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Notes: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.


Part Five

The first thing Ianto Jones did when he woke up, was to stretch his arm across to the vacant side of his bed, searching out the
body that hadn't been there for months.  When his hand found only the cold, empty bedding, he was momentarily confused, his
mind muddled by sleep.  He opened his eyes, blinking sleepily.

Then he remembered.  Lisa was dead.  He wouldn't find her there.

He drew in a sharp breath and released it shakily.  Yesterday had been surreal but it didn't change the fact that his life was shit.

His stomach churned and he curled in on himself, pressing his face into his pillow.  Lisa had been understanding.  When he'd
confessed his secret to her, he'd thought she'd leave him.  Instead, she'd held him close and rubbed his back when the stress of
it all had finally been too much for him and he broke down.  She'd taken care of him, but she was gone now.

He wept until he couldn't anymore.  When his tears stopped, he lay there some more, wallowing in the grief and self-pity.

Yesterday, he had been exhausted.  However, only two hours after Jack and Owen had left, Ianto had found himself wide awake
with as little to do as he'd had for the past month of his suspension.  For several hours he sat and stared at his television, content
to allow his brain to melt so long as it distracted him from his thoughts.  That was why he owned a television.

He'd eaten when he was hungry.  Visited the bathroom far too many times for his liking.  And watched television.  Mind suitably
numbed to reality, he had retreated to his bed again, hoping to get back to work in the morning so he could at least have
something useful to do with his time.  Even if it was only making coffee.  Sitting around any longer would drive him batty.

Countless times he awoke.  Some of those times for no apparent reason.  The others, he'd woken bathed in sweat and tangled in
his bedding, screams echoing in his mind like fading ghosts.

He glanced at his clock.  Bright glowing red numbers declared it to be 4:38 in the morning.  He sighed.  His alarm wasn't due to
go off for another twenty-two minutes, but he wasn't likely to be able to get back to sleep anyway.  Even if he did, it would
hardly be enough to leave him feeling rested.  There was nothing for it.  He would have to get up.

Ianto sat up slowly and stayed there on the edge of the bed for several long seconds.  He found that if he didn't rush himself, he
didn't feel quite so ill in the mornings.  Idly, he wondered if the morning sickness would abate soon, or if he'd be unfortunate
enough to be plagued by it throughout the entirety of his pregnancy as Rhiannon had been with David.  Ianto choked on a bitter
laugh.  He never thought he'd ever have to think thoughts like that before.  Pregnant.  Him.  He wouldn't have believed it half a
year ago.

Cautiously, he got up and padded to the bathroom.  His stomach wasn't bothering him.  That was good.  So, he quickly
showered and went about his usual routine, ending up standing in his kitchen wearing only a towel with a dry piece of toast
dangling from between his teeth.  He didn't have much of an appetite, but it would be better to eat than not to.

Once that was done, he put the ring Jack had given him on and smiled just a little when his stomach flattened on the outside.  At
the very least, he wouldn't feel as if people were staring at him all day.  He quickly dressed in one of his suits.  After he put his
tie on so that it was snug, but not too tight, he gave his appearance one last check.  He was satisfied, so he grabbed his wallet,
mobile phone, and keys before heading out the door.  He made sure to lock the door before heading out.

"Feeling better, mate?"

Ianto smiled kindly at one of his other neighbors, a man about his age, maybe a bit older, whose name he had never learned, and
nodded.  "Yes, thank you.  Good day."  He hurried out of his apartment building.  He didn't like being the center of attention.  He
just wanted to get to work so he could be ignored.

The drive to the Hub didn't take as long as it usually seemed to take him, but maybe that was because he wasn't as anxious to go
in as he used to be.  Lisa wouldn't be there waiting for him, needing him.  He gripped the steering wheel, clenching his eyes
shut.  He would not cry.  Lisa was gone.  There was nothing he could do about it.  All he could do was carry on.  To live out his
life no matter how meaningless it all seemed without her.  The least he could do was see to it this innocent life he carried would
be born healthy.  After that, well he wasn't so sure of anything.

He sat there in the car park, taking deep breaths to calm himself.  Only when he felt sufficiently composed did he get out of the
car and make his way into the Hub.

He'd expected the lights to be dimmed, as they were every day when he arrived.  As Jack lived here, he was generally the only
one here this early in the morning, but the lights were set low when no one else was about.  The others came in at eight or nine.  
Or in Owen's case, whenever he rolled out of bed after a night of heavy drinking and cheap liaisons.

