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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.

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More Notes:  Still set after 'Random Shoes,' but right before 'Out of Time.'


Part Thirty

Ianto tried to keep his eyes open as he rode in his own car on their way to his sister's house, but the morning had already worn
away most, if not all, of his energy.  He had awoken to find that Jack had spent the night.  For the second time in a row.  Of
course, he knew that Jack was only doing it out of pity, or out of worry that something might happen to him during the night.  
There was nothing more to it than that, he was sure.  Sooner or later, Jack would get bored of the novelty of bedding a pregnant
man.  For now Ianto would enjoy it while he could.

Unlike the previous morning, Jack was awake before Ianto.  He was holding the younger man close, idly rubbing his hands over
Ianto's body in tender caresses.  He greeted Ianto with a kiss to the cheek.  Ianto didn't like being kissed on the mouth first thing
in the morning and was glad that Jack seemed to have remembered.

Ianto snuggled closer to Jack's warmth.  He found himself dozing and didn't care to try and rouse himself.  Jack was there and
comfortable.  Ianto felt safe and happy.  He didn't want to ruin it.

"Come on, let's get you up and ready," Jack said.  He rubbed Ianto's shoulder.  "Your sister's waiting."

Reluctantly, Ianto began to push himself up and away from Jack.  He remained disconcerted by the weakness in his limbs.  
Once again, Jack helped him.

Ianto was able to stand on his own.  Slowly and carefully, he shuffled his way to the en-suite, totting his IV and oxygen along
with him.  He was concentrating on getting one foot in front of the other, then focused more on remaining upright while he used
the facilities, that he didn't notice what Jack was doing until he heard the sharp abrupt hiss of water beginning to flow.  He
turned, curious, and saw Jack standing beside the bath.

The Captain was bent over, adjusting the flow and temperature of the water.  He turned and smiled kindly at Ianto.  "I didn't
think you'd be able to stay standing long enough for a shower.  So how about a nice warm bath?"

"I must reek," Ianto said, moving in a snail's pace over to the bath.

Jack took his arm and aided him into the bath.  As Ianto sat, Jack kept the tubes from his IV and oxygen from getting in the
way, taking the tank and setting it carefully on the floor next to the tub.  Ianto kept his arm dangling over the edge of the bath,
keeping his injection sight well away from the danger of getting wet.

The water was warm.  Not hot, but pleasantly warm.  It soothed aches he didn't know he had and he sighed happily as he leaned
back against the cool edge of the tub.  The water wasn't high, barely reaching his waist - or where his waist had once been.

"This is nice," he said, watching as Jack retrieved a flannel and got it all wet and soapy.  Ianto felt a tiny thrill when he realized
that Jack was about to bathe him.  "I can wash myself," he said, although he hoped that Jack would argue the point.  He was
beginning to like the idea of Jack pampering him.

Jack merely threw a casual grin his way.  "Lie back and relax, Ianto.  I've got everything well in hand."

Ianto did so, then found he had to fight back groans as Jack's talented hands massaged and scrubbed their way over every inch
of his body.  The Captain hesitated only where the IV was taped down, carefully cleansing around it, making sure to keep that
one area completely dry.  Ianto was so at ease, that he practically fell asleep under Jack's delightful ministrations.

A light caress to his face lured him back to awareness.  "You ready to get out?" Jack asked, stroking his cheek with a feathery

Ianto blinked up at Jack's smiling face.  He sighed.  The water was cold now anyway.  "As ready as I'll ever be."

It was an effort to get up, even with Jack's help.  He was wet and slippery and Jack had a difficult time maintaining a good hold
on his slick skin.  Once standing, Jack wrapped him in one large towel and began to dry him with another.

Standing there, Ianto voiced a concern he had.  "I still haven't got the foggiest notion as to how I'm going to explain my
condition to my sister.  I haven't seen her much since I left for London.  I pretty much cut most of my ties to that life."

