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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.

Notes: Please remember that I am just another stupid American.  Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors as I must
rely solely on my own knowledge.

More notes: Spoilers for Countrycide.  This is an AU, so I had to alter some events to suit my own purposes.


Part Eleven

"Ianto!  Is Ianto all right?"

Jack looked up as Tosh hurried over to them.  He held up a hand.  "Owen's looking after him and has his hands full right now.  
You have a few bumps and bruises that I want you to have seen to, so go with Gwen."

Tosh looked distressed, but nodded in the understanding that she might be more of a hindrance to Owen than a help.  She
reluctantly went over to the ambulance and climbed inside.

When Tosh was out of earshot, Jack lowered his voice.  "We need to get him back to the Hub."

Owen snorted.  "No kidding?  We need to get that ring off, but we can't do that until we're someplace I can get him stabilized."

Jack nodded in agreement.  The pellets had caused a number of flesh wounds in the young Welshman, but his body was
compacted at the moment because of the ring.  Once the ring was removed, Owen would have to work fast to keep Ianto from
losing too much blood.  

He placed his hand on Ianto's stomach.  "What about the baby?"

Owen was silent a moment, though his hands never stopped moving.  "I won't know anything until we get back to the Hub.  I'll
tell you this, though.  If he's got anything from Ianto, he's a tough little bastard."

Jack grinned and kept rubbing Ianto's stomach, hoping to feel that little flutter of life in the form of kicking.

Ianto jerked awake with a sudden gasp, his hands flying to his stomach.  His nails scratched at Jack's hand, but the Captain
knew it was unintentional.  The frightened man's eyes darted wildly between Jack and Owen, at first unsure of where he was.  
The confusion quickly melted away, but the fear remained.

Jack grabbed one of Ianto's shaking hands, holding him and trying to instill calm with just his eyes and touch.  "It's okay, Ianto.  
We're going to get you back to Cardiff and everything will be fine."

"The baby?" Ianto uttered, his voice barely a whisper of breath.

Jack smiled reassuringly, ready to lie if he had to.  It wasn't necessary though.  Just as he opened his mouth, he felt a ripple
beneath the fingers he'd left on Ianto's stomach.

Eyes widening even further, Ianto let out a hysterical laugh.  "He's kicking."  He gasped and looked over at Owen, his eyes hard
and accusing.  Jack looked at the medic as well, wondering what could have put that expression on Ianto's face.

Owen returned Ianto's glare without emotion as he withdrew the needle from Ianto's arm.  "A mild sedative," he said in
explanation.  "Perfectly harmless.  I need you to stay calm."  He slapped Jack's shoulder.  "And you, get us back to the Hub.  

Jack didn't bother with a witty remark, though he could think of at least half a dozen of them.  Instead, he scooped up a dazed
Ianto and settled him across the backseat.  The Welshman's eyelids flickered shut and he murmured faintly as Jack indulged in
one last caress to his cheek.  Then Owen was scrambling in and shoving him out of the way, barking orders and insults all the
way back to Cardiff.

Ianto drifted between awake and asleep.  Snores intermingled with rasped and whispered words, not all of them spoken in
English.  He lingered more toward consciousness the closer they got to Cardiff.  By the time Jack was parking the SUV, he was
almost able to keep his eyes open for a full minute before drifting off again.

"You sure that was a mild sedative?" Jack asked, nervously watching the dozing man.

Owen huffed and rolled his eyes, as if insulted that Jack was questioning his medical skills.  "Get out and help me with him."

Together, they managed to get the injured Welshman down to the Medical Bay.  Jack had taken to calling Owen's workspace
that ever since Ianto's condition had come to light.  Autopsy Bay was far too dark and ominous a term to be used when Ianto
was alive and carrying a life within him.

Once they had Ianto stripped down to his pants, Owen had motioned Jack to go away.  "You'll just be in the way," he'd said.  
"About the only thing you'd be able to do is hold his hand, and you can do that once I have him stabilized."  He leaned down and
whispered an apology as he pulled the ring off of Ianto's finger.

Ianto's scream tore through the Hub.

