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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  I am a HUGE fan of Mpreg.  There are also hints of past child abuse.

Notes: Please remember that I am just another stupid American.  Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors as I must
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More Notes:  Still set after 'Random Shoes,' but right before 'Out of Time.'  Literally right before it now.


Part Thirty-One

Owen stayed outside for as long as he could.  He wanted to give Ianto space, to leave the two siblings alone and talk things
through.  But it was bloody cold out and he was freezing his balls off.

He paced back and forth in front of the car, his hands stuffed down in his pockets.  Looking back at the door to the house at
every turn, he wondered just how long he'd be stuck out here in the cold.  Just as he was getting ready to head in, no matter if
they were done or not, he saw the door open and Rhiannon poked her head out.

She didn't say a word.  She didn't have to.  As soon as he saw her, Owen grabbed a couple more bags from the car and jogged
over to her.  The one he had taken in earlier when helping Ianto had been filled with the more important equipment, medical
supplies and the like.

Looking toward the kitchen, he didn't see Ianto sitting at the table where he'd left him.  Rhiannon spoke up before he could
question her about Ianto's absence.  "He was falling asleep.  I took him upstairs and put him to bed."  She stood before him, her
expression and posture conveying a hard conviction.  Yet, her eyes betrayed her, filled with worry and compassion.  "Is he
going to be okay?" she asked.

Owen thought about his answer while he considered the woman standing before him.  This wasn't some weak simpering
housewife that he could coddle with lies.  She was Ianto's sister.  But more than that, Rhiannon Davies exuded a strength of
character that was evident with every breath she took.  There was just something about her that told him this wasn't a woman
you could ply with false assurances that all would be well.  This was someone who would only accept the truth, no matter how
heartbreaking it might be.

"How much did he tell you?" Owen asked, erring on the side of caution.  He saw Ianto's ring on the kitchen table and scooped it
up, knowing that they couldn't risk losing it.

"He told me he works for Torchwood," Rhiannon said, voice wavering only slightly.  "He's pregnant.  And he was recently
kidnapped and mistreated."  There was a brief flicker of a smile.  "But knowing Ianto, there's far more that he didn't tell me."

"Always keeping secrets," Owen muttered under his breath.

"What was that?"

Owen shook his head.  "Nothing."

She gave him a cold look that told him she didn't believe him, but she let the subject drop for now.  Owen got the impression
that he would have to be careful about what he said around her.  Derogatory comments toward - or about - Ianto would not be
tolerated.  He supposed that he could at least try to behave for the duration of the visit, it being Christmas and all.

He decided to answer her original question truthfully.  "To be honest, Ianto is plain worn out.  His body's been put through the
ringer.  The male human body just isn't built for pregnancy.  Add to that an infection and the side effects of some experimental
drug.  What he needs is rest, a lot of it."

"But he'll be okay?  I mean, it's not going to kill him, this baby, is it?  Like you said, men aren't built for pregnancy."

Owen fixed her with a steady gaze.  "I am going to do everything in my power to make sure both of them come out of this alive
and healthy."

"That's not what I asked."  She shook her head, then picked up the bag he had brought in with Ianto earlier.  "Come on, I'll show
you where he is."

Toting the other bags he had brought in, he followed her up the stairs.  He'd have to go back to the car for the rest of the things,
but for now he had Ianto to look after.

The pregnant man was asleep when Owen entered the room.  That wasn't surprising, since Rhiannon had said she'd brought him
up here to do just that.  He checked Ianto's vitals and was satisfied that he was doing okay.  He might even be able to get rid of
that oxygen tank soon.  His color was looking better and his pulse was strong, both very good signs of improvement.  Still, he
wanted to get Ianto hooked up to an IV again.  He was feeling a bit warm and needed the antibiotics to help fight off that

"I'll be right back," he said, retreating from the room.  He ran back out to the car and retrieved the IV pole and the last bag,
which was Ianto's duffel.

When he returned to the bedroom, Rhiannon had climbed onto the bed with Ianto.  She was laying by his side, stroking her hand
over his face and petting his hair.  "He feels warm," she observed, staring at her younger brother's relaxed features.

"Yeah, well, that'll be the infection he's fighting off."  He quickly set up Ianto's IV and hooked it up to the Welshman, taping the
line down to his forearm.

She lightly touched the nasal cannula with just the tips of her fingers.  "I haven't seen him in years," she mumbled.  "I always
hoped he'd come back.  Never thought it would be like this though."  She drifted her hand down along his body, caressing his
stomach with a feathery touch.  "He really is pregnant, isn't he?"

Owen gave her a fleeting glance, then went back to rummaging through Ianto's duffel.  He pulled out a pair of sleep pants and
tossed them onto the end of the bed.  He'd get Ianto into them when the younger man woke.

"You're taking all of this surprisingly well," he commented.

Rhiannon snorted.  "What was I supposed to do, laugh at him?"

She sat up, putting her back against the headboard.  Ianto grumbled in his sleep, feeling the shifting of weight on the mattress.  
He threw an arm out over her legs and nuzzled his forehead into her hip.  Owen made sure the IV line didn't get tangled or pulled

Rhiannon went back to petting Ianto's hair.  "He's never lied to me.  Never.  Omitted the truth, yes, but never lied.  He wouldn't
come to me unless-" she trailed off, shook her head, and started again.  "I turned my back on him once when he needed me.  I
chose Johnny, my new family, over him and I never forgave myself for it when he ran off to London.  I won't turn away from
him again.  I won't risk losing him a second time, not when he's reaching out for me."

