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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.

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More Notes:  Still set after 'Random Shoes,' but right before 'Out of Time.'


Part Twenty-Nine

"You won't believe what we found," Owen shouted as he burst into Jack's office.  He held up a plastic containment bag and
thrust it toward Jack.

Jack reached across his desk and took it from the medic.  The device inside was alien, that was obvious, but that was as much
as he could tell by looking at it.  He'd been around, but he didn't know everything.  The universe was vast.  He'd barely seen a
fraction of it, even during the time that he'd traveled with Rose and the Doctor.  He couldn't identify every last piece of alien tech
that came through the Rift.

"What is it?"  He turned it over.  It almost looked like a flattened metal mushroom with various buttons on it.

Owen was grinning triumphantly.  "That is what put the bun in Tea-Boy's oven."

Jack snorted.  "If he heard you say that, he'd put you on decaf until the kid was in university."

"Lucky for me he's not here then, isn't it?"

Jack flipped the device over in his hands, careful to avoid the buttons.  He wasn't eager to be on either end if it went off.  "Do
you think you can figure out how it works?" he asked.  "We might need it to return Ianto to normal."

"No need," Owen answered.  "We also found a set of detailed schematics and a file containing all of the information they had on
it.  It's like having a bloody owner's manual.  Nathaniel James was a paranoid bastard, but also very attentive to detail.  When all
hell broke loose at Canary Wharf, he hid the device and everything about it away so that he could grab it later when everything
had settled down.  Guess he didn't see himself getting landed in a mental hospital."

"Lucky for Ianto he was able to get it back."

Owen grunted in agreement.

Jack set the device on his desk.  A movement outside caught his eye and he watched Gwen busily setting items on a familiar
trolley.  He checked his watch.  Was it time for dinner already?  The day had gone by so swiftly.

He remembered, then, what Ianto wanted to do in the morning and realized that he had yet to tell Owen.  He took a breath and
got ready for the inevitable shouting match.  Owen wasn't going to like what he was about to tell him.  The irascible doctor had
proven to be quite protective of Ianto.

"Have a seat, Owen," Jack said, gesturing to the chair.

Owen moved forward, then paused.  He looked at Jack warily.  "What's going on, Jack?"  He sat, looking reluctant, and perched
in a way that left him ready to jump to his feet in a moment's notice.

"Well, I have good news and bad news," Jack said, trying for a cheerful tone.  "The good news is, Ianto wants to get into
contact with his family."

"And the bad?"

"He's going to be spending the week at his sister's."

As expected, Owen was not happy.  He jumped to his feet fast enough to knock the chair over.  "You can NOT be serious!  Do
you think they won't notice he's pregnant?  He can't wear that bloody ring the entire time!  Hell, we don't even have it anymore!"

"Yes, we do," Jack replied, maintaining a calm voice.  He opened a drawer and pulled out the ring in question, slapping it on his
desk.  "Gwen found it in Ianto's clothes.  She handed it back to me just after lunch, before the two of you went back to the

"I stand by what I said.  He can't wear that ring the entire week.  You said so yourself.  Three days are safe, after that it takes a
more noticeable toll.  And he's weak to begin with now.  I don't think he can take a day of that thing leeching off what little
energy he has."

"I don't expect him to.  I've given him permission to inform his sister of his condition.  You'll take Retcon with you in case
something goes wrong."

Owen narrowed his eyes.  "I'm not a stickler for the rules, but what happened to not informing outsiders?  Torchwood is
supposed to be a secret organization.  Or is that spiel about being above the police and outside the government just bollocks?"

Jack laid his hands flat on his desk.  He stood, meeting Owen's eyes.  "Ianto's situation is ... unique.  He's concerned that if
something happens to him-"  He held up his hand to stall Owen when it looked like the medic would interrupt.  "That if he dies
and the baby lives, he'll be given to his sister to raise.  She's his only family.  She'll have questions."

"He's not going to die," Owen growled.  "I won't let him."

Jack smiled faintly.  "It will make him happy.  After everything else, he deserves that."

Owen grabbed his chair and righted it.  He flopped down into the seat, letting out an aggravated breath.  "His life has been shit
lately.  I don't like this, Jack.  His health is fragile right now."

"Is he well enough to make the trip in the morning?"

"Jesus.  You couldn't give me any less notice?"  He scrubbed his hands through his hair, then down his face.  "I can cap the IV
and the oxygen is portable.  He should be okay to travel, but I'll want to hook him back up to a drip again.  He'll also need
antibiotics for that infection.  He needs to be monitored."

