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Notes: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.


Part Four

Jack was staring across his office at absolutely nothing.  He tapped the pen he was holding against the blotter.  The paperwork
he was supposedly doing, was lying in front of him as blank as it had been since he'd sat down.  For the past hour, he had been
thinking.  Thinking about Ianto.  All the secrets and the lies.  He couldn't believe he had overlooked everything quite so badly.

His office door banged open and Owen Harper stalked in.  The medic let out an exasperated breath and slumped down into the
chair in front of Jack's desk.

"So?" Jack asked, watching as Owen slouched.

"He's pregnant," Owen announced.

"Brilliant deduction, Doctor Harper!" Jack grinned and threw the pen onto the desk.  He leaned back in his chair.

"Oh, ha-ha."  Owen rolled his eyes.  "There's nothing out of the ordinary beyond that.  Blood pressure is low, but it's not
uncommon and shouldn't take much to treat.  He needs more fluids.  The fetus is healthy and growing at a normal rate.  From
what I could get from Ianto, he's about five months along and all the tests agree with that.  Fetus is the right size for about
twenty weeks of growth."

"Is he in any danger?"  He looked to the door.  "And where is he?  You didn't just leave him alone, did you?"  He had the feeling
that Ianto would run off at the first opportunity he got.

"He's healthy.  Needs to eat more, but he's healthy.  Don't worry.  He won't be going anywhere.  Not unless he likes walking
around without trousers."

"You stole his clothes?"

Owen picked up a paperweight and began tossing it from hand to hand.  "They're up in the tourist office.  Well, outside the door
at any rate.  Bit busy up there, a school trip or something."

Jack grinned.  "You're a devious man, Doctor Harper.  So, what do you suggest we do?"

"If it were up to me, I'd say keep him here to make sure he eats properly, but that will be murder on his nerves."  He frowned in
thought.  "You say he's got some decent food at his place?"

Jack nodded.  "He might have had a hard time eating it with all the stress, but I saw items made with meat and vegetables.  
Healthy food that will do him good.  Hearty home-cooked meals prepared by a lovely Polish grandmother."

"Since when does he have a Polish grandmother?"

Jack couldn't help but grin.  "Since he moved in next door to her."

"Well, at least someone's looking out for him," Owen said, rolling his shoulders.  "All right.  I'll work up an eating plan for him,
and I'll be monitoring him on a weekly basis.  Checking his weight and vitals."  He stood up again.  "He doesn't want Gwen or
Tosh to know?"

Jack shook his head.  "I think we should back off him a little bit.  Let him take it easy.  Give him a few days to calm down."

Owen nodded.  "Of the two of them, I'd suggest Tosh.  She's much more toned down of the two women.  Gwen ..."  He
paused and went oddly contemplative.  "She's too ... strong-willed.  She's more likely to come off as a bully and send the kid
into a nervous breakdown."

"That's not our decision though.  It's up to him whether he wants to tell anyone or not and it's hardly likely we'll be throwing him
a baby shower any time soon."

Owen placed the paperweight back onto Jack's desk.  He didn't say anything.

Jack broke the uncomfortable silence by clapping his hands together loudly.  "Let's get lunch.  He was hungry before, if the
growling of his stomach was anything to judge by."

"Right," Owen agreed, nodding.  "Tea Boy needs to eat.  When are Tosh and Gwen due back?"

"Who knows," Jack replied.  He looked at his watch and frowned.  "Could be any time now.  The errands I sent them on weren't
that time consuming.  I was only hoping for long enough to get Ianto scanned and back home."

He walked out of his office with Owen trailing behind him.  At first glance, he didn't see Ianto and felt a flash of concern.  Had
Ianto gone up to get his clothes despite the possibility of being seen by the general population?  But no.  Jack saw him.  He was
in the kitchenette, bent over in front of the open refrigerator.  Little of him was visible, his upper body obscured by the door,
though his lower half was displayed quite well.  He was only wearing his under garments and Jack was definitely enjoying the
view.  The waistband dipped lower on his body than it normally would, the swell of his stomach kept it from circling him

Jack hummed appreciatively.  "What a beautiful view."

Owen made a gagging sound behind him.  Ianto jerked upright and looked over, his cheeks flushing a bright crimson.  A
chocolate-covered biscuit dangled precariously from his mouth.

