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Notes:  Quatre finds himself in danger.

Soldiers of Sorcery

Part Thirty-Nine

Quatre ran blindly through the school corridors.  He had no idea as to where he was going, and he didn't care.  All he knew was
that he had to get away.  Away from Snape, away from Harry, away from everyone.  Somehow, he ended up in the Astronomy

"Well, well, well.  What have we here?"  A flash of blonde hair and grey eyes and a familiar sneer spoke more than the voice
did.  Draco Malfoy tilted his head and smirked.  "Not so tough without your pet teacher protecting you, are you?"  He looked
around.  "And no sign of your friends either.  A more perfect opportunity I couldn't ask for."

Quatre tried to back away as best as he could with his head swirling as if he'd been spinning for an hour and then just suddenly
stopped.  "Please, I haven't done anything to you.  Can't you just let me pass?"

Draco snorted and shoved Quatre.  "You're a mass murderer and you're still in Gryffindor?  What a laugh!  It's disgusting you're
even allowed in this school.  I should drag you down into Slytherin and let them do what they want.  You're lucky it's just me."

In a blur, Malfoy was suddenly attacking him.  He was tired, far too tired and his reactions weren't fast enough.  A sharp jab to
the stomach brought Quatre to his knees.  When the punches and kicks started landing, Quatre simply curled into a ball to
protect himself.  The pain mounted.  Most of the kicks stuck his arms, but a few managed to connect with his stomach.  At
some point, his robes and shirt were torn away, but he didn't have the sense to question why.  His body practically sang with
pain.  In his ears, all that he heard was the beating of his heart.  One final kick slammed him in the face and a sharp crack
echoed in his ears as the blood began to flow freely from his nose.

He was tired and confused, lost in a daze.  It took several painful breaths to realize the beating had even stopped and by then a
hand had roughly gripped his face.  "My master is so eager to meet you, Quatre Raberba Winner," Malfoy's cold voice hissed.

Quatre blinked blearily.  His eyes focused on the other blonde's face, meeting his eyes.  The grey orbs shifted, like a ripple in
otherwise calm water.  The color changed from pale grey to a deep brown, and then back again in an instant.  Quatre blinked
again.  He couldn't have just seen that.  A sense of unease welled in his chest.  This was wrong.  The face above him wasn't
right.  It was a disguise, a lie.  Quatre could see it now.  He simply couldn't see the face beneath.

"Who are you?" he questioned, blood dribbling from his lips.  No answer would be heard though, as his consciousness fled his
grasp.  The last thought he had was to worry if the last dose of the potion he had taken would still be in effect, or if he would
find himself wandering in his sleep again.


Wufei sat in the library and gazed into the fire.  Max and Mei were beside him.  Mei was already asleep, curled up beside the
panther who acted as protection against anyone in the Common Room who meant Wufei harm.  With Max there, everyone was
keeping their distance.  Plus there were still a couple of people here that saw them as friends.  If something were to happen,
Wufei felt confident that he would be aided.

He cleared his mind and stared into the flickering flames.  His intent was to practice his sight.  It couldn't be too different from
his usual forms of meditation.  All he felt he needed to do was to relax and allow the vision to come to him.  He kept his eyes
open and breathed deeply, remaining absolutely still as he gave every facet of attention to the way the flames danced before his

Slowly, as they had before, shapes began to appear in the flames.  It was difficult to make out what was going on at first, but
over time the images became more clear.  It seemed to be the same as the last vision he'd had.  Someone was being attacked.  
Articles of clothing had been stripped away from the victim - though his pants remained - and his body was riddled with injuries.

Wufei strained to see better, an ache beginning in his head as he pushed his limits.  He had to get better.  And perhaps this vision
was an important one.  Maybe he was supposed to stop this.  Unless of course it had happened at some point in the past.  But
this didn't feel like the past.  He didn't understand how he knew, but it was a strong feeling in him.