"That's why you'll be going with him."

Owen sneered.  "Lovely.  Christmas with the Jonses."

"Mr. and Mrs. Davies, actually," Jack said, grinning.  He sat and folded his arms on his desk.  "How much longer will he need
the oxygen?"

"To be honest, I don't know.  Those drugs did a number on him.  He was showing signs of recovery last night, and when I
looked in on him this afternoon.  But it's slow going.  It could be a day or two until he's fully recovered.  In all likelihood he'll do
a lot of sleeping."

Jack nodded.  "Get everything you need together so you can leave first thing in the morning.  I'll help Ianto pack a few things."

"What about that Rift opening Tosh was predicting?  Sometime in the next couple of days, wasn't it?"

While he appreciated the effort Owen was making, Jack didn't want anything to distract the doctor from what he felt was more
important.  "We'll handle it," he said.  "You just take care of Ianto.  If we need you, we'll call."


After dismissing Owen, Jack busied himself with paperwork.  Well, he tried to at any rate.  Instead, he tapped his pen against the
forms awaiting his signature.

He'd spent most of his afternoon interrogating the prisoners.  The result of that was less than ideal.  He'd hoped to have someone
he could punish for the abuses Ianto had suffered.  Instead, he had a handful of hired idiots who had only been following
orders.  They'd be Retconned and let loose somewhere, then monitored to be sure the memory erasure held.

He signed the paper to authorize that, then began tapping his pen again.

When he saw Gwen bringing the trolley back and clearing off the half-empty plate, he jumped to his feet.  Now would be a good
time to pay his favorite archivist a visit.

He stood in the doorway of his office and looked out over his team.  "Okay, time to call it a night.  Pack it up and go home,
people," he boomed.

Owen practically flew out of the door.  Gwen smiled over at him, washing off the dishes quickly before darting out after the
medic.  It took considerably longer to get Toshiko to leave.  Sometimes Jack thought she was too dedicated to her work.

As soon as they were gone, he powered down the lights and set up the system to forward alerts to his vortex manipulator.  With
a smile, he headed down to Ianto's room.  If Ianto was going to be away for over a week, Jack was going to enjoy every last
second he had with him until his departure.

Approaching the closed door, Jack began to slow his pace.  He could hear a voice.  It wasn't the television.  Ianto's distinct and
beautiful Welsh voice was music to Jack's ears.  He smiled to himself, standing beside the door and just listening.  Then he felt
bad about eavesdropping when he realized that Ianto was speaking with his sister.  He remembered seeing the mobile on the table
by the bed last night.

"I thought I'd spend the holiday," Ianto was saying.  "I've got some time off from work.  I was going to come around in the
morning.  If that's okay?"

He didn't hear the other side of the conversation, but Rhiannon had obviously answered in a positive way.

"Great.  Only, I ... there will be someone with me.  No, not a date.  He's a doctor.  My doctor."  There was a long pause.  "I'll
explain when I get there.  Just, make sure the kids aren't home.  And Johnny.  I'd rather not explain this in front of him.  Please?"

Jack waited until he heard the softly spoken goodbye, then rapped on the door.  He entered only when Ianto invited him in and
watched the Welshman set his mobile aside.  "Sorry, but I couldn't help overhearing."  He smiled at Ianto, pleased to see that he
looked even better than he had earlier.  "Everything all set?"

Ianto nodded and smiled back, though the expression still seemed weary.  "She's worried.  Angry that I haven't called.  But she's
going to let me stay in my nephew's room."

Jack walked in and sat on the edge of the bed.  "How are you feeling?"

Ianto gave a little shrug.  "Better.  I'm still tired, but it's not as bad as earlier.  I was able to use the loo on my own even though
the walk there and back wore me out.  I was not about to ask either Tosh or Gwen to help me in that particular area."  He let out
a soft burst of laughter.

Jack chuckled along with Ianto.  "And I noticed that a good portion of your dinner was eaten.  How was it?"  He didn't know
what the meal had consisted of, only that Rhys had cooked it.

A grin lit up Ianto's pale face.  "Best thing I've had since-"  He trailed off, his grin fading as his features grew more sobered.  
"What are we going to do about Mrs. Koladka?"  His voice faltered on the woman's name.  It was obvious that Ianto still cared
about her.  He must have been hurt terribly by her betrayal.

