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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.

Notes: Please remember that I am just another stupid American.  Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors as I must
rely solely on my own knowledge.


Part Thirteen

Owen Harper was thoroughly furious.  He couldn't believe Jack.  Did the man have no morals?  Obviously not, if he wasn't
above seducing vulnerable pregnant men.

Not that he had any proof that Jack had done anything at all.  The only thing he had to go on was a single whispered word out of
the mouth of an unconscious man.  Hardly proof of illicit behavior.  But there had to be a reason for Ianto's breathy voicing of
the man's name.

Owen hadn't gotten much sleep after hearing it.  The thought that Jack had tried something with Ianto, had consumed his
thoughts.  It wasn't right.  Ianto wasn't ready for any sort of relationship.  Hell, he'd just lost his bloody girlfriend less than two
months ago.  It had to be too soon.  Jack would end up hurting him.  Owen couldn't allow that.

Finally giving up on sleep at about six, he'd uneasily slipped out of bed without waking Ianto.  He'd taken a quick shower and
changed into the first thing he could find that wasn't likely to be able to walk off on its own - he really should do laundry soon.  
Then he'd left Ianto's daily vitamins on the counter with clear instructions and darted out the door, his anger only growing as he
continuously thought over the implications of what that pleased sigh might have meant.

Jack had been spending a lot of time alone with Ianto lately.  Hell, Ianto was practically living at the Hub and Owen knew that
Jack did live there.  Who knew what went on there when everyone else had left for the night.

Owen's mind flipped through any moment that could be construed as improper.

There were those flirtatious smiles Jack always gave the Tea-Boy.  No, wait, Jack did that with anyone with a pulse.  But there
were other things, simple things.  The way he'd caught Jack holding Ianto's hand back when he'd had that dizzy spell.  The
random caresses when he thought no one would notice, like the lingering fingers whenever Ianto handed Jack a cup of coffee.  
Then there was that look they had shared after Ianto had stated that Lisa had been the last person he had kissed.  It all set
Owen's nerves on edge.  He wasn't always nice to Ianto, but he didn't want the kid hurt.

He entered the Hub with determination in his stride.

Owen was glad to see that Tosh wasn't there.  At least she wasn't there at the moment.  Jack had given them all a few days off,
barring any Rift activity that Jack couldn't handle on his own.  That didn't mean the tech expert would actually stay out.  She
loved nothing more than to unravel the technological puzzles that the Rift constantly spit out.  She was likely to come in anyway.

He doubted Gwen would be in at all.  The Welshwoman had taken quite a beating, so she had probably decided to have a lie-in
with that boyfriend of hers.  Owen remembered that kiss they had shared during the Cyberwoman incident with a regretful sigh.  
In another lifetime, they'd probably be shagging by now.  He chuckled at the memory of that kiss and the memory of the look on
Gwen's face when she realized what can of worms she had opened with that pathetic juvenile game she had started in the

As he walked through the dimly lit hub, the sight of Jack chased away his errant thoughts.  His anger once again bubbled

Jack was in his office, sat at his desk with open folders scattered around him and a pen in hand.  Doing paperwork.  Owen
didn't think he had ever seen Jack actually doing paperwork before.

The Captain had looked up at the sound of the cogwheel door rolling open.  He flashed a dazzling smile as Owen entered.  
Pushing himself up from his seat, he stepped around the desk.  His smile faltered when he met Owen's eyes, perhaps seeing the
anger in them.

As soon as he was close enough, Owen lashed out.  He shoved Jack hard, propelling him back a couple of steps.  "Are you
shagging the Tea-Boy?" he demanded.

"What?  No!  Not that I wouldn't like to if that's what he wanted.  Why?  What happened?"

Owen rubbed his forehead.  "He had a nightmare and I kind of..."  He made a vague motion with his hand and felt his face
growing annoyingly warm.

"Cuddled him?" he asked, one eyebrow raised.

Owen cleared his throat and noded just once.

