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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.

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More Notes:  Explicit Sex Ahead!!  You have been warned.


Part Nineteen


Ianto had honestly thought he'd never see her again.  Considering the fact that she was dead, it was an altogether natural
assumption.  She had taken her own life, ended everything with a single bullet.

Trust Gwen to have the brilliant idea to bring the former Torchwood operative back from the dead.  What had she been
thinking?  Had she been thinking at all.  To Ianto this felt like a ridiculously bad idea.  However, he wasn't the boss and Jack had
agreed to go ahead with the plan.

And so, Suzie Costello was brought back from the dead.

Owen hadn't allowed him the use of the ring to conceal his stomach from view.  Ianto had argued for it, not wanting Suzie to
see, no matter that she would only be alive for a couple of minutes at best.  He still didn't want her to see him.  He was heavy
and undeniably round now.  Without the ring, he wouldn't step foot outside for fear of anyone seeing him.  He was past the sixth
month mark, almost half through and on his way to his seventh month of pregnancy.  He felt obscenely huge.

The medic wouldn't oblige him though, telling him it wasn't worth the risk of using it just for a few minutes time.  Ianto
grumbled that he did it every day.  Twice actually.  His flat was less than ten minutes away.  He had to wear the ring to get to
and from home.  Owen kept pushing for him to just stay in the Hub until the baby arrived.  But Ianto wasn't ready to do that
yet.  He'd go mental locked up in the Hub for two and a half months.

He stood patiently with the stopwatch in hand, staying near the medical equipment and hoping he wasn't going to be seen by
Suzie.  He really didn't want her to waste precious time questioning him about his condition when they needed information on
these murders.

It had come as quite the surprise to everyone when Suzie remained alive even after she should have returned to the hereafter.

Ianto took tea to her once and only once.  Jack and Gwen had finished their interrogation and he'd made the decision to bring her
refreshments.  It was his own choice.  He wasn't going to hide, especially from someone who would never be able to reveal his
condition to anyone.  She'd likely never set foot outside of this Hub.  Either that, or she would end up in the hands of UNIT, in a
cell for the remainder of her unknown lifespan.  He still didn't want her to see him, but he wasn't going to hide.

She was sleeping when he walked into the interrogation room.  At least she looked asleep.  Her head was lolled to one side and
her eyes closed.  She was breathing regularly.

He set the heavy tray on the table in front of her, wincing at a twinge in his lower back.  He braced his hand against his back as
he stood up straight again, cursing the stairs he'd had to tromp down to get to this room.  They couldn't have just put her in one
of the cells?

"Always thought you were keeping secrets," Suzie said, startling Ianto.

He was able to mask his surprise though, keeping his voice calm, his face impassive.  "Good afternoon," he greeted.

"So, did you spread your thighs for some alien or was this one of One's twisted experiments?"  She sat up straighter and reached
forward for the cup of tea Ianto had thoughtfully poured for her.

"It was an accident, actually," Ianto responded coolly.  "A mishap with a bit of tech."

Suzie snorted.  She fiddled with her cup while Ianto moved a small plate of biscuits off of the tray and onto the table.  She was
watching him and it was making him nervous.

"I'm sure the family you chose will take excellent care of it."

Ianto paused, his fingers still touching the plate.  "Pardon?"

Suzie narrowed tired eyes at him.  "Surely, you're not actually thinking of keeping it."  There was a half smile on her face.  Ianto
wanted to slap it off.

Instead, he straightened himself up as best as he could and splayed the fingers of his right hand over his bulging stomach.  "I

He wasn't expecting her to laugh at him.  Her cup clattered back onto its saucer, tea sloshing over the side, her hand too weak to
hold it while she laughed.  "You can't be serious!  Where do you plan to keep it?  In one of your precious file drawers?"

His face felt warm.  Whether anger or embarrassment, he wasn't quite certain.  "This is my child," he said, deliberately refraining
from disclosing the gender.  She didn't deserve to know that.