"Oi!" Owen yelled.  He stalked over to the Welshman and snatched the chocolatey treat from his lips.  Then he bent and
rummaged around in the fridge.  Slamming the door shut, he slapped something green into Ianto's hand.

Ianto looked down at it dubiously.  "Celery?" he asked.  "Why do we even have celery?"

"You need to be eating healthy."

Ianto rolled his eyes.  "It's not like I was cramming an entire cake down my throat."  He dropped the celery into a nearby bin.  
"It was only one biscuit.  There's nothing else to eat here.  Honestly, did none of you bother to do any shopping while I was
gone?  And don't even get me started on the lack of cleaning.  I swear there was something furry in there crawling away from
me."  He gestured to the fridge.

Jack smiled.  "Owen, get him home and fed.  He's got some delicious and thoughtfully prepared leftovers waiting for him."

"You're not coming?" Ianto asked, softer and a bit unsure.  He wrapped his arms around himself, not able to meet Jack's gaze.

"I'll meet you there.  There's something I need to get," Jack replied, then headed off into the archives.  He knew of something
there that could prove to be quite useful.


Ianto glared all the while as he pulled on his clothes.  He couldn't believe Owen had put them outside the Tourist Office
entrance.  No, wait, he could believe it.  It was just like him.  The wanker.

Owen was impatiently tapping his foot, his keys jangling noisily as he watched the rolling door.  "Come on.  We haven't got all

Ianto finished with his shoes and carefully stood up from the ratty old couch.  He had taken only one step when he stopped.

The medic interpreted his pause as a health issue.  He rushed over, grabbing at Ianto's arm.  "You okay?  What is it?  Dizzy
spell?  Nauseous?"

"No," Ianto shook his head.  He looked at Owen.  "How can I go out there like this?"  He placed both of his hands over his
stomach. To him, it was bulging obscenely, as if he had swallowed a football. "They'll see me.  They'll know."

Owen rolled his eyes and snorted.  "That's it?  That's what you're scared of?"  He walked away, then spun and faced him again.  
"Just act casual and people will write it off as you having a beer gut or too much junk food."

"You can't be serious!"

"Look, either we go out amongst a million people who won't even look twice at that bump, or we wait around here for Gwen
and Tosh to get back and they won't write it off so easily."

"Point taken," Ianto said, sobered by the thought of his coworkers seeing him in this condition.  It was bad enough that Jack and
Owen knew.  "Let's go."  He tugged down on his shirt once more, though it only rode back up over the bump as he walked.


The ride back to his flat was quiet and uncomfortable.  Sitting in the passenger seat of Owen's car, he was overcome with
worry again.  His neighbors weren't the same as random strangers on the street.  He didn't know most of them.  But they were
people he passed in the hall, a number of those he sometimes spoke to.  Not about anything in particular, but idle chitchat about
the weather and such.  And then there was Mrs. Koladka.

In some ways she made him feel like a much-loved, albeit adopted, grandson with how she fussed over him.  He'd first met her
when he initially moved in and had helped her carry her shopping to her flat when it looked like she was having trouble.  She had
called him a dear boy and thanked him with a small basket of foodstuff when she learned he hadn't done his own shopping yet.  
Since then, she had taken it upon herself to look after him.  It had been her he'd found comfort in on that horrible night after Lisa
had died.  It wasn't like he could ring his sister and tell her that his half-converted girlfriend had killed a scientist he had brought
in to help her and a pizza delivery girl who had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It would have made an
interesting conversation, but not something he could bring up.  Of course he hadn't told Mrs. Koladka any of that either.  But she
hadn't asked any questions.  She'd only held him and offered the comfort of her presence.

He was pulled from his thoughts when Owen stopped the car and made a slight grunt.  "Tell me you gave me the wrong

Ianto looked over and shook his head.  "No.  This is the place."  He got out and headed for the door.  The sooner he got into his
flat, the better.  If luck was on his side for once this day, he'd get to safety with no one seeing him.  He didn't run, even though
he wanted to.  That would have winded him and he needed his breath to climb the stairs to his flat.  He could hear Owen
grumbling the whole way.

They were barely through the door when Owen exclaimed, "Jesus!  Don't tell me you actually pay to live in this broom

Ianto, who had been happy that he'd avoided being seen by his neighbors, turned to give the medic a confused frown.  "It's not
that bad," he said.