Ianto blinked, raising a hand to shield his eyes from the overly bright lights.  A few of the bulbs were out in the corridor, leaving
this area intensely illuminated in comparison.  He'd have to replace the broken bulbs.  He added that to the mental list he was
compiling of chores that needed doing.

He looked around, trying to decide where he should start.  It looked as if no one had thrown anything out in the past month.  
Pizza boxes and other takeaway containers littered the various surfaces.  His mind boggled at the sheer number of disposable
coffee cups he saw.

True, all of this had been here yesterday but it hadn't registered in his mind.  He'd pointed out the team's uncleanliness, but hadn't
made much out of it.  To be fair, he had been preoccupied and it hadn't really mattered at the time.  Now, it seemed a daunting
task.  This could take him well into the afternoon.  Lord knew what they'd done to his archives.  He shuddered with dread at the
mere thought of it.

He started for the kitchenette - he had some bin liners in one of the cupboards - when he stopped short.  He brought up his wrist
and glanced at his watch.  Then he looked over at the autopsy bay.  Then back to his watch again.

What was Owen Harper doing here at this hour?  It wasn't even six yet.  Was it time for the apocalypse already?  Surely this
was one of the signs.

As if thinking of him was enough to catch his attention, Owen looked up from his equipment.  "Get over here, Tea Boy."

Ianto started forward, then halted, nervous.  What did Owen want?  Not more tests, surely.  He'd said it would be a week before
he was examined again.  Had he found something wrong?  Had one of the tests come back showing an abnormality?

"What?  Why?" he asked, unconsciously placing his hands over his stomach.

"Just get over here," Owen replied tersely.

Ianto briefly debated the pros and cons of running off to hide in the archives.  Owen wasn't likely to find him down there.  But
he also wouldn't be able to stay down there forever.  Like it or not, he'd have to come up if only for food and Owen would still
be there and in a foul mood no doubt.

Reluctantly, he walked over to the Autopsy Bay and stepped down into the medic's domain.  Before he could say or do anything,
Owen had grabbed his hand and slapped something into his palm.  He looked down in confusion at the pills rolling about on his

"What are these?" he asked, giving Owen a curious look.  They weren't Retcon.  He was quite familiar with what those pills
looked like and these weren't it.  

Ianto didn't trust Owen.  The man was here early and giving him pills.  What was going on?  Had he and Jack decided to treat
him like a lab rat anyway?  Or was Owen doing this on his own?

"Where's Jack?" he asked, before Owen could respond to his first question.  He looked around nervously, only to find Jack's
office dark and empty.  There was no sign of the man anywhere.  The realization did not leave Ianto feeling relieved.  It only
meant there was no one there to help him should he need it.  Who knew what Owen was planning.

"Relax," Owen said, clamping a hand on his arm.  

He hadn't even realized that he'd started to sway.  Owen's hand steadied him.  The medic guided him over to sit on a stool near
the table.

Ianto folded his hand around the pills and looked up at Owen, worried.  He was shaking.  He couldn't stop it.

Owen didn't look angry.  Of course he didn't look all that happy either.  Then again, he never did.  He took Ianto's unoccupied
wrist and felt his pulse, brow drawn and a frown on his face.

"Calm down," he said.  "They're just vitamins.  C and Iron.  At least take the Iron supplement.  You don't have enough in your
system.  It'll help with the dizziness."  He dropped Ianto's hand.  "God only knows where Jack is."

Ianto looked at the pills in his hand.

Owen rolled his eyes.  "Make up your mind whether you trust us or not."

He snatched up two bottles and dumped the contents of one into his palm before picking one pill at random.  He dumped the rest
and the matching pill from Ianto's hand back into the bottle.  He repeated the same with the other bottle and pill from Ianto's
hand.  Then he threw the two pills he had chosen and popped them into his own mouth.  He dry-swallowed them, making a face
as he did so.  Finally, he thrust the two bottles into Ianto's hands.  Ianto supposed this was Owen's way of proving that he
wasn't offering him poison.

"Well?  Go on!"  He pointed to one bottle.  "Those are the iron supplements.  You need to take that one at least.  If you don't take
the vitamin C, then go get some orange juice."  He waited until Ianto took a pill from each bottle.  "Honestly, you're like a little
kid not wanting to eat his vegetables."

Ianto still stared down at the pills.  A glass of water was handed to him and he reluctantly took his vitamins.

