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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.

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Part Fifteen

Gwen put the phone down and stared at absolutely nothing for several long moments.  She was vexed.  It had taken her days,
but she'd managed to track down Ianto's family.  For some reason, she'd been unable to find his personnel record on the
computer.  Two days of searching, between Rift Alerts and paperwork, had come up with nothing useful.  Jack probably had
something to do with that.  So she'd had to resort to more old-fashioned methods, such as calling in a favor from an old

The entirety of Ianto's family consisted of an older sister named Rhiannon, her husband and their two children.  Both of his
parents were dead.  There were a few cousins and aunts and uncles and such, but there didn't seem to be any contact with them
in well over a decade.

When Gwen had called to check on Ianto, she had spoken to Rhiannon.  It came as a complete surprise to Gwen when she
heard that Ianto wasn't even there.  He hadn't gone to his sister's to recover, though that's where Jack said he had gone.  
Rhiannon hadn't even known that Ianto was hurt.  Gwen regretted letting that slip.  Maybe Ianto and his sister didn't have a close
relationship.  He might get mad at Gwen for butting her nose into his life.  She'd have to deal with it if Ianto berated her, but for
now she needed to find out where he was and what was going on with him.

She didn't like this.  It wasn't a new thing for Jack to hide things, to keep secrets, but this was something different.  This
concerned one of them, not just Jack or his mysterious past.  It was Ianto.  Gwen chewed on her thumbnail, her forehead
scrunching as she thought of what to do.  Something absolutely had to be done.  

She needed to talk to Tosh.  Maybe she'd had better luck.

Gwen gingerly pushed herself out of her chair.  Her bruises were still tender, but healing.  She was relieved there was nothing
more serious.  Rhys was practically mad with worry over her.  He'd waited on her hand and foot her first night home and the
morning after.  They'd had a row when she'd insisted on going back to work so soon after, but after she'd assured him she was
on desk-duty for the duration, he backed off.  She almost regretted lying to him.

"Anything, Tosh?" Gwen asked, bracing a hand against her side as she stood there.

Tosh looked up at her briefly.  "Nothing.  I can hack into pretty much any system, but there's nothing on Ianto except for
random scraps.  Pieces of his school records, a police report for shoplifting.  But no medical files.  Even his employee file from
Torchwood One is gone.  It's like he's being erased."  Her fingers tapped out a sequence on her keyboard a little harder than was
absolutely necessary.  "It's frustrating!  Anything could be wrong with him.  He could be dying and I can't find out a single

"Well, I know one thing," Gwen said.  "I want answers and not getting them is grating on my nerves.  I think Jack and Owen
owe it to us to tell us what's going on with Ianto."  She looked up as the cogwheel door rolled open.  "And I think now is the
perfect time for those answers."

Jack strolled in and beamed at them.  "Ah!  The lovely ladies of Torchwood!"

Gwen stalked over to him as best as she could and put her hands on her hips.  "All right!  Spill it, Jack!  What have you done
with Ianto?  Don't hand me that bullshit about him staying with his family.  I talked to his sister, and she hasn't seen him in

She could see that Jack was trying to come up with some lie, when Owen surprised her by speaking up instead.  "All right.  He's
at mine.  That shotgun really did a number on him and I wanted him someplace where I could keep an eye on him and make sure
he's eating properly.  What the bloody hell are you doing poking around in his business for anyway?"

Gwen glared at him before sighing.  She didn't hear Tosh come up beside her, so much as just know she was there now.  
"We're worried about him.  What's wrong with him?  It's not just the cannibals, is it?  He's sick, has been since he got back
from suspension."

"Why can't I access any of his files?  What are you keeping from us?" Tosh asked.

Owen looked like he wanted to say something, but shook his head instead at a sharp look from Jack.  "Doctor/patient privilege.  
Sorry, can't say anything without the Tea-Boy's permission."

Jack gently took Gwen's elbow.  "He's not dying.  You have my word on that," he said seriously.  "Anything else, I can't say.  
We promised him we wouldn't.  If and when he's ready to tell you anything, he will."  He rubbed a soft circle against her skin
with his thumb.  At any other time, it would have been a soothing gesture.  Now, it only instilled a deeper sense of worry toward
Ianto's well-being.  "Can you be satisfied with that?"

"He doesn't have cancer or some alien disease he picked up handling tech?" Tosh inquired.

Owen shook his head.  "No.  He's not perfectly healthy, but he isn't terminally ill.  His stitches will come out in a few more days
if he keeps taking care of them like he has been.  And once he's healed up he'll be back in.  Another nine days, twelve tops."

Gwen felt a rush of relief that nearly took her breath away.  "Oh, thank God!"  She looked at Tosh who was smiling with relief,
and gave the two men a relieved smile of her own.  Then she took a breath.  "Is there anything he needs?  Anything we can do
for him?"

Smiling softly, Jack released Gwen's arm.  "Just leave him be for the time being.  The last thing he wants or needs is added

Not responding, Gwen turned on her heels and went back to her workstation.  She'd do what Jack said, but it didn't mean she
had to like it.  She wanted to help Ianto.


