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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.

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More Notes:  Still set after 'Random Shoes,' but before 'Out of Time.'


Part Twenty-Six

"Tosh, tell me you've got something!" Jack shouted as he entered the Hub.  He didn't even bother to remove his coat as he ran
over to Toshiko's workstation.  Owen followed him, just as quickly.

Her expression was answer enough, but her words sent a stab through his heart.  "I'm sorry, Jack."  She turned back to her
computers, fingers flying over keys.  "CCTV in the area went down for over an hour, for no apparent reason.  It must have been
them, whoever took Ianto.  I'll keep trying.  There has to be something."

Jack gripped her shoulder.  "I know you'll find it."

For hours they followed every lead.  Tosh followed every trace of evidence she could find in her computers.  Owen went to
question neighbors.  Jack enlisted the police into it, ignoring the detectives and heading straight for Andy to see if he could be of
any help.  With his former partnership with Gwen and their continued friendship, it was a better shot than trying to get Swanson
or any of the others to assist Torchwood in any way.

He'd promised to keep an eye out and to get in touch if he found anything.  It was all Jack could ask for.


Ianto couldn't focus on anything around him.  He knew that he was being pushed along in a wheelchair back to his cell.  
However beyond that, there didn't seem to be anything.

He hurt.

Before him, a door opened.  He could hear a voice making demands.  Gwen, it had to be Gwen.  He lifted his head, blinking in an
attempt to clear his mind.  It was a slow process.

One of the guards was holding Gwen back, another standing by the door and keeping his gun aimed at her.  There was a fresh
bruise blossoming on her cheek.  It hadn't been there before.  He couldn't understand why it was there now.  He couldn't seem
to think straight.

Someone gripped his arms and lifted him from the chair.  He stood on shaking legs and shuffled where they led him, collapsing
onto the thin mattress of the cot when they released him.  The paralytic effect of whatever drugs Nathaniel had administered
were starting to wear off, but it was still difficult to move.

He distantly heard the door close again as they left.

A dark blur passed into his line of sight.  He blinked carefully and was slowly able to make out Gwen's concerned face.

"Ianto?  Can you hear me, Ianto?"  She stroked his cheek, tears in her eyes.  "God, you're bleeding."

He looked down and saw the spots of blood decorating the lower area of his hospital gown.  "Minor bleed," Ianto murmured,
echoing the words he had heard Nathaniel say just minutes earlier.  He could feel it, sticky on his thighs where it had dribbled
after he'd been forced to stand in that nightmare of an exam room.  "No danger."  He sobbed, wrapping his arms around himself
and pulling his knees close to his body.  "It hurt so much."

"What did he do to you, Ianto?  What did that bastard do?"

Ianto's hands were trembling on his stomach.  He couldn't stop his tears.  It never occurred to him to tell anything but the truth.  
"He cut me open," he blurted, the haze fading from his mind.  He tried to close his eyes against the memories, but they came
anyway, tormenting him.  "The thin membrane keeping the birth canal sealed; he just took a scalpel and sliced it open.  And then
his fingers ... it hurt, Gwen."

"Oh, God."  She slid onto the bed and pulled his head onto her lap.  She stroked her hand up and down his side, offering what
comfort she could.  "Tell you what.  We'll get out of here and then we'll shove his scalpels up his arse."

A hysterical laugh broke out of his throat.  "I like the sound of that.  But right now, I'm just tired."  He felt drained, his mind
somewhat clear, but exhausted nonetheless.  Those drugs were messing him up.  He couldn't make sense of things.

Something dripped onto his cheek.  Gwen's fingers shakily brushed the wetness away.  She gave a loud sniff.  "Well, you go on
and get some rest.  I'll keep an eye on you.  I've got you."  He couldn't understand why her voice sounded so thick.


"Go home," Jack ordered just after three in the morning.  There was nothing.  No sign of Ianto or Gwen.  No clues left to
follow.  The few leads Andy had turned up hadn't come to anything.

