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entertainment purposes only.

Notes:  Duo and Trowa cuddle, then decide to go to lunch.  After picking up Wufei and Heero in the Hospital Wing, they go in
search of Quatre, wondering what became of their friend.

Soldiers of Sorcery

Part Thirty-One

Duo sighed in contentment as he rubbed his cheek against Trowa’s chest and smiled when Trowa tightened his arms around his
body a little.  “I could stay like this forever.”

Trowa hummed in agreement.  “Thank you, Duo.”  He whispered.

Duo raised his head to smile at Trowa.  He knew why Trowa was thanking him.  He had shown Trowa what making love was .
. . shown him that a sexual activity could feel good.  “You don’t have to thank me.”  Duo replied, his hand set on Trowa’s
chest.  “For the first time in my life, I was glad to do it.”

Trowa’s cheeks turned pink, a smile curling his lips.  “Maybe someday I’ll be ready to go farther with you.”

“That would be nice . . . but like I said before, I can wait as long as you need me to.”  Duo said, brushing his thumb across
Trowa’s cheek.

Trowa smiled, nodding.  “For now, why don’t we get dressed and go get some lunch?”

Duo grinned widely.  “You read my mind, Tro . . . come on, let’s go!”  He nearly jumped from bed, pulling Trowa up along
with him.  “We gotta go get Wufei and Heero . . . I’m sure they’re hungry by now.”

“Yes . . . I suppose I should have remembered to send Max to get Wufei earlier, like I said I would.  I hope they aren’t too
angry with us.”  Trowa admitted, then shook his head.  “My mind was on other, more important things though.”  He smiled at
Duo, sliding his hand along Duo’s arm.

It was Duo’s turn to blush this time.  “Come on, let’s get dressed.”  He smirked, shaking his head lightly.

The two of them got dressed and arranged themselves moderately well.  Duo’s hair was a bit disheveled, but he decided against
brushing it now.  He was hungry and rather eat than waste time fixing his hair.  Duo was really glad that there were no classes
this afternoon . . . Quidditch tryouts were still being held . . . Slytherin tryouts were after lunch if he was correct.  Duo
shrugged, it didn’t really matter all that much.  It just meant that no other house could go near the Quidditch field for a while.  

He shrugged the idle thoughts from his mind, looking over at Trowa who was standing near the door.  “Ready to go?”  Trowa
asked, clasping the catch of his robes.

“Absolutely!”  Duo nodded, grabbing his own robes and pulling them on as he left the room with  Trowa by his side.  

The two of them hastily left the Gryffindor Dorm, after having received several truly unpleasant looks from their fellow house
mates in the common room.  As they walked, Trowa clasped Duo’s hand, squeezing gently yet reassuringly.  Because word had
gotten out that Quatre had been a Gundam pilot, none of the five of them were well liked right now.  Sure it had only happened
this morning, but the shock hadn’t worn off yet.  It would take time for people to get used to the news.

“Hey, you think we should check up on Quatre?”  Duo asked.

“Yeah . . . but we don’t know where he is.”  Trowa pointed out.

Duo frowned, thinking for a moment.  “Well, if he’s not in the Hospital Wing, then I guess we could ask that teacher that went
off after him . . . Professor Potter.  He’d probably know where Quatre is, or at least where he was heading.”

Trowa agreed and the two of them continued on their way to the Hospital Wing.  There, they were quite surprised to find both
Wufei and Heero resting in bed.  “What happened?”  Trowa asked, stepping over to where Wufei was laying.

Wufei frowned, petting his kitten, Mei, who was currently curled up on his lap.  “I fainted.”  He replied with a nod.

“There was more to it than that.”  Heero added, his hand idly stroking each of Odin’s three heads in turn.  “He had a vision and
fainted.”  He paused for a moment.  “Seeing as how three out of the five of us have some sort of extra sensory perception, there
is a good chance that Duo and I have some form of extra perception as well.”

“Cool!”  Duo exclaimed, a wide smile spreading across his face.

Both Wufei and Heero shook their heads in reaction.  Trowa changed the subject.  “Do either of you know where Quatre is?”  
He asked.

“No, he hasn’t been here.  I assume that Professor Potter took him someplace where he could relax, probably away from any
other students.”  Heero said, slowly moving out of bed.  He swayed briefly, but didn’t fall.

“Are you sure you’re up to getting some lunch?”  Duo asked, grasping Heero’s arm.