Jack was being careful as he rubbed Ianto dry, lingering perhaps a bit too long on the mound that was his stomach.  Ianto
noticed, but didn't comment.  He didn't understand Jack's fascination with his belly, but he couldn't deny that he enjoyed the way
Jack's hands felt when they caressed him, even through the layers of soft towel.

"I suppose you could just come out and tell her the truth, point blank," Jack said.

"I could," he agreed, but he wasn't so sure about it.  Softer, he added, "But she deserves better than to have it dropped on her
like that."

Slinging the towel around Ianto's hips, Jack smiled again.  "I'm sure you'll think of something."  Jack led him over to the sink to
continue helping him to get ready for the day ahead.

Showered, shaved and dressed, Ianto was bundled up in warm and comfortable clothing with the exception of a shirt since there
wasn't a way to put it on until Owen capped the IV.  His jeans were also unfastened, as Jack was reluctant to allow him to put
on the ring until they were ready to leave.

Jack had helped him out of his room and to the main level of the Hub.  He was sitting on the grubby old couch, a duffel full of
his clothing and things at his feet.  His shirt and a warm coat were thrown over one arm, just waiting for Ianto to don them.  To
keep away the chill in the Hub, Jack had draped a blanket around his shoulders.

Tosh arrived not too much later.  She greeted Ianto warmly and sat beside him on the sofa.  Jack handed her a bowl, it's
contents steaming.  Ianto hadn't noticed the Captain leaving his side, or his return other than the bowl he handed to Toshiko.  
Ianto reached out to it, grasping onto the idea that it was his breakfast.

Jack clasped his shaking hands and held them.  Ianto looked over at him, confused.  He felt so tired, worn out from the effort of
moving from his bedroom to the sofa.  He was sleeping a lot lately.  He knew it was because he was recovering from what
Nathaniel James had done to him, but it was irritating to fall asleep in the middle of conversations, or to be drained by just
moving from his bed to the bathroom and back again.  As long as he stayed still in bed he was able to remain awake for a few
hours at a time.  Any activity though, and he fell asleep quickly.  He hadn't made it through the opening credits of Octopussy
after that romp with Jack last night.  So tackling the distance from his bedroom to the sofa in the main area of the Hub was
utterly draining, even with Jack's help.

"Hm?" was all he managed to croak out.

"You're exhausted," Jack said, just holding his hands and rubbing his thumbs over his knuckles.  "Don't argue, just relax."

Ianto shook his head.  "No," he murmured.  He didn't want to be fed like an infant.

Jack sat on his other side, boxing Ianto in-between his two co-workers.  He threw an arm around Ianto's shoulders, pulling him
close against him.  Ianto sank back into the loose embrace, fighting the insistent pull of sleep.  He liked it when Jack held him.  
He turned toward the other man, letting his eyes slip shut as he nuzzled against his neck.

Slender fingers curled around the back of Ianto's neck, drawing his attention to Toshiko.  He opened his eyes, looking at her
blearily.  She didn't say anything.  She only smiled, her warm eyes saying more than words ever could.  Beseechingly, she
looked at him, lifting a spoonful of porridge into his line of sight.  It was such a gentle coaxing, that he shifted to lift his head
from Jack's shoulder and obediently opened his mouth for her.

The taste of banana spread across his tongue as he chewed.  There were cut up pieces of the fruit in his porridge.  He
swallowed.  "I like bananas," he mumbled, then opened his mouth expectantly for another spoonful.

He ate dutifully, chewing and swallowing without really paying attention.  He found it difficult to keep his eyes open and let the
world around him lose focus.  He concentrated on opening and closing his mouth, on chewing and swallowing at the appropriate
moments.  When there was no spoon after he opened his mouth, he struggled to open his eyes and met Tosh's smiling features.

"You've finished it all," she said, sounding proud and pleased.

"Have I?"  He couldn't summon the same enthusiasm.  He turned back toward Jack and settled against his side.  "I like bananas,"
he told her, forgetting that he'd already said it once.

