when Trowa responded more quickly to this kiss than he had to the last one.  Trowa hands reached up, grazing
across Duo’s bared skin . . . timidly at first, yet as the moments passed he grew more bold.  His tender caresses became
stronger, firmer and Duo thoroughly enjoyed it.  Trowa’s callused fingers massaged Duo’s back as Duo sought out every
crevice in the tall youth’s delectable mouth.  They grazed along his sides and Duo pulled away from the kiss.  He couldn’t help it
. . . he broke out into laughter.

Trowa looked up at him confused.  Duo smiled, feeling a blush staining his cheeks.  “Sorry.  I’m ticklish.”  He said, before
sweeping in and capturing Trowa’s mouth once again.  

This time, Duo decided to move onward.  Cautiously, he slid his hands over Trowa’s clothed chest, hearing as Trowa gasped in
reaction.  He pulled away, concerned.  

“You okay?  I’m not making you uncomfortable, am I?”  He asked, fearing that he had moved too fast.

“No . . . I was just surprised.”  Trowa replied.  “Pleasantly surprised.”  He smiled raising a hand and gliding it over the side of
Duo’s face, lightly digging his fingers into Duo’s hair.

Duo smiled in return, bending and licking at Trowa’s neck.  Trowa wrapped his arms around Duo’s upper body, moaning
deeply as he tilted his head to one side and effectively exposed his skin to Duo’s mouth.  Grinning, Duo placed an open-mouth
kiss to the sensitive flesh, his hands continuing on their exploration of Trowa’s muscular frame, still only touching him through
layers of clothing.

Duo laved attention to Trowa’s skin, loving the taste of him.  Trowa’s hands were at his back, his fingers clenching and
unclenching at various parts of Duo’s skin, digging fingers into his flesh, but never hard enough to hurt him.  Moving slowly,
not wanting to startle Trowa, Duo dipped his hands down and under the young man’s shirt.  Just as slowly, he brushed his
fingers over Trowa’s stomach, just touching him barely.

“Is this okay?”  Duo asked, pulling back only enough to speak, his words coming out as a mere breath against Trowa’s throat.

Trowa nodded.  “Yes . . . it feels good.”  He admitted, his hands trembling a little against Duo’s skin.

Duo smiled.  “It’s supposed to feel good, Trowa.  Don’t worry.  Just enjoy it.”  Duo said in return, leaning back.  Trowa’s
hands slid down until they rested at Duo’s thighs.  He just kept them there, not moving them, just resting them there.

Duo reached his hands up under Trowa’s shirt, feeling and memorizing the planes of his strong flesh.  He couldn’t see it, yet he
didn’t want to forget how Trowa felt under his fingertips.  Who knew when Duo would get another opportunity like this.  He
started along Trowa’s sides, feeling as the muscles rippled beneath his touch, smirking as Trowa’s breathing began to grow
harsher and heavier.  Then he moved inward, gliding up along his toned abs to brush against both of his nipples at the same time.

Trowa’s expression was one of pure shock as Duo’s touch set off feelings he probably had never experienced before.  Duo
smiled, toying with the nubs of flesh, delicately rolling them around with his fingertips, pinching them lightly, sometimes tugging
at them.  Still, he did nothing that would hurt Trowa, and he was rewarded by the sight of Trowa writhing beneath his touch,
gasping and panting, his body arching to gain more contact.

“Trowa, I want to touch you more.  May I?”  Duo asked, sliding one hand down slowly, ghosting his fingers over the skin
above the waistband of Trowa’s pants.

“Yes . . . more.”  Trowa replied, nodding vehemently.

Duo responded eagerly, taking his time in unbuckling Trowa’s belt.  He popped the button with one hand, lowering the zipper.  
He did no more than that though, deciding not to expose any more of Trowa’s body until Trowa was ready.  Duo was happy
enough just to touch him.