Owen had a headache.  Four days since Tosh and Gwen had confronted them about Ianto and he hadn't had a moment's peace.  
Tosh was okay, quiet and not interfering except when it came to the files she just couldn't access.  Owen didn't have any
answers for that.  He hadn't done anything to erase traces of Ianto.  He'd told her that whatever it was blocking her from Ianto's
files, it had to be Jack's doing.  She hadn't been too happy to hear it, but at least it did stop her questioning him about it.

Gwen on the other hand just wouldn't drop it.  Day after day Owen was met with demands to know how Ianto was doing.  
What were his symptoms?  Was this going to affect his ability to work?  Should they hire someone else to help out if he couldn't
keep up with the workload?  At least she wasn't suggesting getting rid of Ianto, but the constant interrogation was really getting
on Owen's nerves.

He knew that Ianto wasn't any better off.  The Welshman had apparently spent a good two hours on the phone to his sister
trying to convince her that he wasn't dying after Gwen's mess up in calling her to find him.  She called him every day now,
trying to persuade him into meeting somewhere.

He rubbed the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger as he unlocked the door to his flat.  He opened the door,
exhaling loudly as he stepped inside.

He was brought up short by the sight that met him.  His keys fell from his fingers.  "What the bloody hell do you think you're
doing?!" he shouted.

Ianto Jones was stood precariously on the only chair Owen owned, stretching up to reach the light hanging in the kitchen.  In
his hand, was an old rag.  At Owen's shout, he wobbled and clamped his hands on the back of the chair to steady himself.

He gave Owen a dark look and rubbed a hand over his chest absently.  "Are you trying to kill me?  I could have fallen."  He
carefully stepped down, watching his feet as he moved until he was on solid ground again.

"Answer my question!" Owen demanded.  He turned and slammed the door shut, then grabbed up his keys and threw them onto
the counter.  "What were you doing up there?"

Ianto rolled his eyes, giving Owen a look that clearly translated as 'you are a complete moron.'  "Cleaning, obviously."  He tossed
the rag into the sink.  "I was bored."

"You were dusting the light fixture?" Owen asked in pure disbelief.  "I thought you had plenty of distractions to keep you busy."

Ianto shrugged.  "The files are sorted.  I've read all the books and didn't feel like watching a DVD.  And those encryptions are
driving me mental.  I needed a break from them."

Owen ran a hand down his face.  He shook his head.  Only Ianto would find cleaning to be entertaining.  "Just sit down and take
off your shirt.  I want to have a look at your stitches."

The Welshman was understandably pleased a few minutes later when Owen informed him that his stitches were ready to come
out.  As there was no time like the present, he took care of that right there in his kitchen.  He got his supplies ready and snapped
on a pair of gloves.

Ianto drummed his fingers as Owen worked.  It occurred to Owen that this was probably more than mere boredom prompting
Ianto's cleaning.  Jack had been by earlier, as he did every day around lunchtime.  Owen didn't know what went on during these
visits and he really didn't want to know, but it usually kept Ianto occupied enough that Owen didn't come home to find a
seven-course meal being cooked or the floors literally sparkling from a fresh buffing.

He cleared his throat as he used sterile forceps to gently pull the thread from Ianto's skin.  "What's wrong?"

The skin under Owen's fingers twitched.  Ianto looked to the side and bit at his lower lip.  "It's nothing," he said softly.

"You're agitated about something.  You might as well tell me."

"It's stupid," Ianto murmured.

"Probably," Owen agreed.  "But tell me anyway."

Ianto was silent a moment before speaking softly.  "They'll treat me differently, won't they?  After I came back from suspension
Tosh and Gwen started treating me like I was made of spun glass.  How will they treat me now?"

Owen snorted.  "It'll be worse the longer you're away.  They were convinced you had some rare exotic disease brought on by
alien tech.  Either that or cancer."

Ianto smirked a little, though it looked forced.  "Rare exotic disease," he hummed.  "That's something I've never heard male
pregnancy referred to as."

Once all of the stitches were removed, Owen cleaned the wound again and applied a number of adhesive strips.  "Keep these on
for about five days and keep the wound clean and dry.  Soak them to remove them.  Be careful, the skin still needs time to heal."

"When can I go back to work?"

Owen gathered up the used supplies and tossed them into the bin with his gloves.  "Not tomorrow.  Skin's still too weak to hold
up against the compression that ring enforces on you.  Give it another week."  He helped Ianto up, then pushed the chair back to
where it originally was.

Ianto wandered toward the bedroom, tugging his shirt on over his head as he walked.  Owen followed him.  He noticed the
papers strewn over the bed.  "What's all this?" he gestured to the mess.

"The encryptions," Ianto sighed.  "Every time I think I've got it, I find another layer of security.  All I've managed to decipher is
fragments, bits and pieces of several different files, a few words here and there."

Owen picked up a handful of the papers and flipped through them.  It was all beyond him, this technical crap.  He wasn't any
good with computers.  He frowned at the scattered words that had been revealed.

