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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.

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More Notes:  Still set after 'Random Shoes,' but before 'Out of Time.'


Part Twenty-Seven

There was something not quite right about this.  Jack and Owen had just arrived at the address they'd been directed to.  It was
utterly quiet, devoid of any signs of life.  It struck Jack as wrong.

"Feels like a trap," Owen muttered under his breath.

Jack didn't say anything.  Nothing needed to be said.  Owen was absolutely right.  It did feel like a trap.

They were proceeding with caution down a well-lit hallway.  Breaking in had been easy.  Too easy.  They had been wandering
around for a good five minutes and there was no sign of anyone.  Surely there would be guards in this place, even one.  But
there was no one.

A vibrating buzz from his pocket made him pause.  He fished his mobile from his pocket and saw that he'd received another text
message from Ianto's phone.

~Turn right at the next intersection.~

Jack looked around and spotted a security camera further along down the hall.  He grinned and gave it a little salute.  "Looks like
we're expected," he said to Owen.

"Great," the medic muttered.

Jack gestured ahead of them.  "Take a right," he ordered.  He tapped the Comms. device in his ear.  "Tosh, I got another text
from Ianto's phone.  Can you trace it?"

"I'll get right on it, Jack," came the Japanese woman's clipped response.

They continued down the corridor, following the prompts sent to Jack's mobile.  Despite the numerous texts, Tosh could only
narrow the location of Ianto's phone down to somewhere in the building they were currently in.

With one last text, Jack and Owen found themselves facing a door.  Jack nodded to his medic.  Owen turned, putting his back
to the wall beside the door.  He brought his gun up and took a few steadying breaths.  Then he nodded back.

Jack brought his foot up and kicked in the door.

He wasn't sure what he expected to find.  Ianto and Gwen maybe?  Or perhaps a squad of well-armed guards ready to slice
them down with a volley of gunfire?  Or even a single mastermind ready to spew out his evil plan before trying to dispatch them
in some ridiculously elaborate way, might have crossed his mind at one point.  Honestly, he shouldn't have let Ianto talk him into
that Bond-a-thon that last night they'd spent together.

Whatever he'd thought of, it wasn't this.  The room had every appearance of an examination room.  Computer banks and various
medical equipment lined the walls.  He recognized a few pieces of alien technology among the standard human machines,
including one that looked remarkably similar to the Bekaran deep tissue scanner.  The vacant table in the center of the room
made Jack's blood run cold.  Not the table itself, but the stirrups and the restraints.  It made him sick to think of Ianto forced up
onto that table.  And he knew it would have to be forced.  Ianto would never willingly put himself in such a vulnerable position.

Owen shoved past him into the room.  He swore at the sight of the examination table.  "Fuck, Jack."

Jack shushed him with a brisk gesture toward an open door on the other side of the room.  They moved forward silently.

Entering this room, they were brought up short for an altogether different reason.  Despite the eerie silence, this room was not
as empty as the last.  Half a dozen men lay on the floor, hands cuffed behind their backs and ankles tied together.  Each and
every one of them was unconscious.

Jack's eyes were drawn to a workstation across the room and the hunched over figure that sat in front of the microscope.  Even
from behind, Jack could tell that the man was dead.  Blood and brains covered the area in front of the body, dripping on the
floor.  It wasn't a pleasant sight.

"What the hell is going on, Jack?"  Owen demanded.  He had crouched beside one of the men on the floor.

Jack didn't answer him.  His attention was still focused on the body draped over the table.  There was something on his back.  
taking a few steps forward, he was almost amused to find a note stuck to the dead man, secured to him by way of a scalpel
stabbed through it.

~I'll leave the clean-up in your capable hands, Captain.~ was written on the note.  ~Take care of Ianto for me.~  It was signed,
H. Koladka.

"We need to find Ianto and Gwen," Jack stated.  "This mess can wait."

They moved out of the lab areas and back to the vacant corridor.  Looking either way, Jack didn't know where to begin
searching.  "We'll split up," he declared.  "Keep in contact."

He was interrupted by another chime of his mobile.

After checking it, Jack smirked and shook his head.  "Never mind.  let's go."  Not waiting to see if Owen was following, he
stalked off down the corridor.

As before, he'd gotten precise directions to where he needed to go.  Only it had come in one text instead of a selection of various
prompts directing him turn by turn.  When he reached the indicated door, he saw the reason for this.  Lying on the floor just
outside the door in a carefully folded bundle, was the clothing Ianto had been wearing when he'd last left the Hub.  His mobile
was lying right on top.  Gwen's jacket, mobile and gun were next to them.  It looked like Mrs. Koladka was done helping.

