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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

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Part Twenty-Four

Ianto didn't think he had ever been so bored in his life.

It had been a day since he had first woken in this room.  He didn't really remember much after Owen's initial visit.  He'd fallen
asleep and had slept off and on for the remainder of the day.  He had vague recollections of Tosh stopping in to see him.  He'd
tried to hold a conversation, but he hadn't been able to stay awake for very long.  And he was certain Jack's concerned face had
been peering down at him during one of his brief bouts of awareness.  He could still feel a ghost of a caress on his cheek from
where the man had stroked his features.  But maybe he had dreamed that.

His hips ached something terrible.

He shifted a bit on the bed, wincing in discomfort.  Getting up to use the toilet had been a slow and painful exercise.  He was
immensely grateful for the fact that there was an en-suite attached to his little bedroom and he wouldn't have to go hobbling
along the corridor to find one.

Although, to call this room little, would be incorrect.  Ianto thought he could probably fit most, if not all of his flat inside these
four walls.  He looked around at the pleasant yellow walls, at the dark wood of the furniture and didn't think he could have done
any better himself.  It was perfect, just what he wanted.  He was surprised by the burst of warmth this brought to his chest.  
This display of caring touched him though.  Jack had paid attention.  He had listened.

He took in and let out a breath and turned his attention back to the only true luxury in this room, aside from the bed, of course.  
A large flat-screen was hanging on the wall just across from the bed.  Ianto flicked through channels without really noticing
what was on.  A moment later, he tossed the remote aside with a disgusted huff, leaving the telly tuned to some news program.

Owen had told him to stay in bed.  Ianto found it easy to agree, if only for the pain in his hips and groin.  He couldn't imagine
trying to walk around handing out coffees, let alone clean up after everyone today.  He was too sore.  Besides, it would be
awkward maneuvering around with an IV line jabbed in the back of his hand.  Owen refused to remove it yet.

There was a gentle rapping to the door and Ianto answered with an instinctive, "Come in."

He found himself more relieved than he thought he would be, when the door opened to admit Gwen.  She entered the room,
pulling a trolley in along with her.  "Hi," she smiled warmly.  "How are you feeling?"

"Bored," he groaned, then bit his lip, embarrassed by his own admission.

"Well, I've brought lunch," she said, her smile never wavering.  "And a bit of company, if you'd like."

"God, yes," he uttered under his breath.

Gwen must have heard him.  She smiled as she pulled the trolley in.  "Didn't Owen and Jack leave you anything to do?"

"Not a thing," Ianto said, carefully pushing himself up a bit more.  He bit back a groan of pain but wasn't able to stop the wince.  
"I've got the telly."

She clucked her tongue.  "We'll just see about that.  You must be going mental in here.  Tell you what, write me up a list of
books, or whatever and I'll see if I can smuggle in a bit of paperwork along with it."

Ianto smiled weakly.  "Thanks."

Gwen pushed the trolley right up against the side of the bed.  She sat on the edge of the bed near Ianto's knees and lifted the lid
off the plate.  A small waft of steam billowed up.  "Today we have a salmon fillet topped with Parmesan cheese and lemon juice,
served with a side of sauteed vegetables.  Brussels sprouts, kale leaves, red peppers, squash, green beans, and spinach."

"Where did this come from?"  Ianto asked, surprised.  "Not the usual takeaway fare, is it?"

"Rhys cooked it up.  I met him at a cafe down the street to pick it up.  Don't worry, I didn't tell him anything.  He just thinks I
have a co-worker with health issues and certain dietary needs."  She picked up a paper bag.  "And this, is from Tosh."  She
reached in and pulled out a small disposable cup.

Ianto took the cup.  At the first sip, he sighed in bliss.  Coffee.  Wonderful.  Owen hadn't yet banned the beverage outright, so
he still enjoyed his single cup every day.  Except for the past few days when he had been either unconscious or very near to it.

He traded his sadly empty coffee cup for the plate and began eating his lunch.  Ianto was surprised by how good it was.  Who
knew Rhys was so talented in the kitchen?  "So, tell me what's been going on?  Anything come out of that Eugene Jones thing?"
he asked, hoping to incite a conversation.

With a beaming smile Gwen erupted into a full detailed description of her weekend.  She even produced the aforementioned
Dogon Sixth Eye for Ianto's examination, assuring him that Jack had already said she could show it to him.  Apparently, she had
been quite keen on the idea of telling him everything and wanted to make sure there was nothing dangerous about the eye before
he handled it.  Her exuberance over everything had Ianto thrilled right along with her.

