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Notes: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

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Part Seven

Lunch had been an altogether strange affair.  Ianto had gone up to the conference room with Jack, fully expecting there to be
pizza, or Chinese, or some other unhealthy takeaway.  Instead, there were containers of soup and wrapped up sandwiches.  He
blinked at the selection that was settled in the center of the table.

Tosh cleared her throat.  "You've been ill.  We," she indicated Gwen and herself, "didn't think greasy food would help.  And
there was this new place not too far from here."

"We didn't know what to get," Gwen added.  "So we got a bit of a variety."

Owen yelped as Tosh slapped his hand away from the food he was reaching for.  "Let Ianto choose first," she chided.

Ianto was taken aback.  He hadn't expected this.  He'd anticipated everything going back to the way it had been before Lisa.  
He'd been prepared to be ignored, forgotten and fading into the background.  The loyal butler who cleaned up after them without
recognition of his work.  It was how things were supposed to be.  He would have felt comfortable if that had been the case.

He was nervous.  All of them were watching him, waiting for him to decide what he wanted.  He felt completely out of his
comfort zone.  The atmosphere grew tenser still, the longer he stood looking at the containers and sandwiches, everything
clearly marked.

Jack nudged him forward with a light pat to the center of his back.  The contact jarred him from his thoughts and he took a
nervous step forward.  He reached out a disturbingly shaky hand and grabbed the two nearest things which turned out to be
chicken soup and a turkey sandwich.

He sat, fingers wrapped around his food, making no move to open either to eat.  Casting worried glances his way, the rest of the
team divvied up the remainders and sat.

Tosh slid a napkin and a spoon toward him, then laid a hand on his arm.  "Ianto?" she asked, her voice full of concern.  "Are you

Ianto tried to smile.  He'd had so many years of practice faking happiness, pretending that everything was all right when nothing
ever was.  The only time he'd been truly happy had been with Lisa.  He couldn't force the smile now, his lips barely curling.  He
nodded once and looked down at his hands, feeling lost.

"Do you want something else?"

"No.  Thanks."  He forced himself to move, knowing that he was being watched.  More questions would be asked if he didn't
eat.  He had to act normally.

Unfolding his napkin with a shake, he tucked a corner into his collar and pried the lid off his soup.  The smell alone nearly had
his mouth watering and he suddenly realized how hungry he was.  When had he eaten last?  Toast at breakfast, wasn't it?  No,
there was that cinnamon roll Jack had bought for him.  But then, he rarely had an appetite in the mornings, especially now when
the effort of dragging himself from bed routinely had him kneeling over his toilet bowl.

He pressed his hand to his stomach, only slightly disconcerted by not being able to feel the swell he knew was there.  He could
still feel the flutterings of movement that he'd only recently gotten used to.  The first time it had happened, he'd been terrified.  
Now, he was comforted by it, knowing it to be an undeniable proof that his child was alive.  He was doing something right at

"Are you sure you're okay?" Tosh asked.

Ianto blinked, snapping back to reality.  He hadn't realized he'd been sitting there doing nothing but idly stroking his own
stomach.  Everyone was watching him again.

"Sorry.  Mind was wandering," he said, dropping his hand away.

He ate every bit of food.  Jack tried to draw him into the conversation the group was having.  However, Ianto wasn't used to it
and kept quiet unless he was asked a question directly.

After the food was gone, the group went their separate ways.  Gwen and Tosh returned to their workstations to pick up where
they'd left off before lunch.  Ianto began to tidy up, gathering the containers and wrappers.

Jack and Owen hadn't left.  They were watching him.  It was making him nervous.

Finally, Jack stepped toward him and took the bag he'd been using to gather up the wrappings - the same one the food had
arrived in - and set it on the table.  He directed Ianto to sit, which he did quite reluctantly.

"I should get back to work, Sir." Ianto tried, moving to get up.

Jack gripped his shoulders, forcing him to remain seated.  "Owen wants to talk to you.  You'll listen."

Ianto looked to the medic, then had to look away as the glare settled on him made him altogether too frightened.  Despite many
reassurances, he hadn't stopped distrusting the snarky doctor.