Jack tried the handle.  Unsurprisingly, it was locked.  He carefully nudged the two piles of belongings aside with his foot, not
wanting to accidentally trod on them.  Then he brought his foot up and kicked in the door.

His eyes quickly took in everything about the room.  A single cot-like bed with no pillows or blankets.  No chairs.  A single sink
and a toilet.  Nothing else.  It was bare and inhospitable, a cell.  It sickened him to know his people had been forced to stay here,
that Ianto had been locked away in this place.

There was a cry of joy from Gwen as the woman laid eyes on their rescuers.  She was sitting on the floor near the toilet, Ianto
lying half on her lap.  He was wearing a filthy, blood-spotted hospital gown.

Jack rushed over.  He dropped to his knees and pulled Ianto to him, running his eyes over every facet of the pregnant man.  
Worryingly pale skin, he almost looked gray.  His lips were equally pale, the faintest tinge of blue at the very edges.  His
breathing was raspy at best.  Traces of vomit stuck to the corner of his mouth.

Glassy eyes flickered open.  Jack smiled down at him, trying to be reassuring.

A weak smile was returned to him.  "Jack," the Welshman breathed, a sense of undeniable happiness oozing out of that single
word.  And then he closed his eyes again, his body going limp in Jack's arms.

"Owen!" Jack bellowed.

Gwen jumped out of the way, giving the medic space to work.  Jack refused to relinquish his hold.  Owen had barely done
anything before he declared they needed to get back to the Hub.

Jack didn't need to be told twice.  He scooped up the unconscious Welshman while Owen helped to keep his head supported.  
He didn't run from the room, but he did move as fast as his legs allowed him.

"Gwen, there's about a half dozen guards tied up.  Think you can stay and stand guard?" Jack asked, even as they moved.

Gwen had paused briefly to gather up the personal belongings that had been left behind.  But she was quick to catch up.  "Yeah.  
Just take care of Ianto."

He gave her directions to the room.  "I'll send Tosh back with the SUV.  load them up and lock them in the cells."

"Right," Gwen answered.  She sounded tired, but Jack knew she'd do her job.

They parted ways at the next intersection.  Owen helped to get Ianto into the back of the SUV.  Jack's mind briefly flashed back
to a similar instance just after that trip to the Brecon Beacons.  But even then, shot and sedated, Ianto hadn't looked so pale and

He drove as fast as the traffic and SUV allowed.

Carrying Ianto into the Hub, he ordered Tosh to go help Gwen.  She hesitated, her eyes lingering worriedly on Ianto's prone
form, but she went.  Jack laid Ianto on the table in the Medical Bay and stepped back.

Owen rushed about here and there around the small area.  He grabbed equipment, hooking Ianto up to various machines.  Worry
stabbed at Jack's heart as an oxygen mask was pressed over Ianto's nose and mouth, until Owen almost distractedly told him
that it was only for a bit of help, that Ianto was breathing, but not getting quite enough oxygen for his liking.

Throughout it all, Jack stayed and watched.

Owen casually threw out phrases, muttering under his breath now and again.  Jack didn't dare ask anything, not sure if he
wanted the answers.

It felt like an eternity before Owen sank onto an old stool and let out an exhausted sigh.  The echo of heartbeat monitors and
other equipment filled the air around them.

"He's in pretty bad shape," Owen said, rubbing at the back of his neck.  "Oxygen levels are low.  Blood sugar, blood pressure,
everything's down.  I don't dare give him any medication until I know what kind of shit they did to him.  And to top it off, he's
got the beginnings of an infection thanks to that butcher tearing open the membrane covering his birth canal.  The nanogenes are
sealing it back up, but he's already got a low-grade fever."

"Will he-" Jack couldn't finish the thought.  It hurt just knowing it was a possibility.  "And the baby?"

"He's a fighter, Jack," Owen said.  "And so is the little tyke.  They're both stable.  The nanogenes kept the fetus stable, diverting
nutrients and oxygen to the womb.  Like I said before, the little buggers are single-mindedly concerned with protecting that kid."  
He gave a frail grin.  "I've got the computer running an analysis on Ianto's blood.  Once I know what they did, I can fix it."  He
shoved himself out of his seat and began to pace back and forth agitatedly.  "They'd have files," he muttered.

Before Jack could question him, Owen was tapping his Comms. and contacting Tosh.  "You at the lab?" he asked her.