When she finished, Ianto had long since been done with his lunch.  He was fiddling with the eye, turning it over in his hand.  
"Where's Jack?" he asked, his words soft.  He sounded insecure to his own ears and cleared his throat self-consciously.

Gwen smiled at him in a fond way and brushed her fingers through her fringe.  "He had to go check something out.  We've been
busy the past couple days.  The Rift, you know.  He's been here as often as the Rift lets him, but you know how that can be
sometimes."  She held out her hand and accepted the eye from him.  "I suppose I should go and put this into storage."

Ianto cleared his throat.  "If you get me a piece of paper and a pen, I'll be able to write directions to where this sort of thing is
stored."  He regarded it.  "It's not dangerous, so it probably belongs in the general archives.  I'll file it away when Owen lets me
out of here."

Gwen looked relieved.  "That would be a blessing beyond belief.  You keep things so well organized that I'm petrified that I'll do
something to bugger it all up."  She stood and headed for the door.  "I'll be back as quick as I can."

Ianto had no doubt that his archives were a right mess.  It had only been a few days, but he knew no one had bothered to file
anything properly.  They may have tried, but he would find files and artifacts strewn across his desk.  He didn't know why they
couldn't follow his system.  It amazed him that for a team full of brilliant people, they had yet to grasp a basic understanding of
the English alphabet.

When Gwen returned, he wrote out the directions as promised.  Then he made out a list of items he'd like from his flat.  He
didn't know how long he'd be stuck here for and he didn't want to be bored.  His hips weren't as sore as they'd been the first
time he'd woken and he could actually get up out of bed now, but Owen was reluctant to allow him back to work just yet.  For
once, Ianto agreed with him.  It just hurt too much, despite the fact that the Nanogenes were repairing the damage they'd caused.

"Thanks, Gwen," he said, honestly grateful for her thoughtfulness.

She brushed away his thanks with a grin.  As she left, she promised to return before she left for the night, although she couldn't
promise how long that would actually be.

Ianto was left alone again, with only the sound of the telly to keep him company.

He picked up the remote again and went back to flipping through the channels.  It didn't take long for him to get fed up again.  
With nothing else to do, he switched it off and tried to get comfortable.  After fighting for a bit with the pillows, shoving most of
them off of the bed or flinging them to the other end, he curled up on his side.  It hurt, throbbing in time with his heart, but the
longer he stayed still, the more distant the pain became.

He dozed.  He didn't know for how long.  But when he blinked his eyes open again, the lights were dimmer.  He didn't remember
turning them down, but the room was cast in long, dark shadows.

There was a rustle of fabric and the bed dipped behind him.  He jolted, startled, but calmed at the feel of a familiar hand
caressing his flank.  "Jack?" he croaked, still sleepy.

The comforting warmth of Jack's naked body pressed up against his back and he sighed happily.  "I intercepted Gwen on my
way here," Jack said, his voice husky, breath wafting across Ianto's ear.  "She had a care package for you."

"Oh?" Ianto asked, enjoying the feel of Jack's arms winding around him, pulling him close.

"Books and paperwork."  Jack chuckled.  "I'm sorry I didn't think to bring anything to keep away the boredom.  But I think I
can make up for that.  I brought you a present."

Ianto reached back, slipping his fingers around Jack's member.  "Is that what we're calling it now?"  He stroked the hardening
length once, and was confused when Jack's fingers curled around his wrist and pulled him away.

The Captain hummed.  "As much as I enjoy that, that's not what I was talking about."  He pressed his hand to Ianto's hip, lightly,
but enough to make him flinch.  "It's not as much fun if I can't share the experience."

There was nothing Ianto could think to say to that.  He bit his lip, wondering if it was too soon to ask.  "Can I have my present?"

Jack laughed.  He pushed himself up and leaned over Ianto to turn the lights on full.  Not caring for his lack of dress, he got up
from the bed and plucked up his coat from where he'd abandoned it on the floor while Ianto maneuvered himself into a sitting
position.  Ianto couldn't help but admire the view.  The dashing Captain was a sight to behold.  All that bare tanned flesh.  Ianto's
eyes followed the lines of that body, inevitably landing at the apex of strong thighs and the nest of thick wiry hair that
surrounded his genitals.