"You have no furniture."

"I have what I need."  He was being honest.  Though there was little, he did have what he needed.  There was a couch with a
single end table on the side he habitually sat on.  There was a bookcase against one wall, filled to bursting with not only books
but DVDs as well.  He even had a television.  Not a large one, but it was enough.  He'd only bought it because he needed some
distraction, something to fill the silent emptiness of his flat.

Owen was in his kitchen now, giving it a critical eye.  There wasn't much to it.  Ianto hadn't bothered to get a table or chairs.  
He hadn't really expected to stay here once Lisa was better.  He hadn't considered that she never would be.

"Where's your coffee maker?" Owen asked, breaking Ianto from his thoughts.

"I don't have one."  He shrugged.

Owen spluttered, but didn't seem capable of making any actual words.

Ianto rolled his eyes at the display.  "Well, I wasn't planning to live out my life here, was I?  This was just ... just a pit stop while
Lisa ..."  He trailed off, unable to continue.  It was still painful to speak her name.  Just thinking it hurt.  She had been everything
to him.

Owen's voice was shockingly understanding.  "Life's a bitch, mate.  Sit down and let me see what you've got to eat."

Ianto did sit down, and he was grateful to remove his shoes.  He wasn't too far along just yet, but his feet ached with the
unfamiliar added weight.  And he was so very tired.  Ever since Canary Wharf he'd been terrified.  Worried of being found out,
not only for Lisa but for the baby he carried.  He still wasn't convinced that this wasn't all some trick to lure him into
complacency before treating him like a lab rat as Torchwood One had done.

He did want to believe they meant him no harm though.  Jack and Owen could have done anything to him in the Hub and no one
would have ever known.  Instead, he had the resident bastard of a doctor poking about in his kitchen and making sure he ate
properly.  Ianto would have wept with relief if he weren't so exhausted.  He leaned over and closed his eyes, just meaning to rest
for a moment.


Owen opened the fridge and noticed the numerous containers of food.  He pulled up the corner of one lid and sniffed at the
contents before smiling very faintly.  "Never had this before, but I can see and smell beets.  Beets are good.  Now, what else
does the Tea Boy have in here?"

After looking through the other containers, he decided on the beet soup.  It looked relatively light and would take the least
amount of time to heat up.  Granted, Ianto needed to gain some weight, but he'd been having a stressful day.  Owen doubted that
the kid would be able to keep anything too heavy down.  With that thought in mind, he dished some up and popped it in the
microwave for a few minutes.

The microwave beeped softly, and Owen grabbed a few saltines from the pantry before heading back to the main room.  He
paused and let out a breath at the sight before him.  Ianto had curled up on his side and fallen asleep.  After a brief deliberation,
he returned to the kitchen to put the soup back into the fridge.

He thoughtfully chewed on one of the saltines as he walked back over to where the pregnant man was sleeping.  He shook his
head with a small smile.  'Poor kid must be exhausted.'  He did want Ianto to put on some weight, but a little nap before Jack got
there would probably do Ianto a world of good.

Owen took the opportunity to snoop around the place.  He wanted to know just what he was dealing with when it came to
Ianto.  Going through the kitchen, he was pleased to see that the guy did have a nicely-stocked pantry.  Pasta with various
sauces, canned soups, rice, vegetables and other dry goods were all neat and orderly.  Ianto's freezer was full of various meats
and vegetables, and he had seen the fridge.  'So his lack of appetite might just be from stress and grief.  Pregnant, alone, his
girlfriend dead, and facing termination in one way or another.  No wonder he dropped a few pounds.'

That done, he had a basic idea of how to outline Ianto's diet.  The kid had the right idea, though, and that was a good thing.  
Owen headed for the bathroom and started looking around in there.  Basic toiletries were all on the sink.  Not necessarily neatly,
but nothing too out-of-place.  Opening the medicine cabinet, Owen poked about.  All he found in there was some basic over the
counter pain medication.  Not harmful for the baby, if taken in moderation.  He gave the bottle a shake.  It sounded full, or close
to it.

He was pulled from his exploration by a knocking on the door, and he headed for the living room in time to keep Ianto from
getting up.  "It's probably Jack.  I'll open the door."

