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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.

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More Notes:  Still set during 'Random Shoes,' but there are no references.


Part Twenty-Two

Jack looked down at the man in his arms.  He was amazed by Ianto day in and day out, by the courage he showed just getting
out of bed each morning to face the continued altered state his body was in.  He never once complained, not seriously at least.  
Nor did he suffer catastrophic breakdowns.  He just kept on being himself, taking care of the others before himself.  Making
sure they all had their coffee when that beverage was denied to him, or a file they needed before they even asked.

Ianto Jones was a marvel.

He ran his hand over Ianto's stomach.  Ianto's hand tightened over his briefly, then lay limp again.  The Welshman had fallen
asleep only moments ago, with Jack's arms still protectively curled around him, one of Ianto's own hands laying across the one
Jack had on his belly.  Jack didn't want to disturb him, so he stilled his hand in favor of brushing a thumb back and forth over
the soft skin.

Staring at Ianto, Jack began to think of his own experience, of the daughter he'd likely never see again.  Well, he supposed he
could just wait around for time to catch up since technically she wouldn't be born for a few thousand years.  But the girl with
the tarot cards had said that the Doctor would be back long before then.  With any luck the Time Lord could fix him.

His thoughts continued to drift aimlessly.  A myriad of daydreams, wondering what it would be like if he could take Ianto with
him, show him some little glance at the rest of the universe.  It was wishful thinking, he knew that.  Who knew when the
Doctor would actually arrive?  And it wouldn't be likely that Jack would have the time to even utter goodbyes if the Doctor was
his usual self.  Everything would be rushed about and there would probably be running involved.  Lots of running.

Still, he entertained himself with images of Ianto in a few of his favorite places.  And when he fell into a light sleep, he dreamt of
pleasuring the Welshman on a sandy white beach on a warm moonless night, under a sky sparkling with constellations that
couldn't be seen from Earth.  Out of all the planets he'd been to, all the places he'd seen, sometimes he missed his own home
most of all, despite the pain and grief he'd suffered there.

An annoying trill roused him.  It took Jack a moment to identify the noise as his mobile phone.  He grabbed it and answered it
with a bleary groan of, "Hello."  After a short conversation, he ended the call and allowed his full attention to fall on the man he
was sharing a bed with.

Ianto hadn't awoken.  He didn't look to be in distress or in any sort of pain.  He was sleeping peacefully, his breathing slow and
easy.  Jack pressed the backs of his fingers against the side of Ianto's face.  Feeling no hint of a fever, he eased his fingers to
the Welshman's neck to check his pulse.  Steady.  Nothing seemed to be wrong.  But this exhaustion was strange.

Reluctantly, Jack slid out of bed.  He didn't want to, but there was a rift alert.  Nothing big, but Owen couldn't handle it alone
and Gwen was off on the Eugene Jones thing.  He took care to straighten the blankets, keeping Ianto covered, not wanting him
to catch a chill.  Then he dressed.

Standing beside Ianto's bed, fully dressed, he watched the pregnant man for several quiet moments.  Then he reached into his
pocket and pulled out the scanner he'd borrowed from Owen's equipment.  He ran it over the slumbering man, slapping it angrily
a few times when the readings came back scrambled.  He had to get Tosh to look at it.  When the scan came back clear of
anomalies, he turned it off again and shoved it back into his pocket.

With nothing else to keep him, he started out of the room, only to stop in the doorway with a strange feeling of unease.  He
didn't like the idea of leaving Ianto alone.  He quickly called Tosh back.  It didn't take a great deal of convincing to get her to
agree to come to Ianto's place.  In fact, she seemed rather eager to help.

He waited for her at Ianto's bedside, sitting on the edge of the bed and idly petting his soft hair.  When he heard a knock at the
door, he leaned down and pressed a tender kiss to the other man's forehead and smiled at the way Ianto whimpered his name
and snuggled deeper into his pillow.

Jack greeted Tosh with a warm smile and a grateful hug.  She blushed and stammered a hello of her own and asked how Ianto
was doing.

"Sleeping," Jack said with a sigh.  "He's exhausted.  But I don't know why.  Just keep an eye on him.  Call Owen immediately if
you think something's wrong."

"Of course I will."

She unpacked a laptop from the bag she had brought and set it on the sofa.  Jack dug in his pocket and produced the
malfunctioning scanner.  He held it out to her, telling her to take regular scans of Ianto.  He also asked if she could figure out
what was wrong with the blasted thing.  She promised she'd work on it.