"You're single.  No family to speak of, aside from a sister you've not had contact with for years."  She smirked at his apparent
surprise.  "I've read your file.  I was second in command once upon a time.  Of course, this information could have changed in
the months I've been gone, but I don't think it has."

It hadn't, but Ianto wasn't about to tell her that.  Nor would he mention the potential relationship that seemed to be building
between himself and Jack.  Again, she didn't deserve to know any of it.  She had betrayed them.  Though, was Ianto in any
position to judge her behavior?  He had betrayed the team as well.  He decided that it really didn't matter.

"Let's face it.  Torchwood doesn't go well with playing happy families."

Her words struck Ianto.  He didn't want them to, but they did make him think.  For hours after he'd left her, he kept going over
and over what she had said.  What kind of a life would his son have with him?  Maybe he'd be better off given up for adoption.

He sat at his desk in the archives, staring down at the pen in his hand.  He couldn't concentrate on work.  How could he think of
anything other than the welfare of his child?

What kind of father would he be?  He shivered at the flashes of memory that came to him when he considered that.  His father
hadn't been the best role model.  He idly rubbed his shoulder, wincing at a phantom ache and the memory of his first dislocated
shoulder, his first visit to an emergency room, the first time he'd had to lie to protect himself and the fragmented pieces of his
screwed up family.

What if he wasn't any better than his father had been?  What if he got angry?  Would he lash out with vicious words and brutal
touches like his father had?  Would he watch his son grow up with black eyes and broken bones, both of them lying again and
again about what had happened?  He didn't want that.

Ianto worried at his bottom lip, ignorant of the eyes watching him from the shadows of the doorway.  He nearly jumped out of
his skin when Jack's voice echoed in the far-too-quiet room.  "Penny for your thoughts."

"You scared me," Ianto gasped, trying to force a smile.  He cleared his throat, changing tactics and concealing his emotions
behind the familiar mask of emotionless calm.

Jack was across the room in only a few easy strides.  He took up Ianto's faintly trembling hands, simply holding them.  He was
smiling softly, his thumbs grazing back and forth over Ianto's knuckles.  "You've been hiding down here for hours," Jack said,
his tone gentle and coaxing.  "Talk to me."

"It's nothing," Ianto tried to lie, tugging his hands to try to get loose.

Instead of letting go, Jack clung tighter and pulled Ianto up from his chair.  He guided the younger man over to the camp bed
positioned against one wall.  The Captain arranged them to sit side by side, yet turned enough so that they faced one another.  
"You are a horrible liar, Ianto Jones.  Now, tell me.  What's bothering you?"

Ianto looked away, unable to meet Jack's steady gaze.  "It's not one thing," he admitted rather reluctantly.  "More like a bunch of

Jack released one hand, only to caress Ianto's cheek with those talented fingers.  He didn't say anything, allowing Ianto the time
he needed to collect his own thoughts and his courage.

He still found himself stammering when he tried to form the words.  He started and stopped several times before he finally just
blurted out, "How can I take care of a child, Jack?  With this job?  What kind of father would I be?"  He swallowed and clutched
tightly to the hand still holding his.

"Suzie said something, didn't she?"  Jack asked, his tone coaxing.  "Don't listen to a word of it.  You wouldn't be the first
Torchwood agent to have a family.  Not even the first single parent."

Ianto shook his head.  "It's not just that!"  He exclaimed, then took a shaky breath in a failed attempt at calming down.  "My
father was ... he was ... but he wasn't-"  He simply didn't know how to finish what he wanted to say, or even how to start it.  
How did he describe a childhood of pains with only a few sentences?

Jack drew him close, wrapping Ianto up in his arms.  "I know, Ianto," he said softly.  "I know all about it."

"How?"  Ianto croaked, raising his hands to Jack's arms even as he buried his face in the other man's chest.

Soothing fingers stroked his hair.  Jack's voice was always gentle, calming.  "When you were staying with Owen, you woke him
up a couple of times with your nightmares, muttering in your sleep.  Whatever you said made him check into your medical
history and he brought his findings to me.  It didn't take long to put the pieces together.  The long list of injuries.  All those
hospital visits.  Never the same hospital twice in a row."

