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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.

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Part Seventeen

Ianto was sat on a low bench in front of a row of lockers that the team used to store extra clothes for themselves should
something happen that required them to change.  Working here could be relatively messy.  Ianto had learned to bring two extra
suits, just in case.

He grimaced, placing his hands on either side of his stomach as his unborn son kicked.  It was a strange feeling, not truly
uncomfortable, but very odd.

Somewhere in the distance, a faucet was dripping.  Ianto was tempted to get up and try to find it.  Maybe he could use plumbing
repair as an excuse not to go back up to the main Hub.  He was trying to avoid that.

Yesterday, he had informed Gwen and Tosh of his pregnancy.  While he was relieved that neither of them had freaked out,
neither of them had yet to see what he looked like without the ring that hid his stomach from view.  He'd hoped that he could
keep the physical proof of this baby from them, at least a little while longer.  Trust Owen to ruin his plans.

As soon as the medic had waltzed in this morning, he had announced bluntly, in front of everyone, that Ianto was due for a
physical and he was doing it now.  And that seeing how Ianto had no reason to hide his condition, he was no longer permitted to
wear the ring while in the Hub.  He was restricted to using it only to get to and from work.

Too horrified to do anything else, Ianto had retreated to the locker room.  That had been about half an hour ago.  He was
trembling faintly, not out of any true fear, but with a persistent nervousness over the state of his body.  He didn't like being
noticed at the best of times.


He flinched at the sound of Jack's voice.  He worried over what Jack would think of him; sitting there in nothing more than his
pants, wallowing in his own self-pity.  He was being pathetic.

A weight settled on the bench next to him.  He could practically feel Jack's eyes roving over him.  But he did nothing. He only
sat there, staring down at his faintly trembling hands, biting his lip in nervousness.

Fingers brushed a delicate caress over his shoulder and he jerked away from it.  Jack's hand slipped away, settling between them
on the bench.  "Ianto?" he asked again, worry evident in his tone.  "Talk to me.  You've been down here a long time.  What's

"Nothing," Ianto murmured.  He moved his hands, flattening them against his stomach in the hope that it would stop their

Jack noticed.  He let out a soft sigh, then slid off the bench to his knees, arranging himself so that he was settled on the floor
directly in front of Ianto.  His hands gripped the bench on either side of Ianto, purposely not touching him.  Ianto appreciated the
gesture.  He didn't much feel like being touched at the moment.

"The girls already know you're pregnant," Jack pointed out softly.  "But I don't think this is about that, is it?  You're worried
about how they'll take seeing you."

Ianto hung his head dejectedly.  It sounded foolish, he knew, but that was exactly the problem.  He gave a barely perceptible nod.

"Owen should have spoken to you first," Jack said.  "Believe me, Gwen and Tosh went off on him something good as soon as
you were out of earshot."

"They did?"  He raised his head, just enough to see Jack and his warm smile.

"Absolutely.  He was being a prat and he knows it now.  He shouldn't have announced your weekly scan appointment so
bluntly.  Or his edicts for the use of the ring.  It's your personal business."  He raised a hand and delicately settled it against the
side of Ianto's face, thumb brushing his cheekbone.

Ianto didn't flinch away this time.  He was even able to smile a fleeting smile.  His eyes fell to Jack's lips, watching the way they
curled.  He wanted to kiss Jack and didn't see any reason to deny himself, so he bent forward.  Jack, reading his body language
correctly, leaned upward on his knees, eliminating the distance between them.

The kiss wasn't breath-taking.  It was comfortable, comforting and reassuring.  Ianto felt warm all over as Jack's lips parted a
fraction.  He deepened the kiss eagerly, a familiar heat coiling low in his belly as he scrambled to grip Jack's shoulders.

Jack pushed up against him, one hand sifting through Ianto's hair around the back of his head.  His other hand was circled
around the Welshman's back, pressed to the base of his spine.  That hand began to slide away, moving slowly around to Ianto's
hip, thumb caressing the skin just over the bone there.  Then it began to move again, the hand easing around his waist, ever
closer to the bulging skin of his stomach.

