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Notes:  Heero comes home for the first time in his life and his welcomed by another of his aunts and a young cousin.

Soldiers of Sorcery

Part Thirty-Five

Heero followed his aunt Hatsu as she approached her home.  He felt nervous and, honestly, he didn’t much like the feeling.  The
house she had brought him to was rather large, more of a manor than a mere house.  It was a beautiful home and Heero felt out
of place.  He had never considered the notion that his family would have money.  Not that it truly mattered either way.  They
could have been poorer than dirt and Heero would be happy to know them again.  To belong to a real family had been his desire
for so very long, ever since he had lost his last link to his true self, his father Odin.

“Now, Heero . . . you DO prefer to be called Heero, right?”  When she received a nod, she continued.  “I have a spare bedroom
which will be yours to decorate as you choose.  I want you to feel at home here, since this is your home now.”  She smiled and
opened the door, leading Heero inside as she called out, “Hello!  Anyone home?  Come see who I brought!”

A little girl came running over to them as quickly as her little legs could carry her.  She was cute, with her black hair held in
twin pigtails on either side of her head.  She was tiny, a toddler.  Heero wondered what relation she was to him.  “Auntie Hatsu!  
You back!  Mama was gettin’ worried and . . . who’s HE?”

Hatsu chuckled and knelt down to pick up the giggling child.  “Tama . . . this is your cousin, Yosei.  He’s your aunt Kirei’s son.  
He prefers to be called Heero, though.”  She turned to face Heero, bouncing the little girl in her arms once.  “Heero, this is
Tama.  She’s the daughter of your Aunt Miyuki who is around here . . . somewhere.  Hmmm, what are you, two years old,

“I’m three!”  The little girl proudly proclaimed, holding up as many fingers.

Heero felt odd facing the little girl.  He’d never been all that comfortable around children, especially little girls since that one
mission that had gone horribly wrong.  How could he ever forget the mistake he had made, the cost of that mistake?

“Hello,” he said unsurely.

Tama smiled widely at him.  Then Odin peeked one of his heads out of Heero’s robes and the little girl squealed in delight.  
“Ooooo!  Can I play with him?”  She looked up at him, her eyes wide and full of hope.

Heero nodded.  “If you want to.”  He knelt and set Odin down, unfastening the leash and petting each of the three heads in turn.

“What’s his name?”  Tama asked, wriggling even as Aunt Hatsu let her down.

“I named him Odin,” Heero replied.

Tama giggled.  “Come on, Odin.  Let’s go play.”  Then both the girl and the dog scampered off into another room.

Heero watched them go, but his attention was quickly diverted by a stranger’s voice.  “Who’s this, Hatsu?” A woman asked.

Heero looked up, taking in the sight of this new person.  She was a young woman who looked much like his mother, except that
her hair was black instead of brown.  She descended the stairs with an uneasy stagger, her hand braced on the rail to keep her
balance.  The reason for her unease was not due to any illness though.  Far from that.  She looked quite healthy.  Her unsteady
gait was caused by the extra weight she carried.  She was pregnant, six or seven months along at least.  Heero found himself
wondering if his own mother had looked quite as beautiful when she had carried him.

Aunt Hatsu placed her hands on Heero’s shoulders and guided him forward.  She waited until the other woman had stepped
from the last step before speaking.  “Miyuki . . . this is Yosei,” Aunt Hatsu said almost giddily.  “He’s come home at last!”

Miyuki paled, her eyes going wide.  “Hatsu, if this is a joke, it’s rather cruel.”

“It’s no joke,” Aunt Hatsu stated, then patted Heero on the shoulder.  “Heero, this is one of my sisters, Miyuki.  She’s Tama’s

Heero nodded.  He would have spoken, had Miyuki not chosen that precise moment to embrace him in a crushing hug.  Heero
tried to angle his body away from her.  Partly because he just didn’t liked being hugged, but also because he didn’t want to
accidentally cause her or the child she carried any harm.

Miyuki seemed to be amused by his efforts.  She released him, a graceful smile on her face.  “I won’t break, Yosei,” she

“Please, don’t call me that,” Heero whispered, looking away.  He didn’t know why, but he felt uncomfortable, afraid that he
would be a disappointment to these people - to the family he had only just found again.