Ianto tore his eyes away, his face heating.  He could already feel the familiar growing warmth in his groin, and rearranged his
blankets to try and hide it.  He felt foolish ogling the man, like a teenager lusting after a crush.  But then Jack smiled at him and
Ianto couldn't help but return it with a watery grin of his own.

Jack returned to the bed and pressed a circular object into his hands.

Turning it over in his hands, Ianto tried to figure out what it was.  Jack leaned back and pulled Ianto in close against his side.  
"What is it?" Ianto asked.  For all intents and purposes, it was a plain milky-white sphere, about the size of a tennis ball.  There
was nothing overtly fascinating about it.

"A gift from a grateful group of aliens I helped on their way a couple nights ago.  I wanted to see if Tosh could figure out what
it was, but then I thought you might enjoy it a bit more given the circumstances," Jack said, stroking a hand along Ianto's arm.

"Yes," Ianto replied, slowly.  "But what is it?"

A chuckle and Jack reached around to take the smooth sphere.  "A Tyrellian memory sphere," Jack stated.  He tapped the
surface of the device in a peculiar way and Ianto was surprised to see a flicker of blue lights begin to blink just below the

And then suddenly, Ianto's breath was taken away.

The room around him flickered and disappeared and he found himself on a beach.  It was impossible, but there he was.  He was
still in bed, and he knew that it was late at night, but here he was on a sunny day on a beach he'd never seen before.  "Jack?  
What is this?" he asked, turning slightly in Jack's arms to see the other man.  There was a strained expression on the older man's
face, but then Jack looked at him and a smile lit up his features.

"It's telesensual," Jack said, raising the device in his hand.  "It uses the mind of the holder, the memories, and creates a perfectly
rendered three dimensional image, a perfect holographic representation, complete with sound."

Ianto looked around again, taking in everything.  The beach was enormous.  And the water stretched out as far as he could see.  
The only land he saw, beyond the beach he was standing on, was that of a small peninsula dominated by a large block-like
structure.  A colony, he supposed.

It struck him like lightning.  "Boeshane Peninsula," he breathed out, eyes widening.  "Jack is this-"  He didn't wait for an answer.  
There wasn't anything else this could be.  "It's beautiful."

"If you can picture it in your head, you can see it," Jack said.  "You don't even have to concentrate hard.  Once you set it, it
takes the first thought in your head.  If you lose focus, it's still there.  If you want to change it, you do this."  He tapped the
device a few times and the beach around them disappeared.  "It resets the controls."  He handed it over to Ianto.  "Go ahead,
give it a try."

With a wry grin, Ianto pictured the first thing he could think of.  Once again, he found himself surrounded by the vast alien
beach of the Boeshane Peninsula.  "If you don't mind, I quite like it here."  He snuggled back against Jack, comfortable in his
embrace, watching the waves ebb and flow.

"You are a marvel, Mr. Jones," Jack stated.  He pressed a lingering kiss to Ianto's shoulder, then nuzzled his neck.

Ianto hummed.  The constant rhythmic sound of the crashing waves were lulling him into relaxation.  It was a swift hop from
there to sleep.  He dropped his head back, resting fully against Jack, content to remain just where he was.


It was a new experience to wake up surrounded by the vista of an alien world.  Ianto almost forgot where he was for a
moment.  He blinked, confused by the sandy beach and distant community, before he remembered.  He lifted the device in his
hand, looking at it curiously.  If he knew how to turn it off, he would.  However, it wasn't a hardship to look out at the vast sea
before him.

This was Jack's home.  This was where he had been born.  Thousands of years into the future and on some distant alien planet.  
Ianto felt a thrill knowing that no one else on the team had gotten a glimpse of this place.  At least, he didn't think so.  He liked to
hope that Jack had shared this with him alone.

Thinking of Jack, Ianto turned his head to look over at the dashing Captain.  Jack was asleep, his arms loosely wound around
Ianto's body, his hands a heavy weight on Ianto's belly.  He looked calm, peaceful.  There was still a smile on his face, just a
soft up-curling of his lips, but it was a smile nonetheless.

Ianto turned awkwardly in the cradle of Jack's arms, his bulging stomach pressing up against Jack's warm body.  He slid his
fingers across Jack's cheek, just content to touch him.  He wasn't bold enough to do this when Jack was awake.