A kiss was pressed to his temple.  He was used to that from Jack and hummed as he snuggled in against the other man.  He was
too tired to realize the kiss had come from the wrong side, or to notice Toshiko's smiling face as she sat back to regard him.  He
did hear her words though, and felt a gentle caress along his arm.  "He's looking better," she said.

He vaguely heard Jack's agreement, but drifted off after that.  The next thing he knew, Gwen was arriving and he was alone on
the sofa.  Although, to be fair, Tosh had grabbed a laptop and was sitting on the floor with her back up against the front of it, so
he wasn't exactly alone.  If he stretched, he might just be able to touch her shoulder.  Not that he had any attention of doing so,
but knowing she was within reach was somehow reassuring.

"Ianto?  What are you doing out here?" Gwen called, seeing that he was awake.  He didn't try to sit up.  Instead, he gave her a
tired wave.

Tosh looked over her shoulder and smiled at him.  Ianto wondered where Jack had gone off to, but figured it had to be
something important.  Something that wasn't paperwork.  Jack would abandon that for any excuse, no matter how trivial.

Ianto fell back into a light doze, listening to the drone of voices.  He was pretty sure that Tosh was telling Gwen that he was
going to be staying the holiday with his sister.

The alarms blared again some unknown time later and Ianto jerked awake to watch Owen stalk into the Hub.  Ianto had to blink
a few times to clear his vision.  He pushed himself up - his limbs shook badly, but he managed it on his own.

"All right, let's get on with this," Owen sighed in resignation.  "I've got your car packed with supplies.  You know, liquor, drugs,
everything I need to make this bearable.  Oh, and medical supplies for you as well."

Ianto checked his watch and saw that it was still early.  Had it only been two hours since he'd woken?  Then he realized what
Owen had said.  "My car?  Why not yours?"  He wasn't sure he liked the idea of Owen driving his car.

Owen gave him a quick check-over, then efficiently capped his IV and swapped his nearly empty oxygen tank for a full one.  "A
matter of space, obviously.  My Boxster's a two-seater, barely enough room in the boot for anything, let alone everything I have
to bring with us.  Yours is bigger, roomier."

Jack came out of his office, handing over the ring.  When Ianto put it on, he felt a strange tingle, but it worked no differently
than before.  his stomach shrank and flattened, hiding his pregnancy from view.  "Feels tingly," Ianto mumbled, wiggling his

"That's because you're already tired," Jack informed him.  "It won't hurt you, but don't leave it on too long."

Ianto nodded.  "Right."

With a little help, Ianto got up from the sofa.  He felt a blush rising when Jack fastened his jeans for him, surreptitiously leaving
the tips of his fingers tucked between the fabric and Ianto's skin for a few seconds longer than necessary.  Owen helped him
with his shirt.  Ianto could tell that Jack wanted a more intimate goodbye, but was restraining himself for Ianto's sake.  Ianto
couldn't deny that he wouldn't mind a kiss goodbye.  Instead, Jack held his coat open for him while Owen guided his arms
through the sleeves.

Ianto grunted distastefully at the overabundance of assistance, but kept his temper.  They were only trying to help and the
gesture was meant to be kind.  He tried to remember that as Jack looped an arm around his back while Owen grabbed his duffel
and oxygen tank.

To his surprise, both Gwen and Tosh said goodbye with hugs.  Gwen even threw in a quick peck to the cheek.  They asked if
they could call to check in on him.  He agreed, but told them not to trouble themselves.  He was sure that something would
come up to distract him.  He wasn't worth such effort.  They'd forget about him as soon as something more interesting came up.

For the duration of the trek to the car, Ianto just focused on putting one foot in front of the other.  Anything else was beyond
him.  He only belatedly noticed they had reached the car.  Jack reached around him and opened the passenger side door as Owen
went around to the other side.  Ianto's duffel was thrown carelessly onto the backseat, while Jack tucked Ianto's oxygen tank
onto the floor.

