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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.

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More Notes:  Groping and general molesting of a pregnant Welshman in this part.


Part Twenty

Jack disconnected the call and looked down at the mobile in his hand.  To think, just a few short minutes ago he had been
happily ensconced in a warm bed, wrapped around an equally warm body.  Of course the real world would have to intrude.

After he calmed Tosh down, he'd told her to get the conference room set up.  They'd have to have a meeting over this.  It was
too important to let it wait.

Owen wasn't happy to be called in.  His irritation was understandable, given the fact that he'd only been away from the Hub a
few hours.  A quick explanation was enough to get Owen moving.  Jack was amused to hear the sounds of Owen scrambling
into clothes, banging into things, before the call was cut off.

Rhys answered when he called Gwen.  He was more than reluctant to let him talk to her.  The man had actually yelled at Jack
for the state Gwen was in when she got home.  Having your life sucked out of you and nearly dying from another person's fatal
wounds did take time to recover from.  If he could have, he would have let her stay at home to rest.  But this was too important.

He gripped his mobile in his hand and returned to the bedroom.  Ianto was right where he'd left him, curled up comfortably in
the bed, covered only by a thin sheet which barely covered him to the hip.  Jack took a moment to enjoy the view, then
reluctantly approached the bed.

He set his mobile aside and slipped under the sheet.  The chill of the rest of the flat melted away as he pressed close, his penis
slotting easily between the cheeks of the Welshman's arse as if it always belonged there.  Ianto made a happy snuffling sound
and wriggled back, pressing closer still and causing Jack's groin to stir as he was wedged more snugly.

Jack sighed appreciatively, but knew that this wasn't the time for giving in to carnal desires.  They had to get up and face what
the day had in store for them.  Still, that didn't mean he couldn't get a little enjoyment out of this.

He propped himself up on one elbow and leaned over the slumbering Welshman to see his face.  The younger man was adorable
when he slept, his face lax and looking years younger.  Ianto was resting on his side, his legs bent slightly.  He had one hand
laying out in front of him on the bed, his other curled almost protectively around his stomach.

Jack tugged the sheet down, dropping it carelessly around the other man's knees, and leaned a little further out to let his gaze
wander a bit more.  He drank in the sight of Ianto, unashamedly taking in everything on display.  Taking a liberty he wouldn't
dare to when Ianto was awake, Jack pressed his palm to the underside of Ianto's belly, rubbing the soft, warm skin in a gentle
circular motion.  He knew that Ianto was self-conscious about his protruding stomach, preferring no one to touch it or to even
take notice of it.  The fact that he had placed Jack's hands on the swell last night was a great show in trust for him.  Jack wasn't
foolish enough to think he could touch him there whenever he wanted to now though.  He'd be understanding of Ianto's
reluctance and not touch him without permission.  But Ianto was asleep now.  He'd never know what Jack was doing if he was
careful enough.

In response to the touch, Ianto moaned appreciatively in his sleep and rolled back against Jack, opening himself up for more
scrutiny and Jack's eager touches.  Jack was amused.  Ianto wasn't this affectionate awake.  Well, maybe in the right

Jack grinned to himself.  He slid his hand away from Ianto's belly, easing in a loving caress down until he'd curled his fingers
around the younger man's inner thigh.  The back of his hand brushed the soft length nestled at the apex of those thighs and he
wasn't surprised to feel it stir at the contact.  He was still grinning as he bent over Ianto and whispered in his ear.

"Ianto?  Wake up."  He punctuated his words with a squeeze to the thigh he was holding.  Then he ran his tongue around the
curve of Ianto's ear and nudged his semi-hard cock against Ianto's buttocks.

Ianto's nose scrunched a bit and he threw his hand backwards sleepily to drop on Jack's arse.  "Go 'way," he murmured in a
sleepy slur.  "Sex later."

Jack laughed.  He couldn't help it.  He pressed a kiss to Ianto's temple.  "No can do, sleeping beauty."  He reluctantly dragged
himself away from that tempting body before him and slapped Ianto on the arse.  "Up you get.  We have work to do."

Ianto grunted, but did start to move.  He sat up uneasily and with Jack's help was able to get out of bed and stagger across the
room.  Ianto was groggy and disoriented and moved wherever Jack led him.  Jack was amused to notice that Ianto's eyes didn't
open until he was halfway into the bathroom.

