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Notes:  Duo pays Trowa a visit.  LIME ahead!

Soldiers of Sorcery

Part Thirty-Eight

Duo approached the bedroom with a mixture of joy and worry sweeping through his mind and heart.  He was happy that he
could finally spend some time with Trowa, but was worried about how Trowa was doing.  After all, Trowa had just heard that
Catherine was in Azkaban.  Granted Duo hadn’t gotten the best first impression of the young woman and her actions toward
Trowa before school had started was hardly inspiring.  But if what she had said in her letter was true, and he had a strong
feeling that it was, then he honestly didn’t know what to believe about her.

He knocked twice on the door before entering and gave Trowa a sad smile.  Trowa was sitting on the bed with his back
propped against the headboard and Max curled up at his feet.  “Hey there, Trowa.  How are you holding up?”  He walked over
and sat beside him, lightly brushing his fingers over the brunette’s knee.  “I’m sure everything will turn out all right.”  He leaned
over and rested his head against Trowa’s shoulder.  He wanted to just take Trowa in his arms, but knew that he had to get to
that point slowly.  The last thing he wanted was to make Trowa nervous.

Trowa sighed and wrapped an arm around Duo, pulling him closer to his side.  “I don’t know if it was easier thinking that she
hated me, or knowing that . . . that something magical made her hurt me like that.”

Duo nodded against Trowa’s firm shoulder.  “It’s better to have family, I think.”  He yelped as he suddenly found himself lifted
and settled with his legs across Trowa’s lap, looking deep into Trowa’s forest-green eyes.  “Trowa?”

Trowa shook his head with a small smile on his face.  “You have a family, Duo.  You have all of us - me especially.”  A soft pair
of lips caressed his cheek, slipping closer to whisper in his ear.  “I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been here.”

A sharp voice from the doorway had both youths turning.  “If you two are going to get all sappy with each other, I’m leaving.”  
Wufei’s words held a warmth, despite the sharpness of his tone.  “If you need me, I’ll be in the Common Room practicing my
abilities.”  He walked over and placed a strong hand on Duo’s shoulder.  “However, Barton has a point.  You are my brother in
all ways that matter to me, and I dislike seeing your distress.  I much prefer you when you’re annoying me.  At least then your
feelings are more cheerful.”

Duo felt a wave of gratitude toward Wufei and didn’t fight the smile from spreading across his features.  “Thanks, Wufei.  That
means a lot to me.”

Wufei smiled a little and nodded.  “I shall be in the Common Room.  We have one or two allies in this tower, so I should be safe
enough for the time being.”

Trowa spoke up, worry evident in his voice.  “If you’re leaving, I’d feel better if you took Max with you since Quatre’s not
here to accompany you.  Where is Quatre anyway?”

Duo answered.  “He’s apparently been feeling some side effects from that potion he has to take, so his love muffin took him to
see Snape.  I hope they can get it all sorted out.  I hate seeing Quatre so ... Lost; I think is the right word.”  He shifted his body
until he was straddling Trowa’s thighs, then leaned back to rest on his haunches.  “It’s almost like he’s fading away right before
our eyes.”

Wufei crouched down to gather Mei up into his arms.  The kitten was so small and quiet that it would be easy for forget she
was there.  She nuzzled her furry head against Wufei as he stood again.  “I’ll be going now,” he said, bowing slightly before he
turned and left.  Max followed about two steps behind him.

Duo frowned in confusion.  “Huh!  I wonder why Wufei took Mei out of the room with him.  She usually stays on his bed and
sleeps.”  He closed his eyes and forgot any thoughts about Wufei or his kitten when Trowa pulled him into a close hug.  He had
always loved getting hugs.  They made him feel safe.  And Trowa’s embraces only enhanced that feeling of security, despite his
anxieties over Quatre’s failing health.  “Trowa?”

Trowa leaned down and tentatively nuzzled Duo’s neck. His breath was hot against Duo’s skin as he softly spoke. “I’m sure
that Professors Potter and Snape are doing everything they possibly can to help Quatre.  He’s very strong, even with all that he’
s been through.  You should know that.  Besides, worrying won’t help Quatre.”

Duo sighed and relaxed a little against Trowa.  “You’re right.  I know you’re right.  But ... feelings never listen to logic.”  He
smiled ruefully.  “I guess that’s a part of what makes us human.”  He let his body mould itself against Trowa, fully relaxing
himself in the comforting hold.  He enjoyed the snuggling.  It made him feel loved.  He giggled a little as Trowa experimentally
ran his fingers up along Duo's sides.  "That tickles, Tro."

Trowa's voice rumbled against Duo's ear, making him shiver.  "Let me kiss you?" he asked with a soft whisper.

Duo smiled and raised his head, willing to give the brunette all that he had and more.  Trowa's kisses were even better than his
hugs.  He closed his eyes as Trowa's lips met his own.  A quick thrill shot up Duo's spine, telling him that there was something
different about this kiss.  There was a hunger to it, a passion Trowa had never shown quite so quickly before.  Duo opened his
mouth without prompting and jumped in a pleasant surprise when Trowa's tongue immediately sought entrance.  It had usually
taken Duo a couple of minutes of encouragement before Trowa would make a move like that.  Trowa was acting a little
aggressive today, and it thrilled Duo to no end.