He snaked one hand down into Trowa’s pants, his heart fluttering in his chest as his fingers twisted in curls of hair.  Adjusting
his position, since his own body was reacting just to pleasing Trowa, Duo delicately wrapped his fingers around Trowa’s
length.  He drew his fingers along the fresh erection slowly, his own breath caught in his throat as he felt the contours of Trowa’
s hot shaft.  How he wanted to see it, to taste it . . . but he knew that would have to wait until later, until Trowa was ready and
no sooner.

Trowa’s hips rose from the bed, pushing himself against Duo’s hand.  Duo smiled, liking that reaction.  Still, he paused as he
heard a whimper, his smile faltering when he looked to Trowa’s face and found a pained and frightened expression.

“Trowa?”  Duo asked, stilling his ministrations.

“I’m sorry.”  Trowa replied, his eyes clenched shut and his hands digging deeply into the mattress below him.  “I’m sorry.  I
can’t help but remember . . .”

Duo understood . . . Trowa was having difficulty separating the past from the present.  He kept his one hand where it was,
maneuvering his body until he lay along Trowa’s side.  He only hoped that he would be able to help the young man through this.  
“Trowa, it’s okay.”  Duo hushed, placing a small kiss to Trowa’s forehead.  “Look at me, Trowa.”

Trowa complied, opening his eyes.  The fear in Trowa’s eyes was obvious . . . he was lost in the past.  Duo couldn’t let him
stay there, not when the present could hold happiness for the both of them.  “I’m sorry.”  He said again.

“Don’t be sorry, Trowa.”  Duo whispered, kissing Trowa’s chin.  “I want you to keep your eyes open, okay?  Focus on my
eyes and don’t lose yourself in the past.  Remember that it’s me here with you and no one else.  I won’t do anything unless you’
re looking at me.  Okay?”

Trowa nodded.  “Yes.”  He said, his eyes locking with Duo’s.

Duo carefully slid his hand along Trowa’s length, never letting his eyes waver from Trowa’s as he sought to pleasure him.  
Trowa gasped, biting his lips as he thrust his hips upward against Duo’s hand.  Encouraged by Trowa’s reaction and seeing no
fear in his eyes, Duo progressed, beginning to pump long and slowly.  He passed his hand over the tip of Trowa’s erection,
using the liquid gathered there to make it easier.  In time, his hand picked up speed, wanting to help Trowa reach his climax.

Trowa’s hand gripped at Duo’s arm, holding tight.  “Duo?  What is this?”  He asked, his eyes flickering with fear briefly.

Duo smiled.  “It’s okay, Trowa.  Don’t fear it.  Just let it happen.”  Duo assured, knowing that Trowa was nearing the edge.  It
wouldn’t be much longer now.

Trowa was reduced to panting raggedly, his body writhing from the pleasure that Duo was delivering to him.  He didn’t know
how to process this and so was confused.  It was natural for him to feel that way.  With only a few more deft strokes of Duo’s
hand, Trowa arched upwards, his hips bucking as he spilled his seed all over Duo’s hand and the inside of his boxers.  Trowa
closed his eyes as he came, Duo’s name falling from his tempting lips like a mantra.  Duo continued to stroke him, waiting until
it was obvious that Trowa had experienced every last bit of pleasure he could.  Duo withdrew his hand from Trowa’s pants,
taking a lick of the salty evidence coating his fingers.  Damn, Trowa tasted delicious.

Trowa looked up at Duo, clearing his throat a little.  Duo looked down at him, smirking and blushing when he noticed that the
young man’s eyes were on him.  There was confusion in Trowa’s eyes, and it took him a moment to regain his breath before he

“Duo?  What . . . What was that?”  He asked.

“Basically . . . that, Trowa, was an orgasm.  Some people just want that quick release.”