He got Ianto into the shower, then got him off.  Ianto was surprised when Jack dropped to his knees, but didn't make any
arguments.  Actually, he seemed to quite enjoy it if his blatant moaning was any indication.  He offered to reciprocate in kind, but
the task of getting down onto his knees seemed daunting.  Jack was entirely satisfied by the compromise.  Ianto had such
dextrous fingers.

Once washed off for the second time, Jack bundled him into towels and vigorously dried him.  Ianto was laughing by the end of
it.  Jack found he loved that sound.

He was rooting around in Ianto's fridge when the Welshman came out of his bedroom fully dressed in one of his suits, the ring
once again circling his finger.  Jack had just thrown on the clothes he'd worn the previous night, not caring about wrinkles or
the talk it would garner from the other members of the team.  He could change later at the Hub.  And he never cared about
gossip anyway.  Let them think what they wanted to.

"Jack?  Why are we going in?  I thought you gave us all the day off barring an earth shattering catastrophe."

"Something's come up," Jack replied, not giving any further information than that.

Humming, Jack went about cooking breakfast.  Despite being preoccupied, he didn't miss the way Ianto winced when he sat.  
Perhaps they'd been a bit overenthusiastic last night.  Too late to do anything about it now.

Jack divided the food into more or less equal portions.  It was nothing spectacular, just simple scrambled eggs and toast.  But it
was quick and easy and something he hoped Ianto would be able to eat.  He remembered several conversations on Ianto's eating
habits and how he'd mentioned the fact that he didn't have much of an appetite in the mornings.  Jack was pleased when Ianto
ate almost all of the food on the plate.

Ianto insisted on doing the dishes before they left and Jack let him.  Ianto had gotten a bit habitual about cleanliness lately.  Owen
chalked it up to the hormones the nanogenes were flooding into his system, although neither he nor Jack were brave enough to
say anything of the sort when the Welshman was in earshot.  It didn't take a genius to know it was better to keep on the good
side of the pregnant, hormonally unstable man who was in control of your coffee supply.

In the car, Ianto asked again why they were going in.  Jack didn't evade the question this time.  He was only grateful that the
question had come when they were stopped at an intersection.  Otherwise, Ianto might have driven them into oncoming traffic.  
He'd jerked around to face Jack, his eyes wide and suddenly shaking.

"What?" he asked, ignoring the honk of the horns behind them.  The light had turned green, but Ianto hadn't noticed, or cared.

"Tosh cracked the encryptions," Jack said again.  "From what she told me over the phone, you weren't the first test subject."

Ianto's hands went to his stomach.  It was concealed again, the distention hidden, but his intentions were clear enough to Jack.  
If he could have, Ianto Jones would be cradling his stomach, protecting his unborn child from a danger that couldn't even
threaten them any longer.  Torchwood One was gone, but the scars left behind still remained.

"Can you drive?  Or do you want me to take over?"

"I can drive," Ianto said, although he didn't sound convinced of it himself.

He shakily removed his hands from around himself and was thankfully able to drive the rest of the way back to the Hub without
crashing.  Once they arrived, he sat there in the car for a long while, despite the fact that they were parked in the garage.

Jack settled a hand on his shoulder, worried about his state of mind.  What was going through his head?  "Ianto?"

The Welshman snapped out of his daze and smiled witheringly.  "Sorry.  It's silly, really.  I knew Tosh would be able to break
through the security measures.  But I'm not sure I want to know what's written in the files.  What I already know is bad
enough."  He took a breath, continuing before Jack could open his mouth.  "But I have to know.  My son's life is more important
than a few silly worries."

Jack placed a hand over Ianto's, where the younger man was absently rubbing his deceivingly flat stomach.  "It's not silly.  But
yes, we do need to know.  All of us.  But especially you and Owen.  If there's medical information in there, and I can almost
guarantee there is since this is One we're talking about, he'll need to know about it."

Ianto turned his hand over, weaving his fingers between Jack's.  "Yeah, I know."  Jack could feel the trembling in his hand.  
"But I thought it was an accident.  They told me it was an accident.  If there were others, that means they did this to me on
purpose.  How am I supposed to react to that?"

Jack gripped that shaking hand gently.  "I'm guessing the same way that you are right now, with shock and confusion.  But in
the long run, it doesn't matter, Ianto.  They're dead and gone and can't hurt you or your baby.  But their information can only
help us."  Seeing the doubt on Ianto's face, Jack tried a different tactic.  "This doesn't change your mind about keeping him,
does it?"

