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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.

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More Notes:  Very brief hints of the episode, 'Random Shoes.'


Part Twenty-One

Ianto didn't know what to think as he hurried from the conference room and down to the medical bay.  It almost felt as if his
heart hurt for all the pains Torchwood One had inflicted.  Not only on himself and the others who had been forced into this
experiment, but countless others, an untold number used in one of the many other experiments that were always going on behind
locked doors.  How many of those subjects had been willing?  How many of them had died thinking that Torchwood One was
trying to help them?

His stomach roiled and he barely had the time to grab a nearby trash bin before he was losing the thoughtfully prepared breakfast
Jack had made for him.  He couldn't seem to stop shaking.

A hand slid over his back, then across his shoulders.  A glass of water was held in front of his face.  He hadn't seen Owen fetch
it for him.  "Here, drink it slowly," Owen advised.  He took the bin from Ianto's trembling hands and set it aside with a grimace.

Ianto stared down into the glass, watching the ripples he was inadvertently causing.  He took a sip, the glass clinking against his
teeth with his first attempt.

"I'm cold," Ianto murmured after a few swallows.

"We can take care of that."  Owen helped him up onto the metal table, then bundled a blanket around his shoulders.  He took up
the Welshman's wrist, checking his pulse.

Ianto was lost in a daze as Owen went through the standard tests.  He couldn't believe what Torchwood One had done.  The
Weevils in the cells were treated better than the people under Yvonne's employ.  If it had just been him, that would have been
bad enough.  But the knowledge that nine others had been before him, and that all of them had died along with the babies they
carried, sickened him to the very core.

It went round and round in his head.  That morning he had come in, the tingling zap spreading across his entire body as the
device activated.  He could still hear the laughs of the other junior researchers, thinking it was nothing more than a prank.  
Doctor Jenson had yelled about the dangers of abusing alien technology, then had dragged him off for a battery of tests.  Their
lies had seemed so believable.  It was an accident, they told him, a careless joke.  He would be fine.  They'd take care of him.  
He'd been a fool to believe.  They'd all been such clever actors, following the script of a well-rehearsed play put on just for him.

Except for David Colby, the man who had been the one to actually use the device.  Ianto couldn't believe that David had been
involved with the others.  For one, he had only been transferred in a few months before Ianto.  And jokes and pranks aside, he'd
never intentionally hurt anyone.  Despite the rough start, he and Ianto had gotten on well after the incident that had led to him
being pregnant.  Perhaps only because it was David's child as well.  They weren't close friends, but David had been nice to him.  
Thinking of David made Ianto wonder who had put him up to playing that joke on him.  Who had given him the idea that using
that device was a harmless jest?

He was jolted back to reality when the steady thrum of a heartbeat echoed throughout the Hub.  Ianto blinked, noticing for the
first time that he was lying down, his shirt pushed up over his swelled stomach while Owen pressed a transducer against his
skin.  It was a different device from the one Ianto was familiar with.

Owen was smiling at him.  "Now, that's a lovely sound, isn't it?  Concentrate on that, Tea-Boy.  Forget about those stupid
bastards.  Right here, right now, there's a little boy inside you that's waiting to be born.  Right?"

Ianto nodded shakily.  "Yeah."

Owen nodded back.  "Right, then."  He pulled the ultrasound machine over and threw aside one transducer for another, cutting
off the echo of the heartbeat in favor of a visual reminder of the life inside of him.  He flipped the screen around to show Ianto
the image.  Combined with hearing the beat of his son's heart sounding through the Hub by use of alien tech enhanced
equipment, seeing his child brought tears to Ianto's eyes.  If given the chance, Torchwood One would have let him die, would
have let the both of them die just for the sake of their twisted experiment.

"He's okay?" Ianto asked, quickly swiping away his tears.

"All scans came back perfectly normal.  Well, as normal as can be expected at any rate."  Owen flickered a brief smile.  "You're
both fine."

Ianto let out a breath, feeling more relieved by those words than he probably should.  But he trusted Owen's judgment in medical
matters.  If Owen said he was okay, then he was okay.