Hands cupped his cheeks and Ianto blinked up into Jack's smiling face.  It was easy to get lost in those blue eyes.  There was a
flicker in those eyes and Ianto felt the atmosphere between them shift.  He leaned forward unthinkingly, sighing with delight as
Jack's lips found his.

The kiss was soft and comforting.  Ianto's eyes fluttered shut and he succumbed to it, parting his lips to the teasing brush of
Jack's tongue.  Ianto moaned deep in his throat, raising trembling fingers to Jack's shirtsleeves.  He clung to the older man as the
kiss grew deeper and more hungered.  Jack pressed him back against the car, trapping him between two solid immovable
masses and the world fell away.  A knee nudged up between his thighs and Ianto gave a plaintive whimper as his cock perked up

And then Jack was pulling away.  Ianto ached at the loss of contact and leaned forward, trying to follow.  Jack pressed a
lingering kiss to his forehead instead, pressing his knee up against Ianto's crotch teasingly.  Ianto rocked forward, biting back a

"Just a little parting gift," Jack said, his voice low and full of warmth.  "I wouldn't want you to forget me."

Ianto tried to calm his ragged breathing.  He wanted Jack to kiss him again, to press him up against the car and make him forget
his own name.  Instead, Jack flicked his thumb over Ianto's bottom lip.  Ianto couldn't resist the urge to dart his tongue out to
taste the invading digit, sucking it lightly into his mouth and nibbling it tenderly as it slipped away from him.

"Oi, if you're going to hump each other, can you do it quickly?  I don't want to wait around all day," Owen snapped.

Ianto's arousal deflated immediately.  He'd completely forgotten about Owen's presence.  A sense of horror and embarrassment
filled him and he ducked his head shamefully, his face and ears heating up uncomfortably.  He didn't like being put on display.

Jack's fingers tucked under his chin and he obligingly tilted his head up.  Instead of words, he was kissed again.  This one was
softer than the first, tender and full of care.  It coaxed him to relax.  He calmed, but still felt unnerved by being seen.  At least
Gwen and Tosh weren't here.

"I'll see you after Christmas," Jack said, drawing his lips away.

Ianto whimpered and lay his head on Jack's shoulder.  "You could visit," he offered, but didn't think that Jack would.  He'd be
down two members of the team.  If anything came up, he'd be run ragged.  "Or call," he added.

"Ooo, is that an offer for phone sex?"

Ianto laughed.  He couldn't help it.  He shook his head and pulled away, reluctantly leaving the comforting embrace of Jack's

Jack helped him into the car.  He even buckled Ianto's seat-belt for him.  Before he ducked back out, he deposited one last kiss
on Ianto's lips.  Owen let out an annoyed huff beside him, but kept his comments to himself this time.  Then Jack was gone and
the car door closed.  Owen started the car and drove away and Ianto couldn't stop himself watching Jack until he could no
longer see the man.

Now here he was, on his way to his sister's, trying to fight off sleep and failing miserably.  In the end he let his eyes close,
slipping away to thoughts of Jack.

He was roughly awoken by a hand shaking his shoulder.  He grunted in annoyance, grudgingly opening his eyes.  To his
surprise, he found that the car was parked.  He could see Rhiannon's house through the windscreen.

"We're here?" he asked stupidly, and rubbed his fingers over his eyes.  He almost couldn't believe that he'd slept the entire way
but the proof was right in front of him.

"Yeah," Owen grunted and got out of the car.  Ianto was surprised that Owen wasn't grousing or slinging insults about the

He heard Owen at the back of the car, opening the boot.  With a weary sigh, Ianto reached for the handle and opened the door.  
It took more effort than he was used to.  He only managed to get it halfway open.  Then Owen grabbed the door and swung it
the rest of the way.  A heavy-looking pack was slung over one of his shoulders.  The medic crouched beside Ianto and shone a
light into his eyes, pressing the pads of his fingers to the Welshman's throat.  "How are you feeling?" he asked.