"We can't just give up!" Tosh cried, eyes watery.

Jack walked over to her.  He laid his hands on her shoulders and looked in her eyes.  "I'm not giving up, Tosh.  But we won't do
anyone any good if we pass out from exhaustion."

He could see that Tosh wanted to argue.  But Owen came over and took her arm.  "Come on, I'll buy you a pint then drive you
home."  He flickered a smile at her.  "Maybe all we need is a fresh start."

Reluctantly, Tosh nodded.  She wiped discreetly at her eyes as she stood and said nothing as she went to get her coat.  Owen
wrapped an arm around her shoulders and led her to the door.  She stopped before leaving, looking back pointedly at Jack.  "I'll
be back early, Jack.  I'm not giving up on this."

"I wouldn't expect you to, Tosh," he responded.


Time blurred on by.  Ianto had few moments of clarity.  Only when he first woke up and brief instances during the day.  And
then Nathaniel would come and drag him away for more tests, for more drugs that left him drifting.  He didn't remember how
long he had been there.

There were vague memories of meals.  He was never hungry, but Gwen was able to coax him to swallow a little.

He breathed slowly and swallowed obediently, raising a weak hand to the edge of the cup filled with the weakest of soups.  Their
captors never gave them utensils.  It was always lukewarm soup, served in paper cups.

He didn't hear the door open.  But he did hear it close behind whoever had come in.  Was it time for more tests already?  He
didn't think it was.  Hadn't he just come back?

Gwen was yelling.  He tried to bring his mind around, but was only able to catch onto a few patches here and there.

"Does he look fine to you?" Gwen was shouting at someone.

She touched his thigh.  Whether by accident or not, Ianto didn't know.  Flashes of Nathaniel's brutal gropings made him wince
and push away.  Warmth spilled down his chest and stomach.  His soup had spilled.  All he cared about was getting away from


Every time she looked at Ianto, Gwen's heart broke a little more.  He was suffering and there wasn't a damned thing she could
do about it.  They had been there for two days already, by her estimation at least.  It was difficult to tell time while locked in a
window-less room with no access to clocks.

He seemed to be slipping further and further away.  Whatever drugs they were giving him left him dazed and mostly
unresponsive.  By the time one dose was worked out of his system, they were already giving him the next.

His breathing was shallow, his eyes glassy and vacant.  The pupils were blown wide.  His lips were pale.  Gwen had to worry
over the long-term effects.  What was this doing to the baby?  She looked down at his stomach, but resisted the urge to caress
the bump.  Jack had warned her off shortly after she and Tosh had found out about the pregnancy.  Ianto wasn't comfortable
with the idea of people touching him.  It was understandable.  He was a private person.

She sighed.  They couldn't just sit here while Ianto continued to suffer.  Screw waiting around for Jack.  They had to escape.  
The only problem with that was that all of her attempts so far had resulted in monumental failure.  She had managed to knock
out one of the guards, but another had been able to get in a good hit with the butt of his gun.  Her cheek throbbed in
remembrance.  She'd just have to do better next time.

She shook her head.  No use thinking about it now.  She smiled at Ianto, focusing on him.  "Come on, love, just a little more,"
she coaxed, raising the pathetic excuse for a meal to his lips.  He needed proper nourishment.  She supposed it was better than
nothing at all.

Distant eyes gazed through her.  He raised a hand, trying to help steady the paper cup as he dutifully sipped.

The door opened behind her.  She spared only a cursory glance at the woman who stepped in.  "Go away," she growled.  She
tipped the cup a little more for Ianto.  His hand settled on hers, heavy.  He was still trying to help, but was weak.  She took his
hand and tucked it back down to his side.  She didn't think he noticed.

"What happened to him?" the woman, Mrs. Koladka asked.

"What do you think?"  Gwen spat.  "You colleagues are continuing the experiment."

"He promised me they would be fine."

Gwen turned on the older woman.  "Does he look fine to you?" she yelled.  As she turned, her hand brushed Ianto's leg.  The
effect was instantaneous.