In his own ear, Jack heard her affirmative response.  He took off his coat and let it fall to the ground.  Quietly, he dragged the
abandoned stool over and took a seat beside Ianto.  Careful to avoid the wires and tubes, Jack took hold of his hand and just held
it.  He plucked the Comms. device out of his ear and shoved it deep into one of his pockets.  When Owen continued talking, and
then moving around the Medical Bay, Jack ignored him in favor of watching the rise and fall of Ianto's chest.  It wasn't until
Owen injected something into the IV drip he'd stuck into Ianto's arm, that Jack registered anything other than the Welshman.

"What was that?" he asked, dragging his focus away from the prone young man and over to the acerbic doctor.

"Something that will help."  Owen let out a breath, then gave a wavering smile.  "Tosh found the medical files.  Told me what I
needed to know.  The results of the blood tests confirmed it.  Bastards were using a drug cocktail to keep him compliant."  He
pressed his hand to Ianto's forehead.  "It'll take about a day to fully clear his system.  The antibiotics should take care of the
infection, but we'll need to keep an eye on it.  And he needs to eat.  As soon as he wakes up, I want to get some food into him.  
For now, I'll settle for getting him cleaned up and comfortable.  He deserves it after the hell he's been through."

"Will there be any side effects?" Jack asked.

Owen let out an aggravated sigh.  "Yeah.  The drug used on him, it was Torchwood made.  That Doctor Jenson, he used it
specifically for his test subjects.  It lowers heart rate and respiration and has a paralytic effect."  He scrubbed his hand over his
hair.  "Ianto's not getting enough oxygen on his own, so he needs a little help for the time being.  He'll be tired and his muscles
probably won't work like he'd want them to.  That infection won't make things any easier."

A faint moan drew their attention to Ianto.  His hand twitched under Jack's grasp, his eyebrows knitting together and falling
slack.  It was a slow progress, but he was coming awake.

Owen disappeared for a few minutes.  Ianto was still showing signs of waking, but had yet to fully return.  When Owen came
back, he set up a table next to Jack with everything they'd need to give Ianto a bath.  "I'll wash.  You rinse and dry," Owen said,
wetting and lightly soaping a flannel.

Jack nodded, releasing Ianto's hand to take up the remaining flannel.  He wet it, watching as Owen carefully cleansed Ianto's
face.  When Owen moved on to remove the stained hospital gown, Jack rinsed, then dried the young man's face, replacing the
oxygen mask after he'd been forced to move it.

They continued down the Welshman's body.  Using towels pushed strategically under his body to soak up the water, they kept
the metal bed beneath him dry.  First they washed his arms, one and then the other, his chest and abdomen.  Then his legs,
taking every care to keep Ianto's modesty intact with a sheet, uncovering only one leg at a time.  They rolled him onto his side to
get his back and buttocks.  Ianto let out a muffled groan and his eyes flickered open briefly, but he still didn't wake.

They rolled him back over.  Keeping the sheet draped over him, the two men washed, rinsed and then dried his genitals.  
Normally, Jack would be all too happy to have reason to handle Ianto's member.  Hell, he didn't even need a reason.  But now,
he felt only worry, a deep fear that Ianto wouldn't recover from this.

A hand brushed his arm, weak fingers catching against his sleeve before falling away.  Jack looked over, pasting a wide smile on
his face as he saw weary blue eyes blinking back at him.  "Hey," he called, dropping the towels and flannel to sweep up that pale
hand.  "Look who's awake."

"About bloody time, Tea-Boy," Owen said, playing along.  Better to keep up a cheerful atmosphere than to let Ianto get bogged
down by their worries for him.

Ianto lifted his other hand.  He grabbed at the oxygen mask over his nose and mouth, but couldn't lift it.  Owen did it for him.  
Ianto licked his lips.  "Baby?" he wheezed.

Jack smiled.  "He's good, Ianto," he said.  He pressed the hand he was holding against Ianto's belly.  "Strong.  He'll be okay.  
You both will."

"Think you can stay awake for a bit?" Owen asked, setting the back of his hand to Ianto's throat.  "I want to get some food into

Ianto gave a small nod.

"Good.  If you need to, you can doze.  We'll take care of you.  You're safe now."

"Safe," Ianto echoed, his voice muffled by the mask.  He turned his hand over, weakly grasping Jack's hand.

"That's right," Jack agreed.  Despite the fact that they hadn't found Mrs. Koladka, Jack was sure they were right.  She wouldn't
have led them to Ianto if she'd intended him any harm.  "Let's get you settled in your room, hm?"

There was another weary nod from Ianto.