Jack kept shooting glances back at the bedroom door, worrying for the young man that slept within.  In the end, Tosh had to
give him a shove to get him moving.  He laughed once at his own reluctance to depart, knowing he was leaving Ianto in good
hands.  Tosh was almost as protective of the young man as he was.


Ianto awoke.  There was a sound in his bedroom, a foreign sound that he knew shouldn't be there but wasn't unfamiliar to him.  
He blinked, his vision cloudy, and saw something move above his head.

"Sorry, Ianto.  I didn't mean to wake you," Tosh said and Ianto wondered what she was doing there.

He rolled onto his beck to better see her, then grimaced at a spreading ache in his thighs and hips.  He must have slept too long in
one position, he thought, then struggled to push himself to sit up, despite the dully throbbing pain.

"No, it's okay," he murmured, running a hand over his eyes.  He saw something in her hand and understood her presence.

She was holding the scanner Jack had used on him.  It didn't take a genius to deduce that Jack had left him a babysitter.  He
understood the man's worries though, and didn't feel any anger toward him for his concern.  It actually felt nice, knowing that
someone was worried about him.

All he wanted to do was to go back to sleep.

"What time is it?" he asked, trying to keep his eyes open.

"Almost four.  In the afternoon," she added, as if in afterthought.  "Is there anything I can get you?"

Ianto shook his head.  "No, but thank you."

He yawned and felt a need pressing on his bladder.  He was about to get out of bed when it suddenly occurred to him that he
hadn't bothered to put anything on before going to sleep.  He'd allowed Jack to strip him completely.  He felt a blush creeping
onto his face and he pulled the duvet up over himself a little more.

He coughed nervously.  "Uh, do you mind ... I just need to get up for a moment and well-" he broke off and gestured vaguely at
his body, his face feeling warmer than before.

A touch of pink dusted Tosh's cheeks as understanding dawned on her.  "Oh!  Oh, of course.  I'm sorry."  She backed away
from the bed.  "If you need anything just call."

When she was gone, he eased his legs over the edge of the bed.  Sitting there, he considered finding something to throw on.  But
then, he decided it wasn't worth the effort.  He didn't plan on doing anything other than making a trip to the toilet and getting
right back into bed.

He still felt so tired.


Jack returned to Ianto's flat just after seven in the evening.  He greeted Owen, who had taken over from Tosh a couple hours
ago.  She had taken the scanner with her to try and work out why it wasn't functioning properly.

"How is he?" Jack asked, carrying a large pot into the kitchen area and depositing it on the stove.  He turned the heat on
underneath it, setting it to a low temperature to keep the food warm.  Mrs. Koladka had certainly come through.  He honestly
hadn't expected her to make enough for both of them to eat, let alone the large pot of soup she had provided.

"Still sleeping," Owen said, flicking off the telly and tossing the remote onto the cushion beside him.

"Should we worry?"  He threw his coat over the back of the sofa and returned to the kitchen, rolling up his sleeves as he went.

"His body's been put through the ringer.  And he's been pushing himself to his limits, despite all our warnings.  I get that it's in
his nature, but he needs to learn how to relax without cleaning."  He rubbed the back of his neck.  "I've checked on him a couple
of times.  There doesn't seem to be anything wrong other than the exhaustion.  No fever.  His vitals are good.  He's just tired."

Jack found a spoon and stirred the soup.  It smelled delicious and his stomach chose then to remind him he hadn't eaten since
lunch.  He ignored that for now.  "What should we do?"

"Keep monitoring him.  Get him to eat then put him back to bed.  In the morning bring him in and I'll run a full set of tests.  I
have an idea what this might be.  If I'm right, he's going to need all the rest he can get."

"Owen?"  He narrowed his eyes at the medic.  The intimidating look might have been a bit dampened by the fact he was standing
in a kitchen holding a long wooden spoon.

Owen waved his concern away dismissively.  "Just trust me on this, Jack.  He'll be okay."  He headed for the door, picking up
his coat along the way.  "Take care of the Tea-Boy, Jack.  Keep him comfortable and rested.  And no sex!"

Before he could come up with a snappy retort, Owen was gone.

Jack effortlessly moved about the kitchen, finding the bowls on the first try.  He'd made a point to memorize where Ianto kept
everything, just in case.  He only took one bowl now, wanting to take care of Ianto first before he saw to his own needs.