"Can't keep anything a secret in Torchwood," Ianto said, half smiling against Jack's chest.

"Not for long."

Ianto turned his head, pressing his cheek against Jack's shoulder.  "I know he loved me, Jack.  I know he did.  But he had a
temper.  And with the drinking, he-"  He swallowed, shaking fingers clutching at Jack's arms like he would fall away if he let
go.  He was crying, but couldn't stop it.  The tears weren't gulping sobs, merely warm trickles along his cheeks, but they were
there nonetheless.  "I do have good memories of him.  He was my Tad and I loved him.  But I didn't like him very much.  What
if I end up like him?  What if I get angry and hurt my son?"

The arms around him tightened a fraction.  "You won't," Jack said assuredly.  "You are a good man, Ianto Jones and you'll be a
great father.  You already love him enough to worry about him."

Ianto hummed in response.  Despite his upset, he found himself relaxing against Jack.  He loosened his fingers, letting his worry
slip away with each brush of Jack's fingers through his hair.  Simply being held by this man was a comfort to him.

"I am rubbish though," Ianto said with a sigh.

The talented fingers paused.  "Hm?  Why do you say that?"

He reluctantly drew away from Jack's embrace.  With a grunt, he stood and ambled over to his desk.  "Almost seventh months
gone and I've done nothing to prepare for it."  He pulled open a drawer and lifted out a handful of magazines and catalogues.  He
returned to Jack and dropped the pile on the bed between them when he sat.  "I keep looking through them, but I can't decide on

Jack was grinning as he picked up the first catalogue.  It was filled with baby items, furniture mostly.  A few of the others were
devoted almost entirely to clothing.  "You've made an attempt at least."  He paused on one of the pages Ianto had marked for a
second look.  Then he moved on to the next dog-eared page.

The Captain leaned back against the wall.  He picked up the pile of magazines and passed them to his other side, then gestured
for Ianto to move closer.  Ianto did so quite eagerly, easing over to rest against Jack's side.

"No idea what you want at all?" Jack asked, idly turning pages.

"Not really, no."

Jack dropped the magazine to his lap so he could flip through it one-handed, his other hand once again occupied with stroking
through Ianto's hair.  The gentle touch was making him sleepy again, but he didn't fight it.  He liked it when Jack touched him,
even in such an innocent way.

"What do you think?  Wood or metal for the furniture?"  Jack asked casually.

"Hmm, wood," Ianto murmured tiredly.

"Something light, I suppose."

Ianto shook his head a little.  "No.  I prefer darker shades, maybe something with a reddish hue to it."  He scratched an itch
under his nose, barely aware of his eyes slipping shut.  "I never got around to repainting the bedroom.  I thought something light,
a pale yellow maybe."

"You could move.  You'll need a bigger place when the baby comes.  Another room at least."

"I don't have the energy to move."  His voice was trailing off, beginning to slur a bit.  "And I like where I live.  Mrs. Koladka is
nice to me."

Ianto easily slipped into sleep to the sound of pages being turned and the delicate brush of fingers through his hair.


Ianto woke to find himself alone.  His head was resting on a pillow and a blanket had been pulled over his body.  He pushed the
blanket away and sat up, grimacing at the aches and pains that sprang up.  The camp bed was getting more and more
uncomfortable each time he slept on it.  He briefly wondered if he could get Jack to set up a real bed somewhere.  But he let that
thought drift away as he got up and shuffled out of the archives, never noticing that his pile of catalogues had disappeared.

He went to his coffee machine and prepared drinks for everyone, except himself of course.  Damn Owen.

As he set Gwen's mug down beside her, she asked kindly for a snack she could take down to Suzie.  Grateful that he wasn't
going to be doing it himself, he readily agreed.  He didn't pay much attention as she fiddled with the plates and napkins, thinking
instead of how much his back was aching and wanting to sit instead of tidying up like he knew he should.  If he'd known she
was about to do something monumentally stupid, he would have stopped her.  As it was, she was able to deliver her discreet
note and smuggle Suzie out of the Hub by way of a back door Ianto wasn't aware that Gwen even knew about.