Slowly he eased his fingers along the contours of Jack's handsome face, lingering for longer than necessary on his full lips.  
Unable to resist, Ianto pressed a kiss to those tempting lips.  Just a small peck, followed by a quick swipe of his tongue.  When
he pulled away, Jack's eyes were still closed.  Shuddering an excited breath, he continued his explorations.

He trailed fingers and lips down Jack's chin, dipping his tongue into the cleft.  Jack hummed, hand coming up in a clumsy brush
against Ianto's shoulder.  Ianto froze, watching Jack's face, but there was no further reaction from the older man and Ianto went
back to what he had been doing.

Awkwardly shifting his body down the bed as he moved, Ianto applied lips and tongue to the Captain's broad chest.  With one
elbow to brace his weight up, he raised his other hand to join in the play, toying idly with one dusky nipple, watching it harden
under his attention.  He didn't waste too much time there, too eager to get to the prize before Jack awoke.  There couldn't be
much time left.  Just how much could someone sleep through?  For all he knew Jack was just faking it, playing with him.  Well,
with what Ianto intended he wouldn't be able to feign sleep much longer.

He continued downward, careful to keep his IV line from getting tangled.  He was still sore and it wasn't easy to move his bulk,
but he managed, biting once at Jack's navel until he moved those last few inches down and was faced with Jack's cock.  Ianto
raised a hand, cupping it gently, almost timidly.  He swallowed thickly, then licked his lips.  He'd never seen it from quite so
close up before.  Jack was all too happy to suck his cock, but Ianto had yet to return the favor.  He was still getting used to the
idea that he liked having Jack's cock up his arse.

It was hot and heavy against his palm, hard from Ianto's taunting touches down his body.  He wrapped his fingers around the
turgid flesh more firmly and gave it a single teasing stroke.  Jack groaned, hips rocking forward reflexively.  Looking up, he saw
the other man's eyelids fluttering and knew he was out of time.  Jack was waking up.  If he was going to do this, it had to be

The length in his hand twitched.  A single bead of moisture gathered at the tip.  Ianto moved forward, tongue darting out to
collect the drop, tasting salt and sweat and something uniquely Jack.  His heart flipped, his own body throbbing with need.  He
opened his mouth and took Jack in, sucking and licking at the broad head.

Fingers swept through his hair, grasping at the strands.  He looked up, meeting Jack's smiling gaze, letting Jack drop from his
mouth.  "What a way to wake up," Jack murmured, petting Ianto's hair tenderly.  "You don't have to."

"I want to," Ianto replied, his voice strangely husky.  But he meant it.  He did want to do this.  He'd had dreams about it and
wanted the real thing now.  He bent back to task, wrapping his lips just around the sensitive head and sucking.

He didn't have any experience in giving blowjobs, but he did have a memory.  He remembered what he liked.  Not that many
people had sucked his cock.  Lisa hadn't seemed to like it all that much.  And there were only one or two other girls who'd
obliged him.  Jack, on the other hand, seemed to revel in it.  And he had such a wicked tongue, too.  Ianto tried to copy what
had been done to him.  By the groans and murmurs above him, he figured he must be doing something right.

"More tongue," Jack advised and Ianto acquiesced.  He wasn't ready to try and pull all of Jack into his mouth, certain that he
would gag if he tried, so he wrapped his fist around Jack's shaft.  He stroked firmly, and took in as much as he could.  Pulling
away, he ran his tongue along the underside, following the thick vein there and delighted in the sultry moan he pried from Jack.

Jack showed a remarkable control.  Despite the quivering in his thighs, despite the fact that he so obviously wanted to, he didn't
thrust himself against Ianto.  He accepted what Ianto was willing to give and didn't force him into more.

Fingers tugged at his hair, Jack's voice a gasping pant.  "Coming," was the best he could articulate.

Ianto moved with renewed vigor.  He appreciated the warning, knew that Jack was giving him a chance to pull away.  But he
didn't want to.  He wanted to taste Jack, all of him.  He groaned around the Captain's dick, reaching up to palm his balls.

Jack threw his head back, his nails scraping Ianto's scalp, fingers pulling at his hair.  His essence erupted into Ianto's mouth,
coating his tongue in violent spurts.  Ianto jerked back despite himself.  It wasn't the taste, but the suddenness of it.  A few stray
splatters caught his lips and chin as he drew back.  He swallowed the foreign taste.  One look at Jack's disheveled face assured
him that this wouldn't be the last time.  God, he wanted more of this man, all that he could get.