Ianto batted the hands away weakly.  He gave a huff of protest.  "Tired," he replied, annoyed.

Owen ignored his irritation.  He stood up and looked around, a sour expression on his face.  A group of young men loitering on
one of the corners seemed to grab his attention.  "Wait here," he said to Ianto, then stalked off toward the youths.

Ianto didn't know what was going on.  He could only watch as Owen spoke to the small gang of people.  They were too far
away for him to hear any of the conversation.  But he did take note that Owen turned at one point and gestured toward him.  
There was a lot of grinning and nodding and Owen shook hands with a few of them.  Ianto was even more confused when
Owen pulled out his wallet and began handing out money.

"What was that about?" Ianto asked when Owen returned.

Owen shrugged.  He unclasped Ianto's seat-belt and helped him to turn around in his seat, dropping his feet onto the ground.  
"Well, I asked them if they knew your sister.  They did.  Told them you were sick and that I might need my car if I had to get
you to Hospital."

Ianto glared at him.  He wasn't sick.  And it was his car, not Owen's.

"I have an arrangement with them.  They'll make sure the car isn't stolen and they get a hundred quid each when we leave.  I
gave them a little down payment as incentive."

"You paid them off?" Ianto gaped.

Owen shrugged again.  "Call it insurance."

"You're actually going to dish out a hundred quid to each of those men?"

Owen grinned, eyes glittering.  "No.  Jack will.  I fully intend to add this to my expense report."

Ianto snickered a little.  He shook his head.  "Of course you will.  What a cleverly deceitful mind you have, Owen Harper.  I can
see what Jack hired you for."

Owen looked offended.  "What?  Not for my exceptional medical skills?"

Ianto offered a small smile.  "Well, your bedside manner leaves much to be desired."  He grunted as Owen helped him up.

"Oi!  Any more of that lip, and I might just leave you to get to the house on your own."  There was no real malice in Owen's
tone.  It was more like they were keeping up their usual banter, so Ianto knew there was no real chance that Owen would
abandon him like that.  "Now, are you going to keep up with the attitude, or are you going to let me help you to the door so you
can get inside and sit down?"

Ianto sighed and made sure he had everything he needed.  "I'll behave."

Owen smirked.  "Good!  The sooner you're sitting down, the better I'll feel."

"Of course," Ianto said, carefully walking with Owen's help.  "Your peace of mind is of the utmost importance."  Out of the
corner of his eye he saw that group of youths that Owen had spoken with.  They were talking amongst themselves, pointing at
him, probably trying to guess at whatever illness Ianto obviously had.  Ianto looked away, down at his feet to watch them barely
rise high enough to keep from scraping across the pavement.

They came to the door and Ianto forced his head up.  He looked at the door, fear and worry gnawing at his gut.  He hadn't seen
his sister in years, not since their father's funeral.  He did regret that.  They'd been so close when they were younger, before she
had gone off and gotten pregnant, before she had married Johnny and moved away.  They'd grown apart.  But how could he
face her now, after all that time, and drop this bomb on top of everything?

"I don't know if I can do this," Ianto muttered, staring at the closed door.

"A fine time to come to that conclusion," Owen hissed in reply.

Ianto shot Owen a quick look and sighed.  "I haven't seen her in a long time.  She might not be happy with me.  And that's
before I tell her about this," he hissed, waving a hand almost frantically in gesture to his concealed stomach.

Owen regarded him for a moment.  "Listen, mate, I can't help you with this one.  My own home life was shit growing up.  If it
were me, I wouldn't have bothered.  That you even thought of coming here speaks volumes.  Just ... talk to her, and if it goes
badly we can always Retcon her and go back to the Hub."

He was right.  Of course he was.  But Ianto was not going to be telling him that.  Owen didn't need to have his ego inflated.