It didn't help when Jack gave a short amused chuckle.  "Don't worry, your secret caring side is safe with me.  Go on."

"Anyway, he calmed down and fell back to sleep with your name on his lips.  What was I supposed to think?"

Jack grinned.  "Really?"

Owen narrowed his eyes.  He didn't like that smug look.  "Don't go getting cocky.  He's been through more than enough."

"I can be nice and show him that I care, can't I?"

"Can you, Jack?  Are you really capable of keeping things platonic?"

Jack quirked another grin.  "I haven't tried anything with you, have I?"

"I'd snap your wrists if you laid a hand on me," Owen glared, his words a venomous hiss.

To his annoyance, Jack's grin only widened.  "Exactly.  I don't take what isn't freely given.  I have never had an unwilling or
unsatisfied partner."

"There's a difference between willing and emotionally vulnerable, Jack."  Owen shook his head.  "Ianto's in no fit state to deal
with your advances.  Let him grieve."

"He's stronger than you give him credit for."  He held his hands up in mock surrender.  "But I'll back off.  I'll let him make the
first move.  Is that acceptable for you?"

"No," Owen snapped, then let out a soft breath.  "But it'll have to do."

Ianto was a grown man, capable of making his own decisions.  If he made mistakes, he would learn from them or end up hurt
again.  It really was none of Owen's business.  He understood that.  And it irritated the hell out of him that he cared enough to
try to protect Ianto.

Damned Tea-Boy.


Ianto lay on his side, staring at the unfamiliar wall across from him.  He'd been awake for a good while now, but couldn't seem
to summon the will to actually get up.  He'd woken at the feel of Owen trying to slip out of bed discreetly.  He had been
disturbed by the drag of Owen's arms brushing his skin as the other man drew away.  Ianto felt a sudden rush of cold spread
over him, meaning that he had been in contact with Owen's body long enough to grow accustomed to the warmth of him.  The
realization that Owen had been holding him, left him feeling unnerved.

Slowly, cautiously, and with a fair amount of difficulty and pain, Ianto maneuvered himself into a sitting position.  The blanket
pooled around his lap.  His eyes and hands settled on the protruding bump that was his stomach.  But he wasn't so much
thinking about it, as he was how to tell Tosh about it.

Honestly, he feared her reaction.  Would she be angry at him for keeping it from her for so long?  Would she be disgusted by the
entire thing?  

He worried that she would start treating him differently.  He'd gotten used to the tender smiles she cast his way and to the cup of
coffee she unerringly brought to him every morning even when it wasn't her turn to buy.  That simple token of affection meant a
lot to him.  The coffee itself wasn't up to his standards, but it was better than any cup he could make for himself for the simple
fact that it wasn't made by him.  It was a gesture of affection from someone else.  It meant that someone else cared enough to
think of him, even for just a moment.  He didn't want to lose that tenuous thread of belonging.

Ianto raised a hand to absently rub at one eye and was disturbed to find his cheeks damp with tears.  He tutted disapprovingly at
himself.  What he needed was a distraction.  He couldn't sit here all day worrying about Tosh and crying over possible
outcomes.  He needed to do something to stop himself from thinking about it.

Looking about the room, the answer was perfectly obvious.


Owen had only taken a single step inside when he noticed that something wasn't right.  He stepped back into the corridor and
checked the number.  Yes, this was his flat.

He walked inside again and softly closed the door behind himself, locking it without thinking about it.  His eyes were roving
around, looking at every little detail that seemed wrong.

His flat was clean.

No, it was more than that.  It wasn't simply clean.  It was spotless, immaculate.  Every surface seemed to have a faint sheen to
it that almost sparkled under the lights.  He felt like he had walked into a show home.

He almost slapped his hand to his forehead in frustration.  What was the Tea-Boy thinking?  Was he even thinking at all?  He
needed rest and time to heal from his wounds.  He didn't need to be down on his knees scouring the muck off the floor.