"Who are you?" a faint voice asked.

Suddenly, the image came into sharp focus and Wufei was horrified by the sight.  Quatre was being brutally beaten.  Draco
Malfoy hovered over his bloody body, a smirk playing across his cruel features.

Wufei jerked himself out of the vision.  Perhaps too fast, as a wave of dizziness threatened to topple him completely.  The fever
ignited in his head and was quick to spread throughout the rest of his body, leaving him feeling worn out and ready to collapse.  
He staggered to his feet and headed for the stairs to the dorm, ignoring the shaking of his limbs.  Duo and Trowa had to hear of


Duo was sleeping peacefully for the first time in a long time.  Resting in the arms of someone he had feeling for was more
relaxing then he ever thought it would be.  He snuggled into the warm embrace, content to remain there.  But that apparently
wasn't going to happen.

He was jolted awake at the sound of someone crying out in his mind.  The voice was familiar and his heart raced in fear.  He
somehow knew that someone he cared about was in incredible danger.  "Trowa?  Trowa!"  He grabbed a hold of his lover's
shoulders and shook him frantically.  He couldn't stop the fear.  He didn't understand how he had even heard that voice.  And
the fear just wouldn't leave him.  He knew it wasn't his own, but that didn't explain anything either.  How the hell was he feeling
anyone else's feelings anyway?  He couldn't do that!

Trowa winced and opened his eyes.  "What is it?"

"Can't you HEAR it?"  Duo tried to cover his ears, but it did nothing to block out the sounds or feelings of sheer terror that
swept through him.

Tilting his head, as if to listen, Trowa narrowed his eyes.  After a moment, his forest green eyes widened and he nodded.  "It's
faint, but yes.  What is it?"  He sat up and wrapped his arms around himself.  "I feel cold ... and scared.  But I don't really feel
scared.  I don't understand."

"This is some freaky shit," Duo groaned, the cold beginning to touch him, making his fingertips feel almost numb.

Wufei burst into the room, trailed by Max who carried Mei in his mouth.  "Quatre!  Something's wrong with Quatre!"  He
shouted, then dropped to his knees.

Duo and Trowa were up and across the room in a hurry.  They knelt on either side of their friend, trying to steady him.  "Shit,
Fei, you're burning up."  Duo pulled his hands back, frowning at the intense heat coming off of the Chinese youth.  It was as if
there were a furnace just beneath his skin.

"What was that about Quatre?"  Trowa inquired.

Wufei dropped his face into trembling hands.  "I was practicing.  Downstairs.  Looking in the fire to tune my ... gift.  I SAW
Quatre being beaten by Malfoy."

Duo's eyes widened with the sudden realization of the owner of the voice in his head, the sudden fear that gripped his heart.  It
was Quatre.  Somehow, he was hearing and feeling Quatre.  "We have to tell Dumbledore."

Trowa nodded.  He left Wufei's side briefly and grabbed a couple shirts.  throwing one to Duo, he pulled the other one over his
head.  When they were both dressed, they helped Wufei up.  "Come on, Max.  We have to get to Dumbledore.  Find him for us."

The panther turned and headed back down the stairs.  Trowa and Duo had to help Wufei along, as the young man was
practically unconscious.  Duo could only hope that they'd be in time to help their friend.


Hatsu was smiling as she opened the door to admit the first visitor to the house.  Her sister, Etsu pulled her into a heated
embrace.  "I could hardly believe it when Miyuki told me.  It is really Yosei?"

Hatsu pulled away and nodded.  "It really is him."  She noticed her sister's wandering eyes.  "He's upstairs sleeping.  He needs
the rest after all the turmoil he's been through today."

"Are the others here yet?"