"I thought I made myself clear that you were supposed to let me know if you were having problems sleeping.  Or any problems
at all."  Ianto had expected the doctor to yell, but the soft and controlled tone almost frightened him more.  "How am I going to
help you if you keep your trap shut?"  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small pill bottle.  It rattled as he placed it on
the table.  "Is this what it's gotta come to?"

Ianto glanced at the bottle.  It looked like sleeping pills.  "Won't that ... hurt the baby?"

"Well, you not sleeping isn't going to do it a load of good.  What if you had fallen asleep driving?  Or while handling potentially
dangerous alien tech?"  Owen picked up the bottle again and shoved it back in his pocket.  "Last chance, Tea-Boy.  You let me
know what's going on with you when something happens.  I want to know if you get a bloody paper cut.  Got it?"

Ianto nodded a little.

"I'm serious about this!"  Now he raised his voice, then lowered it again at a warning glance from Jack.  Gwen and Tosh were
still in the Hub.

Owen stalked around the table.  He spun Ianto's chair and held his upper arms in a brutal grip, staring resolutely into his eyes.  
"Jack may say evolution and alien breeding make males capable of this in the future.  But this isn't the future.  You are a
twenty-first century man.  And twenty-first century men are just not made to carry children.  You don't know how many things
could go wrong.  Organ failure, internal bleeding.  If this thing inside you shifts the wrong way it could put too much pressure
on your intestines or bowel.  The list goes on."

Ianto swallowed.

"I'm telling you this, because you need a reality check.  You need to be careful.  I want you to let me know if and when you get
tired.  You get a stomach cramp, tell me.  Anything at all, no matter how minor you think it is."

Ianto couldn't help it.  Terrified as he was, he had to quip.  "What if I get an ingrown toenail?"

Owen hung his head, though there was a wry smile on his face.  "All right.  Maybe not anything."  He shook a finger at Ianto
warningly.  "You have to talk to me if you need to."

"I understand, Owen."

Owen straightened and crossed his arms.  "I want you to let me know if and when you get tired.  Along with not getting enough
sleep, your body is going through some major changes, so that takes a toll.  That and that little trinket around your finger
leeching away your energy.  It all adds up to you feeling like you've been put through the ringer.  If I think that thing is taking
too much out of you, I'm taking it off, your secret be damned."

Jack cut in.  "I'm sending you home early today.  Rift permitting, you are going home at six."

"Six?"  Ianto stood, only wobbling slightly as the room tilted.  "But Gwen doesn't even leave that early!"

Both Jack and Owen were holding his arms.  "This is exactly why you're getting an early night.  I want you getting a decent
night of sleep," Jack said.

Much to Ianto's annoyance, Owen brought out a penlight and shone it into his eyes.  "How often do you get dizzy?"

Ianto batted the doctor away.  "Only when I get up too fast.  I was told it was fairly common."

Owen snorted.  "Nothing about this is common."  He put the light away.  "This is it, Ianto.  No more lectures.  You keep me
informed, or I put you on medical leave and bed-rest.  You understand me?"

Ianto nodded.  He couldn't think of what to say.  He understood the danger.  The problem was, he was too stubborn for his own
good sometimes.

Jack gave him a light shove.  "Go on then.  Back to work."

"Right, Sir."  Ianto straightened his tie and cleared his throat.  "Coffee?"

"That would be heaven."

Ianto quickly made his escape, not so fast as to exacerbate his dizzy spells, but quick enough.  As he headed for the kitchen, he
went over the list of duties he had remaining.  He'd have to shift things around a bit.  A glance at his watch showed that it was
nearly four.  He was practically out of time already.

The dishes in the sink still needed doing.  He wasn't going to put that off until tomorrow.  They were beginning to smell off.  
Some had an unidentifiable film covering them.  He didn't want to know how long it had been since they'd been washed, or used.

Maybe he could take some of the paperwork home with him and work on it there.  Would Jack agree to that?  Or would he have
to smuggle it out?

His mind whirled, scheduling and rescheduling.  All the while, his hands moved on instinct with the equipment he was so familiar
with, preparing drinks for the others with the precision he was known for.


