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Notes: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

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Part Six

Jack stood up from behind his desk and stretched.  The rift had been surprisingly quiet all morning.  Only two small openings
that had left what looked to be rubbish behind.  Toshiko was fooling around with one piece, entirely focused on solving the
puzzle it posed.  Gwen was on the phone, wheedling information from one of her former colleagues with the local police.  And
Owen was studiously ignoring the pile of paperwork waiting on the corner of his desk in favor of a computer game.

Jack's stomach rumbled and he looked at his watch.  It was nearly eleven thirty in the morning.  A good time for lunch.

Looking around again, he frowned.  Ianto was nowhere in sight.  The Hub was practically spotless now, a few surfaces actually
gleaming under the bright lights above them.  Ianto had been cleaning the Hub practically all morning, with the exception of the
time he'd spent up in the Tourist Office.  But even then he had been cleaning.  Jack had watched him on CCTV from his office,
watched him dust and sweep and tidy, never sitting still long enough to rest.  Ianto had paused only briefly to savor the coffee
Tosh had brought to him.  And then he was back to work, though there was a frail smile on his face when he'd thrown the
empty cup away.

Jack casually made his way over to Gwen.  She hung up the phone and scribbled something onto a scrap of paper, an address
by the look of it.

"Have you seen Ianto?" he asked, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"What?"  She glanced up, then quickly took a look around.  "Oh!  No, not for a while at least."

"What's the Tea Boy done now?" Owen shouted, his eyes never straying from his computer game.

"Nothing."  Jack casually looked at his watch again.  "I was thinking it was time for lunch."

Owen grimaced and slammed his hand down on the desk in response to something happening on his screen.  He jerked his head
to one side.  "He was headed down to the archives about an hour ago."

"I'll go see if he's up for a food run," Jack said, smiling as he walked off.

The archives were deep and dark, hallways barely lit.  Jack knew he could just contact Ianto on his comms device, but he
wanted to see the Welshman for himself.  It was too easy to lie when you didn't have to look someone in the eyes.  He wasn't
sure he trusted Ianto yet, not with all the lies and hidden secrets.  It would take time, but he had a lot of that.

He walked along the dim halls with ease, wondering if it would be worth it to have some extra lights installed.  Jack had long ago
memorized the layout of this base and knew every inch of it, every secret entrance and every forgotten room.  It grated on him
that Ianto had been able to smuggle his girlfriend in here right under his nose.  His anger over it had dimmed, but he couldn't lie
and say he was over the hurt left behind by the skillful deceptions.

Huffing out a sigh, Jack turned a corner to where he knew Ianto kept a desk.  It was close to the file rooms, in one of them
actually, surrounded by file cabinets and shelves of artifacts that still needed cataloging.  He was brought up short by the sight
that met him.

Ianto Jones was sitting at the desk, his arms laid flat on the surface and his head between them.  He was asleep, a pen held by
slack fingers just over the form he had been working on.  Soft snores could be heard, made louder by the quiet in this
stone-walled room.

Jack crossed his arms, smiling faintly.  It was cute really, adorable, that Ianto was sleeping at his desk.  But also worrisome.  He
remembered Ianto mentioning that he'd had trouble sleeping.  Maybe that had been an understatement.

He raised his hand to the device in his ear and activated it.  "Tosh, why don't you and Gwen go on a lunch run.  Ianto is ... well,
he's indisposed."

"Is he okay?" Tosh asked, concern thick in her voice.

"He's fine.  Don't worry.  But have Owen stick around.  And take your time getting lunch.  An hour would be good, more would
be preferable."

She answered in the affirmative and Jack ended the discussion with a press of his finger.  He had watched Ianto throughout the
short talk, and the younger man had yet to wake or even twitch.  Must be exhausted.

Jack strode across the room and placed a hand on his shoulder.  Shaking him gently, he called out his name.  "Ianto?  Wake up."

The Welshman jerked upright with a snort.  He blinked rapidly, almost poking himself in the eye with his pen as he went to rub
his eyes.  Jack saw the danger and plucked it out of his grasp, watching the young man with amusement.

"Huh?" Ianto asked, still wiping at his eyes.  He was barely awake, in danger of falling back to sleep where he sat.

Jack reached out and slid his palm across Ianto's cheek, drawing his weary attention.  "You okay, Ianto?"

"Sorry.  I'm tired, Sir."  His eyes were slipping shut and his words slurred.  "Didn't sleep well last night."