“I don’t see any reason why I cannot.”  Heero grumbled.  “I am hungry and I can walk.  There is no reason for me to stay here
and lie in bed all day.”

“I quite agree.”  Wufei said, his brow furrowing as he got himself into a sitting position.  “If someone would point out to me
where my shoes are, I will put them on and join you for lunch as well.”

Trowa smirked, pointing over to Max who currently held a pair of shoes in his mouth.  He gestured the large cat over, taking the
shoes from him.  “I think these are yours.”  Trowa said, handing them over to Wufei.

Wufei’s face contorted into a look of disgust.  “Most unappealing . . .”  He muttered.  “Feline saliva.”

Trowa was barely able to suppress a chuckle, although Duo laughed outright.  “Max was only trying to help.”  Trowa

“And it was quite appreciated.”  Wufei said, although his face didn’t uphold his belief in his own words.  After he cleaned off his
shoes, he put them on and rose to his feet.

Just as Wufei took a step away from the bed, Madam Pomfrey came out of her office.  “And where do you two think you are
going?”  She asked, her arms crossed over her chest, her foot tapping against the floor impatiently.

“We are hungry, so we are going to lunch.”  Wufei said, his hand braced on the bed to keep himself upright.  Both Wufei and
Heero looked quite tired, but Duo knew how stubborn they both could be.

“In your conditions?”  She balked.  “I think not.  Get back into bed, and I’ll have something brought up for you.  Your friends
can visit you later.”

Heero shook his head.  “No, I would much rather go to the Great Hall than eat.  I am quite capable of walking there and back.  
If not, my friends can bring me back here.”  He stated.

“Heero is right.”  Wufei nodded.  “I too would prefer dining in the Great Hall with the other students.  Since we are not well
liked by our classmates, it will look as if I am afraid of confrontation if I do not attend lunch.”

Madam Pomfrey sighed, throwing up her hands in exasperation.  “Fine.  If you both insist on ignoring me, then go.  But I want
you back here just as soon as you are done eating.  And I won’t listen to any excuses or reasons for you to sleep in your
dorms.  You both are staying here the night where I can keep a watch over you.”

Wufei grimaced, but nodded.  Heero also agreed.  Duo and Trowa both stood ready to catch either of their friends as they left
the Hospital Wing.  “Any idea where we can find Professor Potter?”  Duo asked, as they stepped out into the hallway.

Heero shook his head.  “No, I do not know.”  He said.  Wufei nodded and said that he too had no idea where the young
professor was.

Duo thought for a moment, then came up with an idea.  “Can Odin sniff him out?”  He asked, gesturing to the puppy that was
running along behind Heero.

Heero shook his head.  “Odin is only a puppy.  Max would be a better choice.  His sense of smell is more highly developed.”

“I agree.”  Wufei added.

“Will he do that though?”  Duo asked, looking over to the panther.  “Max is a very intelligent feline . . . not a very intelligent
canine.  He might think it an insult.”

Trowa shrugged.  “Well, there’s no harm in asking.”  He said, pausing in the middle of the hall and getting down on one knee.  
He reached out, stroking his hand over Max’s head.  “Want to help us find Professor Potter, Max?  You remember what his
scent is like . . . he did come to the dorm.”  Trowa said,  “Think of it as training for Odin.”

Max responded by purring deeply, giving Trowa’s face a long swipe of his tongue.  Trowa smiled in reaction, then rose to his
feet, wiping his face off with his sleeve.  Max started sniffing around.  It wasn't long before Odin joined in and also began
sniffing the area.

“I believe that was a ‘yes’.”  He said, giving Duo a shy look when the long-haired youth clasped hold of his hand again.

The four of them waited until Max picked up on the scent and started off down one of the corridors.  Odin was right behind the
large feline, one of his heads nipping at Max’s tail, while the other two sniffed around.  Then they followed behind the two
animals, not knowing exactly where they were heading, just hoping that Max would be able to find Professor Potter.

After a short while, Duo took notice that he was in a section of the castle that he’d never been in before.  Perhaps they were on
the right track, Duo thought, keeping his hand firmly within Trowa’s as they walked, repeatedly throwing the tall young man
loving glances.  Trowa blushed each time he did so, a reaction Duo enjoyed causing in the young man.

“Will you two stop flirting?”  Wufei grumbled.  “I think we’re here.”