Jack flopped back against the bed, sweaty and sated.  A languorous smile spread across his face, his chest rising and falling with
heaving breaths.  He looked down at Ianto and the emotion in those eyes sent a shiver down the Welshman's spine.  He could
almost feel Jack looking at him, like tingles on his skin, a warm caress that made his neglected erection pulse with want.

With an ease of movement that Ianto felt a flash of jealousy over, Jack slid down the bed.  Not wasting a moment, he leaned in
and ran his tongue up Ianto's chin, collecting the dribble of fluids before taking Ianto's mouth with fervor.

Ianto arched up, grunting when his belly bumped against Jack's solid form.  Jack was everywhere.  His taste, his scent.  Ianto's
heart thudded, other parts of him throbbing achingly in time with the rapid tempo.  Jack's hands slid down his body, confident
and sure.  He stroked.  He teased.  He petted, prying shameless sounds from Ianto's throat that he would deny making if ever
asked.  Jack's hands slipped under the thin barrier of sleep pants, palming the pregnant man's groin.

A sudden inexplicable fear gripped Ianto.  His heart clenched and he threw his hands against Jack's chest, jerking back with a
cry that startled him as much as it did Jack.  The hurt, confused expression in Jack's eyes made his throat close up with shame.

Ianto rolled away from Jack, shaking and scared and feeling guilty.  He swallowed against the urge to cry.

"Ianto?"  Jack asked, a heavy hand falling on Ianto's shoulder.

He shivered, trying to inch away.

"Did I hurt you?"

The words, so sincere sent a fresh stab of guilt through him.  Ianto coughed, then swallowed around the painful lump in his
throat.  How could he tell Jack what was wrong?  He turned his head into the pillow, trying to bury himself, to hide away.

"Your bruises, I should have remembered," Jack said, gently nudging the flimsy cloth of his pants down.  Ianto felt the barest
brush of fingertips on his hip, feather-light touches outlining the discoloration.

"It's not the bruises," Ianto croaked.

"Then what is it?" Jack asked, slipping his hand in a warm caress along the Welshman's spine.  Up and down, up and down,
regular and soothing.

Despite the tender care, Ianto was reluctant to discuss his fears.  What would Jack think of him?  It seemed like such a shallow
reason to not want being touched.  He bit his lip, wavering over the idea of discussing it.  Jack was being so nice to him.  He
wasn't forcing him to talk, wasn't trying to wheedle the information out of him.  He was patient, waiting to see if Ianto would
speak.  Eventually, he did.

"What if I don't go back to normal after this?" Ianto asked in a pale whisper.  For emphasis, he settled his hand against the
roundness of his belly.

Jack's hand covered his and Ianto felt the press of Jack's lips against his shoulder.  "I say worry about that if it happens.  I don't
know how these Nanogenes work.  They could be programmed to set things back to normal once the baby is born."

"I suppose I'll have to wait and see," he whispered, not really keen on that idea.  He'd rather know now then wait and worry for
the next two months.

Reaching around him, Jack picked up the memory sphere from where it had ended up half-shoved beneath a pillow.  With easy
motions, he turned it off and placed it on the table by the bed.  The beauty of the alien world disappeared and they were back in
the simple surroundings of the Torchwood Nursery.

"I never thanked you for this," Ianto said, suddenly realizing this truth.  He gestured vaguely with one hand toward one of the

Jack caught his hand, checking the IV to make sure he hadn't inadvertently dislodged it, then kissed the backs of his fingers.  
"No need to thank me.  You needed a place like this."  He eased down, planting his warm body flush against Ianto's back.  
"Owen still wants you to stay here for the remainder of your pregnancy.  And you've not been sleeping well in that cot of yours
in the Archives.  I know you haven't said anything, but I can tell you're in pain after a night down there.  You deserve a little

His hand soothed along Ianto's flank again, offering solace and something that left Ianto's skin tingling anew.  His earlier lust had
abated as quickly as if he had been dowsed in frigid water.  The tender attention Jack was offering now, was awakening it again
slowly, tentatively.

"Is that why the bed is so large?" Ianto asked, shifting a bit, trying to urge Jack on without asking for it outright.

"Well, I thought you might like a bit of company now and then," he answered and Ianto could hear the smirk in his voice.