He cried out and jerked away.  A flailing hand caught the cup.  Gwen lost her grip on it and it tumbled away from her, spilling
down the front of Ianto's body.  He was terrified and lashing out.

Gwen caught his wrists and pressed them to his chest.  "Ianto, it's okay.  It's me.  It's Gwen.  You're safe.  I won't hurt you."  
She let go with one hand and cupped his cheek, trying to get him to look at her.

He slowly settled.  His eyes were a bit clearer, but still unfocused.  "Gwen?" he asked, then started babbling away in Welsh.  He
probably didn't realize he was doing it.

She answered his questions calmly, grazing her nails in the hair just over his ear in a way she'd discovered he liked.  "It's okay,
sweetheart," she said, speaking softly, soothingly.

When he was calm again, Gwen looked back to Mrs. Koladka, to find her watching the scene.  The woman's expression gave
nothing away.  "He promised me," she repeated.

"Yeah, well, he obviously lied.  He's hurt Ianto, made him bleed.  Who knows what the drugs are doing to him and the baby."

"Drugs?" she asked, sounding genuinely surprised.  Before Gwen could comment, Mrs. Koladka turned on her heel and walked
out of the door, angrily muttering, "Never trust Torchwood."


Jack bowed his head under the shower spray, letting the water rain down and wash the dirt away.  Two weevils had decided to
run amok in a local mall.  Jack had gone alone to deal with them, leaving Tosh to her searches while Owen tracked down Mrs.
Koladka's children to see if he could get anything from them.  Luckily the Weevils hadn't caused too much trouble.  No one had
been harmed.  He didn't know how he'd ended up rolling in a wheelie bin with the damned things though.  Ianto would be livid
when he saw the state of his coat.

He wished he could wash his guilt away as easily as the scum coating his skin and hair.  There was still no trace as to where
Ianto and Gwen had been taken.  The only thing fueling his hope was the fact that no bodies had turned up either.

Letting out a breath, he went about washing up.  Any other day, he'd rather linger and enjoy the soothing heat of the water.  
Today, he just wanted to get back to the search.  They had to find Ianto and Gwen.  And he would make sure that whoever had
taken them got what they deserved.

Dried off and dressed, he was on his way back, when alarms began to blare.  He erupted into the main area of the Hub with a
cry of, "What's going on?"

Tosh was at her workstation, her hands flying furiously over her keyboard.  Owen was standing near to her, looking both
confused and annoyed at the same time.  "Security breach!" Tosh declared.  "Someone's hacked into the system!"

Jack rushed forward.  He gripped his hand over the back of Tosh's chair and watched the flow of information.  "Impossible.  
How did they get in?" Owen asked.

As quickly as they had come, the alarms went silent.  The computer screens went black.  Uttering loud expletives in both English
and Japanese, Tosh worked quickly to get her systems running again.

"Tosh?" Jack queried.  "What were they after?"

She didn't answer immediately.  Her attention was more focused on her computers than the people who needed answers from
her.  She typed in a few more commands and kept her eyes on her screens.  "Ianto's files.  Everything we had.  They took it.  
Owen's medical reports and the files from Torchwood One."

"How did they get in?" Jack growled.  He knew that Tosh's security was immaculate.

"I can't believe this!" she announced some few moments later.  "A backdoor!  Torchwood One installed a backdoor program.  
It's been there for years."  She typed rapidly.  "Looks like it was last used to access our systems just before Canary Wharf.  It
was quite a regular occurrence too, from the looks of things.  Monthly."

"Damn Yvonne," Jack snapped.  The fact that Torchwood One hadn't trusted him to run his own branch was hardly surprising.  
"I bet she had remote access for Torchwood Two as well."

"Why didn't the alarms go off before now?" Owen asked.

Tosh shrugged a little.  "Oh, well, I've added several new protocols since the last access was made."  She cleared her throat.  
"When Ianto was ... well, when he was hiding things from us.  I used the time he was suspended to alter a few programs."