"Good," Owen said, taking the cup and turning his back on Ianto.  "You are going to take your vitamins every day.  I'll know if
you haven't because I am personally going to give them to you.  If I'm not here, Jack will do it."

"I am capable of taking vitamins on my own," Ianto said, frowning.

"Yeah, well, I want to be sure, don't I?  Just do as your told."  He huffed out a short annoyed breath.  He turned to look at the
younger man.  "At the end of the week, I'll look over your test results and see if you need more or less vitamins.  Same goes for
your diet.  And your workload."

Ianto nodded, not having anything to say.  He simply couldn't think of a scathing retort for all of this fussing.  He got up and
moved toward the stairs, but paused when Owen called out to him.  He didn't turn back, but he did listen.

"From now on, you're only allowed one cup of coffee a day.  Too much caffeine isn't good for you right now.  I'd say none at
all, but I'm not all that eager to see how you'd react to caffeine withdrawal.  Now run along and get to it.  I need coffee."

Ianto started walking again.  He left the autopsy bay to the sounds of Owen muttering about coming in at ungodly hours because
Jack was a demanding bastard.


Ianto was standing in front of the coffee machine when Jack swaggered in.  He glanced over at the sound of the rolling door
opening and felt a fraction of relief upon seeing the man.  That led to a sense of horror, as he didn't understand where this sense
of relief had come from in the first place.  His hands shook as he filled Jack's coffee cup and he cursed silently to himself as
some sloshed over the edge.  He quickly wiped up the spill, but remained angry at himself for the fact that it happened at all.

"Ianto!  My office!" Jack bellowed.

Ianto blinked in confusion and grabbed another cup for Owen.  He was going to be headed that way anyway, so he figured why
waste a trip?  Owen barely glanced up when Ianto placed the cup by him, but Ianto actually saw a flicker of a smile on the
doctor's face.

"Better see what he wants.  You know our captain ... hates to be kept waiting."

Ianto rolled his eyes.  He was well-aware of how impatient Jack could be when he was in one of his moods.  He made his way
to the office and knocked.  When he entered and set the cup down, he cleared his throat to remove the blockage his fear had
created.  "You wanted to see me, Sir?"

Jack grinned and brought out a small white box and placed it on the desk.  "Great timing!  It's still warm!"  He opened the box
with a small flourish and the aroma of sugar and cinnamon wafted into the air on a cloud of steam.

"Sir?  That's a ... a Cinnamon Roll.  From the bakery down the street, if the packaging is correct."  When Jack nodded, Ianto
regarded the pastry with confusion and curiosity.  "Why is there a cinnamon roll here on your desk?"  Jack gave him an
incredulous look.  "All right, let me rephrase that.  Why are you showing me a cinnamon roll that you bought?"

Jack sighed.  "I kind of bought it for you.  I remember liking them when I was -"  He cut himself off abruptly and cleared his
throat.  "It was a while ago, and they were a lot harder to come by on the colony world I was stuck on at the time."  He turned
thoughtful.  "I think there was one little lady, and I do mean little ... she was about the height of a fashion doll, who would make
me one every two weeks or so.  Well, almost.  They didn't have cinnamon, but the local equivalent was quite close.  A little
sweeter though."

Ianto thought there was something more to that story, but he chose not to say anything.  He hadn't missed the way Jack had
stopped and altered what he was saying.  And what was that about a colony world?

He leaned over and looked in at the cinnamon roll.  It did look rather tempting.  The aroma was making his mouth water.  He
sighed and shook his head.  "It's rather large for just one person.  I'll never be able to finish it without making myself sick."  He
thought for a few seconds before shrugging.  "Would you like to share it with me, Sir?"

Jack grinned at him.  "No sooner said than done!  I was actually hoping you would ask."  He deftly pulled the cinnamon roll
apart, the two pieces almost exactly the same size.  He handed one half to Ianto and promptly bit into the other half.  "Mmm!  
Home made is better, but this is one incredible cinnamon roll."  Before he took another bite, he held up a finger.  "Don't expect
these every day.  I just figured you deserved something special for the anxiety you were put through yesterday."

Ianto smiled a little as he sat and ate his own half of the tasty treat.  He ate somewhat slower than Jack, wanting to make sure
the food stayed down.

Jack took a sip of his coffee and regarded Ianto.  "Now, as to your duties.  You'll be mainly taking care of the archives and
manning the tourist center.  Owen and I have discussed it, and the two of us will take turns feeding the inmates."  He made a
disgusted face.  "And cleaning up after them, too."