When Jack's hand reached around to cup his genitals, Ianto didn't flinch away.  He leaned back against the Captain's body,
showing with action that he wasn't afraid, that he did want him.  He welcomed Jack's caresses, the slick slide of his hand over
his renewed erection.  In moments he was gasping, whimpering in delight.  Jack was whispering things into his ear, salacious
promises and filthy innuendos.  Ianto nodded to every one of them, agreeing to anything so long as Jack didn't stop.

Jack stroked him, encouraging his cries.  With each drag of that talented hand, Ianto felt his worries slipping away.  How could
he think of anything other than the pleasure, than the feel of that callused palm pumping him so exquisitely?  Ianto rocked into
each motion, craving more.  He didn't think he would ever get enough.

It was over far too quickly.  If it were anyone but Jack with him, he might have been mortified by his lack of control.  But he
was with Jack, and Jack was just too good at what he did.  "Oh, God," he gasped, hips jerking forward as the beginnings of
climax spread out from the base of his spine and cock and shot outward to set every nerve ending  in his body alight.

He fell back, quivering.  Jack kissed his cheek.  Ianto turned his head to accept those lips with his own, finding it easy to
acquiesce to the Captain's whims as he swept his tongue into a loving dance, hand coaxing the last of Ianto's seed into his
waiting palm.

Ianto broke away with a weak smile.  That little romp had sapped his strength away.  All he wanted to do was go back to sleep.  
"What time is it, anyway?"

There was a pause before the other man answered.  "Almost five now."

"In the morning?"

"Yep."  Jack kissed him again.  "Get some rest."

Ianto was dozing as something occurred to him.  He had a vague recollection of the words Jack had been saying while bringing
him off, but couldn't make sense of it now.  It hadn't occurred to him then to pay attention.  But now the words were taunting at
the periphery of his mind.  Jack had asked him something.

"Jack?" he asked, wriggling into a comfortable position with Jack pressed up behind him.  "What did you ask me to do?"

Delaying his answer, Jack nuzzled his neck.  He wrapped his arms around Ianto.  The Welshman was barely awake when Jack
responded.  "I asked if you'd oblige Owen and move in here until your scheduled delivery.  You said yes."

Ianto blinked, but couldn't rouse himself fully.  "Tricky bastard."

He barely heard Jack's chuckle.


Two days later, Ianto was grudgingly allowing Gwen to tie his shoes for him.  As much as he hated to admit it, he couldn't bend
to do it himself anymore, even when his body was concealed by the ring he was once again wearing.

He sighed.  This would be the last time he'd wear the ring.  He'd be stuck here in the Hub for the remainder of his pregnancy.  
Today, Owen had finally deemed him well enough to go and collect a few things from his flat to make his stay feel like less of a
prison sentence.  The IV had been removed earlier in the morning and he'd subjected himself to a physical exam.  His bruises
were gone, though he still felt a little sore when he moved.  All in all, he was much better than he had been.  Well enough, in
fact, to be allowed out of Owen's sight for an hour or two.  But not well enough to go without a chaperone.

Owen was busy with an autopsy, so he couldn't go.  Tosh had her hands full with some new tech that had come in.  And Jack
was running around Rhiwbina, tracking down a piece of alien weaponry that had been sold on eBay as a Christmas ornament.  
That left Gwen as his babysitter.

Despite the fact that his stomach was hidden, he hadn't felt like taking the effort of donning a suit today.  Instead, he had opted
for jeans and one of his old t-shirts along with a faded old hoodie that had seen better days.  It used to be black, but was
bordering on gray now, and there were one or two small holes in one of the sleeves.  But it was comfortable and warm and that
was all he really cared about at the present.

With a hand from Gwen, Ianto stood.  She grunted with the effort, then apologized for it.  He waved it away with a smile and a
casual response.  He knew that he wasn't exactly light these days.

"Ready to go?" Gwen asked cheerfully, handing his coat to him.

Despite his annoyance at needing a babysitter, he didn't mind so much that Gwen was going with him.  She'd kept up a cheerful
chatter as soon as she'd stepped into the room with him, helping him without insisting that he needed it, tying his shoes without
asking if he needed her to.  She just helped him and still made it seem like it was nothing important, as if it were an everyday
occurrence.  He didn't know how she did it, but he didn't feel angry in the least that there were things he couldn't do for himself
anymore.  He didn't begrudge her, or think she was belittling him.  She was just being Gwen.