He took a slow breath and let it out.  Before he could chicken out, he reached out and rapped sharply on the door.  There was a
loud curse from inside, followed by a clatter as Rhiannon obviously hurried to answer the door.  Moments later, the door was
yanked open and his sister's smiling face greeted him.

That welcoming smile slipped away the instant she set eyes on him.  She paled a bit, eyes widening in shock as she looked him
up and down.  "Good God, Ianto," she said, then stared at him some more.

Ianto managed a tired smile for her.  "Hello, Rhi.  Been awhile."

Rhiannon made a soft scoffing sound.  "Enough of that, you daft sod.  Get in here and sit down before you pass out!  I know
you said you were bringing a doctor with you ..."  She glanced at Owen, who gave her a small smirk and a little wave, then
turned back to Ianto.  "But I never dreamed you'd look like a freshly exhumed corpse."  She reached over and took his elbow
before leading them into the house.  "I'll make coffee."

Together, the three of them shambled into the house, with Owen shutting the door behind them.  Rhiannon walked slightly in
front, leading them into the kitchen and all but shoving Ianto down into a chair at the small kitchen table.  She took his coat from
him, tossing it over the back of another chair.  Owen carefully set down the pack he'd been carrying.  Ianto could only guess
that it contained medical supplies.

"Rhiannon, I don't know if I can-" he started, but cut himself off when he saw the worried look in her eyes.  "I ... my appetite
hasn't been too good recently.  I can't have coffee."

Owen fussed around him, setting the oxygen tank down and checking the gauge.  He fiddled with the cannula, then busied
himself with taking Ianto's vitals.  "He'll have a juice, if you have any."

Ianto nodded, not wanting to get into an argument.  He looked over at Rhiannon and noticed her watching the two of them with
worry.  Ianto cleared his throat.  "This is my doctor.  Owen Harper.  I work with him."

"I thought you worked in a tourist office?" Rhiannon asked, a bit sharply.  "What do you need a doctor for?"

"I, yes ... well, that's why I've come today, actually.  I want to explain."  He looked over at Owen, trying to convey what he
needed with his eyes.

Thankfully, Owen seemed to understand.  "Right then, you don't look like you'll drop dead any time soon, so I'll leave the two of
you alone to talk."  He checked his watch.  "I'll take a walk, or something."

"Thank you," Ianto said softly.

Owen turned his attention to Rhiannon.  "Right, he's your brother, so you must know he's too stubborn for his own good.  If
anything happens, just open the front door and yell for me.  I won't be too far away."  Then he was gone, before Ianto could do
more than glare in his direction.

"He's got you there," Rhiannon said, chuckling lightly.  "You can be a stubborn arse."  She set a glass of juice in front of him,
then took a seat across from him and fiddled with the mug in her hands.  After a moment, she reached across the table to clasp
the hand that didn't  have the capped IV port.  "Whatever it is, you can tell me.  I know we haven't been close.  And we might
have our differences, but you're still my brother and I love you."

Ianto took a sip of juice, trying to stop the trembling in his hands.  He wasn't sure if he was shaking more out of nervousness, or
sheer exhaustion.  The two seemed to be rather equal at the moment.

"Well, to be honest, I wasn't entirely truthful about where I work."  He saw that she was waiting for  him to continue, silently
urging him on with her warm eyes.  "There is a tourist office, but that's just a front for the actual organization."  He swallowed
around a thickness in his throat.  Better to get it over with.  "I work for Torchwood."

"Bloody Hell," Rhiannon murmured, her fingers slipping away from Ianto's as she leaned back in her chair.  "Those poncy gits in
the flash SUV?"

That was the thing about Torchwood in Cardiff.  It was the single worst kept secret.  Despite all the Retcon and all the effort to
try and keep things quiet, the vast majority of people in Cardiff knew about the organization, if not what they did.  At least they'd
been able to keep the location of their base secret.

"It is a bit flash, isn't it?" Ianto replied, attempting to curl his lips into a wry grin.