At half-past six, Ianto found himself sat in the passenger seat of the Torchwood SUV, watching the streets of Cardiff flash by.  
Surely, if they wanted him home safe, they'd have gotten anyone other than Jack to drive him.  Owen was following behind in
Ianto's car.  Ianto was annoyed that they hadn't let him drive himself, but then he supposed they were right in their concerns.  
He was feeling fatigued, even after that nap he'd taken in the afternoon.  Months of poor sleep was apparently catching up to
him.  He rubbed his stomach, worrying.  He would have to do better.  It wasn't only his health on the line anymore.

Jack glanced at him, then took a quick look at the folders on Ianto's lap before returning his attention to the road.  He sighed,
loudly.  "I'm still not happy that you managed to talk your way into bringing paperwork home."

Shrugging, Ianto stared out the window.  "If you had told me I was expected to leave by six, I would have protested that nap
more.  There is so much more to do.  Did none of you do your paperwork while I was away?  Or the filing?  The reports were
left in a horrendous state.  It'll take me weeks to organize it all."

"We did what we could.  Some days it was all we could do to jot down notes before running out on more rift alerts."  He offered
Ianto a sidelong smile.  "Needless to say we missed how organized you made things."  He deftly made a turn that he really should
have slowed down for.

"And you missed harassing me on a daily basis, I suppose."

Jack let out a laugh.  "Well, you do look great in those suits."  He kept on smiling as he pulled up in front of Ianto's building.  
"Come on, I'll see you up."

Ianto rolled his eyes and got out of the vehicle.  Honestly, he wasn't a child.  He could make it into the building on his own.  But
he knew objecting would do absolutely no good.  "If you insist, Sir."

He looked over as Owen pulled up and hopped out of the car, slamming the driver's side door behind him.  The medic carelessly
tossed the keys to Ianto, then walked up to Jack and punched him in the shoulder.  Despite the fire in his eyes, he kept his voice
dangerously low.

"If you ever, EVER, drive like that with Ianto in the car again, I am personally going to fix it so you can never drive again!  Am I
making myself clear, Harkness?"

Jack raised his hands.  "Woah!  Calm down.  He's fine."

Ianto tossed up his hands when Jack looked at him.  "Don't look at me, Sir.  I have already been warned that my personal safety
is top priority."

Owen gave Ianto a jerky nod.  "Good!  Now ..."  He pointed at the folders Ianto had tucked beneath his arm.  "I conceded that
paperwork was light enough that you can do at home, but I want you doing it at least sitting down.  Lying down, with your feet
up, would be preferable.  All right?"

Ianto nodded.  "Yes, Owen.  I'll do that as soon as I heat up something to eat."

Owen nodded in obvious satisfaction.  "Good.  Eat and then get your arse into a bed and get some rest."

"I'll get indigestion if I do that," Ianto replied, smirking.  "Here I thought you were a doctor."

Letting out an annoyed huff of breath, Owen rolled his eyes.  "I said rest not sleep.  You'll be up for hours doing that bloody
paperwork, gives you plenty of time to properly digest before bedtime.  If you have trouble sleeping, take one of these."  He
pushed a pill bottle into Ianto's palm, the same one from the conference room.

Ianto opened his mouth to protest, but Owen didn't give him the chance to make a sound.

"The dosage is low, safe for you and baby there.  It won't knock you out, but it should make you drowsy, just enough to doze
off on your own.  I wouldn't make a habit of taking them though.  Try without first.  If even they don't help, give me a call."

Ianto stared down at the bottle.  Jack saved him from actually thanking the medic.  He clapped a hand on Ianto's shoulder.  
"Owen, you wait with the SUV.  I'll be right down."  He turned, steering the Welshman into the building and up the stairs to his

"Sir?" Ianto asked, confused when Jack followed him inside.

Jack closed the door behind himself and faced Ianto with his hands shoved down in his pockets.  There was a wide grin on his
face.  It left Ianto feeling disconcerted.

"Uh, would you like a drink?" Ianto asked, cautiously.  "I can't offer a coffee, but I think I may have some juice.  Apple, I

Shaking his head, his smile only seemed to widen.  He pulled a small jar from his pocket.  "Catch," he said, tossing it.