Not wanting to stop the kiss, Ianto tore a hand away from Jack's shoulder.  He reached back and grabbed the other man's wrist,
grunting against the lips he didn't want to detach from, and moved that hand back to his hip.  He didn't like anyone touching his
stomach.  It felt strange to him.  Even Owen's purely professional contact with him left him feeling unnerved.

Ianto shifted closer to the edge of the bench, wanting to get nearer to Jack.  He was on the verge of sliding off completely when
Jack abruptly pulled back.  Ianto grunted, trying to follow.  It took him a moment to realize that Jack was chuckling.

Opening eyes he hadn't known he'd closed, he stared openly at Jack's kiss-swollen lips.  "Why'd you stop?" he asked
breathlessly.  He realized he was staring and blinked up to look into Jack's eyes.

Jack took hold of Ianto's hands and shook his head.  "Two reasons.  First; as much as I'd like to, I'm not about to take this
further than we're sure it's safe to go.  Second; Owen is probably wondering what's taking so long and might castrate me for
'molesting' you."

"Fuck Owen."

Ianto let himself slide the rest of the way off of the bench and landed heavily on Jack, knocking the man flat onto his back.  He
wasted no further time, pushing his hands into Jack's hair and holding his head still so he could kiss him senseless.  It was
several long moments later before he finally broke away, gasping for breath.  When he had enough air in his lungs, he dove in

The way he was kneeling was getting uncomfortable.  With his tongue still engaged in Jack's mouth, he shifted experimentally to
try and find a better position.  Instead, he found himself quaking as a bolt of electricity lanced up his spine when their groins
came into contact.  At least he had no doubts now about whether or not Jack was enjoying the kissing.

Jack's hands gripped at his hips and levered him up and away.  He turned his head, breaking the kiss again.  "We have to stop,"
he said, breathlessly.

"W-Why?" Ianto asked.

In answer, Jack pushed a hand between their bodies, past his belly and straight toward his groin.  Ianto instinctively jerked away
before Jack could do what he'd obviously intended.  Jack eased his hand away and settled it on his hip again, his thumb brushing
back and forth in an idle manner.

"You aren't ready," Jack said.  "Don't push yourself.  I don't want to hurt you.  Or for you to hurt yourself."

Ianto wanted nothing more than to continue.  Yet, he was terrified by the thought of it for a multitude of reasons.  He dropped
his head to Jack's chest, taking deliberate slow breaths.  Jack was right, as much as he hated to admit it.  They did have to stop.

"I don't want to go out there," Ianto admitted, his voice muffled by Jack's chest.

Jack's hand slid up his bare back, making his skin tingle.  "You can't stay down here forever."

Ianto sighed.  He turned his head, pressing his ear over the other man's heart.  The steady thrum calmed him.  "They'll see me."

"It was bound to happen eventually.  The closer you get to full-term, the more dangerous it is to wear the ring.  It uses the
electrical energy in your body, but it also draws from you.  The longer you wear it, the more obvious the effect.  And we don't
want to put too much strain on your little one there."

Ianto hummed in neither agreement or disapproval.  Jack was right, of course, but that didn't mean Ianto wanted to hear it.  
Instead, he said, "My knees hurt."

Jack let out a throaty chuckle.  He helped Ianto up from the floor and to sit on the bench again.  "Let's get you dressed," he said,
moving around to Ianto's locker.

Ianto waited, rubbing at his aching knees.  Perhaps kneeling on the cold, hard ground had been a mistake.  But a pleasant
mistake.  He found himself drifting into memory, remembering the feel and taste of Jack.  He licked his lips to relish the lingering
taste of the captain, certain that he could still feel the ghost of the other man's hands on his body.

He was pulled from his musings when a pair of sleep pants were tossed across his shoulder.  He regretted that the only
comfortable clothing that he had here were what he used when he slept here overnight.  It was an occurrence that was still far
too frequent for Ianto's liking.  He had a flat.  He should be able to stay there on his own.  But it was just so quiet there, too quiet.

Ianto dressed quietly in the clothing Jack handed to him.  A pair of sleep pants with the waistband pushed down low beneath his
rounded stomach, and an oversized t-shirt which was too large around his shoulders but large enough to cover his stomach.  
Lastly he eased his feet into a pair of slippers, but declined the dressing gown Jack offered him.  He was feeling warm.