"As if I have the energy to get it up," Ianto's sleepy voice muttered in response to Owen's orders.

Jack looked over, lips quirking in amusement as Ianto shuffled out of the bedroom.  The young man was wrapped up in his
duvet and looked adorably disheveled with his hair sticking up at all sorts of angles.  Jack simply stood there and watched him
shamble out to the lounge area with his eyes barely open.  Ianto sat on the sofa, gave a yawn, then grunted and promptly
dropped onto his side, his legs curled up underneath his swelled belly.

"Still tired?" Jack asked, but didn't wait for a response.  "You could have stayed in bed.  I was going to bring this in to you."

"I don't eat in bed," Ianto replied.

A quip about missed opportunities was on the tip of his tongue, but Jack decided to keep it to himself.  He brought the bowl of
soup and a spoon out to Ianto.  "Come on, up with you.  You can't eat lying down."  He sat when Ianto shifted his legs out of
the way and waited while the Welshman pushed himself up.  The duvet slipped down off of his shoulders and Jack had to
suppress the urge to peel back what remained of the covering to see if he was just as naked all over.


"I'm not all that hungry," Ianto grumbled, unaware of the Captain's eyes on his body.

Jack grinned and dipped the spoon into the bowl.  He then lifted the soup-laden utensil and looked about ready to laugh at the
irritated look that crossed Ianto's features.

"I am not a child.  Nor am I an invalid.  I can feed myself."

Jack only smiled wider.  He dropped the spoon back into the bowl and held it out, waiting for Ianto to take it before speaking
again.  "All right.  You hold on to that, and I'll hold you."

Ianto yelped and was barely able to keep the soup from sloshing out of the bowl as Jack wrapped his arms around him and
hefted him onto his lap.  "Jack!" he cried indignantly.  

A throaty laugh in his ear, and warm breath ghosting across his neck made him shiver.  He sat stone-still, all feelings of
embarrassment fading when Jack's hand found a fold in the duvet and slipped in to caress his naked thigh.  It did nothing more
than stroke his skin, only a light brush, a tentative petting that didn't allude to further sexual advances.  He felt a smile tugging at
his mouth and wriggled a bit until he was more comfortable.

Jack groaned behind him and bit playfully at his shoulder.  "Keep that up and I might try and see if I can wake you up properly."

"Promises, promises," Ianto said, licking his lips.  Still, he stopped with the innuendos and flirtations, knowing that he was far
too tired to do anything about the already waning erection the playfulness had given him.  He ate his soup and enjoyed the
closeness between them.

He was almost halfway through his soup when the silence began to wear on him.  "Could you turn the telly on?" he asked, just
wanting something to fill the quiet of the flat.

"Anything in particular you want to watch?" Jack responded, digging the remote out of the sofa cushions it had wedged between.

Stirring the soup idly, he shook his head.  "No, not really."  Ianto felt embarrassed.  He didn't really want to admit his
insecurities, but didn't see any way around it.  "The quiet.  I don't like the quiet."  He brought a spoonful of soup to his lips,
hoping Jack wouldn't make him explain any more.

Thankfully, Jack remained silent.  He switched on the television and turned it to a random channel.  Neither man paid attention to
the movie playing.  Ianto, too busy with eating.  And Jack was occupied with tenderly stroking his fingers along the Welshman's
body.  At the moment he was petting one of Ianto's thighs, his other hand curled around the opposite knee.  Ianto winced at the
persisting ache in his thighs, but it didn't hurt bad enough to want to stop Jack's loving touches.

Ianto finished the soup and Jack took the bowl and spoon from him, leaning back just enough to set them on the small table
beside the sofa.  The pregnant man leaned back against Jack, a faint smile curling his lips as Jack's hands tentatively came to rest
on his stomach.  It was a faint touch, almost as if he were asking permission.  Ianto laid his own hands over Jack's, allowing the
older man the contact.  Despite his reluctance to allow the others to touch his stomach, he liked it when Jack did.

"How do you do that?"  Ianto asked softly, watching the way Jack traced idle patterns over his bare skin.

"Hm?  Do what?"