He was tired as he'd approached Jack after the lock-down, despite the recent nap he'd taken.  He was also confused when Jack
didn't know anything about how it had been triggered.

Ianto allowed the others' voices to wash over him as he sat on the metal stairs and worked on the problem himself.  They were
upset, not thinking rationally.  Ianto had hidden away a Cyberwoman in the basement and had learned everything he could about
this base, top to bottom and everything in-between.  He'd had to for his own survival.  If he'd been found out, it would have
meant Lisa's death.  It had meant Lisa's death.  No, he corrected himself, not Lisa.  That hadn't been Lisa anymore.

Surprising Jack with the solution made Ianto feel good on so many levels.  Seeing that look of confusion, then of gratitude, it
had warmed him.  That sly smile had left his toes practically curling and he had to restrain himself from pouncing on Jack and
snogging him then and there.  Now wasn't the time for it though.  There was work to do, lives at stake.  Jack had to do what he
did best and save the day.

That look of open happiness on Jack's face had resolved one thing at least.  Ianto no longer had any reservations about what he
wanted to do.  Lisa would understand.  She'd want him to be happy.


"Lots of things you can do with a stopwatch."

Ianto resisted the urge to bang his head against the nearest surface in abject horror at his own pathetic attempts at seduction.  
Was that really the best he could come up with?  He was surprised he'd ever gotten Lisa - or anyone else for that matter - to date
him if that was the best pick-up line he could think of.  Still, it had worked on Jack.  That was something at least.  He didn't
think he'd ever live it down though.

He paced in front of Jack's desk, nervous despite his earlier boldness in propositioning the handsome Captain.  He had every
right to be nervous.  This would be his first time with a man.

Ianto turned and winced at a sharp twinge, bracing a hand to his lower back.  He'd wanted to be standing, a picture of
confidence and security when Jack waltzed in, but his aching back and throbbing ankles seemed to have other ideas.  Resigned
to wait sitting down, he lowered himself into the chair facing Jack's desk.  Only a few moments later, he had to get up again as
he couldn't find a way to sit in it comfortably.

He had to sit down, but there was only one other chair in the room.  Biting his lip and glancing nervously between the door and
Jack's chair, he decided he'd rather take the chance and moved around the desk to sit behind it.  It was better, not infinitely
comfortable, but better than the other chair at least.

Unconsciously, he picked up a pen from Jack's blotter and began to twirl it between his fingers.  A glance at the stopwatch
showed that Jack still had three minutes before he was late.  With nothing else to occupy his mind, Ianto turned his attention to
the desk.  He allowed a smile to flicker across his face as he reached out to delicately touch the coral, feeling a vague, pleasant
warming sensation.

His eyes were drawn to other things, namely the paperwork strewn about.  It was scattered over most of the surface.  Not one
piece was creased though, or stained in any way.  Ianto began to tidy them, arranging them into a pile with the most urgent
work at the top.  He didn't realize he had begun to correct some of the figures and other trivial details until a cough broke him
from his daze.

"Well, well, Mr. Jones," Jack said, a smirk in his words as well as on his face.  He was leaning against the door frame, watching
Ianto.  "Am I late?"

Ianto blushed and dropped the pen and the papers he'd been working on.  He gripped the stopwatch and depressed the button.  
"Eleven seconds to spare, actually," he replied, forcing calm into his voice.  He stood, uneasily, and was relieved that his back
and feet felt somewhat better for the brief respite.  The pain wasn't gone, but it was more of a dull ache now.  It wouldn't take
long for it to come back fully though.

Jack walked into the office with a swagger.  Ianto rounded the desk and met him halfway.  He raised a hand to Jack's face, then
faltered and let it fall away.  Swallowing hard, he tried again, shuffling forward and parting his lips to say something, anything,
but nothing came out.

Jack's smile was gentle and understanding.  "Are you sure you want to do this?"