Ianto nodded.  He reached up, touching the Comms. device in his ear, the same one that Jack had given him all those months
ago.  A direct line to Jack, he'd said, not that he'd ever had reason to use it.  He hoped he never would.  It was a comfort having
it though, to know that he'd be able to reach Jack in case of an emergency.

The drive to his flat was uneventful.  Gwen drove and continued conversing.  Ianto answered back when he thought a response
necessary.  It was pleasant, in an odd sort of way.

Mrs. Koladka stopped him in the hall as he was passing her door.  She expressed her concern, asking after him.  Her eyes
roamed up and down him, one of her hands raising toward his face.

Ianto backed away a bit, avoiding it.  Still, he smiled, trying to ease her worries.  "I'm fine, Mrs. Koladka," he said.  "My Doctor
is taking very good care of me."

Gwen snorted behind him.  When he turned a glare her way, he saw her covering her mouth with her hand to hide her giggles.

"Well, that's good then," Mrs. Koladka replied, smiling warmly.

Ianto considered things.  He was going away for a few months.  It was unlikely he'd be well enough to come back immediately
following the birth of his son.  He'd probably need time to recover after it.  He didn't want his neighbor worrying about him.  She
was nice to him.  She'd taken care of him when he'd needed it.

"Oh, um, just so you know, I'm only here to pick up a few things today," he said, scratching the back of his neck.  "I'm going to
be staying with friends for a few months."

Surprise flickered over the older woman's face, along with a curious expression that he couldn't place right away.  It was gone
so quickly that he didn't give it a second thought.  "Is this because of your health?" she asked.  "You haven't been well for such a
long time."

He nodded.  "But it will all be over soon.  I mean, I'm getting better."  He thought it came out sounding rather lame, but he hoped
she'd believe it.

She reached out, grasping his arm.  "That's good.  You take care of yourself, Ianto."

Thanking her, Ianto went to his flat.  He packed as quickly as he was able, throwing a few things into boxes that Gwen had
brought up with her.  Books, movies, toiletries, he didn't know what he'd need, so he just packed it all.  Gwen took each box as
he finished with it, adamant that he not strain himself.

He'd just finished with the last box when he realized that Gwen wasn't back yet.  Ianto frowned, brow furrowing slightly.  It
didn't take that long to go down and come back from the car.

Curious, he went out into the hall and looked to the stairs, calling her name.  There was no answer.  He called out again, only to
be met with the same silence.  He took a few cautious steps toward the stairs, his hair beginning to rise on the back of his neck.  
Something was wrong here.

Something sharp struck him in the neck.  He hissed out a pained breath and raised his hand to the sting.  A gasp escaped him as
his fingers found a foreign object lodged in his skin.  Pulling it free, he stared down in abject horror at the sight of a tranquilizer

"Gwen!" he tried again, stumbling backward into one of the walls.

There was no reply.

"Jack?" he called out, activating the Comms. device in his ear.  Voice activated, Jack had told him.  But his voice was already
waning with just that first word.  His body felt weak, heavy.  A lethargy dragged his limbs down, pulling awareness with them.

"Help.  I need-" he broke away at the sound of a door opening.

One of his neighbors, a young man close to his own age, ran down the hall and stood in front of him.  Ianto stared at him,
watching his features blur.  He couldn't for the life of him think of this man's name.  Ianto blinked to focus, but he knew it was
only a matter of time before he lost consciousness.  Everything felt like it was drifting away.

"Help," he uttered, weak and breathy.

He slid down along the wall, his neighbor's hands guiding him down, keeping him from dropping like a rock to the floor.  "You
okay, mate?" the neighbor asked, his eyes frantically going over Ianto.  In his ear, Jack was calling his name, asking him to reply.

Ianto didn't answer either of them.  He could see Mrs. Kolodka coming up behind the young man.  The man looked over his
shoulder at her, asking her to call 999.

A nightmare, this had to be a nightmare, Ianto thought as she raised a pan and brought it down on their neighbor's head.

The young man lay on the floor, groaning, then falling silent.  Mrs. Koladka ignored him, her full attention on Ianto.  She
dropped the pan she had been holding and leaned down, smiling all the while.  "This is for your own good, Ianto," she cooed,
reaching out to stroke his cheek.

Ianto opened his mouth, but no sound came out.  His vision blurred out and went dark.  Distantly, as if from somewhere far
away, he heard her voice again.

"We'll take good care of you, Ianto.  You and your baby."

To Be Continued...