“But  . . . ?”  Trowa asked, seeking more answers.  It was good that he wanted to understand, so Duo was more than happy to

“But, you only get a quick release from empty sex.  When you have more . . . which is what I hope we have, if you want me, it
can be very fulfilling.  Lovemaking is a nice part of any relationship, but it isn’t everything.”

Trowa’s brow furrowed slightly.  “Why would you think I wouldn’t want you?”  

“I know I’m not good enough for you, Trowa.  Someday I know you’ll find the person you really want to spend your life with.  
You see, unlike you, I wasn’t forced to do what I did . . . it was my own choice.  I’m filthy and nothing can ever change that.”  
Duo said, averting his gaze.

Trowa’s hand curled around the back of Duo’s neck, pulling him down and kissing him deeply, passionately.  Duo blinked as
Trowa drew himself away again, blushing a little when Trowa’s emerald eyes bore deeply into his soul.  “Duo, I don’t care
about your past any more than you do mine . . . If I had any doubts about whether or not you are the one I want to be with, I
wouldn’t have let you touch me like that.  You’re all I want, and I . . . and I want to do something for you.”

“Trowa, you don’t have to do anything.  I don’t need you to prove anything, I only wanted to show you it can be pleasurable.”  
Duo said, smiling down at the tall young man.

Trowa shook his head.  “No . . . I want to.  For the first time, I do want to . . . to do something, but only for you.  I . . . I won’
t take no for an answer.”  He said, although quite shyly.

Duo smiled brightly, his heart veritably singing in response to Trowa’s kindness.  Even as afraid as he was, Trowa was willing
to return Duo’s favor . . . it touched Duo’s heart to know that Trowa would even make the offer.  “All right . . . if you insist.”  
Duo conceded.  “I know a way for the both of us to have some fun and for you to be on top.”

Trowa frowned.  “But . . . I . . . I don’t know how to . . . I don’t want to hurt you.”  Trowa babbled.  His inexperience was
showing . . . as was his nervousness.

“No, not that . . . something else.”  Duo smiled, not wanting to cause Trowa to regret his decision.  “I already told you that I’m
not ready to go all the way . . . neither are you.  I’m just thinking maybe a position that gives us both some pleasure, okay?”

“Okay.  I trust you, Duo.”

“Will you undress for me, Trowa?  It can be done with you wearing your clothes . . . but it’ll be easier without.”  Duo asked,
biting his lip.

Trowa smirked and nodded.  He sat up, pulling his garments off.  Duo watched as Trowa revealed his flesh, appreciating the
sight greatly.  Trowa was just as sleek and finely toned as he had felt.  Duo was almost to the verge of drooling by the time
Trowa stripped off his pants.

“Duo?”  Trowa’s voice whispered, breaking through the haze that had settled over Duo’s mind.  “Is there something wrong?”  
Trowa sounded worried.

“I’m fine.”  Duo replied, shedding his own pants and divesting himself of his boxers at the same time.  He felt a little nervous,
but he did want to do this with Trowa.  “You are just so beautiful, Trowa . . . I forgot where I was for a moment.”  He smiled.

Trowa looked down, blushing a deep red.  He looked down at himself, then to Duo, flicking his eyes between the two of them
for a few moments before he finally grasped the waistband of his boxers and slid them off of himself.  He sat there nervously,
his eyes lowered, the blush staining his cheeks remaining.

Duo laid down on the bed, smiling at Trowa as he tenderly advised him of what to do.  It wasn’t long before the both of them
were positioned face to crotch.  Trowa was on top though, giving him more control . . . Duo had purposely decided to be
underneath Trowa for just that reason, knowing that Trowa needed the reassurance that if he objected he could just stop and
move aside easily.  He wouldn’t be confined underneath Duo’s body, which made escape easier for Trowa should he feel he
needed to.

“Trowa, you really don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”  Duo said, offering Trowa one last chance to get out of this.  He
shuddered as one of Trowa’s hands caressed his inner thigh, quickly turning into a puddle of goo just from Trowa’s touch.  
“That feels great.”  He groaned contentedly.