The words, spoken softly and with care, settled Ianto's resolve.  He wanted to prove that he wasn't afraid of Jack's touch, so he
did the first thing that came to mind.  He reached out and grasped Jack's wrists, pulling him forward in the same instant he took
a step toward the other man.

"Absolutely," he answered, pressing Jack's hands to his protruding belly, feeling the large hands splay across the swelled surface.

Unlike before, he didn't feel the twitching nervousness that usually accompanied someone else touching his stomach.  Instead, all
he felt was an overwhelming need for Jack to touch him more, to lose the barrier of clothing between them so he could feel the
other man's flesh against his own.

"God, yes," he gasped, losing himself in his urges.  He placed his hands on either side of Jack's face and pulled him in for a
ravenous kiss.

When they pulled apart to breathe, Jack was still grinning.  "You surprise me, Mr. Jones," he said, looking down at his hands on
Ianto's stomach.

Ianto pressed his forehead to Jack's and watched as well.  He liked the way Jack's hands felt as they rubbed and caressed the
bump.  He didn't think he'd ever like the feeling, but he did now.  He doubted he would feel any better about Owen touching
him.  And he still dreaded either Gwen or Tosh asking to feel if the baby was kicking.

"I'll take you home," Jack said suddenly.

Ianto reeled back.  "What?  But don't you want to?"

Jack laughed.  "Oh, I want to, Ianto.  I definitely want to.  But, you deserve a bed.  I can't exactly screw you up against the
desk in your current condition, now can I?"

Ianto shivered at the mental image.  "Maybe in a couple of months," he mused and bit lightly at the Captain's lower lip.

The grin spread wider.  "Go on, get changed.  I'll even let you drive."  He slapped Ianto on the arse and sent him on his way.


Ianto didn't remember anything about the drive home.  All he knew was that Jack's hand had been on his thigh the entire way,
teasing, moving higher and squeezing just so.  It was a wonder they hadn't gotten into an accident.

Jack was on him before they could get through the door.  By the time the door was closed behind them, Jack had already shed
his coat and shoes and had stripped Ianto of his jacket and shirt.  All the while, he was kissing Ianto, groping him every chance
he got as they shed their clothes.

They were both naked before they reached the bed.

Jack eased back, his eyes sliding up and down Ianto's body with undisguised desire.  He lifted Ianto's hand, touching the ring
that still circled his finger, then paused.  He raised Ianto's hand further, pressing a kiss to the palm before giving a flirtatious
wink and sucking Ianto's finger into his hot mouth.  The sensation went straight to Ianto's groin and he was unable to stop the
moan that rumbled up out of his throat as Jack removed the ring with his teeth, his tongue swirling around the digit as it left his

Jack set the ring on a table by the bed, along with a condom wrapper and a small tube Ianto hadn't noticed Jack had been
holding.  A warmth crept over his face as he saw them and he felt foolish for the blush.  Of course Jack would arrive prepared.

"Here, sit down," Jack said, guiding Ianto to perch on the edge of the bed.

Ianto was briefly confused until Jack dropped to his knees between the Welshman's thighs.  Then he was drowning in sensation

Jack kissed him, long and hard, his tongue mapping out every contour of Ianto's palate.  The Captain then began a slow decent
with his mouth, licking at Ianto's chin and peppering his throat with kisses and gentle bites, nothing that would leave a visible
mark in the morning.  He lingered for a ridiculously pleasurable amount of time on Ianto's chest, most of his attention focused on
his nipples.  He was less gentle with his bites there, probably because no one would be able to see these marks under his shirt.  
Ianto found he didn't much mind as long as Jack continued to do what he was doing.

Jack continued downward, placing large open-mouthed kisses along the curve of Ianto's stomach.  The Welshman didn't think
he had stopped moaning once.  When Jack reached his navel, he shuddered almost violently.

Gentle hands coaxed him to lie down.  He ended up lying on his side with a pillow against his back to help him stay in position
comfortably.  Jack lifted Ianto's leg and lay it over his shoulder and around his back, firmly wedging himself between Ianto's
legs.  With no further ado, he all but devoured Ianto's cock in one go.