Jack laughed at that, shaking his head.  "Undoubtedly.  You're about to collapse."  He tugged on Ianto's arm.  "Come on, let's go."

Ianto allowed himself to be helped up.  They were out of the room and halfway down a hallway before he spoke again.  "Where
are we going?"

Jack kept an arm around Ianto to keep him upright.  "The girls have gone out for lunch.  You are going to get some proper rest
until they get back."

"I don't need a nap," Ianto responded, though he didn't shift away or make any effort to extricate himself from Jack's arm.

The rest of the walk was quiet.  Ianto stumbled a few times, testament to his exhaustion.  His head dropped, his eyes barely
open a fraction.  Jack kept an arm around him, helping to guide him along.  If it continued on like this, he might have to pick
Ianto up and carry him the rest of the way.

Gwen and Tosh were gone by the time they emerged from the archives.  Owen was waiting for them and grabbed a hold of
Ianto's arm as soon as he was within reach.

"Christ," he swore, muttering insults.  "He can't ignore himself if he wants to stay healthy."  He looped an arm around Ianto.

"Not now, Owen," Jack snapped.  "Just help me get him to my office."

Once there, he left Ianto leaning heavily against Owen and lifted the lid off the hatch that led down to his personal quarters.  The
space was small, but sufficient.  He dropped down and held his arms up as Ianto slowly descended the ladder.  Owen's hands
kept a hold on his arms from above, Jack's hands guided his way from below by sliding up along his legs then holding him at the

"Where are we?" Ianto murmured as Jack pushed him to sit on the camp bed.

With a soft smile, Jack began loosening Ianto's tie and tugged it off over his head.  "Somewhere you can get some sleep."

Ianto shook his head.  "I'm fine.  I just need some coffee."

"No more coffee!" Owen shouted down from above.  "You've already had a cup today.  Tosh wanted to make sure it was okay
she gave you one and asked me."

Ianto hummed.  It wasn't much of a response.

Jack started to work on Ianto's shirt, unbuttoning and then removing it completely.  He folded it carefully and left it on the chair
by his small desk.  Shoes were next, then socks and finally trousers.  Ianto did little while Jack undressed him.  All of his efforts
seemed to be used in keeping upright.

Amused, Jack pushed his chest lightly and watched as he collapsed onto his back with a soft grunt of surprise.  "Get some
sleep."  He took Ianto's hand and slipped the ring free of his finger, his eyes transfixed as the young man's stomach expanded
before him.  "You need to.  Take care of that little one of yours."  He grazed the backs of his knuckles across Ianto's stomach.

It didn't escape his attention when Ianto trembled and shifted away from the slight touch.  Jack understood though, he had
crossed some unspoken line.  "Sorry," he said, dropping his voice so only Ianto would hear.  He reached down and pulled the
blankets up over the pale Welshman.

"I don't want to sleep," Ianto mumbled, his eyes closed.  "There's too much work."

"Too bad!" Owen retorted.

Jack ran his fingers through Ianto's hair.  "Just a little nap.  The work will still be there when you wake up.  As soon as Gwen
and Tosh get back with lunch, I'll come and get you.  Until then, I'm keeping this."  He held the ring between his fingers.

Ianto forced his eyes open, only to glare.  He rolled away from Jack, leaving his back to the other man.  "Bastard," he said into
the pillow.

"That I am," Jack chuckled and moved over to the ladder.  "But a bastard who's only looking out for you."  

Before he reached the top, he could hear soft snores coming up from below.


The feel of a warm hand stroking up and down along his spine gently pulled him from sleep.  Ianto groaned, senses fuzzy.  He
didn't remember going to sleep.  The last thing he remembered, he had been in the archives going over some of the paperwork
that had been ignored in the past month.  He had been tired though.  Maybe he had nodded off.

That didn't explain the gentle caress against his bare back though.  Bare back?  He shifted experimentally, brow scrunching up as
he found that, yes, he was not wearing his suit anymore.  Just his boxers, if he judged by the way the material twisted

"Awake?"  Jack's voice was soft, almost soothing.  "Lunch is here."

Ianto groaned and turned onto his back to look up at his boss.  He pressed the heels of his palms into his eyes.  "When did I fall

Jack stood and gave Ianto an amused smile.  "Some time during paperwork, I guess.  Especially since you fell asleep with a pen
still in your hand."  He handed the ring over to him.  "Do you feel a little better?"