"What if it's one of the neighbors?"  Ianto rubbed sleepily at his right eye.

"Then I'll tell them you're resting and send them packing.  You stay there, Ianto.  I'll reheat the soup for you.  Anything you
want in particular while I'm doing that?"

Ianto pursed his lips in thought.  "Mrs. Koladka makes the best pierogi.  If it isn't too much trouble, would you put two on a
plate for me?  They sort of look like dumplings."

Owen nodded.  "No troubles at all.  While you eat, I'm going to work out a temporary diet for you so you gain some weight.  
You'd be too thin even if you weren't pregnant."

Ianto stared down at his hands.  "I try to eat."  He sighed loudly.  "The morning sickness wasn't so bad before, but the past
couple of days it's been worse.  I can barely keep anything down."

Owen ignored the persistent knocking as he heated up the soup and pierogi and brought them over to the Welshman.  "Stress,"
he concluded.  "You should try to eat several small meals throughout the day instead of three large ones.  It might help.  There
are other remedies.  I'll go over them with you."

The knocking turned to banging as Ianto nodded.

Owen rolled his eyes and yanked the door open.  "Don't you have a key?"

Jack grinned.  "I was trying to be polite."  He stepped past Owen and swaggered into the room.  At seeing Ianto, the wattage in
his smile could have powered all the lights in Cardiff for a month.

Ianto blushed and dropped his attention to his food, apparently deciding it was better to look there than to get ensnared by that
man's devastating charm.  He ate slowly and carefully, far too tense for Owen's liking.  When he finished, Owen took his dishes
and deposited them in the kitchen.  He left them in the sink, having absolutely no intention of cleaning up after anyone, especially
not the Tea Boy.


Jack sat beside Ianto and fiddled with what looked like a plain silver ring.  He was using a small tool to prod at tiny controls that
Ianto couldn't even see.

Ianto settled his hands over his stomach, grimacing at a momentary waft of nausea.  "What is that?" he asked.

Jack didn't look up.  "If I can get it to work, it's something that will help you.  A perception filter of sorts.  Good at concealing
what you don't want seen."  He turned then, pointedly looking at Ianto's belly.  "This way, you can work and not draw attention
to yourself."

"Joy," Ianto said dryly.  "So how does it work?"

Jack grinned brightly.  "To put it as simple as possible, and using terms which even Owen will understand, it's got a doohickey
that alters the dimensions of your body to appear however you want.  Meaning, you can wear those delicious suits of yours."

Owen, having apparently noticed Ianto's discomfort, held a handful of saltines under his nose.  Ianto took them and carefully
munched on the corner of one.  Lisa had bought them for him the first time he'd mentioned his morning sickness to her.  They
helped some, so he'd kept buying them.

"Doohickey?" Owen snapped, glaring at Jack.

Jack shrugged.  "Okay.  I'm not one hundred percent sure of what it is that makes this ring work.  I'm not familiar with the
technology.  The main point, is that it does work.  It's powered mostly by body heat and the electricity generated by the human
body.  I'd still advise caution.  The longer you wear it, the more noticeable the energy drain.  I think you should be fine for three
days straight, but no longer.  So wear it at work and take it off when you're home alone."

Ianto nodded and took the ring, studying it while nibbling on the saltines.  "Or when only you and Owen are around, since you
both know about this."  He sighed.  "I suppose it's back to work as usual tomorrow?"

Owen was in the kitchen, typing away at his laptop and jotting things down on a pad of paper, but he wasn't too far away to be
out of the conversation.  Ianto's flat was rather small.  "You'll be on lighter duties.  Your hours will be limited and I want you to
submit to full checkups on a regular basis."

"We'll tell the girls you've taken ill," Jack added, nodding in agreement.  "They'll worry, but not as much as they would if they
knew the truth."  He gestured to the ring.  "Put it on.  I want to make sure the settings are correct."

Ianto finished the last of his crackers and did as asked.  He slipped the ring onto the middle finger of his left hand.  The effect
was instantaneous.  There was a faint tingling in the skin under the simple metal band.  As he watched, his stomach seemed to
shrink.  For the first time in weeks, his shirt fit properly.