Ianto caught it, but only barely.  He fumbled, almost scattering the files across his floor.  He looked at it, then to Jack for
answers.  "What is it?"

"Alatolian skin cream.  Well, I say skin, but Alatolians don't actually have any.  They have very tiny scales.  They use this to
keep themselves all smooth and soft."  There was a leer on the man's face.  "Turns out, it works great on humans too.  Works
wonders on stretch marks."

"Oh."  He wondered why Jack had waited to give it to him.  "Does Owen know about this stuff?"

Jack shook his head.  "You know the policy on taking alien tech out of the Hub.  He would have used this as an excuse to try
and talk me into letting him borrow something, probably that pheromone spray again."  He shrugged.  "Or he would have taken a
week to run tests before declaring it safe.  It's easier this way.  Besides, I know for certain that it's perfectly safe for pregnant

Ianto wondered at that.  "How could you possibly know?"  Did Jack have some first-hand knowledge?

A strange expression passed across Jack's face, but it was gone far too quickly to identify.  Then he was grinning widely and
changing the subject.  "You should use it before bed.  I'm sure you can keep it quiet.  You are a master when it comes to

Ianto understood that Jack wasn't referring to his keeping Lisa a secret and so, didn't take offense.  "I'll make sure to keep it
hidden."  He placed the jar on the counter, planning to put it away later.

Jack cleared his throat.  "Ring comes off."

Ianto sighed.  "I was waiting until later.  Right now, I just want to eat something."

A raised eyebrow was the only response he received.

Suddenly angry, Ianto glared at his boss.  He was hungry and tired and his feet were starting to hurt.  He knew he'd made
mistakes and had to make changes, but that didn't mean he liked having Jack and Owen shoving their way into his life like this.

"Fine!" he snapped.

He slammed the files down on the counter and began pulling at his clothes.  He unbuckled his belt and made short work of the
fastenings of his trousers, his other hand busy with untucking his shirt and popping the lowest buttons free.  Only when his
clothes were loose did he remove the ring.  His belly stretched, his shirt parting around the rounded flesh.

Setting the ring on the counter next to his files, he turned his back on Jack.  He was crying by the time he crossed to the other
side of his flat and slumped onto his sofa.  He didn't even know why he was crying.  The tears wouldn't stop.  Shoulders
shaking, he wiped furiously at his traitorous eyes.

He heard Jack swear softly before a weight settled next to him on the sofa.  A warm hand on his shoulder was all it took, and he
was openly weeping into Jack's greatcoat.  It took him several long minutes before he was calm enough to speak again.  When
he did, his voice was rough, his throat aching.

"If you say one bloody word about hormones," he warned, face still pressed into Jack's shoulder.

Jack chuckled.  "Wouldn't dream of it.  I'm not that brave."  He rubbed Ianto's back comfortingly.  He was patient, waiting there
until Ianto calmed.  He didn't get up until Ianto pulled away first.

"Get something in your stomach, take a shower and get some sleep," Jack advised.  "I'll see you in the morning."

Ianto really appreciated Jack's handling of his situation.  "Thank you."  He wiped at his eyes again.

Jack patted his shoulder and nodded before leaving.

Once his boss was gone, Ianto locked his door and set about heating up his dinner.  He had a few minutes until it was ready, so
he quickly stripped off his work clothes and pulled on a more comfortable pair of sleep pants and a loose shirt.  The shirt still
rode up over his stomach.  He removed the shirt again and put it away.  There wasn't any point in wearing it if it wouldn't cover
him anyway.

He was reluctant to buy new clothes.  His body may be growing now, but it would go back to normal in four more months.  At
least he hoped it would.  He had absolutely no intention on seeing whether or not this experiment could be duplicated.  No, this
would be his only child, unless some woman were to do the honors for him.  But he couldn't even think of another woman
mothering his child or children, not when Lisa was still so fresh on his mind.

After dinner he returned to his bedroom and settled in for the night.  Halfway through his stack of files, he fell asleep.

To Be Continued ...