Miyuki blinked, holding Heero at arms length.  She looked confused.  Aunt Hatsu spoke before Heero had the chance to try and

“He has gone by a different name for many years, Miyuki,” Hatsu said, moving closer so that she could settle her hands on
Heero’s shoulders again.  “His name is Heero Yuy now, though I hope that someday he will be able to accept his true name once

Heero bowed his head, fearful of how Miyuki would react.  He didn’t want to cause any trouble.  It was just that he didn’t feel
right about using his real name.  He had been a child the last time he had heard that name - a whisper falling from a dying man’s
lips.  He shuddered, closing his eyes in preparation.  Miyuki would probably be furious with him.  Perhaps she would even
convince Aunt Hatsu to cast him out.

Miyuki’s delicate fingers gracefully curled beneath his chin, gently tipping his face up.  She smiled and he felt oddly at peace.  
“Did you think I would throw you aside for something as trivial as a name?”  She spoke kindly, her tone warming Heero deep
inside, easing his fears.  “You could call yourself Anne Marie and dance around in a frilly purple tutu and it wouldn’t matter to
me in the least.  Okay, it would be a bit disturbing.  But I wouldn’t love you any less.  I am just happy that you are back in our
lives again.”

Heero had no words to express his emotions.  He didn’t know what to say.  “I . . .”  He frowned, feeling at a loss and yet
wanting to say something.  “Thank you.”  He lowered his eyes again, certain that it wasn’t sufficient.

In reply, Aunt Miyuki leaned close and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead.  “Come, there are still people waiting to meet you.”  
She suddenly looked up at Hatsu.  “What about Isamu?  She’s going to want to meet him.  Does she know yet?”

Hatsu shook her head.  “No, I haven’t had the chance to contact her.”

Miyuki smiled.  “I’ll do it then.  Surely she’ll be given some time off for this.  Oh, and I can get in touch with Etsu and Shizu . .
. Oh, and Kiyoshi will be overjoyed.”

“Don’t forget Namiko,” Hatsu chuckled.

Heero didn’t know any of these names.  But he gathered they were family members.  By the sound of things, it wouldn’t be all
that long before he got to meet them.

“Heero, why don’t you go play with Tama and Odin for a bit?  Get to know your cousin.  I need to speak with Miyuki.”  Hatsu
brushed her fingers through his hair, a gesture Heero found oddly inviting.

Wanting desperately to be approved of, he didn’t object.  He nodded, moving swiftly into the room he had seen Tama run into.  
He hoped he wouldn’t be a disappointment to all those other relatives.


Hatsu waited until Heero was in the other room, then held Miyuki’s gaze with a glare.  “You can’t call everyone, Miyuki.  Not so
soon,” Hatsu warned, keeping her voice low.  “You don’t know what he’s been through in his life.”

“He seems perfectly normal to me.  A bit shy perhaps but . . .”  Miyuki began, only to be interrupted.

“He was tortured, Miyuki.  The boy was put through so many rigorous tests to become a pilot in one of those awful Muggle
wars.  He had the emotions beaten out of him.  Who knows what else the madman raising him did.”  Hatsu shook her head,
needing Miyuki to understand how fragile Heero’s psyche could be.  “Odin died when he was very young.  He taught our Yosei
to be an assassin and then he died and left him in the care of . . . of a maniac bent on destruction and death.”

Miyuki’s eyes were swimming in tears.  “We should have done something.  We should have gone after them.”

Hatsu shook her head, resting a hand on Miyuki’s arm.  “We didn’t know.  We had to take care of Kirei.”

“He was supposed to take Yosei to his parents . . . not to steal him away from all of us.”  Miyuki’s tears fell now, dripping from
her chin.  “Losing him broke Kirei more than the Cruciatus Curse.  If he had been here with her . . . if she could have held him .
. .”

“She has,”  Hatsu smiled, cupping her younger sister’s cheek.  “That’s where I found him.  I was visiting Kirei and I stepped
out for a moment.  And when I came back he was there.”  She paused, taking a breath.  “She spoke, Miyuki.  She spoke to him
and stroked his cheek.”

Miyuki raised her trembling hands to her mouth, her tears falling again.  “She’s coming back to us,” she said with a breathless

Hatsu nodded.  “Go, contact the others.  Tell them the joyous news.”  When Miyuki turned to go, Hatsu grasped her wrist.  
“Tell them not to come all at once.  Spread the news . . . but keep Heero’s fragility in mind.”

Miyuki nodded.  “I will,”  she said, then twisted her wrist from Hatsu’s grasp.

Hatsu could only watch her leave, hoping that this was the right thing to do.  Was it too soon to introduce Heero to the others?

To Be Continued . . .