"No, not yet."  She knew who Etsu was referring.  Their other sisters, Shizu and Namiko.  And their one and only brother,
Kiyoshi.  Out of the Lin family, Hatsu was the eldest and Kirei the youngest sister.  Kiyoshi was younger still, though by only
mere minutes as he was her twin.  After Hatsu, was Etsu, then Shizu, Namiko and finally Miyuki before the twins Kirei and
Kiyoshi.  Out of them all, only Hatsu and Kiyoshi had never married or had children.  Hatsu didn't know if that was good or bad
though.  Most of her sisters had good marriages, but then there was Miyuki who'd had to flee her own when her husband
became abusive.  That man would never set foot near Miyuki or the children again.

The barking of her nephew's three-headed dog pulled her from her thoughts.  She turned and looked up at the stairs,
concerned.  She smiled back to Etsu though, not wanting to cause her sister worry.  "Stay here, I'll go see if he's awake," she
said gently and ushered her sister toward the sitting room.

Etsu didn't put up much of a fight.  Hatsu quickly headed up the stairs and to the closed door of Heero's bedroom.  As soon as
she turned the knob, she knew that something was wrong.  There was a strange sensation prickling her skin with goosebumps.  
She pushed the door in and the puppy ran out, yipping and barking as it circled her feet in a panic.

Hatsu gasped upon finding her nephew.  The boy was sitting at the small desk in the room.  The drawers of the desk had been
yanked out and were lying scattered on the floor.  In his hand was an old quill that must have been inside one of those drawers.  
He was writing, his hand moving in a blur.  But it wasn't until she drew closer that she saw what it was he was scrawling.

He had no ink, nor parchment.  That was the first things that she noticed.  But he had found a substitute for both.  Blood was
pooling on the wooden surface of the desk around the arm he'd set on it.  Hatsu could see a number of puncture marks to his
wrist, as if he'd just jammed the quill through his skin to get the fluid he needed on the tip.  For parchment he was using the
desk itself.  Words were scrolled in stark red across the pale-colored wood.  "Quatre.  Pain.  Help," were repeated over and over
again, along with a number of other words and even a few numbers.  They were meaningless to Hatsu, but to Heero they must
mean something.

"Heero," she uttered, grabbing his shoulders to get him to face her.

Her eyes widened in shock at the sight of his eyes.  His normally beautiful blue eyes were covered in a haze of white, as if a
thick cloud had passed over them.  Still, he continued to write, even though Hatsu had turned him away from the surface.

She shook his shoulders roughly, trying to snap him out of the trance he was stuck in.  In desperation, she brought a hand
sharply to his cheek, the slap echoing in the quiet of the room.

Slowly, the haze faded from Heero's eyes and he blinked up at Hatsu tiredly.  "What's going on?" he asked, his voice slurring as
if he'd just woken from a deep sleep.  The quill fell from between his slack fingers and he slumped forward into his aunt's arms.

"It's okay, Heero.  Nothing to worry about," she said, not wanting to upset the boy.  "You've just been walking in your sleep and
I want to get you back into bed."

"Oh.  All right."  He struggled to get up.  Hatsu helped him.  He happened to glance down at his arm and noticed the bloody
wounds on his wrist.  "I'm hurt?  Why am I bleeding?"

"Don't you worry about that either.  I'll take care of it."  She didn't put him back into his own bed though.  Instead, she took him
out of the room and helped him walk through the hall.

"Where are we going?"

"Oh, there's blood on your sheets and I want to get it cleaned up."  She rubbed a hand along his bare arm, her other arm keeping
a firm grip around his thin waist.  "You can use my room for now."

Heero nodded.  He ran a hand across his face wearily.  His eyes were barely open as Hatsu helped him.  As soon as he was in
her bed, he was asleep again.  She quickly bandaged his wrist and tucked him in, brushing a hand through his thick dark hair.  
He turned toward the affectionate touch and Hatsu smiled briefly.  The puppy pawing at her leg was picked up and placed on the
bed and Hatsu ran to the nearest fireplace.  Dumbledore had to hear of this.

To Be Continued ...