Jack gripped the back of Tosh's chair a little harder.  "Can you trace them?"

"I can try.  Whoever it is wasn't particularly careful."

Owen looked to Jack.  "Why now?  I mean, why steal this information now?  They've had Ianto for days already."

Jack didn't have an answer for that.


Halina Koladka was no stranger to regret.  As a former Torchwood operative, she had a lifetime full of things she would love to
go back and change.  Mistakes on missions.  Errors in judgment that led to disaster.  Broken promises and lost loves.  Three
marriages that had all ended in divorce and a fourth that had left her a widow.  Children she'd lost touch with.  Grandchildren
she barely ever saw.

Few regrets could compare to the one that weighed down her heart now.  She had made a grievous error this time.  Ianto.  She
should have known better than to listen to Nathaniel James.  And then to allow him to distract her with meaningless errands
while Ianto continued to suffer under his care.

She sat back in her chair, fingers flicking over the keys of her keyboard as she brought up the next few pages of information.  
Hacking into Torchwood Three was not a hassle for her.  She had spent decades working in surveillance and infiltration.  
Among her many tasks, was to routinely access the other Torchwood bases and check for subversive behavior.  It wouldn't do
for one of them to go rogue.

The most recent files on Ianto were filled with medical babble, detailed information on every aspect of his health.  Weight, vitals,
restrictions on diet.  There were even short little notes the Doctor - someone named Harper, she noted - had added to indicate
Ianto had an affinity for mints and the chicken soup from some cafe she'd never heard of.

All too quickly it became clear that Nathaniel James had lied to her.  There was no sign of abuse in Torchwood Three's medical
records of Ianto.  In fact, there was only reports of positive weight gain and better sleep and eating habits.  It showed they cared
about his welfare.

Seven months ago, Halina's grandson had come to her in a flurry of emotion.  He'd made a mistake, he'd told her, played an
awful prank that had caused lasting consequences.  She was the only one he could talk to, the only one he could confide every
last detail to.  Torchwood had strict policies regarding secrecy.

When he told her those details and the result of his foolish prank, she'd told him that he had to take responsibility for his actions.  
She knew he'd do the right thing and she wasn't disappointed.  After that day he came to visit often, going over the events of his
days, telling her of Ianto's progress.

Even then Halina had known that Ianto needed someone to watch over him.  He didn't seem to have anyone else in his life, aside
from his girlfriend and a few casual office friends.  So she had taken it upon herself to watch over him.  Being retired, she had a
good deal of time on her hands.  A lifetime of working for Torchwood and she knew they couldn't be trusted.  Politicians and
backstabbing arse-kissers, the lot of them.  She'd never regretted it more that David had followed in her footsteps and took a job
in the company.

Using her talent in surveillance, she had watched Ianto Jones, the innocent victim of a prank, or so she had been led to believe.  
Oh, he was innocent, of that Halina had no doubt.  However, there had been no prank.  Now she saw and she was sickened to
the heart for the role she had played in all of this.

Canary Wharf had taken David from her.  Heartbroken over the loss of her only grandson, she'd still followed Ianto.  She needed
to keep watch over him even more now.  That baby Ianto carried was the last link she's had to her grandson.  Her son, David's
father, was still alive, but they had never been particularly close.  The man was practically a stranger now.  But this unborn baby
was a piece of David, a living piece that she had hoped to be able to hold someday.  She didn't even have David's body to bury
and mourn over.  All UNIT had given her was a plastic bag full of ash that they claimed were his remains.

And so, Ianto had moved to Cardiff, taking the remnants of his girlfriend with him.  Halina had followed.  He'd gotten a flat in a
questionable neighborhood.  Halina made certain that she lived next door.  She'd slowly insinuated herself into his life, desperate
for that last link with her dead grandson.  And she'd grown to honestly care about him.  He was a good, kind young man.  Too
good for the likes of Torchwood.