Jack decided to try and play it off calmly.  He didn't want Ianto getting upset.  "It all depends.  On the one hand, she was
instrumental in your abduction.  She watched you, stalked you for months.  On the other hand, she was also instrumental in
your rescue.  Everything we've gathered about her leads me to believe she thought she was doing the right thing.  I'd like to talk
to her and get her side of the story."  He waved his hand.  "We'll cross that bridge if, and when, we come to it.  But let's talk
about something a little less somber.  You're leaving in the morning, and I'd like to enjoy a little quality time."

Ianto's eyebrow quirked.  "I'm not sure I'm up to what we do when we spend quality time together."

A short gruff laugh and Jack smiled wider.  "I know that, Ianto, and I wasn't suggesting anything more physical than a little
cuddling while watching a movie."

"Cuddling?"  Ianto was smiling.  "You'll ruin your sordid reputation with talk like that.

Jack stretched out a hand, running his fingers down along Ianto's bare arm.  He waggled an eyebrow.  "What do you say?  You,
me, a little James Bond?  You fell asleep in the middle of that one ... what was the name of it?"


"Mmm, I love the way it sounds with your Welsh vowels."

Ianto snorted and pushed Jack away, playfully.  "You are so easy.  My reciting a shopping list would get you hard."

Jack felt the warmth pooling low in his belly, a reaction he often had whenever the Welshman was nearby.  This wasn't what
he'd been intending, but he liked the feel of it.  It seemed right somehow.  The tingles of desire tickled their way up his spine.  
He climbed up onto the bed further and threw his leg over Ianto's to straddle his thighs.  He leaned close, cupping the younger
man's cheeks, then running his fingers up into his hair.  "Wanna give it a go?" he asked huskily.

Ianto licked his lips, his eyes darting from Jack's eyes to his mouth and then back again.  His hands trailed fire up Jack's thighs,
prying an outright moan from the captain's throat as one dextrous hand cupped his eager member.

"I think that's hardly necessary," Ianto said, his touch too light to give any real friction.  "You're already so-" he swallowed,

Jack leaned closer still, meaning to kiss that wicked mouth.  However, Ianto turned his head away and sighed, slipping his hand
up to the safer territory of Jack's hip.

"We can't, Jack," he said sadly.  "I'm not strong enough to keep up with your exuberance."  He dropped his hands away
completely, letting them lie limply on the bed at his sides.  The expression on his face was utter dejection, mixed with
embarrassment.  But there was a touch of something else, something that gave Jack a little flutter of hope.

Sliding his hands down Ianto's body, Jack hummed as if in agreement, easily slipping under the blankets.  Ianto's breath hitched
as he bypassed the younger man's stomach and went straight to his groin.  Maybe he wasn't so weak after all.  Jack grinned
wryly, cupping him through the thin material of his sleep pants.

"Jack," Ianto groaned, weakly pushing at his shoulder.  "We shouldn't."  But then he bit his lip, dropping his head back against
his pillows and the push of his hand turned into a bruising grip.

"You don't have to keep up," Jack said.  He kissed Ianto quickly.  "I'll do all the work."  Another kiss.  "Just lie back and enjoy
it.  Take slow, calming breaths.  And if gets to be too much, stop me.  I'll listen to you.  I'll always listen to you."  He looked to
Ianto, waiting, watching every flex of facial muscle for reaction.

Ianto bit his lips, then licked them.  He nodded shakily, a faint flush of color blooming on his cheeks.  He relaxed back into his
pillows, acquiescing to Jack's whims.

Jack jumped from the bed and quickly stripped.  He pushed away the blankets covering Ianto.  With loving care, Jack peeled
away Ianto's only garment, bundling it up and tossing it carelessly away.  Then he returned to his previous position straddling the
man's legs.  

While Jack loved toying and teasing his lovers, sometimes it was just better to get on with the main show.  Ianto was in no
condition for a long, drawn out encounter.  Nor would he be well enough for anything truly vigorous.

Deciding to cut right to the chase, Jack slid himself down to lie between Ianto's legs.  His erection protested the firm push of the
mattress.  He adjusted himself until he was more comfortable and gave all of his remaining attention to Ianto.  "You look good
enough to eat," Jack said, in all seriousness, wrapping his arms over Ianto's thighs and around him so he could easily fondle that
perfect arse.

Ianto's reply was a choked off cry as Jack's tongue swept his rising cock into his mouth.  Jack sucked at the head heartily, then
slowly encompassed all of him in his mouth.  He began slowly, sparing nothing from his considerable repertoire.  Hands were in
his hair, tightening and falling slack, only to tighten again.  Jack could hardly deny that the echoing moans and guttural praises
falling from the Welshman's mouth weren't doing wonders for his own hard-on.  He ground himself against the mattress to
alleviate some of the pressure.