Ianto looked up sharply.  "What?  No, of course not.  No.  This is my son."  He looked positively horrified.  "I'm keeping him."

"Of course," Jack smiled and reached over with his free hand to caress Ianto's cheek.  "Ready to take a look at those files now?"

The younger man nodded and smiled back, though it was a pale comparison to Jack's wide grin.

They entered in Hub in their usual fashions.  Jack bounded in all smiles and excitement while Ianto followed him more sedately.  
He was a respectable three paces back, his hands continually sliding over his stomach.  Jack turned and clapped him on the
shoulder and told him to change into something more comfortable and bring coffee up to the conference room when he was
ready.  They would wait for him.

The Welshman nodded and scurried off.  Jack watched him go with a worried frown before his attention was dragged away by
Tosh running over to him.

"Jack, I'm sorry.  It's so early.  Is he okay?  I didn't think.  It just finished and I read through some of it and I knew I had to call
you right away.  But I didn't stop to look at the time."

"It's okay, Tosh," Jack said, reaching out to brush a hand along her arm.  Jack was a very tactile person and he knew that
physical contact could be used to convey a great many things.  This was nothing more than comfort and he saw it working
straight away.  Her shoulders loosened, her features relaxing.  He smiled warmly.  "This is important, Tosh.  You were right in
calling as soon as you got the files.  Owen and Gwen are on their way in.  We'll meet up in the conference room when they get

"I have everything ready," Tosh stated.  "What they did, Jack.  I knew they were heartless, but this-" she broke away, unable to

She handed a slim folder over to him.  It contained a summary of the contents in the files, enough so that he wouldn't be lost
when it came time to bring everyone else up to speed.  He thanked her, offering her yet another gentle smile.

"Don't worry, Tosh.  We'll take care of Ianto."

She nodded, but didn't seem able to say anything more.  Instead, she hurried back to her workstation, subtly wiping at her eye as
she walked.

Jack retreated to his bunker to change, flipping through the pages in the file as he went.  With each word, he felt more and more
relieved by the fact that Torchwood One no longer existed.


Gwen was the last to arrive.  She looked for all the world like she had a killer of a hangover, but Jack knew better.  Her skull had
cracked open, as she'd taken on the injuries that had killed Suzie the first time around.  Recovering from a serious head injury
took time, despite the fact that there was no visible trace of it left now that the connection had been severed.

She stumbled into the conference room and slumped into a chair.  Her eyes were closed and she was rubbing her forehead with
one hand, but still managed to thank Ianto when he placed a mug of coffee in front of her.

Jack watched her with concern.  "Alright, Gwen?"

She waved a weary hand at him.  "Yeah, sorry.  Just, tired and my head ... it just won't stop."

Owen dug a paper packet out of his jacket and casually tossed it to her.  She caught it and poured two small white pills out into
her palm.  She gave him a dubious look.

"Just take them.  It's not poison," Owen said, impatiently tapping the closed folder in front of him.  "We don't have time for you
whining about aches and pains."

"What is it though?"  Gwen asked.

Owen shrugged.  "My own concoction.  Better than paracetamol any day."  He gave her a wink.  "You'll feel right as rain in no

Gwen popped them into her mouth and washed them down with a swallow of coffee.  "You couldn't have given these to me last

"Had other things on my mind," he said with a bored sigh.

"Okay, children," Jack called out, only momentarily regretting it when Gwen winced in discomfort.  Still, it kept the two of them
from going at each other's throats.  "Tosh, what have you got for us?"

Ianto took the seat at Jack's left and looked more than a little nervous when Tosh cleared her throat.

"Early this morning, I was able to hack through the encryptions on the files Jack gave me from Torchwood One.  There was
more than we'd bargained for.  This was a project that went back years before Ianto was brought in.  It was headed by a Doctor
Abraham Jenson and was fully backed by Yvonne Hartman herself.  Although, it doesn't seem as though she gave it any notice
after the initial proposal.  All subsequent paperwork was signed by one of her lieutenants."

"She was more interested in weaponry and potential military applications.  Medical findings and experiments were handed over to
Raymond Grierdon," Jack said.  "It's just like him to hide everything behind walls of security.  He was a paranoid bastard."

Tosh pressed a number of buttons and brought up a series of images on the big screen.  "There were nine test subjects before
Ianto."  Ten faces stared back at them from the screen.  Ten small square photographs of young men, neatly arranged in two
rows of five.  One of the images, was Ianto.