"Ianto?" he called out cautiously.  He took his jacket off and tossed it over the nearest surface.

He sniffed and frowned.  Then sniffed again.  Had Ianto cooked?  Owen didn't even know he'd had any food.  Whatever it was,
it was mouthwatering.

There was no sign of the Tea-Boy.

"Ianto?" he said a bit louder.

Still no response.  Owen didn't like it.  Had he gotten dizzy and fallen?  He could be lying somewhere unconscious and hurt.  Or

He wandered through the flat, looking for his illusive guest.  There was no sign of him in the lounge area.  Not in the kitchen
either, though the smells from there really were enticing.  When he stepped into his bedroom, Owen finally found him.

Ianto was curled up on his side on Owen's bed, fast asleep and dressed only in the pair of sleep pants he'd been wearing when
Owen had left him this morning.  For the sake of comfort, the waistband had been pushed down low, underneath the rounded
swell of his stomach.  He was getting quite big, but Owen knew he'd get bigger still.

Owen took a seat on the edge of the bed and pressed the back of his hand to Ianto's throat.  He was troubled by the low fever he
could feel.  Next, he checked the wounds on Ianto's side and was pleased to see that the Welshman had changed the dressing.  
At least he wasn't a complete idiot.

Plucking up Ianto's wrist, he pressed the pads of his fingers to the pulse point there.  He smirked.  "You cleaned my flat."

A sleepy, rough voice answered him.  "I was bored.  Did you know that the only things you have to watch are porn and horror

Owen thought a moment.  "What about Moby Dick?"

"Porn!"  Ianto scowled.  "That one actually surprised me because it's gay porn."

"What about books?  I think I have a few of those lying around."  Owen nodded.  "Yeah I do have a few books."

Ianto rolled his eyes.  "I'm not interested in medical texts, Owen.  There's nothing on the telly, and it's not like I can go
anywhere."  He slowly sat up with Owen's help.  "I'm not stupid, though.  I did a little at a time and took frequent breaks.  The
roast is being slow-cooked, so it won't burn."

Owen shook his head.  "I didn't know I had a roast."

Ianto shrugged.  "You didn't.  All you have are about twenty frozen pizzas and a case of beer.  I had the shopping delivered."

Owen dug a thermometer out of a drawer and stuck it in Ianto's mouth.  "I'm not much of a cook, in case you haven't noticed."

Ianto gave Owen a look that practically screamed 'I would never have guessed' and rolled his eyes.

"Don't take that tone with me, young man."  He checked Ianto's eyes and did a few more checks before taking the thermometer
out and reading it.  "All right.  You are to take it easy.  You'll have to make due with the crap telly until I can go out and get a
few movies.  Anything you want in particular?"

Ianto shook his head.  "No porn!" he said hastily.  "Or horror.  I tried one of yours that I'd seen before.  Made me queasy."  He
scrunched up his nose and looked down at his feet.  "I dunno.  Something at least mildly entertaining."

"Right.  That's a lot to go on."  Owen set a hand on Ianto's knee and squeezed just once, then let go and got up.  "That roast
gonna be okay a bit longer?  It's not too late to run to the shops now."

The Welshman looked at his watch.  "It should be.  I checked it not too long ago."

"All right then.  I'll go and pick up some stuff, then we can eat.  The only moving I want you doing until your temperature goes
down is to go to the bathroom, or to go sit in the lounge with your feet up and bundled up.  Understood?"

Ianto sighed.  "Yes, Owen."

Owen stood and left the bedroom, pausing briefly to glance back at the pregnant man.  He wasn't too keen on the idea of leaving
him alone when he'd only just gotten home.  "You need anything else while I'm out?"

"No, not really," was the somewhat resigned answer.

There was nothing else keeping Owen here other than a vague sense of worry.  He turned and walked out of the bedroom.  As
he left his flat there was only one thought on his mind.  "Where the hell did that gay porn come from?"

To Be Continued ...