This time it was Duo’s turn to blush.  He hadn't known that he was being so obvious in his flirtations with Trowa.  Apparently,
he had been though, for Wufei to take notice.  He looked around the hall, noting that Max was sitting in front of a door, his tail
flipping up and down on the floor.  Odin pawed at the door, all three of his heads yipping as if he had been the one that had
found it.

“I guess this is the place.”  Duo said, smirking.  He stepped over and picked up Odin, handing the puppy over to Heero.  “Good
dog.”  He said, gently patting each of the three heads, then he smirked at Max.  “Thanks, Max.”   

He turned back to face the door.  Taking a breath, he raised his hand and rapped on the wooden door.  Then he stepped back
and waited with the rest of his friends, hoping that Max and Odin had led them to the right place.

Coming from inside the room, Duo heard a rather loud crash, followed by an exclaimed string of profanities.  It wasn’t too
much longer before the door was pulled open and Professor Potter was facing them.  His black hair was mussed and sticking
out in various directions.  He was dressed haphazardly, in a pair of jeans and a plain green T-shirt, his robes hanging open and
looking as if he had rushed to dress himself.  The fact that he wasn’t wearing socks or shoes attested to the fact that he could
have been rushing.

“Is there something you need?”  He asked, adjusting his glasses so that they were straight.

Duo nodded.  “Forgive us for disturbing you, but we were wondering if you know where our friend Quatre is.  We’ve been
kinda worried about him since he ran off after the tryouts.”

A smile briefly crossed the young professor’s face.  “Come in . . . he’s sleeping right now, but I don’t think it would hurt if you
saw him.  I have some disturbing news to inform you of actually.”  His smile quickly fell away.

“There’s something wrong with Quatre?”  Duo asked, fearful for his friend’s safety.  “What is it?”  He inquired, stepping into
the room when the professor moved aside to allow them entrance into his private rooms.  Heero and the others quietly followed
behind him.

Duo barely looked around at Professor Potter’s room, not taking into notice anything about it really, other than the fact that it
had more than one room.  There seemed to be a sitting room of sorts, then a bedroom closed off by a door . . . a bathroom
adjoined the bedroom.

Duo gasped when he stepped into the bedroom, his eyes roving over Quatre’s pale form.  He rushed to his friend’s side, taking a
seat on the side of the bed, knowing that the others had gathered around him.  Gently, Duo brushed his fingers across Quatre’s
forehead, worried when he found the blonde’s skin to be a little chill.  “Why is he so cold?”  Duo asked, adjusting the blankets
over Quatre’s body.

Professor Potter sighed.  “That is what I have to explain to you . . .”  He said, taking a breath before continuing.  “I brought
Quatre to my room, thinking it would do him good to get some rest.  However, it seems a wizard has seen fit to attack him
while he sleeps.”  He held up his hand, stopping Duo and the others from posing a question.  “I took him to see Professor
Dumbledore, and we’ve done what we could.  But Quatre is still in quite a bit of danger.”

“How much danger?”  Duo asked.

Professor Potter sighed.  He stepped closer to Quatre and pulled the blanket down away from his body, exposing his chest as
well as a number of crimson scratches in his skin . . . similar cuts ran along one of his arms.  “As I said, he was being attacked
in his dreams, and the wizard doing it seems to want Quatre to come to him, going so far as to control his body to make him
sleepwalk to where he can easily reach him.”

“Then why are you letting him sleep now?”  Heero inquired.  “If it is so dangerous for him to sleep, then why is he?”

“He’s safe now, I assure you.  After speaking with Professor Dumbledore, Professor Snape concocted a potion to help him rest
peacefully.  As long as he takes a dose of it each night before going to sleep, he’ll be fine.”  Professor Potter replied, covering
Quatre once more with the blankets.  “Professor Dumbledore is going to contact the Ministry of Magic and inform them of the
threat to Quatre.  But for now, all that can be done is to watch him and make sure he stays on the Hogwarts grounds.  He’ll be
safe here.”

Duo nodded, trying to take in all of this information.  Quatre was in danger . . . Duo was afraid for his friend, terrified that
something terrible would happen to him.  But there was nothing that Duo could do to help the young Arabian, his good and
trusted friend, nothing that could offer Quatre protection.  Duo sighed, taking hold of one of Quatre’s hands, doing the only
thing that was left for him to do . . . he prayed for Quatre’s life, for his safety.

To Be Continued . . .