Ianto gasped loudly at the sudden sensation, at the wet heat abruptly encompassing him.  He couldn't focus on anything but the
sinfully wicked things Jack was doing to him with his mouth.  And just where had he learned to do that with his tongue?

Ianto was embarrassingly aware that this was going to be over with very quickly.  It had been months since anyone had so
much as touched him.  Even before Canary Wharf, Lisa hadn't been able to bring herself to forget that he was pregnant.  She'd
said that she was worried about hurting him.  He'd never told her that he knew she was just creeped out over the whole thing,
despite how understanding and caring she was.  If they'd had the time, maybe she would have gotten over it.  They'd never
know now though.

Jack hummed.  Ianto's hips jerked forward.

That was when Ianto happened to notice what Jack's hand was doing.  He'd been so thoroughly distracted that he hadn't noticed
Jack liberally coating his fingers in lube.  He'd been so utterly focused on the feelings in his cock, he hadn't paid attention to the
teasing touch against his entrance.  When Ianto had bucked forward in response to the purposeful humming, Jack had taken full
advantage of the motion and breached the tight ring of muscle with a single finger.

It wriggled inside of him now, feeling strange but not painful.  Ianto shifted his hips, attempting to judge how he felt about it.

Perhaps interpreting the movement as a show of reluctance, Jack slipped Ianto's length out of his mouth with an audible slurp.

Ianto whimpered at the loss.

"I could stop," Jack offered, his voice a bit hoarse.  As he spoke, his thumb rubbed back and forth over Ianto's perineum.  He
bent his head, waiting for Ianto's response and began to mouth his balls.

Ianto told Jack just what he thought about the idea of stopping.  He wasn't sure if he'd said it in English though.  Either way,
Jack seemed to understand well enough and went back to task.

Ianto writhed, groaning despite his attempts not to.  Jack was happily sucking away, thumb still stroking the perineum as he
eased a second finger into his partner.  He crooked his fingers inside the Welshman, humming again, and found Ianto's prostate.

He came with a surprised gasp.  Body bowed forward, he had unknowingly delved his fingers into Jack's dark hair, holding Jack
to him as he jerked spasmodically.  When he could control his muscles again, he forced himself to unclench his fingers.  He
huffed out short breaths, trying to regain the ability to think coherently.

Jack licked his flagging erection once, then slid up along his body until they were lying face to face.  He leaned in, slipping his
tongue between Ianto's lips.

The taste of himself startled Ianto and he recoiled a bit.  Jack kissed his cheek instead.  His eyes were hooded when he leaned
their foreheads together.  Ianto felt bad for his reaction and decided it wasn't worth it to see Jack unhappy.  Maybe he could get
used to the taste.  He tentatively kissed Jack, trying to prove his willingness with actions over words.  The kiss escalated rapidly,
tongues and teeth coming into play until they were left panting for much-needed air.

"We could still stop," Jack rasped, punctuating his offer with a nudge of the fingers still imbedded in Ianto's body.

"No.  Go on.  I want to."  He did.  He really did.  Nothing seemed more important now than getting Jack properly inside of him.  
He wanted Jack.  It frightened him somewhat, but not enough to stop now.

Ianto reached down, his hand shaking and curled his fingers around Jack's arousal.  God, he couldn't believe how much he
wanted that inside of him.  Silken steel.  Was there anything harder than steel?  He couldn't think.  Jack's cock perhaps.  It
certainly felt unyielding enough.

"Keep doing that," Jack said with a groan of pleasure.

Ianto's prick stirred in response to the primal sound.  He tightened his grip and stroked the rigid column once and was rewarded
by the sight of a shudder rippling through the Captain's entire body.  A secondary reward came when Jack began to move his
fingers again.

Languidly kissing him, Jack carefully stretched Ianto's passage.  It felt weird.  He could think of no other way to describe it.  
Weird.  When a third finger was included in the effort, it added a touch of pain.  A faint burning sensation, nothing too terrible,
but uncomfortable nonetheless.  He grunted against Jack's lips, instinctively jerking away from the source of discomfort.