Jack stood back and watched as Owen switched Ianto's oxygen mask for a nasal cannula with a portable tank.  His IV was
capped and both Jack and Owen helped him to sit up after getting him into a pair of sleep pants.  He hunched over a bit, but was
able to stay sitting up under his own limited strength.

"Think you can walk?" Owen asked.

Ianto's shoulders sagged a bit.  He shook his head.

Jack rubbed a soothing hand up and down Ianto's back.  "That's okay.  We'll help you."

Together, the two of them helped Ianto back to his room in the Hub.  They settled him in bed, propping him up against pillows
to keep him upright.  Owen set up his IV, taping the tubing down along Ianto's forearm.  Ianto looked away from it, a tremble to
his hand as he reached out to Jack who was lounging beside him on the bed, pretending that everything was perfectly ordinary if
only to keep Ianto calm.  He took that hand and brought it to his lips, ignoring Owen's irritated huff.  What did he care what
Owen thought if it made Ianto happy?  That frail smile on the Welshman's face was a beautiful sight.

Ianto dozed while Owen left to get food for him.  He kept his hold on Jack's hand though, his grip tightening now and then.  
Jack watched the flicker of his closed eyes, purely content to simply watch this man, reveling in the fact that he was back.  
Ianto was here, safe in the confines of the Hub.  Too pale and a bit worse for wear, but he was here and that was enough for
Jack right now.

He shifted to sit up.  Still holding onto Ianto's hand, he brushed the fingers of his other hand along Ianto's cheek, frowning at the
plastic tubing Owen had taped down to keep in place.  Ianto shifted, his eyes opening.  He smiled at Jack.

Anything that could have been said, was interrupted by Owen barging into the room with a trolley in tow.  On the trolley was a
bowl, a glass of water with a straw, and a carafe of more water.  "Don't expect me to ever serve you up food again, Tea-Boy,"
he declared loudly, almost obnoxiously.  "That's your job."

"I wouldn't dream of it," Ianto croaked.

Owen picked up the glass and held it, guiding the straw to Ianto's chapped lips.  Ianto drank, almost greedily, then shoved the
straw away with his tongue when he was done.

"Right then," Owen said and placed the glass down on the table by the bed.  "The girls are back.  I'll help them get our new
guests settled in and you can take care of feeding time."

Jack fumbled in his pocket for his Comms. device and put it back in his ear.  If the team needed him, they had to be able to
contact him.  "Make sure you give Gwen a checkup and send her home.  There was a pretty nasty bruise on her cheek."

"She took care of me," Ianto mumbled distractedly.

Jack felt a wave of gratitude for the woman.  As stubborn as she could be, her loyalty had probably kept Ianto's spirit strong
enough to go on fighting.  He leaned forward and kissed Ianto's forehead.  "I'll have to thank her for that later."

Owen sighed.  "Right!  If you're done molesting my patient, I'll just go and help the girls."  He pointed to the trolley.  "Make sure
he eats as much as he can stomach.  Tea-Boy, you are not to force yourself to finish it if you can't.  No point in over-stuffing
yourself if it causes everything to come right back up.  Do more harm than good, that."  He tried to look stern, but Jack could
see the concern for Ianto in Owen's eyes.

"So, what's for lunch?" Jack asked excitedly, feigning eager enthusiasm for both Ianto and Owen's sakes.

Owen picked up the bowl and handed it over to Jack.  "Soup," he said simply.

Jack grinned and couldn't resist teasing his medic.  "Who knew you could cook?"  He stirred the soup with the spoon that had
already been resting in the bowl.  He could see vegetables and bits of what looked like beef.

Owen rolled his eyes.  "Even I am capable of opening a tin and heating it up."

"Amazing," Ianto said, his weary voice tinged with amusement.  "You'll make a good wife to some lucky man one day."

Owen rolled his eyes.  "If I knew this was the thanks I'd get, I wouldn't have bothered," he tossed back.  There was a smile on
his face as he left the room.

Jack grinned, glad that things were going back to normal.  He looked at Ianto and stirred the soup again.  "Now, I know you
don't like feeling helpless.  But I also know that you're tired, and maybe your arms even feel heavy?"

Ianto turned his eyes to look at him.  He nodded, then looked away.  He didn't say anything.

"So maybe, just this once, you'll let me help you?"

The look on Ianto's face clearly stated what he felt about that.  He scrunched up his nose and stared resolutely at the blank telly
on the wall across from him.  "Just this once," he agreed after a moment of internal debate.