Ianto blinked in alarm.  "Sir, I'm still capable of feeding and cleaning up after Myfanwy and the Weevils.  There's no need to take
those tasks away."

Jack shook his head.  "Ianto, you have to climb up to Myfanwy's nest to clean it.  In your current condition, you might get dizzy
and fall.  You also will have less chance at being able to fight a Weevil off without getting yourself injured.  It's not a
punishment.  I'm just concerned for your health and the health of your unborn child."  He motioned to the main hub.  "The girls
will be here soon.  Owen and I told them yesterday that you're ill.  Nothing serious, but that you're to take it easy for an
indefinite amount of time and that Owen is keeping an eye on you.  Since you're so set on them not knowing the truth."

Ianto popped the last of the cinnamon roll into his mouth and thought a moment.  "They'll be all motherly enough as it is thinking
I'm ill.  No telling what they'd do knowing the truth."  He still disliked the fact that Owen and Jack knew about his pregnancy,
but there was no changing it now.  But if Gwen and Tosh found out - he shuddered at the thought.

He rose and wiped off his hands on a napkin that Jack produced from somewhere.  He'd have to wash his hands.  They were
still sticky, but not as bad as before.

"If that's all, Sir?"  He gathered together the empty box and discarded napkins.

Jack was licking his fingers.  He popped them from his mouth and leaned forward in his chair, laying his elbows on his desk.  
"How are you doing, Ianto?"

Ianto kept his eyes averted, stretching to straighten a small pile of paperwork that didn't really need straightening.  "I'm fine, Sir."

In the space of a breath, Jack was up out of his seat and around his desk.  He gently urged Ianto to turn and pressed a hand to
his cheek.  Uncomfortable, Ianto pulled back.

Jack let his hand fall to his side, a faint smile playing across his features.  "Did you get any sleep last night?  You look pale.  
Well, paler than usual."

"A few hours," Ianto replied.  "It's not so bad.  It'll get better when I get back into my routines."

Jack nodded, though he didn't look as if he believed him.  "If it persists, talk to Owen.  Or me."

"Right, Sir."  He hurried to gather up the trash and fled the room with as much dignity as he could muster.


Two hours later found him moving about the Tourist Office, making an inventory of the supplies they had.  Fake or not, he liked
to keep the place as authentic as possible.  Now and then they actually did get tourists wandering in.

He had spent the better part of his time clearing out the rubbish in the Hub.  It wasn't clean, but at least it was a little better.  He'd
have to do a more thorough job of it later.  But after nearly two hours of picking up pizza boxes and takeaway containers, he had
started feeling tired and not a little nauseous.  A little time sat behind the counter in the Tourist Office should help.  However,
when he had looked around at the chaos this small space had become, he hadn't been able to resist straightening up in here as

It looked like no one had bothered to tidy up in here either.  The layer of dust on everything was appalling.  He sighed,
rearranging some papers that had been knocked askew.  Someone had most likely been in a hurry to get into the Hub and hadn't
cared for the mess left behind as they rushed through.

He clucked his tongue and turned to go find a duster.  The bell above the door rang just as Ianto had gotten around the counter.  
He looked up and was happy that it wasn't a tourist.

Gwen smiled widely.  Behind her, Tosh's smile was smaller, but no less welcoming.

"Ianto!" Gwen called, the two women striding over to him.  She stopped short of hugging him and looked him over from top to
bottom.  "I'm so glad to see you.  How are you doing?"

Ianto smiled politely.  "As well as can be expected."  He pressed the button to allow them entrance to the Hub, effectively ending
Gwen's questions.

She casually strolled away, giving him one more smile as she left.  Tosh remained behind.  To his surprise, she held out a cup of
coffee to him.  He blinked at it, then looked at her.

"No one ever gets you a coffee, do they?  It's always you looking after us."  Tosh shrugged.  "Owen said that your stomach was
troubling you, so I wasn't sure if I should, but I decided to get you a coffee anyway.  Is that all right?  If you can't have it, I'll
give it to Owen.  He drank the coffee I bought you yesterday."

Ianto took it, surprised by her thoughtfulness.  He held it in both hands, grateful that he was able to keep from trembling.  
"Thank you, Tosh.  Owen told me that one cup a day shouldn't be harmful.  Now I'm glad I haven't had any yet."

Tosh blushed prettily and quickly escaped into the Hub as soon as Ianto pressed the button again.

Ianto looked down at his coffee and smiled to himself.  Maybe things could get better.

To Be Continued ...