A tired smile curled Ianto's lips.  "Make me feel as if this is all completely ordinary?  Like there's nothing freakish about any of

Jack pressed a kiss to Ianto's head.  "Because there isn't," he answered simply with barely a pause to consider his words.  
"Where I come from, this is a common occurrence.  I've already told you that I was-"  He broke off there, took a shuddering
breath, then continued.  "A new life is always a cause for joy, no matter the circumstances surrounding its creation.  Well, most
of the time anyway.  Fashfoasth's are born with two full sets of teeth and generally eat their parents immediately following birth.  
Not a pretty sight."

Ianto sniggered.  He couldn't help it.  Trust Jack to diffuse his worries.

Hoping he wasn't making a mistake, Ianto asked a question that had been nagging at him for a while.  He didn't want to ruin this
moment, but it seemed an opportune time to ask.  "Where do you come from, Jack?"

Silence.  Only the drone of the telly could be heard above the sound of their breathing.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked," Ianto said, realizing it had been a mistake.  Jack's secrets were his own.  He shouldn't have
pressed for answers.

Arms tightened around him, curling over his chest and pulling him close against him.  "I was born in the fifty-first century," Jack
said, his voice rough.

Ianto nodded.  "You made that comment about pheromones back when we caught Myfanwy.  I'd always thought you were

A chuckle.  "I don't lie.  Too much effort involved."

His hands stroked back down to Ianto's stomach.  He was quiet for a while then, just caressing the skin tenderly, causing parts
of Ianto to perk up with interest.  When the older man did talk, his hands eased down further and Ianto found he had to part his
legs a bit as Jack's hands twined around his inner thighs.  The pain didn't feel so bad with Jack massaging the muscles.

"The Boeshane Peninsula," Jack said, giving a teasing squeeze, his thumbs taunting Ianto with a vague brush over his semi-hard
member.  "You've never heard of it.  It doesn't even exist yet.  A small colony of humans amidst the sand dunes of a seemingly
endless beach.  You've never seen an ocean so vast."

"Sounds lovely," Ianto murmured.  He reached down, placing his hands over Jack's.  "We can't."  He urged Jack's hands up to
the more safe territory of his stomach.  He settled his head back on Jack's shoulder.  "Come to bed with me?  Maybe you could
... tell me more?"  He bit his lip, worrying.

Lips touched his forehead, soothing his fears.  "I'd love to."


Jack wasn't able to spend the whole night, though he would have liked to.  An alert had come through just past midnight and
he'd been forced to vacate the Welshman's bed in favor of an errant ship of confused and apologetic aliens.  Jack spent the
remainder of the night helping to fix their ship and send them on their way.

He returned to the Hub shortly after sunrise, intending to drop off the gift the thankful aliens had presented him with and then get
a change of clothes before heading back to Ianto's.  With a smile, he placed the gift on Toshiko's workstation, eager to see how
long it would take her to work out what it was.  The device was a perfect sphere, shaded an opaque white and seemingly
smooth and featureless to the naked eye.  It was relatively small, roughly the size of a tennis ball.  Jack knew how to activate it
but he wanted to see Tosh figure it out on her own.  She was sure to be pleasantly surprised.

A quick shower later and he was on his way back to Ianto's flat.  He slipped inside quietly, not knowing if Ianto was awake yet
or not.  If he was still sleeping, Jack didn't want to disturb him.

He didn't hear anything as he moved through the small flat.  He threw his coat on the sofa as he passed and went into the only
bedroom.  There was Ianto, still curled up in bed, right where Jack had left him all those hours ago.  He smiled to himself, until
he realized that something was wasn't right.

A faint noise could be heard coming from the Welshman.  Jack took a few quick steps and climbed onto the bed on his knees,
reaching out to roll the younger man onto his back.  Ianto's face was pale and covered in a thin sheen of sweat.  He whimpered
as Jack shifted him, his eyes flickering behind closed lids.

"Ianto?" Jack called, slapping lightly at Ianto's cheek.

Eyes fluttered, a pained moan issuing from his lips, but Ianto never truly regained consciousness.  "Hurts," he frailly gasped, a
shiver beginning to course through his body.

Fear slammed into Jack.  Pain.  What kind of pain?  It couldn't be labor, could it?  No, it was too early for that.  Ianto was only
seven months pregnant.  It was too soon.  But whatever it was, he needed Owen.  They both did.

Jack didn't hesitate.  He shoved his hands underneath Ianto's body and hefted him into his arms.  The instant he did so, Ianto's
eyes flashed open and he began to scream.

To Be Continued ...