After she'd found him shaking and sick out in the hall one very early morning, crying from a loss he couldn't confide to her, she
knew he'd need more help than she could hope to offer.  She took care of him that night, and for many others after.  He didn't
return to work for a month and she asked no questions.  If it were Torchwood business he wouldn't be able to tell her.

Remembering conversations with David, Halina had looked into finding anyone who had been involved in Ianto's care in
Torchwood One.  As the pregnancy progressed he'd surely need medical care.  And who better than someone who already knew
of his delicate condition?  She'd been such a fool.

Nathaniel James was the only surviving member of David's research group, other than Ianto.  He had been committed to a
psychiatric hospital after being detained for questioning by UNIT personnel.  As it was, he'd only been locked away for a week
when she made her first visit.  She felt a right fool now that she had been so easily duped by the oily little liar.  He'd been so
convincing, his lies utterly believable.  Torchwood Three was a danger, he'd claimed.  They'd only hurt Ianto.  But he cared, of
course he did.  He'd always cared and only wanted to help.

Now she knew the truth.  It was all laid out before her.  Torchwood One's files were painfully clear.  Detailed descriptions were
made of every last test performed on those ten unfortunate souls who had been selected.  Her David had been a pawn, a tool
used to impregnate Ianto's unwilling body.  Torchwood had effectively raped them both and she was helping to extend the
damage.  She was helping a madman.  In hindsight, she shouldn't have been surprised.  She had found him in a mental hospital.

Well, she would help them no longer.  Nathaniel James had some things to answer for.

She found him, unsurprisingly, in his lab.  He was facing away from her, adjusting the magnification on a microscope that he
was peering into.

Halina stood just inside the doorway, watching him.  "Why?" she finally asked, the only thing she could think to ask.

Nathaniel didn't bother to face her.  "Why what?"

There were too many responses to that.  Instead, she said, "You said there would be no further experimentation.  You promised
that no harm would come to Ianto or his child."

A careless shrug and Nathaniel jotted down a few notes.  "I have to finish the research.  Doctor Jenson worked so hard.  It has
to be completed."

Despite her urge to throttle the man, Halina kept her temper.  "And this project of yours, what is the point of it all?  Impregnating
men hardly seems a worthwhile cause for Torchwood."

"Merely a stepping stone," Nathaniel said, his tone conveying boredom at first, quickly escalating into a rabid state of
excitement.  "If only we could get the nanogenes to adapt faster.  Just think what we could do if we could reprogram them for
other things!  Traumatic injuries healed within an instant!"  He sighed, returning his attention to his equipment.  "But we've been
having difficulty in communicating with them.  Each subject gives us a little more insight."

"Is that why you let them all suffer and die?" Halina snapped, then took a calming breath.  "Nine men are dead and so are the
children they carried."

"Trivialities," he said, dismissively waving her away.

Halina narrowed her eyes.  "I hardly think they felt the same.  You could have helped them.  Instead you stood back and
watched them die."

Nathaniel looked back at her briefly, his expression aloof and arrogant.  When he spoke, he sounded as if he were scolding a
foolish or disobedient child.  "How would the nanogenes ever learn if we stepped in and interfered?  They needed to monitor and
record the consequences to be able to adapt."  He grinned and it sickened Halina.  "Mr. Jones is doing so much better than the
others."  He turned around and went back to his microscope.

"And the drugs you're giving him?"

"Nothing harmful, just a little something to keep him calm.  He's been less than cooperative."  Nathaniel scribbled something on
his pad of paper.  "No matter, this should be over with soon.  There is a good chance that Ianto will survive the birthing
process.  If he doesn't, we'll just harvest the nanogenes and begin again."

That was enough.  She reached behind her back and slipped her sidearm from the holster clipped to her belt.  "We had an
agreement, Nathaniel.  Do you remember?"

He hummed, but made no reply.  She didn't think he was listening to her anymore.

Halina sighed, moving closer.  "You promised you wouldn't hurt them and I told you what I would do if you did."