"They were of similar backgrounds, with little to no family connections.  In good health.  Between the ages of twenty-three and
thirty-one.  Intelligent, good in school, but not spectacular, regarded by co-workers as withdrawn or loners," Tosh continued.

"People that wouldn't be missed," Owen grumbled.

Tosh cleared her throat and looked at Ianto nervously.  "Out of the nine, four of them died from trauma to internal organs as a
result of them being shifted around.  Different organs each time.  Lungs being compressed, ruptured spleen or colon and so
forth.  One heart failure, his blood pressure was sky high throughout the entire pregnancy.  One slipped into a diabetic coma,
though he had no history of diabetes in his family.  They chalked it up to gestational diabetes, but the onset was alarmingly
rapid.  One died of massive blood loss during a failed c-section.  The last subject before Ianto, seems to have undergone a
number of physical changes in the later stages of pregnancy and they deemed him able to give birth naturally.  He went into early
labor and ... and-"  She choked and wiped her eyes again.  "They just watched him die.  By the time they did do anything, it was
too late."

Owen was flipping through the pages of his file, reading avidly.  "Sick bastards," he muttered, angrily turning a page.

"Wait a minute," Gwen said, eyes wide.  "They're all dead?  And the babies, too?"

"Each and every last one of them," Jack replied, voice completely serious for a change.

Gwen looked at Ianto, her eyes even wider if it was possible.  Ianto wasn't looking at anyone.  He was sitting in his chair, staring
down at his stomach, his hands and face white, as if all the blood had drained out of him.  He was shaking again.

Seeing him in that state, Gwen reached an arm out to him.  It was easy for her, seeing as they were sitting beside each other.  
She touched his shoulder and stroked her fingers down along his back.  "Ianto?" she queried.  "We won't let that happen to you.  
You know that, right?  You're not some experiment to us.  You are a member of our team.  You and that baby are going to be

"It's a boy, you know," he whispered back, still staring down at himself, his fingers flexing lightly.

Gwen smiled for him.  "And he's going to be beautiful and healthy.  Owen will make sure of it."

A weak smile curled one corner of the Welshman's mouth before flickering away.  Jack was grateful to Gwen.  She had a way
of calming people down.  Ianto needed that right now.

"Hold on," Owen said abruptly, flicking back and forth between pages.  "The nanogenes were learning."  He spread out a number
of pages.  "This first person died from an infection.  His body was treating the nanogenes, and the womb being made, as an
illness.  The nanogenes fought back and damaged his immune system to the point where a minor injury turned septic.  Those
nanogenes were harvested from his body and implanted in the next subject.  Logic says the same thing should happen.  But it
didn't.  They adapted.  They learned."

Ianto looked up, but said nothing.

Owen continued.  "Each mistake they made was never repeated.  That last one nearly made it to eight months.  Maybe they got it
right this time."  He looked over at Ianto.  "Regardless, I want you to be as close to full term as possible before I do a c-section.  
I don't want to risk that baby.  If there's any sign of danger at all, to either of you, I won't hesitate to operate."

"Okay," Jack said.  "Owen, keep digging through those files.  Find out everything you can."

"Yeah.  I want to take another scan of Ianto.  I know it's early for his weekly exam, but I'd feel better."  Owen glanced up from
the folder to look at the pale Welshman.  "And I think you would too.  I also want to go over some of this information with you."

Ianto nodded silently.

Jack watched him worriedly for a moment longer, then turned back to business.  "Gwen, I want you to track down every last
member of this research team.  Check against the records of Canary Wharf.  If any of them are listed among the survivors, I
want to know."

"Right," Gwen replied, her hand still trailing idly up and down Ianto's back.

"Tosh," he said, smiling at her.  "You did good, but go home.  Get some rest.  I'll need you back in tonight to monitor the rift
with me while everyone else gets some sleep."

"But I-"

Jack cut her off.  "No arguing, Tosh."

She sat back in her seat, crossing her arms.  But she didn't argue.  She rarely ever did.

"Okay team, off to work."  Jack grinned, shooing them away.

Ianto got up shakily and shuffled out of the room.  Owen followed after him, staying close but trying not to make it obvious.  As
Gwen and Tosh headed for the door, Jack called them back.  He had an idea that he thought they could help him with,
something he wanted to keep from Ianto for the time being.  He'd ask Owen for help with it later, but for now, Gwen and Tosh
were just what he needed.

To Be Continued...