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Notes: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.


Part One


Ianto Jones was good at keeping secrets.  He was just as good at lying.  He'd spent a good deal of his childhood telling
half-truths and falsehoods.  To teachers, hospital staff and anyone else who made it necessary.

"I slipped," was a common one.  As was, "I'm just clumsy."  Trying to explain away the bruises.

"It was an accident.  He didn't mean to push so hard."  Making excuses for broken limbs on more than one occasion.  He'd
been eight the first time he'd dislocated his shoulder.

As soon as he could, he'd run away from it all.  From his family, from his home.  He'd gone to London, attended university.  
He thought he could start fresh, stop the lies.  And for a while he did.  Everything was good.  He had a job.  He had Lisa.

The Cybermen and Daleks had ripped that all way from him.

He'd been forced to return.  Hiding things once again, lying and keeping secrets.  But it was okay this time, because he was
doing it to save Lisa.  What Torchwood 3 didn't know wouldn't hurt them.  As soon as Lisa was better, he'd take her away and
they'd live a new life together.  Far away from Cardiff, from Torchwood.

It turned out, he was only lying to himself.

Now here he was, in his one-bedroom flat, keeping one last secret.

He was on suspension.  Lisa had been found.  It was horrible.  Three people were dead and Ianto was facing an uncertain
future.  He wasn't stupid enough to think that Jack wouldn't change his mind and Retcon him once his suspension was up.

Ianto choked on a bitter laugh.  No, they wouldn't Retcon him, not immediately anyway.  In his present state, the threat was
too high.  Jack might take pity on him and wait a few months instead of risking a life.

"Too many secrets," he murmured, running his hands through his hair.

This was his last day on suspension.  Tomorrow, it would all be over, one way or another.

He wouldn't be going in.  Let them come to him.  If they were going to Retcon him or kill him, he'd rather not walk into it
himself.  But he wouldn't run away either.  He'd sit and wait.  There was no point anymore.  Lisa was gone.  What good would
it do to run anyway?

Jack would show up eventually, unless he sent one of the others to do his dirty work for him.  No, Jack would come himself,
Ianto was sure of that.

Tomorrow, Jack would storm through his front door and see what Ianto was hiding from the world.  Ianto's time was up.  It
couldn't be hidden any longer.  Torchwood One had known.  And then, only Lisa had known.  And she was gone now.  No
one would help him.  Oh, he might make a nice experiment for Owen, but that was the most hopeful of his thoughts on the
subject.  He'd likely be dissected, taken apart and studied like another alien oddity.

After all, it wasn't every day a man announced he was pregnant.

Whatever explanation he could come up with wouldn't be good enough.  He was as good as a lab experiment already.  Actually,
that's what he was, though not on purpose.  But Jack wouldn't believe that.

Really, how could Ianto explain that he was pregnant?  As soon as the words left his mouth, or when Jack set his eyes on him,
he'd be sedated and find himself locked in a cell next to Janet.

Ianto groaned and rolled over in bed.  He'd been dealing with this for five months now.  He'd been lucky the Cybermen hadn't
attacked any later, or his plans for Cardiff wouldn't have been possible.  As it was, he had just been starting to show when his
plans had all crumbled to dust.  Now a full month later, there was no way he could hide his condition.  Well, maybe if he wore
a really baggy shirt.

He passed a hand across his stomach, undisturbed by the swell of his abdomen.  He'd had months to get used to the idea.  The
first time he hadn't been able to fasten his trousers, he'd broken down and cried.  His emotional outbursts were few and far
between.  He blamed it on the hormones, even though he didn't know how any of this was possible.

Doctor Jenson had explained it to him.  An accident with alien tech.  Stupid junior researchers fooling around and Ianto had
been the one to suffer for it, just because he was the newest member of the team and the easiest target for a prank.  They were
all dead now.  Jenson and the idiot researchers who should have known better.

The baby was human.  And was growing at a normal rate.  Well, normal for women.  For Ianto it was all quite weird and he'd
seen a lot in his time at Torchwood.  He was five months pregnant and not looking forward to Jack's reaction.

All he could hope, was that the child wouldn't be harmed.

To Be Continued ...