"I've seen it, you know.  It nearly ran me off the road a few weeks back."

Ianto blinked innocently.  "It wasn't me driving.  That would be my boss.  I don't leave the office much.  Someone has to file
and clean up after that lot."

"You always were good at that," Rhiannon said.  She reached across the table and brushed her fingers over his hand again.

Nervous, he simply began to talk.  He told her everything.  Well, near to it.  He summarized, giving specific details when he
thought it necessary.  What Torchwood was, how it had started, even details of the charter.  Rhiannon never interrupted him
and her eyes glittered with a sense of wonder and amazement.  She believed him.

She sat back and let out a sigh, though her hand never left his.  "I can't believe it.  My little brother working for the space
police.  How long?"

Ianto dropped his head.  "Since London.  There was another branch out there.  But then ... Canary Wharf."  He swallowed, not
realizing he was gripping his sister's fingers perhaps a bit too tightly.  She didn't say a word about it though.  "Everything was
destroyed."  He relaxed his grip and tried to smile, but didn't think it convinced her.  "And I was, uh, transferred to Cardiff."

He didn't want to tell her the truth, not the whole truth at any rate.  It was still difficult to face those memories.

Rhiannon asked nothing.  She turned her hand in his, holding his hand in return.  "You don't have to tell me."

"I do," he insisted.  "It's why I came here.  You see, I ... the Torchwood in London, Torchwood One, it wasn't a good place.  
There were some very bad people there.  I didn't know it at the time, but there was an experiment."  He swallowed again.  "I
thought it was an accident.  They told me it was an accident."

Rhiannon threw out her other hand, gripping his with both of hers.  "Did they hurt you?  Is that why you look so sick?"

"Sort of."  He flashed a frail smile that wouldn't convince even the most gullible of people that he was fine.  Rhiannon was
anything but gullible.  She always saw through him.  "I don't know if you'll believe me.  It's ... well, it's not something easily

There was a serious look on her face as she held his hands.  "If you tell me, I'll believe you.  You've never lied to me, Ianto.  
Omitted the truth maybe, but never lied outright."

"I think it might be easier to show you," he said.

He uneasily dragged his hands back from hers.  With fumbling fingers, he unfastened his jeans and pushed them down a bit, his
cheeks heating under his sister's watchful eyes.  Her brow crinkled in confusion at his actions, but she didn't say anything.

Finally, taking a breath, he slipped the ring free from his hand.  His T-shirt had no chance of covering the roundness of his
stomach, and it rolled up, leaving the pale skin exposed.  "I'm pregnant, Rhi."

Rhiannon blinked.  "Oh fuck!"  She stood up and came around the table to examine him with her eyes.  "How on Earth did you
hide it?  Let me see that ring!"  She smiled when he handed it to her and turned it over in her hands.  Then she handed it back to
him.  "What caused it?"

Ianto shrugged, trying to pretend this was an ordinary and casual conversation.  "Someone activated a piece of alien tech.  I got
zapped.  This was the result."

Her wide eyes stared at his stomach, a look of horror and shock on her face.  She raised her hands, reaching out, then had
second thoughts and crossed her arms over her own chest.  "It's not an alien, is it?  I mean it won't, you know, burst out of
your stomach and eat us?"

Ianto laughed, it came out sounding a bit hysterical.  He shook his head.  "He is one hundred percent human."

"A boy?"  She groped for a chair without taking her eyes away from Ianto's belly.  Dragging it over, she flopped down, still
gaping.  "This is ... I don't know if I can believe this.  Aliens.  You pregnant.  My little brother working for ET catchers!"

Ianto closed his eyes and turned his head away.  "I'm sorry," he whispered.  His hands moved on their own accord, coming to
rest on the rounded swell of his stomach.  He ineffectually tried to tug the hem of his shirt down, then gave up and just began to
fiddle with the edge of the cloth.