Jack was both horrified and fascinated by the result the expansion of Ianto's body had on the bullet wounds.  They extended
with his stomach, growing into long lines oozing blood.  Jack gripped the railing tightly and bit his tongue against his urge to tell
Owen to hurry up.

To his credit, Owen moved like a maestro.  Not one of Owen's movements were without purpose.

Jack forced himself to walk away.  Looming over Owen and watching wasn't going to accomplish anything.  He could do
something more constructive, like make sure the locals didn't run off with the equipment they'd abandoned in the Brecon
Beacons.  There was nothing dangerous, or of any real value, but Jack wanted it all back nonetheless.  He strode into his office,
deciding to check up on Tosh and Gwen while he was at it.


Hours later, Jack strolled back to the Medical Bay, satisfied that Gwen and Tosh were being well looked after by hospital staff.  
His only concern now, was Ianto.  As the table in Owen's domain was practically a metal slab, it wasn't made for comfort.  Yet,
Ianto looked relaxed.

He was lying on his side.  There were IVs replenishing blood and delivering needed nutrients and medication, a nasal cannula in
his nose delivering oxygen.  A number of electrodes were sticking to his abdomen and chest, hooked to a machines that
monitored both his heart and the fetus' heartbeat.  Ianto was staring at the readout from the machine attached to his belly, his
hands wrapped almost protectively around his stomach.  There was a faint smile on his face as he traced the lines with his eyes.

Jack practically skipped down the steps.  He barely spared Owen a glance.  "How is our patient?"  His eyes were fixed on the
bandages on Ianto's side and the way they were already spotted with blood.

"MY patient is a stubborn bastard," Owen snarled.

The smile slipped away from Ianto's face.  "I'm not telling Tosh.  I'll get through the encryptions.  I just need time."

Owen swiped an arm across a tray, scattering equipment to the floor.  "I need those bloody files!  Who knows what One didn't
tell you about this ... experiment."

Jack came forward, frowning.  He thought that he and Ianto had come to an agreement over this.  "You told me you'd tell her."

Ianto looked away, refusing to meet either Owen or Jack's gazes.  "I will.  In my own time.  I won't be forced into it.  I'm not
ready, not yet."

"Well, you might not have much of a choice now, mate," Owen said, crossing his arms.  "You won't be wearing that ring again
any time soon.  Not until those wounds heal."

"What?"  Ianto gasped, turning sharply to look at Owen.  That was a mistake.  A shudder coursed through him and he pressed
one hand to the gauze on his side.

Owen tutted.  "You were shot, Ianto.  They were small holes before I took that ring off you.  Now, they're gouges.  That ring
compresses and stretches your body.  You'll never heal if you keep tearing yourself open every time you take it off."

Jack watched as Ianto started to panic and tried to reason with him.  "I can give you a couple of days off.  You were shot.  
Neither Tosh nor Gwen will think too much of your absence, although Tosh might want to visit you and bring you a basket of
flowers.  After that, you'll be on your own."

Owen gave a thin smile.  "Almost makes you miss the days we all but ignored you, huh?  Anyway, Tosh is all right, but Gwen is
the one to watch for."

Jack shot a look at Owen.  "What are you talking about?"

Owen snorted.  "She tries too hard to be one of the group.  Gwen might be able to keep Torchwood a secret from her
lovey-dovey boyfriend, but what's to say she won't find a way of reporting Ianto's condition?  UNIT would be all too interested
to hear about this."  He held his hands up.  "I'm just saying that you should bring Tosh in, then call a meeting where we let Gwen
know and let it be put, in no uncertain terms, that Ianto's condition stays in the Hub.  At that point, he could stay here and just
leave that bloody ring off."

Ianto grimaced.  "I'm fine."

Owen took a deep breath.  "Look, mate.  The longer you use that ring, the worse it's going to be for you.  When you enter your
last trimester, I don't want to risk anything happening to that baby or you.  Which means that ring will have to stay off.  By then,
we'll have to have purchased all the paraphernalia that comes with babies as well as set up a nursery and delivery room here in
the Hub.  What if you start showing signs of early labor?  If you even go into labor, that is.  I might need an incubator.  This is
stuff I have to think of as a doctor, and we can't do anything with half the team being in the dark."