Test subject.  Process complete.  Full integration.  Nanogenes.

Owen dropped the papers and grabbed Ianto's wrist.  "Let's go.  I need to get you to the Hub."  He should have checked deeper,
done more scans.  If he had nanogenes swimming through his bloodstream, it would explain so much about how his condition
had been accomplished.

"What?  But it's after midnight."

"Perfect.  No one will be there."  Owen sneered.  "Except Jack."

Ianto yanked his wrist back.  "What's going on?  Is something wrong?"  His hands immediately went to the swell of his
stomach, stroking his hands over it absently.

"You're fine.  There's just something I want to check.  So put your shoes on and let's go."


Ianto didn't know what to make of Owen's behavior.  He had done as Owen asked and gotten his shoes on, grabbing a jacket on
the way out of the door.  Now he was sat on the table in the Medical Bay, jacket and shirt now gone and hooked up to Lord
knew how many machines.  It was worrying to say the least.  He'd feel better if Owen said something though, instead of
ignoring him to run his damned tests.

Jack wasn't here.  Or at least, he wasn't in the main area of the Hub.  He could be in the lower levels, or perhaps down in his
bunker.  It was late.  He could be sleeping.  But he wasn't here and Ianto wanted him to be because Owen was scaring him with
his silence.

As if summoned, the cogwheel door rolled back and Jack strode in.  He stopped short at the sight of Ianto sitting on the cold
metal table.  He pulled off his coat and tossed it over the railings as he stepped down into Owen's domain.  "Ianto?  What are you
doing here?"

"Owen won't tell me what's going on," Ianto stated, trying very hard not to sound terrified.  He didn't think he succeeded very
well.  "I showed him what I'd managed to get from the encrypted files and he dragged me here.  But he won't tell me anything."

Jack moved across to him immediately and settled a hand on his shoulder.  His eyes slid down to Ianto's stomach, watching the
Welshman's trembling hands as they stroked the bare skin.  He gently wrapped his fingers around one wrist, a worried look on
his face as he took Ianto's pulse.

"Owen!" Jack called out loudly, setting Ianto's hand down again and patting it lightly.

"A bit busy here, Jack," the medic replied, sounding harried.  He was scrutinizing the results of some test he had forced Ianto to

"Well, you're going to have more work to do if you don't tell Ianto something.  He's likely to pass out from stress soon.  His
heart is racing."

Owen suddenly looked over.  "Shit!  Sorry about that."  He muttered a bit about being a bloody moron before letting out a
breath.  "Right, the short version is that something about the alien tech that impregnated Ianto infused him with nanogenes."  He
gave Ianto an apologetic look.  "You know me ... total git."

Ianto took a couple of deep breaths, trying to calm himself.  "So there's nothing wrong with the baby?"

The medic looked horror-struck.  "No!  Nothing's wrong with the baby.  Shit!  Is that what you thought?  No wonder you were
panicking."  He ran a hand through his hair.  "Though the presence of nanogenes explains why you have the equivalent of a
womb and why your hormones are at the appropriate levels.  Little bastards are working hard to keep your insides nice and
proper for junior there."  He made a motion to the monitors behind him.  "I got so caught up in the results that I didn't even think
about what might be going through your mind.  I figured you'd want to know how and why this is working."

Ianto was still shaking.  He had been so scared.  "Yeah.  You could have said something to that effect though."  He swallowed,
brushing his thumbs over his stomach again.  "I could really use a biscuit right now."

Jack nodded and practically dashed away.  He was back in less than a minute with a package of Hobnobs.  Ianto grinned at the
offering and took one.  "You have Hobnobs?"  He narrowed his eyes.  Jack wasn't likely to keep them in his desk.  Where had he
gotten them?

"No.  But Gwen did."  Jack smiled and took a biscuit for himself.  "I'll replace them later."

The Welshman sighed and swallowed the bite he'd taken.  "So I've got tiny little robots swimming around inside of me."

Owen shrugged.  "Pretty much."

He took another bite of his biscuit and chewed it thoughtfully.  He wasn't sure how he was supposed to take this new
revelation.  "What are they doing to me?

"Basically, they are responsible for creating and maintaining that womb of yours.  Millions of microscopic robots all with the
single objective of keeping that baby alive until it's ready to be born."  He pressed a stethoscope to Ianto's chest.  Whatever he
heard must have satisfied him since he set it aside a moment later and began disconnecting Ianto from the various machines he
was hooked up to.

Ianto hummed.  He had questions.  Questions that he knew couldn't be answered until he cracked the encryptions on those files
from One.  Owen didn't know what these nanogenes were going to be doing to him in the coming months, if they would be in
his body for the rest of his life or not.  Owen didn't have the answers.  They could only be found in those files.

Sighing in resignation, he let his eyes close and scrubbed at his face with one hand.  "I'll talk to Tosh when I'm allowed back at
work," he said.

"You'd better," Owen warned.  "We all need a look at those files."

He had every intention of doing so.  But how was he to know that things would become complicated by the discovery of a
skeleton and a rusted old piece of alien tech?

To Be Continued ...