Ianto gratefully accepted the ring and slipped it on before getting out of the bed.  He was glad to see his clothes arranged neatly
nearby and began to dress.  He felt nervous being around Jack in just his pants.

"A little bit.  Thank you."  He looked around at his surroundings, unsure of where he was.  How had he gotten here?  "Where are

Jack shrugged.  "I guess you could say it's my place."  He pointed up and Ianto could see an open hatchway above him.  "My
office is right above us."

Ianto blinked and finished dressing.  He'd always known it was here, but had never actually believed Jack really lived down
here.  He'd assumed it was used for storage and that Jack slept somewhere else in the Hub, one of the recovery rooms perhaps.

"You actually live here?"

He looked around the small space.  Everything seemed to be tidily tucked away.  Books on shelves, a few trinkets and not a
small number of artifacts that Ianto thought were alien in origin.

Jack held his hands up in surrender.  "Hey!  I know it's not much, but I kind of like it.  It's cozy, don't you think?"

Ianto took another look around.  "It's a hole in the ground."

Jack let out a small laugh.  "Yep, but it's my hole in the ground.  Now, come on.  After lunch, Owen wants to talk to you."

Ianto froze mid-step.  "Why?"  

A hand curled around his arm.  He looked over, finding Jack staring back at him and frowning in concern.  

"What's wrong?  You look like a rabbit caught in a trap.  Owen is not going to hurt you or your little one, I promise.  He's just
worried about the fact that you passed out in the archives.  To be honest, I'm a little concerned myself."

Ianto flushed with a combination of embarrassment and anger, though he wasn't sure who he was angry at.  "I'm fine.  I was
just tired, that's all."

Jack nodded.  "I'll buy that today, Ianto.  But if you're this tired tomorrow, I might just have you come down here and sleep a
little longer."

Fidgeting with his tie, Ianto glared at the older man.  "I'm not a child, Sir.  I can take care of myself."

Jack quirked a wry smile.  "I'll concede that when you show me some proof."  He grabbed Ianto's shoulder and pushed him to
sit on the bed, then sat beside him.  Facing the younger man, his smile softened.  "Face it, you're a wreck.  You don't sleep.  
Owen says you're underweight.  So you're not eating, despite Mrs. Koladka's abundant cooking."

He raised a hand, trailing fingers along Ianto's jaw.  Ianto flinched and Jack's fingers caught his chin.  He forced the Welshman
to look at him, though Ianto found his eyes focusing more on Jack's lips.

"Talk to me.  I only want to help you."

His voice was so soft and his tone was so sincere that Ianto couldn't keep it bottled in any more.  Before he knew what was
happening, he was being held by Jack, in a comforting embrace and babbling about his insecurities.  He let it all out.  The horror
of Canary Wharf, the heartbreak of seeing Lisa like that day after day, the disappointment when all of his hopes shattered like a
piece of paper-thin glass, and the dread of what was going to happen to him after his month-long suspension.  He even admitted
to his lingering fear that Owen was just looking for an opportunity to get him on the autopsy table to dissect him to get a look at
the unborn baby.  The baby he'd never asked for, but was now terrified of losing.

Jack simply held him and pressed a cheek to Ianto's hair.  His hand stroked Ianto's back in that comforting motion that he had
woken up to.  He didn't give Ianto the empty, 'it's all okay,' that Ianto knew was just a load of crap.  All that Jack did was to
reassure Ianto that Owen was in no way planning on treating him like a lab rat.  That, yes, if he wanted to keep the baby when
he or she was born, he could.

After a few minutes, the storm seemed to pass and Ianto found himself calming down.  He dabbed at his eyes with a
handkerchief that had seemingly come out of nowhere.  Before he could think of what he was doing, he blew his nose.  He
looked down at the cloth and frowned.  "This isn't mine."

"No, but don't worry about it.  I have about a dozen more somewhere."  Jack's tone was still full of understanding rather than
pity or disgust, which Ianto appreciated.  "We'll go up whenever you feel you're ready, not a second sooner."

Ianto took a few minutes to calm completely before nodding.  "All right.  Let's go eat."  He got up and grabbed the ladder.

Jack stopped him with a gentle hand on his shoulder.  "Any time you want to talk, any time at all, I'm right here."

Ianto turned to Jack and gave him a small nod before carefully climbing the ladder.

To Be Continued ...