He released Ianto with a purposely loud, slurping pop.  Looking up at Ianto, he grinned salaciously.  "Still want me to stop?"

Ianto growled and the sound went straight to Jack's groin.  Without words, the Welshman grabbed his hair and shoved him back
down where he wanted him.  Jack smiled to himself, but eagerly went back to the job at hand.  Well, maybe not at hand.  He
kissed the crown once before enveloping him again, taking a long, slow suck from root to tip, following the thick vein on the
underside with his tongue.

He kept the tempo slow, listening to the Welshman's breathing above him.  He didn't want to overwhelm him, only to give him a
good time, one last fling before they were parted for a week.  When he got back, he'd show Ianto a REALLY good time.

It didn't take long.  Jack was remarkably good at giving pleasure.  Hell, he'd had over a century of practice.  There weren't many
people, human or alien alike, who went away feeling gypped when it came to achieving orgasm.

Ianto released with a gasp and a sigh, his essence pulsing forth into Jack's mouth.  He sagged against the bedding, his soft
panting breaths worrisome.  Swallowing that delicious salty nectar, Jack pushed himself up to kneel in front of the pregnant
man.  Had he pushed him too far?  He didn't want to strain him.  However, seeing the Welshman's sated smile reassured Jack.  
He didn't look faint, or that he was in danger of passing out from lack of oxygen.  In fact, he looked quite happy, not to mention
relaxed in a way that only a really good orgasm could achieve.

Licking his lips, Ianto flickered a little smile his way.  "Want a hand with that?"  He gestured vaguely to the hardness jutting up
proudly between Jack's slightly spread thighs.

Jack shook his head.  "Just kiss me," he said, leaning over the rounded stomach, then taking Ianto's mouth and moaning into the
kiss.  He took himself in hand, rubbing the slick flesh almost furiously.  He wanted to come so badly, but he'd denied himself for
the sake of Ianto's pleasure.  It wouldn't take long to bring himself off now.

Ianto eagerly received his tongue, responding in kind, twining them together in a timeless dance.  Timid fingers circled Jack's
pumping fist, a wary touch over the back of his hand.  Jack paused, letting go of himself.  Ianto took hold of him and Jack
wrapped his own hand around the weak grasp, tightening it until it was almost too much to bear.  He rocked his hips, pushing
his cock into the tight channel of their gripping fingers as they stroked in tandem to the shallow thrusts he was making.

They kissed until he came.  And then they kissed some more.  Jack's seed splattered Ianto's belly.  Groaning, he rubbed himself
shamelessly into the mess he'd made, hips jerking as another splash of fluids decorated the far-too pale flesh of his lover.

He flopped to lay along Ianto's side and dropped his head to Ianto's shoulder, riding the last waves of release.  He shuddered,
using their still-joined hands to milk every last drop until it began to hurt.  With a dopey smile, he kissed Ianto's shoulder and let
go of his hand.

"You know, I'm starting to think you have a fetish about my stomach," Ianto intoned, dryly.

Jack looked up at him, then smiled at the twinkle he saw in those mischievous eyes.  "You are beautiful," he said honestly.  He
swept his fingers through the semen, spreading it out across Ianto's skin, drawing random designs on his belly.  "Every last inch
of you."

Ianto's cheeks colored.  He cleared his throat and looked away from Jack's eyes.  With a long, drawn out sigh, he gestured to
the state of himself.  "I'm going to need a shower now."

"I don't know," Jack said teasingly.  Getting to his knees again, he bent and kissed Ianto's chest, narrowly missing a nipple.  "I
think I quite like the look of you wearing nothing but my cum."

Ianto's nose curled up and Jack laughed in amusement.  "You would, wouldn't you," Ianto scoffed, yet still smiled.  He pushed at
Jack's shoulders, limbs trembling faintly.  "Get me a flannel, would you?"

Jack chuckled, but obeyed.  He retrieved a warm, wet flannel and diligently cleaned them both.  Then he returned to bed, but
only after he had disposed of the flannel properly in the bathroom instead of tossing it casually aside as he'd been about to do
before Ianto stopped him.

They curled together in bed, enjoying the comfort of each other.  Jack was happy to spend the night right where he was, holding
a delightful Welshman in his arms.  Ianto seemed equally pleased, his head pillowed on Jack's chest.

"So," Ianto drawled, breaking the silence that had fallen over them.  "Still want to see that movie?"

Jack laughed and hugged Ianto close to him.  "Anything you want, Ianto."

To Be Continued ...