Still no response.  He had delved back into his work and couldn't be bothered to give her a fraction of attention.

She stood directly behind him.  With no hesitation, she raised her pistol and squeezed the trigger twice in quick succession.  
Nathaniel slumped forward over his microscope, blood and brains splattering the workstation in front of him.

"I did warn you," Halina said, utterly calm.  She turned on her heel and left the room.  She had some cleaning up to do.

This was one thing she would not regret.


"I've almost got it!" Tosh announced, her eyes glittering.

For the first time in days, there was a glimmer of a smile touching her face.  There was hope and she was grasping onto it like a
lifeline.  They all were.  Jack and Owen were right there beside her, ready to run out as soon as she gave them direction.  All
they needed was a location, a starting point.

"I've narrowed it down to this area," she said, gesturing quickly to a map as it flashed onto her screen.

Jack knew the area.  Industrial buildings.  A good place to hide.

Jack was ready to head out, grateful for this spark of hope.  He paused though, mid-turn, when his phone chimed with an
incoming text message.

Checking his mobile, he frowned at it, then glanced at Tosh's map again.  "This wouldn't happen to be around there, would it?"
he asked, holding the mobile toward her, and the address it now displayed.

She flicked a glance at it, then back to her screen.  Then she blinked and looked at the mobile again, eyes widening.  She reached
out and snatched it from his hand.

"Oh my God.  It is!  Who sent this?"  She obviously didn't expect an answer.  And her eyes widened further still when she found
out for herself.  "Ianto?  This was sent from Ianto's mobile!"

"What are we waiting for?" Owen snapped.

"It could be a trap," Jack said.

Owen looked at him with an expression that clearly translated as, "Well, duh!"

Jack shrugged.  "Just thought I'd warn you."  He grabbed his mobile back from Tosh and headed for the door with Owen right
behind him.  It was time to bring the rest of his team home.


Ianto picked at a loose thread sticking up from the bare mattress.  He was cold and tired, but at least he could think clearly for a
change.  His stomach gurgled unpleasantly, clenching uncomfortably.  He grimaced, eying the distance to the toilet in the corner
of the room.

"I think I'm going to vomit," he admitted, then bit his lips shut.  He didn't really want to hurl across the only bed in the room.  
But he didn't think he could get up, let alone walk the distance to the other side of the room.  At least not by himself.

Gwen was beside him in an instant.  "Up," she urged, grabbing him around the arm and hauling him into a sitting position.

He let out a groan and pressed a hand to his flipping stomach.  "I don't know if I'll make it."  He forced himself up, with Gwen's
help, and took a couple staggering steps.  His knees felt like jelly.

"Of course you can," Gwen said, rubbing a hand over his back.  "Just a bit more."

He was barely on his knees when the first wave hit him.  Gwen's hands were on his back, trying to offer comfort as he
retched.  It helped, but not much.  He knew there was something wrong with him.  The only thing he'd had to eat recently had
been that pathetic excuse for soup, and he hadn't eaten much of it.  That left little for his stomach to expel.  That didn't stop him
from heaving past the point of pain.  By the time the retching stopped, his throat was burning and his head was throbbing

"I don't feel well," he grumbled, pressing his forehead to the cold metal of the seat.  He felt dizzy and began to shiver, the cold in
the little room biting at him.

"Ianto?"  Gwen called, her voice suddenly panicked.

Ianto realized then, that he'd begun to slump.  Gwen's arms caught him as he slipped, lowering him to the ground.  She kept
calling his name, but he couldn't get his mouth to form a coherent answer.  He felt strangely disconnected from everything.

A loud bang forced Gwen's attention away.  There was a cry of elation from the woman, but Ianto didn't register it for what it
was until a second set of hands drew him from her arms and pulled him against a familiar solid, warm body.

Ianto looked up, vision a blur.  Even unfocused, he'd recognize that smile anywhere.  "Jack," he breathed out happily, and let his
eyes close.

To Be Continued ...