The abrupt appearance of Jack brightened Ianto's mood even further.  Smiling, the Captain half walked, half bounced down the
stairs into the medical area.  He strolled over to the metal table and swept up one of Ianto's hands into his, rubbing his thumb
comfortingly across the back of his knuckles.

"How are you?" Jack asked, ignoring the way Owen was glaring at their joined hands.

"Owen says we're fine," Ianto said, fully aware that he was avoiding Jack's actual question.  He kept his eyes on the screen,
fixating all of his attention on the blurry image of his unborn child.

Jack squeezed his hand, letting the issue drop.  Ianto was grateful.  He knew that Jack wasn't gullible enough to believe him so
readily.  Physically, he was fine.  Owen had assured him of that.  Emotionally was another matter altogether, and not one that he
wanted to discuss right now.

Another squeeze from Jack, the look in his eyes promising that they would be talking more later.  Ianto nodded with a barely
perceptible motion.  But Jack caught it and smiled, his hand slipping away from the light grasp.

Jack's easy smile returned to its full brilliance.  "You've become Mr. Popularity today, Ianto," he said casually.

"Oh?" Ianto replied, a bit confused by the turn of the conversation.

The weight of the transducer lifted from Ianto's skin.  He pressed his hand over Owen's.  "Just a little longer," he murmured,
feeling his face beginning to warm.  He was embarrassed by his need for reassurance.  But the sight of his son on that screen
did make him feel better.

Owen didn't say a word.  He did do what Ianto wanted though.

Jack's hand settled on his shoulder, regaining his attention, at least partially.  The Welshman's eyes were fixed on the screen and
the image of his unborn child.

"Tosh and Gwen want to come down.  They sent me ahead to ask permission first."  Perhaps seeing Ianto's reluctance in his
face, Jack added, "They'll respect your decision, Ianto.  If you say 'no' they'll back off.  For the time being at least.  We all heard
that beautiful heartbeat and it was like a siren song to them."

"I don't know," Ianto said, wavering.  He was a private person and didn't want to be the focus of attention.  Yet, they were being
so kind to him, understanding and compassionate.  Maybe he could allow it this once.

He nodded, biting nervously at his bottom lip.  "Alright.  I suppose I can muddle through it.  Just this one time though."

Much to Ianto's annoyance, Jack merely turned his head and yelled for them to come down instead of going to get them.  Ianto
rolled his eyes, still finding it difficult not to smile at the older man's exuberance.

The two women hurried to the stairs.  "Is it really okay?" Tosh asked, wavering at the top.  Gwen, already halfway to the table,
stopped mid-step and regarded Ianto cautiously.

Ianto lifted a hand and waved them over.  "Yes, yes, come over and have a look."

Somehow Tosh beat Gwen to Ianto's side.  She leaned over Ianto to look at the screen, hands clasped behind her back -
undoubtedly to keep from touching him without his consent.  "Wow," she breathed in amazement.

"Oh my God," Gwen said, moving to stand beside Tosh.

Jack found himself unceremoniously shoved out of the way.  He had to move around to stand on the other side of the table,
positioning himself near Ianto's shoulder so as not to get in Owen's way or block anyone's view of the screen.

"That is so amazing," Gwen added, a bright gap-toothed smile breaking across her face.

Ianto ducked his head self-consciously.  He didn't like being the center of attention, even if the focus was more on the life inside
of him.

"Okay people," Jack said after a few silent moments.  "There's work to do."

Reluctantly, Gwen departed.  Owen put aside the ultrasound and helped Ianto to clean away the gel residue from his stomach.  
Jack gave Ianto's shoulder a surreptitious brush and followed Gwen up to the central area of the Hub.

Ianto sat up, rubbing his eye with the heel of his palm.  He didn't notice that Tosh was still there until she spoke.  "Are you doing
okay?" she asked tenderly.

A lie about feeling fine was on the forefront of his mind.  But a single look at Tosh's worried face dispelled the urge to be
anything less than honest with her.  "A bit tired, is all.  I didn't get that much sleep."  He wasn't going to mention the workout
he'd gotten with Jack to her.  He was already quite aware of the warmth creeping over his face at the mere remembrance of it.  
"I was going to go lie down, if I wasn't needed for anything," he added quickly.