Jack brought a spoonful up to his own lips and gently blew on it to cool it before holding it out for Ianto.  "It'll probably be just
this once anyway.  You should be up to doing more once whatever you were given is out of your system.  Plus good food will
do wonders sometimes."  He wished he could just coddle Ianto, but knew the Welshman would hate it.  On second thought, he
wanted Ianto to get better quickly.  It was odd seeing him so listless and lacking in energy.

Obediently, Ianto opened his mouth and accepted the spoon.  He hummed around it and actually managed a smile as he chewed.  
After he swallowed, his smile spread wider.  "I never thought soup from a tin could taste so good," he said.

"They didn't feed you?"  Jack felt incensed.  He fed Ianto another spoonful, doing his best to keep his outrage under control.  
Once Ianto was taken care of, he was going to have a little talk with those men they had found at the warehouse.

Ianto swallowed.  "They did.  I suppose it could be called food."  He grimaced.  "It was watery, some kind of broth.  It was
always lukewarm, too.  They probably thought Gwen would throw it in their faces if it were hot.  Probably why it was in a
paper cup, too."  The extended speech left Ianto's voice a rasping wheeze.

"Sshh," Jack said and raised the spoon again.  He didn't want Ianto to strain himself.  "You don't have to talk.  Just eat."

Ianto made a plaintive sound in the back of his throat, but said nothing.  A silence descended upon them, broken only when Jack
scraped the sides or bottom of the bowl, or the few times he accidentally clicked the spoon against Ianto's teeth.  The quiet
didn't feel uncomfortable though.  Despite everything that Jack knew needed to be discussed, he was only happy that Ianto was
back.  He could practically feel that Ianto had that same sense of relief.

Jack lifted the spoon again.  Ianto shifted, his hand raising weakly from the bed as he turned his head away.  "I can't," he
whispered.  His hand dropped back to the bed.

Looking down into the bowl, Jack saw that almost half of the soup was gone.  He was pleased that Ianto had eaten as much as
he had.  Yet, he was also worried by it as well.  Ianto needed to eat more to keep himself healthy.  Forcing himself would only
make him sick though.

"Maybe you'll be able to eat more later," Jack offered.  He leaned over Ianto and put the bowl back onto the trolley.

"Maybe," Ianto replied noncommittally.

There was an awkward moment where Jack didn't know what to do.  Should he stay?  Or would Ianto want to be alone?  He sat
back and looked at the attractive Welshman.  Ianto's eyelids were drooping.  It wouldn't be long before he fell asleep.  Maybe
Jack should leave him to that.  Goodness knows he needed the rest after everything he'd been through.

He raised his hand to Ianto's face, feeling the rough scrape of the stubble there.  Ianto's eyes closed.  Jack sighed and moved to
draw his hand back.

Ianto's forehead creased.  "No," he whimpered feebly, dragging his eyes open a fraction.  Pale fingers crawled over to touch
whatever part of Jack they reached first.  It happened to be his knee.  And Ianto held on as tightly as he could, which meant it
could be blown away by a breeze as easily as a feather.  He was so weak.

Jack looked on in concern, praying that there was nothing wrong.  He cupped Ianto's pale cheek with his hand, cautious not to
use too much pressure because of the cannula.  "Are you okay?  Do you need me to get Owen?"

Ianto shook his head, then frowned.  He licked his lips.  "Don't go," he said.  "Please."  He looked up at Jack, his eyes so full of
utter exhaustion.  "I don't want to be alone."

A wall of relief slammed into Jack and banished the dozens of fears that had been scrabbling about in his brain.  He smiled and
began shucking his clothes, carelessly tossing each article to wherever they landed.  He stripped them all away until he was only
wearing his wrist strap, the Comms. device, and his underwear.

Carefully, he tugged a couple of the pillows from behind Ianto and helped him to recline a little.  He was still mostly upright, but
hopefully a bit more comfortable.  Jack used his wrist strap to dim the lights, leaving them bright enough in case Owen came to
check on Ianto.  Then, using the pillows he'd borrowed, he settled down next to the Welshman and took hold of his hand to let
him know he was still there.

"Hold me?" Ianto asked.

Jack was all too happy to oblige.  With careful maneuvering, he wrapped his arm around Ianto's shoulders and slid him over so
that his head was resting on Jack's shoulder.  Jack made sure there was no danger of any tubing getting caught between their
bodies, or accidentally getting pulled loose.

Ianto practically melted against him, any and all strength leaving his body.  "Don't leave," he murmured, then repeated it.

Jack pressed a soft kiss to Ianto's hair.  "I'll be here when you wake up," he promised.

A smile graced Ianto's features as he succumbed to a much-needed and well deserved rest.

To Be Continued ...