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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.

Notes: Please remember that I am just another stupid American.  Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors as I must
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SPOILER WARNING:  This part contains spoilers for "Greeks Bearing Gifts."  If you have not seen that episode, this part
might not make all that much sense.


Part Sixteen

Ianto stood in Owen's bathroom, adjusting his tie for the sixth time.  He stared at himself in the mirror, frowning.  No good, the
knot was still crooked.  He pulled it off and started over again, biting his lip as he made a new knot.  Then he fidgeted with it,
tightening and loosening it until he tightened it again.

"For the love of God," Owen growled from the other side of the door.  "You got me up at an ungodly hour and then you make
me wait an hour while you fuss about in the bathroom?"

Ianto grit his teeth, hands clenching against the sink.  The ring on his finger clinked against the surface, and he opened his eyes
to look at it.  It had been six days since Owen had removed the stitches from his side and Owen had finally relented and allowed
him to put the ring on and go to work again.  About bloody time too, he didn't know how much longer he could sit around all
day without going mad.  Aside from Jack's afternoon visits and the work he did on the encryptions, it was difficult to find ways
to fill all of the hours between sleep.

But now, finally, he was going to be doing something useful.  And at some point in the day, he'd be telling Tosh about his
condition.  He held a hand to his stomach as a flutter of nausea passed through him.  The worry over telling Tosh had caused his
morning sickness to make a startling comeback and he'd heaved up his breakfast very shortly after eating it.  Now, the mere
thought of explaining to her made him feel as if small animals were crawling around inside of him, clawing at his insides.  Rats.  
Maybe gerbils.

"Let's go!" Owen yelling, pounding on the door.

Reluctantly, Ianto gave up on his tie and opened the door.  He ducked his head, biting his lip.  "Sorry," he muttered, rubbing his
hand over his concealed stomach, trying to ease away the cramping pains.

The back of Owen's hand pressed against his forehead, then slid to settle at his cheek.  "You look a bit peaky, mate.  Maybe you
should wait another day, or two."

"No!" Ianto snapped, far louder than he'd intended to.  He pushed Owen's hand away.  "It won't be any better if I wait."

Owen held up his hands and backed away.  "All right.  I'm only concerned you might make yourself ill.  You've already had to
run off to the bathroom twice since you got up.  Once while I was in the shower!"  He gave Ianto a scrutinizing look.  "If you
can't keep your lunch down, I'm sending you home, whether you've told Tosh or not."


"No, buts, Ianto.  Doctor's orders."

Ianto rolled his eyes.  "Fine.  Can we go now, Doctor Harper?"  He wasn't looking forward to today, but it would be better being
busy than to sit around worrying about everything.


He'd tried.  So many times, he'd tried to talk to Tosh.  Gwen and Tosh had greeted him warmly, all smiles and gentle questions
about his general well-being.  No hugs, he'd been grateful for that.  They were easily satisfied by his answers.  He was thankful
for that, as well.  Then things were almost normal.  Rift alerts and such.  The group had been called out early in the day, leaving
Ianto wandering around the Hub tidying up.  They'd come back with a skeleton and a rusty old alien artifact.

Ianto had been looking over it when Tosh had gone by him on her way to her workstation.  He'd thought about taking her aside
and telling her then, but Owen had scrubbed that idea away by being a general prat.  Ianto was tempted to punch him square in
the nose for the hurtful things he'd said to her, but then thought of a much better punishment.

Ten minutes after Tosh left, Owen demanded coffee.  He didn't notice Ianto's small grin as he set the mug on his desk.  As he
walked away, he heard Owen spit in disgust.

"Oi, what is this swill?"  He put the mug down, hard.

Ianto didn't bother looking back on his way to Jack's office with his proper mug of coffee.  "Decaf," he replied, coldly.

He had barely set the mug down in front of Jack when Owen stomped up behind him and grabbed his wrist, roughly spinning
him around.  "What the hell was that about?  Decaf?"

Ianto snatched his wrist back, his heart thudding.  He was angry at Owen for the things he'd said, for the way he'd treated
Tosh.  It wasn't right.  She was perfectly in her rights to be angry with him.  He'd ruined hours of hard work.  "You should treat
Tosh better," he murmured.  Was it getting warmer?  And why were things getting fuzzy?

Before he knew it, Owen's hands were at his elbows and Jack was beside him guiding him to sit in a chair.  "Woah," Jack said,
loosening Ianto's tie and popping open the top few buttons of his shirt.

To his utter horror, he realized that Gwen was still in the Hub.  She was at his side, along with Owen and Jack, looking on with
concern.  "What is it?  Is he okay?  Ianto?"  She delicately brushed her fingers over his forehead, biting her lip.

He was touched that she was worried about him.  But it didn't make his heart beat any slower.  She couldn't find out now.  Not
like this.  "I'm fine.  Just dizzy," he managed to say, then reached out and grabbed Jack's hand.  He looked at the man, trying to
communicate his fears with only his eyes.

Thankfully, Jack seemed to understand.  "It's okay, Gwen.  Owen will handle it.  Let's give Ianto some room to breathe."  He
left, wrapping an arm around her shoulders to guide her away.

As soon as she was out of earshot, Owen spoke.  "Try to calm down.  Take deep breaths."  He was feeling Ianto's wrist, taking
his pulse.  "Did you have lunch?"

Ianto nodded, taking deliberate, slow breaths.  "But I couldn't keep it down."