"On that cramped little camp bed?  It can't be comfortable."

"No, well, there's nowhere else for me to sleep, really."  He scratched the back of his neck.

Tosh took hold of his hand and tugged lightly.  "Come on," she said, smiling shyly.

"I couldn't.  There's too much to do,"  Ianto argued.  "Owen wanted to go over the files from Torchwood One with me."

"Later, Tea-Boy," Owen said, cleaning up his equipment.  "You get some rest.  We'll go over it when you wake up."

"Let's go," Tosh urged again.

Ianto followed her, more out of curiosity than anything else.  She escorted him up the stairs and out of Owen's way.  As he
walked through the Hub, he noticed Gwen busy at her workstation.  She smiled up at him as he passed by.  A glance toward
Jack's office saw the Captain on the phone.  Ianto received another smile when his attention was noticed, along with a wink.

Tosh sat down at one end of the grubby old couch beneath the Torchwood sign and patted the cushion beside her.  "Come on.  
Have a lie down."

He looked around warily.  He couldn't sleep here.  Not in clear view of everyone.  "I don't think I can, Tosh."

"Of course you can.  You look exhausted."  She tugged on the hand she was still holding.

He was reluctant, but he sat, then eased to lie on his side.  Somehow Tosh had maneuvered him so that his head was on her lap.  
He felt awkward and flinched the first time her fingers brushed through his hair.

"Really, Tosh, I'm fine.  You should get going.  Jack's given you the day off to rest."

"I will go," Tosh assured him, one hand idly petting his hair while the other stroked up and down along his arm.  "But not until
you're asleep."

"I'm not that tired," Ianto mumbled.  But already he felt awareness slipping away from him.  Despite the noises of the Hub, he
found himself easily falling into slumber.

When he awoke two hours later, Tosh was gone and her lap replaced by a pillow from the camp bed in the archives.  A blanket
had been thrown ove him and he gripped it as he looked around, roughly scrubbing his face with one hand as the weariness
slowly left him.  Everyone seemed busy.  Owen was scowling at his computer and Gwen was clicking away at her own
workstation, her eyes tracing over the information as it came up.  Jack was still sat at his desk, bent over and scribbling away at
what Ianto hoped was paperwork.  The pile was getting a bit high.

Without actually looking at him, Owen demanded a coffee and Ianto knew everything was back to normal again.


Over the next several days, little progress was made concerning the people responsible for Ianto's pregnancy.  The vast majority
of the research team, was discovered to be dead, what little remained of their bodies having been properly identified through
DNA testing by UNIT investigators.  A few others were deemed missing: presumed dead.  Ianto wasn't truly surprised.  Very
few people had come out alive in the aftermath of the battle.

Only one researcher was alive.  Much to everyone's annoyance that man's whereabouts were currently unknown.  Nathaniel
James had been Doctor Jenson's assistant, involved with every facet of the experiment, from the beginning to the fall of
Torchwood One.  Ianto remembered him as a particularly oily man.  Something about him had always seemed off, his smiles too
sincere, his touches lingering too long.

Following Canary Wharf, he had been committed to a psychiatric facility.  Within two weeks he had escaped and was still
missing.  Ianto felt disconcerted by that.

Things fell back into a familiar routine, with only a few minor changes.  Ianto spent his days immersed in the archives.  Tosh
and Gwen took turns up in the Tourist Office as Owen didn't want Ianto using the ring too much.  The medic was still trying to
get Ianto to stay in the Hub for the remainder of his pregnancy.  Ianto continued to refuse.

He found himself doing less and less actual work.  Fetching coffee for the others and cataloging alien artifacts aside, he spent
most of his time sat behind a desk doing paperwork.  Keeping up with the cleaning was getting a bit difficult, but he managed.  
Owen had groused the first time he'd been told to pick up the dry cleaning.  Ianto was all too happy to point out it was his idea
to limit Ianto's use of the ring.

It was barely past two on an early December afternoon when Ianto decided he'd had enough for the day.  He was tired, more
tired than a mere nap would fix and he just wanted to go home and curl up in his own bed.