Trowa’s chuckle reached his ears.  “I wouldn’t stop this now, Duo.  I do want to do this.”  He replied.  

A moment later, Duo felt the first lick to the tip of his erection . . . he had been hard before and the conversation about the
possibility of Trowa touching him had been enough to keep him that way.  Duo forced his hips to remain down, his eyes rolling
back in his head as Trowa slowly enveloped his length in his hot mouth.  ‘Good God . . . so hot.’  He thought to himself, then
realized that he was just laying there staring up at Trowa’s crotch.

With a smirk, Duo raised his arms and grasped Trowa’s buttocks, squeezing the firm globes as he took all that Trowa had to
offer all at once.  He did have experience with this, so it wasn’t too difficult to deep throat him so fast.  Still, he kept his pace
even with Trowa’s, not wanting Trowa to lose it too quickly.  He hadn’t counted on Trowa being so good at blow jobs though,
and was surprised at the skill the other youth showed.

The two of them were eventually reduced to moaning masses of need, both of them working the other’s cock with pleasure.  
Duo’s heart pounded in his chest, loving the taste of Trowa’s flesh, tasting and bobbing along the throbbing shaft with delight.  
He wanted more of it, but there was nothing left for him to take in.  So he contented himself with toying with Trowa’s sac, his
other hand stroking Trowa’s ass and kneading the flesh there.

Fire was circulating through Duo’s veins, a delicious coiling starting to spread from his stomach and moving throughout the rest
of his body.  Trowa’s tongue slithered over every possible inch of Duo’s aching cock, the amount of suction he used was
perfect as he continually moved up and down on the column of flesh in his mouth.

It wasn’t long before Duo fell over the precipice, his seed pulsing out from his cock, only to be swallowed by Trowa’s perfect
mouth.  Duo paused in his actions, trying to regain a sense of himself after that sensory-numbing orgasm . . . he’d never had
one so good before.  Of course he’d never been with someone he actually liked before either.

Trowa licked up every trace of Duo’s semen.  Duo was so lost in the moment that he forgot where he was.  It wasn’t until
Trowa tried to move off of him that Duo returned to the present.  He grasped Trowa’s hips, stilling the young man as he
returned to his earlier actions.  This time he hastened his pace, wanting a taste of his lover . . . he didn’t need to wait long.  
Trowa shuddered above him, his muscles rippling as he let out a loud moan, his liquid heat spurting out and down Duo’s throat.  
Duo delighted in swallowing all that he could, relishing the deliciousness of his seed.

Duo reluctantly took his mouth from Trowa’s flagging organ.  He had thoroughly enjoyed that, and hoped that Trowa had as
well.  Trowa turned, laying down beside Duo and throwing an arm over his chest, holding him close.

“D-Did you like it?”  Duo asked, fearing that perhaps Trowa hadn’t really liked it.  He had been moving away before his climax.

“I enjoyed it a lot.”  Trowa replied quietly.  “I never thought I would, Duo.  I’m glad you were the one to show me how wrong
I was about it.”

“That’s great!”  Duo exclaimed, throwing his arms around Trowa’s sweaty body.  

Trowa’s hands slid across Duo’s back, kneading his muscles firmly.  “It’s lunchtime now . . . would you like to get something
to eat?”

Duo grinned, he was a little hungry, but he wasn’t ready to get up just yet.  “No, not yet.  Could you just hold me for a while?  I
like being in your arms.”

Trowa nodded, pulling Duo even closer.  He grabbed the blanket with his foot, bringing it up far enough until he could grab it
with his hand and pull it the rest of the way to cover the both of them.  Duo sighed happily, cuddling close to Trowa, loving the
feel of Trowa’s body pressed against his own, Trowa’s strong arms around his body.  Lunch could wait a little . . . he was
quite happy to stay where he was for the time being.

To Be Continued . . .