Jack took Ianto's hand and held it.  "If you're that reluctant to let Tosh know, then I'll just keep you out of sight as much as
possible.  I'd still like you to tell her what's happening.  She cares about you, and is very worried that you seem to tire so easily.  
Or haven't you noticed that she goes out of her way to come to you when you're making coffee rather than make you go to her?"

Ianto glared at them, but didn't argue.  "I want it on my terms.  Just once, I want someone to find out on my terms."

Owen and Jack shared a look, and Jack sighed.  "All right.  You stay here until we can move you to your room."  Since Ianto
had found it less of a hassle to just stay in the Hub at night, that's what he did most of the time.  He did go to his own flat, but
never for two nights in a row.  His room here wasn't so much a room, just a bed stuffed down in the archives near the desk he
used when working down there.  Jack was almost certain that he was the only one who could find his way to it without getting
lost in the winding maze of tunnels, other than Ianto of course.  Jack found he enjoyed the knowledge that someone else was
there during the night.

Under his breath, Owen muttered.  "I'm going to regret this."

Jack didn't think Ianto had heard.  If he did hear, he didn't react.  He simply lay there, picking at the edge of the blanket that only
covered him up to his hip.

Louder this time, Owen addressed the Welshman directly.  "As soon as I'm sure you're fit to move, I'll take you to my place."

The incredulous look on Ianto's face must have been question enough.

"You need proper rest.  In a proper bed.  Not that cot down in those dusty archives.  Without the ring, you won't go back to
your flat.  And you can't stay here without risking being found out."  Owen made a vague motion with one hand.  "I can keep an
eye on you when I'm home."

"I don't need a babysitter."

Owen ignored him.  "I'll have to move some equipment in," he said, frowning in thought.  "This'll cut into my pub visits."  He
looked distinctly disappointed in the thought of not enjoying his normal pastime.

Jack grinned.  "It can't be that bad, Owen.  You'll be going home to a very attractive young man every night."  He delighted in
Ianto's embarrassed blush.

Owen gave Jack a dark look.  "I prefer it when people who use my bed AREN'T pregnant, Jack."

Jack's grin only spread wider.  "You don't know what you're missing."

Before he could continue, Ianto started waving his hands.  "Stop.  Now.  I do not want to hear any more."

The doctor caught his arms, then checked the IV lines.  "Stop that.  You'll hurt yourself."  He examined the bandaging on Ianto's
side and seemed satisfied by what he saw.  "Jack, sit with him.  I need to get some supplies."

Nodding, Jack pulled a stool over and sat beside Ianto.  Owen left, but Jack didn't take notice.  His attention was fully focused
on Ianto.

There was a flush to the Welshman's pale skin.  He averted his eyes away from Jack, looking instead to his hands, to the thin
blanket that barely covered him, to the machine that still kept track of the fetal heartbeat.  Anywhere but at Jack.

He reached out and tenderly brushed his fingers across the back of Ianto's hand.  "You doing okay?"

Fingers clenching and unclenching nervously, Ianto nodded.  "Fine.  I'm good.  Never better."  He sucked in a breath, blinking

"Woah, woah,"  Jack took up one shaking hand and held it.  He placed his other hand on Ianto's shoulder, stroking with slow
soothing circles.  "Keep calm or Owen will never let you up."

Ianto choked out a single laugh.  "He does worry."  He sniffed, then fixed Jack with a serious look.  There were tears in his
eyes.  "I almost lost him, Jack."

He knew that Ianto was no longer talking about Owen.  He offered an encouraging smile.  "But you didn't.  You're both fine."  
He leaned forward and pressed a lingering kiss to Ianto's forehead.

Ianto's eyes were closed when he pulled back, his features relaxed.  His eyes fluttered open and a weak smile curled his lips.  
Jack was pleased he had eased the strain on his nerves.

"Don't worry," Jack said brightly.  "I promise, no more camping trips."

To Be Continued ...