"Wow," he commented, passing his hand over his flat stomach.  "I don't feel any different.  I mean, inside.  It doesn't feel any
different inside."  He lifted the shirt and eyed the unblemished skin.

"Looking good," Jack said, grinning brightly.  "Like I said, don't wear it too much.  And, it only changes your physical form, not
any clothes you're wearing, so make sure you wear appropriate clothing when putting it on or taking it off."  He waggled his
eyebrows.  "Or don't wear anything at all."

"Leave off, Jack," Owen groaned.  He thrust a piece of paper at Ianto.  The medic's messy scrawled handwriting covered the
sheet, front and back.  "That is your diet, stick to it.  In a week, I'll check you over and make any alterations I see fit.  If you
have any problems - dizzy spells, severe vomiting, cramps, anything at all - you come to me immediately."

Ianto took the paper and glanced at it.  Then he took off the ring and placed it carefully on the only surface available, the end
table beside the sofa.  His stomach returned to normal and he frowned down at it, knowing it would only get bigger in the
coming months.  He wasn't looking forward to that.

He yawned and shook his head.  It had been days since he'd had a proper sleep.  To be fair, it had actually been months.  If he
didn't snap awake from nightmares of metal men and robotic voices, he found himself staring blankly up at the ceiling, worrying
over the impending changes in his body and how people would react if he was discovered.

Owen crouched in front of him, his demeanor concerned, though his face showed irritation.  "You only just ate.  You should
wait an hour or two before going to sleep.  Sleeping too soon after eating might make your morning sickness more pronounced,
or cause indigestion."

Ianto rubbed his eyes.  "I know, but I'm just so tired."  He shrugged.  "I suppose I'll just have to deal with it when I wake up."  
All he wanted to do was sleep.  Maybe he'd get more than a couple of hours for a change.

Owen narrowed his eyes briefly.  "Suit yourself.  There are some nausea remedies on the back."  He moved back to the kitchen
and packed up his supplies.  "Do some research.  Find out what works for you."

Ianto glanced at the list, but couldn't make heads or tails of it for the way the words swirled before his eyes.  He blinked and
looked up when Owen touched his shoulder, having not noticed when the man had crossed the room.  "What?"

"Have you been sleeping okay?  With all the shit that's been happening added to your condition, it wouldn't shock me if you were
having problems."

Ianto shrugged, brushing away Owen's concern as well as his hand.  "It's nothing I can't handle."

Owen sighed and stood up.  "All right.  But you let me know if you can't handle it and I'll see about giving you something to
help."  He sneered and moved away, muttering about stubborn tea boys.  He headed for the door, grabbing Jack's arm on the
way and hauling him up from the sofa.  "Come on, boss, let's give the Tea Boy some peace and quiet."

Ianto followed them to the door so he could lock it behind them.  He was brought up short when Jack abruptly stopped and
spun to face him.  "Sir?" he asked, pressing a hand to the man's chest to keep from colliding with him.

Cool blue eyes swept over him in a way that left a strange tingling sensation washing through him.  He drew his fingers back,
self-conscious under the other man's attention.

Jack dropped his hands onto Ianto's shoulders.  "Take it easy, okay?  You don't have to push yourself anymore.  You won't be
retconned or terminated.  If you have anything at all you want to talk about, I'll be there to listen.  I might not be able to help, but
I'm willing to try."

Ianto ducked his head.  A nervous half-smile alighted on his face.  "I doubt you could give me much advice on this."  He cupped
his hand around his belly, rubbing his thumb across the exposed skin.

Sporting a thousand-watt grin and a twinkle in his eyes, Jack answered, "You'd be surprised, Mr. Jones."  He rubbed his hands
on Ianto's shoulders, down his arms and back up again.  His smile dimmed, his eyes losing focus.  "You'd be surprised," he
repeated, his voice softer.

Before Ianto could say anything, Jack was gone.  Ianto blinked at the closed door.  What had that been about?  Was that really
the same man who had threatened to kill him?  Ianto was confused, and not a little bit conflicted.

He had been so certain he would be eliminated in one way or another.  Or at the very least that he would be used as a science
experiment like the researchers at One had been doing.

He found himself shaking as he locked the door.  With arms wrapped around himself, he shuffled back to his bedroom and
crawled into bed.  He'd worry tomorrow.  For now, he was just too tired to deal with it all.

To Be Continued...