"All right.  That's it for today then.  I want you home and in bed."

Ianto couldn't resist the voice in his head.  He smiled shakily.  "I've never heard a worse pick-up line.  How do you manage to
get women to go home with you?  They must do it out of pity."

Owen grinned back at him.  "Amusing."  He checked Ianto's eyes with a penlight.  "I'll drive you home.  Eat something, then get
a good night's sleep.  I'll leave you something to help you sleep if you need it."

Ianto didn't have the energy to argue.


It wasn't any better the following day.  No moment seemed right.  They'd been alone once, but the worry over her reaction
gnawed at his insides.  He was only barely able to keep from trembling as he cleared away the mugs from the table.  All he could
think about was the pain in his stomach, the twisting gnawing feeling of something crawling around inside of him.  He wondered
briefly how much longer it would last and couldn't remember any time before when it didn't ache so badly.

His chest constricted when he offered her coffee.  She'd seemed so sad, distracted as she'd looked up at him.  Her weak
declaration of being "fine" was a blatant lie, but he hadn't the heart to call her on it.  It was all he could do not to run off to the
nearest bathroom and lose the little food he'd actually managed to keep down that day.

There was obviously something on her mind.  He couldn't add to it.

He was sent home early again.  The worried look from Gwen hadn't gone unnoticed as he'd slunk out of the Hub.


An alien.  Toshiko had been having an affair with an alien.  A female alien.  A murdering female alien.

Ianto swallowed as he thought about it, then focused on the task at hand.  He was supposed to be taking her statement, writing
up the report on what had happened, to find out what had happened.

She'd been conned by a serial-killing alien.  Romanced and used.  Ianto felt sorry for her.  Not pity, but regret that she had been
treated so abominably.  She deserved better.

"Ianto?" she whispered, dabbing at her teary eyes with a tissue.

"Hm?" Ianto asked, looking at her.

"What's wrong with you?  What I heard in your thoughts, it was all so pained.  I'm worried."

Ianto swallowed roughly.  The pendant.  She'd told him about it.  He'd hoped she hadn't gotten anything from him, but that
apparently wasn't the case.  This didn't seem like an ideal time to reveal his secret, but she was so distraught already.  He didn't
have the heart to lie to her now.

"I'm not sick," he said, swallowing again.  "I was going to tell you.  And Gwen."  He smiled weakly.  "I guess I'm a coward."

She touched his arm.  Lightly, barely any pressure at all.  The warmth and sorrow in her eyes was what did it for him though.  
He couldn't hide anymore.

"There was an accident when I was working for Torchwood One, a bloody prank.  I ended up on the wrong end of a piece of
tech.  They thought it was a brilliant joke, until they found out the result.  Then I was an amazing oddity, a wonderful
opportunity to test it since I'd already been affected."  

He swallowed yet again.  Here it was.  No turning back now.

"I'm pregnant."

He didn't know what he was expecting really.  Words, for her to say something, anything.  Instead, she wrapped her arms
around him.  His stomach calmed, his heart slowed to a more normal beat.  She wasn't angry with him.  She wasn't mocking
him.  She was simply being herself; beautiful, kind Toshiko.

When she pulled away, she placed a hand to his cheek.  "I was so worried."  She looked down at his stomach.  "But, you've
been here for months and you're not showing."

"Believe me, I am.  You just can't see it."  He held up his hand, showing her the ring.  "Borrowed tech.  Jack loaned it to me.  
Some kind of perception filter."

"No wonder Owen's thoughts were all about you.  Your diet.  Your trouble sleeping.  Never anything specific, just worries."

Ianto smiled.  It was nice to know people cared.

Tosh wiped at her eyes again.  "This is amazing.  Are you keeping him?  Her?"

"Him."  He took a breath and let it out with a sigh.  "I dunno really.  This job isn't exactly safe, is it?  Not a great environment for
raising a child."  He pressed a hand to his stomach, unconsciously brushing his thumb back and forth.

Toshiko sidestepped the subject.  "How far along are you?"

"Almost six months now."

"I'm happy for you," Tosh said, wrapping her fingers around his arm and squeezing gently.  "Whatever you decide, I'm happy."

There was a lump in his throat and his eyes felt moist.  He swallowed around it.  "We should finish up.  I think Jack wants to
talk to you."  He glanced out and saw Gwen and Owen lingering nearby.  "Not to mention those two."


Tosh and Jack had just left the Hub.  Ianto's thoughts were a jumble.  He was happy with how well Tosh had taken things.  He
found himself feeling foolish for all the worry he'd put himself through.  He should have told her so much sooner.

Gwen was packing up to head home for the night.  Owen was down in his medical bay, putting away his own supplies.  Ianto
knew he was looking forward to a night out at the pubs.  It had been a while since he'd been able to.

Coming to a quick decision, Ianto crossed the Hub to stand in front of Gwen.  He grabbed her arms, steadying himself more
than trying to gain her attention and bluntly announced, "Gwen, I'm pregnant!"

The horror-struck expression on her face was enough to make him smile.

"Bloody Torchwood!" she declared, then wrapped him in a hug while Owen's uproarious laughter echoed around them.

To Be Continued ...

A few mores Notes:  In answer to a question posed to me, Ianto's baby is a result of an accident with alien tech.  The baby
shares the DNA of Ianto, and of the person who was holding the device at the time, a junior researcher at Torchwood One.