His sister's smooth hands covered his fidgeting digits.  "Ianto?"

He shook his head, resolutely keeping his eyes closed.  "I'm sorry," he repeated.  He didn't even know what he was apologizing
for.  Maybe for leaving like he had all those years ago.  For every missed birthday or holiday.  The years spent without a single
phone call or letter.  For the knowledge that he was a disappointment as a brother.  And for the fact that he was burdening her
with details about his job, about his pregnancy.  Maybe it was everything.

There was a loud scrape as Rhiannon dragging her chair closer.  "Hey, now," she said, reaching out and clasping his shoulder.  
"There's no need for this."

He began to babble again, rambling on about the experiment he'd unknowingly been forced to submit to.  He told her about all of
the tests, spilling every last secret he had left in him about the pregnancy.  How Jack and the others had discovered that it wasn't
as accidental as he'd been led to believe by his former employers.  There were good things, too, and he told her about those.  
About the support from the team and everything they'd done for him.  Finally, he came to his kidnapping.  And she was holding
him as he sobbed out the details of the invasive tests he had endured.  All that he left out were the less than professional touches
of Nathaniel James's hands.  Ianto didn't want to think about those perverse gropings.

By the end of it, Ianto felt drained.  And yet, there was a certain peace of mind knowing that he wasn't alone in this, that he'd
finally shared everything - or nearly everything - with someone else.  Aside from Jack, and now Rhiannon, no one knew, and he
didn't think he could share it with anyone else either.

His voice was hoarse, his throat aching and breath a raspy wheeze, as he uttered apology upon apology.  Rhiannon held him, her
lips pressing firmly against his forehead.  There was a wetness on his cheeks, but he didn't know if they were her tears or his.  
And it really didn't matter because she was still holding him and soothing him.  She wasn't rejecting him or yelling at him for any
number of the foolish things he was sure he had done to deserve her hatred.  She simply held him and caressed him, and wept
out her sorrows over the pains he had suffered.

After a time he calmed.  "I'm tired, Rhi," he admitted softly, eyes downcast.

She smoothed a hand over his hair.  "Let's get you up so you can go lie down."  Before he knew it, she had thrown his arm
around her shoulders and was hefting him up out of the seat, grabbing up his oxygen tank with one hand as she wrapped the
other around his waist to steady him.

"You should go get Owen," Ianto mumbled, shambling tiredly when Rhiannon urged him to move.

She snorted.  "If I can drag Johnny's heavy arse up to bed after a night out with the boys, I can certainly manage you."

Ianto managed a grunt, but couldn't think of a witty retort.  What felt like only seconds later, he found himself being pushed
down onto a bed.  He blinked up at the ceiling, then around at the room.  "This isn't David's room," he said, remembering that
was where she'd told him he'd be staying when he'd spoken to her on the phone.  This was Rhiannon and Johnny's room, their
far-too-comfortable bed.

"Of course not.  I won't have you uncomfortable.  Johnny and I can make due on the sofa.  It pulls out, you know."  Rhiannon
dragged off his shoes and socks, then unceremoniously stripped him of his t-shirt and jeans.  She left him in just his boxers and
pulled the duvet up over him.  "I'll bet that Owen has some clothes for you, so I'll just go and get him.  You rest."  She wiped
her fingers over her tear-stained cheeks, but still managed a smile.

Ianto wished he could do the same.  Instead, he closed his eyes and let the exhaustion of the day pull him into a restless slumber.

To Be Continued ...

Okay, I am obviously not a doctor, but I did the best I could with researching.  So if there are any discrepancies with medical
details, let's just chalk it up to dramatic license.

Minor notes:  According to the Torchwood book, "Another Life," Owen drives a Porsche Boxster.  Beautiful car.  Very little
trunk space though.  Ianto, on the other hand, drives an Audi, much better for totting sick pregnant men around, in my opinion.

And, just in case anyone is wondering, at this point in time, Ianto is late in his seventh month of pregnancy.