Predictably, Jack leaned his upper body away from Ianto.  He opened his mouth, but Ianto didn't let him say anything.

"If you ask me if I want to stop one more time, I will maim you," Ianto promised, deliberately squeezing Jack's member just a bit
too tight.

Jack winced and squirmed.  Then he smiled.  "I wouldn't dream of it."

They kissed again.

Minutes later, though it felt far shorter to Ianto, Jack slid his fingers out.  "Come here, you," he said, placing his hands on Ianto's
hips and guiding him.

Ianto soon found himself on his knees, straddling Jack's thighs.  The Captain made quick work of rolling on the condom he'd
brought with him, then slathered an obscene amount of lube onto himself.  Ianto couldn't tear his eyes away from the display,
couldn't look at anything other than the way Jack's fingers slid over his own rigid length.  It wasn't as if he'd never seen another
man's erection before.  He was a normal human male.  He did watch porn.  Maybe not to the extent that Owen did, but he had a
few DVDs and magazines stashed about his flat.

"See something you like?"

Ianto blinked out of his daze.  He felt his face getting warmer.  Then he felt ridiculous.  He was about to have sex.  He shouldn't
be embarrassed about looking at something he wanted shoved inside of him.

He licked his lips and cleared his throat.  "Can we get on with it?" he asked.

Jack's hands slid up his thighs, one leaving a streak of lube as it stroked the skin.  Ianto grimaced, but moved as he was urged
to.  He realized now what Jack was intending and felt another flare of nervousness.  To hide it, he cleared his throat again, even
as he crawled up along the bed until he was in just the right position for Jack to enter him.

"Let me get this straight," Ianto said, allowing his lips to curl slightly.  "You're just going to lie there while I do all the work?"

Humming, Jack ran his hands over Ianto's stomach.  "This position will be better for you.  On your back would be
uncomfortable.  On your hands and knees, if you fall you'll land on your stomach.  There are other positions, but I think this one
will be the best."  His hands glided down, one going around Ianto's waist to grope his arse, the other slipping between his
thighs.  That hand briefly gripped his re-awakened hardness, causing the Welshman to shudder, then dropped away to take
himself in hand.

Feeling a blunt object nudging up against his hole, Ianto leaned forward and braced his hands on Jack's shoulders.  When no
further movement came, he was confused and looked into Jack's face for answers.  There was only a winning smile there.

"You have all the control here, Ianto," Jack said.  "If you want to stop, you can stop.  If you want more-"  He lifted his hips, the
head of his shaft dipping in only a fraction, just enough to prove it was still there. "Then take more."

Ianto did so, perhaps a bit too eagerly.  With one of Jack's hands guiding his own cock, Ianto allowed his weight to drop.  He
yelped at the sharp sting of penetration and stilled completely.  Jack squeezed the cheek he was holding, then reached around
with his other hand to fondle the other globe.  "Easy there," he uttered.

Ianto took a careful breath, then two more before he tried again.  He made sure to move more slowly this time.  He still felt a
rough burning as he descended, but nowhere near the jolt he had received on his first attempt.  All the while, Jack groped his

He eased down until all of his weight was on Jack, then sat there, trying to grow accustomed to the full feeling of Jack being
properly inside of him.  Another strange sensation that he didn't think he could describe.  The dull ache waned as he sat there.  
But he didn't want to just sit there.  He wanted to move.  He wanted Jack to move.  God, he wanted to come so badly it nearly
hurt.  And he'd already done so once already.  But he wanted to again, with Jack inside of him.

Experimentally, he shifted and decided that the pain wasn't nearly bad enough to stop him from getting what he wanted.  He
raised himself up, then dropped down again, still moving cautiously.  That caution ebbed away each time he moved until he was
effectively bouncing on Jack's lap, moving as fast as he could without feeling like his stomach was jumping up and down with

Jack's lips crashed into his.  Ianto didn't know when he had sat up.  Or had he - Ianto - fallen on top of him?  Whichever, it
didn't matter.  All that mattered was the growing want inside of him, the spreading tingles that swept out from somewhere deep
in his belly.