When they broke the kiss, Duo let his head fall back as Trowa all but attacked his neck with an odd abandon.  "I ... I don't
know where this is coming from," Duo panted, his fingers twining in Trowa's hair.  "But I like it!"

Trowa's hands returned, rubbing at Duo's sides more firmly.  He pulled back and gazed deeply into Duo's eyes.  "I'm still not
ready to go all the way with you yet.  But I want to please you.  You deserve so much, as much as I can give you and more."

Duo felt himself swimming in Trowa's vibrant eyes and if his heart could melt it would be a puddle in his chest right about
now.  He smiled happily.  "Everything you're willing to give me, I'm willing to accept and return in kind tenfold.  You've already
given me so much."  He closed his eyes then, as Trowa leaned in to claim another kiss and shuddered when he felt Trowa's
hands on his chest, thumbs flicking across covered nipples.  Duo hoped that this was a hint of what was to come.  He'd always
preferred the submissive role ... despite his choice of profession and being used for other men's pleasure time and time again.

He nipped gently at Duo's ear, bringing him from his thoughts.  "Stop it ... you're dwelling in the past."  There was a softness of
understanding in Trowa's voice, and in his eyes as he pulled back enough to stare deeply into Duo's own.  "Don't go there,
Duo.  Stay here, with me."

Duo relaxed and leaned against Trowa, nuzzling Trowa's chest with his face.  "There's no place I'd rather be," he said with a
soft sigh, loving the way Trowa's arms encircled him and held him close, his hands lovingly rubbing across his back.

A moment later, those comforting touches turned sensual.  Trowa's hands were rubbing enticingly as his mouth sought out as
many sensitive parts of Duo's body that he could reach.

Clothing was removed and tossed aside, until Duo and Trowa were down to just their pants.  Duo groaned, throwing his head
back as Trowa's blunt nails grazed across his heated skin, settling at his waist while Trowa's mouth bit and licked at the junction
of his throat and shoulder.  Then those nimble fingers began working at the zipper of his pants and Duo's eyes flew wide.

"Tro?" Duo gasped, any thought he had left in his brain disappearing as Trowa's skilled hand delved into his trousers to pull his
rapidly hardening shaft free.

Trowa's voice was shaking, though not with fear.  "I want to please you," he said, shuddering.

Duo glanced down, his mouth practically watering as he watched Trowa fumble with the catch of his own pants, pulling his
own length out just as he had Duo's.  The sight of Trowa's bared flesh made Duo's shaft twitch in anticipation, a pearly droplet
of moisture collecting at the tip.

Duo opened his mouth, meaning to say something, only to have any words silenced as Trowa's skilled mouth claimed his lips in
a searing kiss.  The long-haired brunette quickly lost himself in the moment, hips rocking forward as Trowa's hand curled
around his member, stroking slowly at first.

Duo grabbled to hold onto something, reaching around and delving his hands down the back of Trowa's pants.  The feel of
Trowa's smooth skin left Duo groaning, feeling himself harden at an impossible, yet wonderful rate.

Panting, Trowa pulled his lips away, shifting his hands until he held both of their achingly hard erections in his fists.  Duo hissed
out a breath, pressing forward, feeling the scorching hot flesh of Trowa's shaft pressed so delightfully against his own.  Trowa
shivered as Duo's slight movement ground them together, so Duo repeated the action, wanting to see Trowa lose himself in

It didn't take much effort on Duo's part.  Trowa gasped, panting for air.  He curled his hand around both of them, dragging his
fist and twisting, moving in a way that gave them both equal attention.  Duo needed to get closer, he couldn't resist.  He ground
forward, digging his fingers into Trowa's buttocks, throwing his head back as he lost himself in this decadent moment.

It wasn't long before either of them found release.  Trowa was first, coming with a silent gasp of breath, his seed splattering the
both of them as it released in spurting waves, never ceasing his jerking motions around either of them.  The sight alone left Duo
shuddering, the feel of Trowa's seed splattering them enough to drive Duo to the brink and drop over the edge.  Duo practically
screamed Trowa's name in his ecstasy, rocking forward against Trowa’s hot hand, spilling himself across those slender,
talented fingers.  His very bones shuddered as his cock continued to twitch in aftermath, their sticky semen intermingling and
staining their sweaty bodies.

They fell together to bed, sated and happy.  Duo held himself close to Trowa, not willing to part even at the unpleasant
stickiness between them.  Duo closed his eyes, humming softly as Trowa pressed a light kiss to his forehead.  "That was
wonderful," he whispered, snuggling against his lover.

Trowa's hand rubbed along his arm, and then slid across to caress his back in soothing motions.  "We should get cleaned up."

"Not yet," Duo replied with a happy sigh.  "I just wanna hold you a little longer."

"All right," Trowa agreed, settling his arms in a delicate drape around Duo's sated body.

Duo couldn't remember ever feeling so happy before in his life.  He wanted the moment to last, even for just a few minutes

To Be Continued ...