Looking around, he found the Hub mostly empty.  He didn't know where Owen was.  Tosh was deep in contemplation with her
computer screens.  And Gwen was off somewhere, immersed in some new mystery about some kid named Eugene.  Jack had
given her the weekend to investigate.  Ianto really hadn't paid much attention.  He'd felt somewhat off all morning.  Not queasy
or in pain, but his concentration had been limited.

He trudged over to Jack's office, unable to suppress the smile that came to his face.  Ianto hadn't been up for a romp in bed with
the dashing Captain every night since that first time, but he had enjoyed each and every time they were together.  They'd tried
out a number of different positions.  So far, his favorite had been last night's.  Lying on his side with Jack plastered along his
back.  A long, slow screw comprised of gentle thrusts and Jack's talented fingers making his orgasm seem to last an impossibly
long time.

He blushed, realizing that he was getting hard thinking about it.  Briefly, he considered turning around and coming back later, but
then Jack looked up from his desk and smiled brilliantly.  Ianto resolved himself to the fact that he had to do this now and
stepped into the Captain's office.

Ianto had barely taken one step into the office when Jack's smile seemed to melt away.  Concern replaced the open cheer as he
stood and rounded his desk in a hurried approach.  "Ianto?" he asked, his voice hushed.  He raised a hand to Ianto's cheek, then
lowered it again after a glance through the open door behind the Welshman.  He took hold of Ianto's arm and led him to a chair.

"Do I look that bad?" Ianto asked with a weary chuckle.  He sat and looked up at Jack, trying to summon the energy to smile for
the other man.  It felt frail on his face.  He was disappointed to realize that his arousal had faded since entering the room.  He
must really be tired if he couldn't sustain that around the enigmatic Captain.

"Do I need to call Owen?"

Ianto shook his head.  "No, I'm just feeling a bit tired today.  I was hoping you'd let me go home.  I'm sure I'll feel better after a
good long sleep."

Jack looked reluctant.  Eventually, he nodded.  "Alright, but I'm going with you."

For once, Ianto didn't argue.  He was simply too tired.  He nodded his head and rose.  "Okay.  I'll go change."

Jack's warm hands cupped his cheeks, forcing their eyes to meet.  "Woah, you must be exhausted if you're agreeing so readily."

Ianto shook his head, dislodging Jack's hands.  "Sorry.  Would you like me to struggle about until you threaten to carry me like
some damsel in distress?" he asked, perhaps a bit too snappishly.  He apologized quickly.  Jack was only trying to help.

"It's okay," Jack reassured him.  He smiled that roguish smile that always seemed to make Ianto's body tingle pleasantly in
appreciation and the expectation of the promises behind the expression.  Now though, he was only able to appreciate.  He didn't
have the energy for more than that.

"I'll go get changed," Ianto said again, then shuffled off to do just that.

They met beside Ianto's car.  Ianto handed over his keys, despite his reservations about Jack's ability to drive.  No sooner had he
gotten into his car and buckled in than he dozed off.  Jack must have been using a great deal of caution because there were no
abrupt stops or sharp turns to rouse Ianto from his light sleep.  Before he knew it, Jack was gently shaking his shoulder.  He
blinked his eyes opened, and felt a wave of guilt when he saw the look of concern on Jack's face.

"We're here.  Come on.  Let's get you changed and into bed."

Ianto really appreciated the care that Jack was showing him.  It proved to him how much Jack cared about him.

It took him three tries to undo his seat-belt.  Jack's hand settled on his head, keeping him from bashing his skull into the door
frame as he stood up.  He murmured a thanks and forced himself not to lean too heavily on the other man as he shambled into
the building and up to his flat.

Mrs. Koladka's door opened as they passed it.  She came out, all worried frowns and inquiries about Ianto's health.  Jack
casually threw out lies about him feeling a bit under the weather.  Then it occurred to him that Jack wasn't really lying.

Something cool pressed against his forehead and then his throat.  He blinked to focus his vision and was met with the sight of
Mrs. Koladka standing directly in front of him, her eyes worriedly roaming the length of his body, then fixating on his eyes.  
"Oh, you poor dear.  I'll fix you up a nice pot of soup and bring it around."