The hands on his arse shifted him slightly, changing the angle and Ianto broke the kiss with a cry.  Jack was grinning when he
kissed him again.

Ianto didn't know when it happened, but he found he had lost control of the situation at some point.  Jack was still beneath him,
but he was thrusting upwards now, pulling Ianto to him with each plunge.  The pace was quick, each stroke in and out only a
fraction of movement.  They were gasping into each other's mouths, panting like rutting dogs and Ianto couldn't care less.

"Jack," he wheezed, reaching down and taking himself in hand.  He repeated the man's name, saying it over and over again in
time with each stroke he delivered to himself.

Dragging one hand from Ianto's arse, Jack wrapped his fingers around Ianto's fist.  His grip was tight, his hand fast.  With only
a few rapid pumps, he pulled the orgasm out of Ianto.

Ianto couldn't hold back a cry at the suddenness of it.  His body jerked convulsively, his vision blurring.  Every nerve ending in
his body sparked like fireworks.  Jack's knowing hand milked him, sending splatters of fluid between them, some hitting Jack,
most painting the underside of Ianto's belly.

When he could see again, he was rewarded by the sight of Jack's smiling face.  "Exquisite," the Captain murmured, before taking
Ianto's lips in a soft kiss.  It wasn't chaste, but the energy behind it wasn't anywhere near where it had been before.

As they kissed, Jack slipped his softening length from Ianto's body.  The Welshman hadn't even realized he had come.  He felt a
flare of anger at himself for that.  He shouldn't have been thinking of himself so much.  It was selfish.  He'd have to do better
next time.

Next time?  Was he really thinking about that already?  They'd barely just finished THIS time.  And what if Jack didn't want him

"Stop thinking," Jack whispered against his lips, as if able to read his mind.  "Worry about what comes later tomorrow."  He
pulled away and darted out of the room with more energy than someone who had just fucked a man brilliantly, should be able to

When he came back, the condom was gone - hopefully disposed of properly - and he had a damp flannel in his hand.  Jack
tenderly cleaned the both of them, then urged Ianto to lie on his side after his soiled duvet was pushed off the bed.  A sheet was
used to cover him.

A slick thudding sound told Ianto that Jack had just thrown the used flannel wherever he felt, probably against a wall judging by
the sound.  He would have sniped at him for it, but then Jack was laying down behind him and he couldn't care about anything
other than the feel of him pressed so completely against him.  Arms wound around him, pulling him closer still and Ianto
hummed appreciatively.

He was asleep in moments.


Jack woke to a shrill noise.  He grumbled, scrunching his nose in disapproval.  A faint groan brought him to full awareness and
he jerked his head up.  Dark hair in front of him, a naked body in his arms.  He remembered now and he smiled widely at the
sleeping Welshman in his embrace.  Trust Ianto Jones to be full of surprises.  He hadn't expected Ianto to get over his fears so
soon, but he had.  And that proposition had been rather cute.  He'd heard many lines in his life, but that one certainly had been

The ringing sounded again and he slid out of bed, trying to track down his trousers before the noise could wake Ianto.  When he
did, he scrambled in his pockets and pulled out his mobile, answering it with a sharply hissed, "What?"

"Jack?"  Tosh asked, her voice nervous and scared at the same time.  Whatever it was, she had a reason for calling.

He stepped out of the bedroom and closed the door behind him.  "Yeah, Tosh," he said, far more kindly and with a smile.  "What
is it?"

"The encryptions!" Tosh blurted.  "I've broken through them!  Oh my God, Jack!  The files!"

Worry stole into Jack.  He held the mobile a little tighter than was necessary, his eyes going to the bedroom door.  "Calm down,
Tosh.  Tell me what you found out."

"Jack!" she sounded like she was crying.  Perhaps she was.  "Ianto wasn't the only one!"

To Be Continued...