Reluctantly, he trudged out of the locker room, Jack's hand on his arm the only thing keeping him from bolting into the furthest
recesses of the archives that he could find.  He didn't want to go out there.  He didn't want Gwen or Tosh to see him like this.

Only a few steps away from entering the central area of the Hub, Ianto's steps faltered.  He stopped and found he had to press
one hand to the cold stone wall beside him.  Jack stayed by his side, resolutely silent, giving him the time he needed to calm
himself.  Ianto appreciated it.  When he felt he could go on, he took a steadying breath and began to walk again.

The silence around him was oppressive.  Aside from the constant noises of the Hub itself, there wasn't a sound.  Ianto glanced
around quickly enough to assure himself that, yes, everyone was staring at him.

Thankfully, Jack came to the rescue.  "All right, everyone!  There's work to do.  Tosh, get on that list for UNIT.  There's
nothing distracting you anymore, so I want it done and sent out before the end of the day.  Gwen, you need to look at some
online auctions.  A friend of mine contacted me and told me something odd was being sold.  I want you to check it out and
make sure that it isn't a piece of alien tech that fell into some idiot's hands."

Gwen gave him a look.  "And if it is alien, how will I know?  Will it glow blue on the screen?"

Jack gave her a sharp, unamused look.  "No.  But you've been here long enough to have a general idea of what alien tech looks
like.  When in doubt, get it.  If it's not alien, then we'll have a fancy new decoration for the Hub."

Ianto kept his head down, his eyes on the floor in front of him, only glancing about once or twice.  By the time Jack finished
speaking, they had reached the stairs leading down to the Medical Bay.  Jack left him there, declaring his intention to tackle some
of the paperwork cluttering up his desk.  Ianto wondered how many forms would be turned into paper airplanes.

"Come on.  I haven't got all day," Owen groused.

Ianto was hardly surprised that he didn't get an apology for Owen's earlier behavior.  He didn't truly expect one anyway.  
However, he was somewhat taken aback when he finally looked down into the bay, to find that Owen had erected a privacy
screen.  He blinked at it dumbly for a moment, thinking that maybe he was hallucinating.  When it didn't disappear, Ianto slowly
began to descend the stairs, smiling to himself at the medic's small attempt at atonement.


Jack left Ianto at the stairs leading down into Owen's domain.  He paused by Tosh's workstation on the way to his office.  
Leaning forward, he gripped her shoulder lightly.  "Come to my office," he said, then slipped his hand away and strode off
before she could say anything in response.  He had no doubt she would follow him.

He walked into his office and sat behind his desk.  Sure enough, Tosh trailed in just after him, nervously taking a seat in front of

"Don't look so scared, Tosh.  I have a job for you."  He picked up the laptop case, containing everything Ianto had been working
on for the past couple of weeks and set it on his desk, scattering a few forms to the floor in the process.  "Torchwood One had
some files concerning Ianto's condition, but they seem to be under heavy encryptions."

Tosh's eyes glittered with eagerness over the new puzzle being offered to her.  Then a frown marred her features.  
"Encryptions?  That you don't have codes for?  Why would they guard his files like that?"

Jack quirked a grin.  "That's what I want you to find out.  Ianto's been working hard at it, but he hasn't made a lot of headway.  
See what you can make of it."  He pushed the case toward her.

Her fingers were barely wrapped around the handle when she stopped and sat back again.  "Does Ianto know you're asking me
to do this?  You're not doing this behind his back are you?"

Jack nodded, and felt pleased that she was concerned about Ianto's opinions.  "We had an agreement.  As soon as you found out
about the pregnancy, you'd be brought in to help with the encryptions.  I'm sorry to say, it was one of the major reasons he
agreed to tell you.  We need to know what's in those files.  Owen needs to know."

Tosh looked appropriately frightened.  "Ianto's life is at risk," she said more to herself than anything.

"Other than the presence of nanogenes keeping this pregnancy going, we don't know anything really.  There are too many
unknowns.  We need answers.  Do what you do best, Tosh and find those answers for us."

"I'll get right on it."  She got up and left, grabbing the case as she went and leaving Jack alone with his thoughts and paperwork.

To Be Continued...