"That isn't necessary.  I don't want to trouble you," Ianto said, sounding nearly as tired as he felt.

"Nonsense," Jack's voice broke through his hazy senses like a bark.  "A good home-cooked meal will be good for you."  He
flashed a dazzling smile to the kind woman.  "Thank you.  I'll pick it up from you later.  Shall we say around seven tonight?"

Ianto let the conversation wash over him, losing focus of the words being said.  He leaned against Jack more heavily, dozing
with his head resting on the Captain's shoulder.  A pat on his shoulder made him jump and he blinked his eyes open in time to see
Mrs. Koladka disappearing back into her apartment.

"Can I go to sleep now?" Ianto asked.

Jack's arm tightened around him.  A kiss pressed to his temple.  "Let's get inside."  He took Ianto's keys from his pocket and
unlocked the door, leading the way into the flat.

Ianto allowed himself to be led into his bedroom and helped as much as he could as Jack gently removed his suit and then the
ring.  Ianto didn't know whether it was a relief or a strain when his waistline grew to show his real condition.  He was barely
aware of Jack directing him to sit on the edge of the bed.  However, he did groan when Jack pulled out what looked like one of
Owen's hand-held medical scanners.

"I don't remember you filling out the paperwork to remove that from the Hub, Sir."

Jack chuckled.  "I'm the boss, remember?"  He frowned as he fiddled with it for a moment.  "Huh!"

Ianto dropped his hands onto the bed on either side of his bare thighs - he hadn't bothered with pyjamas and Jack hadn't gone to
fetch them either.  He was annoyed that Jack wasn't letting him sleep.  "What's wrong?" he asked, trying to instill all of his
irritation in those two words.

Jack shook his head and fiddled with it a moment more before he let out a pleased exclamation.  "There we go.  There was some
strange sort of interference.  Probably nothing.  A short in the wiring maybe.  I'll have Tosh check it out later."  He ran the
device back and forth over Ianto and hummed softly.  "Your blood pressure is a little low, but not dangerously so.  Other than
that, I can't see anything wrong with you.  That's a relief."  He carefully put the scanner into a pocket.  Then he removed his
coat and set it down on the floor, far enough away from the bed that it would be trodden on accidentally.

"Thank you, Doctor Harkness," Ianto said, rubbing his eyes wearily.  He looked up and blinked as he watched Jack strip out of
his clothes.  "What are you doing?"

Jack flashed him a gentle smile.  "I'm getting into bed," he said simply.  He helped Ianto to stand on alarmingly wobbly legs and
threw back the duvet.

"What?  No, you should go back to the Hub."  Ianto didn't want Jack to waste his time there with him.  "What if there's a rift
alert?  They might need you."

Jack helped him to lie down.  "I left the SUV.  And if they need me, they can call.  I can always borrow your car, can't I?"

Ianto grumbled, but agreed.  He didn't like the idea of Jack driving his car as recklessly as he drove the SUV.  But he also didn't
want to be responsible for someone getting hurt or killed because Jack couldn't get where he needed to be.

Jack climbed into bed behind him and pulled Ianto into his arms.  Ianto sighed happily at the spread of warmth along his back.  
He pressed back, distinctly feeling a hardness nudging against his buttocks.  He felt a momentary stirring in his own loins, but
was too tired to do anything about it.

"Sorry," Ianto murmured, struggling to keep his eyes open a little longer.

The Captain pulled the duvet up over them with one hand.  "Hm?  What for?"

"I'm sorry I can't."  He reached back behind himself, wrapping his fingers around Jack's burgeoning arousal.

Jack grasped his wrist and pulled it away.  He brought the hand up to his lips and kissed Ianto's fingers.  "I'm not here for sex,
Ianto.  Let me look after you."

Ianto could only hum in reply, barely aware enough for that effort.  He turned his hand in Jack's light grasp and grabbed hold of
the other man.  Snuggling back against the solid warmth behind him, he pulled Jack's arm around him, holding Jack's hand
against his stomach.  He fell asleep feeling safe, encompassed in the warmth and strength of a loving embrace.

To Be Continued...