Owen managed a smile for the woman.  He was glad that Ianto's leap of faith had paid off.  Owen was certain that if he had
been in Ianto's position, he'd have no family to turn to.  Hell, the lot of them could kiss his arse, his mother especially.

"You'll have to keep this a secret.  No one can know," Owen said.  "There are people, organizations that would want to get their
hands on him.  And they wouldn't care so much about causing him or that baby harm."

"Like Torchwood did," Rhiannon replied, leveling that cold look at Owen again.

"Torchwood One," Owen corrected.  "We're not affiliated with them.  Been separate from them since before I joined up."  He
shrugged.  "The boss never got along with them, cut ties with One when he took over."

Rhiannon looked down at Ianto who was effectively using her lap as a pillow now.  She had never ceased stroking his hair.  "I
won't let anyone else hurt my little brother again," she said decisively.  "What about Johnny?  Can I tell him?"

"He wasn't supposed to tell you!" Owen snapped, then froze as Ianto murmured unintelligibly in his sleep, his brow furrowing as
he shifted to hold Rhiannon a little tighter.

"Keep your voice down," Rhiannon hissed back at him, running soothing fingers over Ianto.  She leaned over him, whispering
into his ear, her words and touch soothing her little brother back into a peaceful sleep.

Owen obligingly lowered his voice to a bare whisper.  "Look, like I said, he wasn't even supposed to tell you.  Secret
organization and all that rubbish."

She tried to slide out from under Ianto, but the Welshman groaned faintly and held on tighter.  Rhiannon rolled her eyes and
settled back down.  She seemed resigned to stay right where she was as Ianto's personal pillow.  When she spoke, her voice
was soft.

"How am I going to keep it from him?  He's my husband.  He's going to know something's wrong."

"I don't know," Owen said with a shrug.  "Tell him he's sick, that's he's had an accident or something.  Make something up."

"That'll work for the kids.  But Johnny won't so readily accept the easy answer.  He may not be a genius, but he isn't stupid
either.  And I just can't keep something like this from him," Rhiannon argued.  "I'm going to tell him."

Owen exhaled a long sigh.  "I can't stop you.  But I will warn you.  If he can't handle it, or keep it quiet, I have a lovely little
bottle of amnesia pills that I won't hesitate to use on either of you.  Ianto can hate me for it later, but I won't have him hurt, not
even by his own family."

Rhiannon's eyes widened, but she nodded.  "If either of us hurt him, we deserve to have our memories taken."  She smiled, if
only a little.  "Keep protecting my brother, Doctor Harper.  He's had far more than his share of pain and suffering already."


Ianto was slow to awaken.  The muscles in his body refused to work and he was finding it difficult to open his eyes.  His eyelids
felt weighted down, his brain sluggishly trying to comprehend the muffled sounds around him.

Voices.  He could hear voices.  No, it was only one voice.  He focused on it, trying to make sense of the hushed words as he
struggled up through the layers to breach consciousness.  He soon came to think that it was his sister.  She was talking to
someone, not to him, maybe to Owen?  No, that wasn't right either.  The tone she was using was too sweet, too soft and kind.  
No one talked to Owen like that, not after getting to know him anyway.

He finally managed to drag his eyelids apart enough to take in fuzzy, blurred surroundings.  He could see a figure leaning over
him, feel warm hands stroking over his stomach in strangely soothing patterns.  And that voice, speaking serenely, full of
warmth and love.

"I can't wait to meet you," said the voice and Ianto knew then that it was definitely Rhiannon.  And was she speaking to his
stomach?  "I am going to spoil you as rotten as I possibly can."

Ianto grunted, blinking his eyes until the world around him came into focus.  "You know, I've caught Jack doing that when he
thinks I'm sleeping," he said with a yawn.

Rhiannon's reply was filled with amusement.  "Oh, there's a Jack, is there?  When are you planning to introduce me to your

Ianto was suddenly wide awake.  He felt a blush creeping over his features, realizing too late how what he'd said had sounded.  
"No, I ... uh, no I meant ... Jack is ... he's my boss.  We're not ... well, we are, but it's complicated."  This was a disaster.  He
felt mortified.

Rhiannon laughed, and moved to sit higher up on the bed, near to his head.  "I can't believe it.  This is how you tell me you're

Uneasily, Ianto pushed himself to sit up.  He didn't face her though.  Instead, he looked straight ahead.  "I'm not.  I mean, well, I
don't like men like that.  It's not men.  Only Jack.  He's different.  He's ... he's just Jack."  He shook his head.  He wasn't
explaining well.  "It's not serious anyway.  I'm a bizarre novelty to him."  He cupped his hands under his stomach, staring down
at the protruding bulge.

A hand slid into his hair, scratching in just the right way above his ear, and he looked up to see Rhiannon smiling at him wryly.  
"Don't sell yourself short, Ianto."

He didn't want to be having this conversation.  So, he escaped it in the best way that he could, by deflection.  He cleared his
throat nervously, and took a cursory glance around the bedroom.  "Where's Owen?"

Rhiannon let the topic drop, but didn't look happy about it.  She sighed and ran her hand over Ianto's head.  "Downstairs, making
lunch for you.  We were going to wake you when it was ready.  He actually went and did the shopping for the entire week," she
said, her eyes glittering with mirth.  "He said something about making sure you had healthy meals.  You should have seen him
fussing over you.  Honestly, he's acting like-"

"An overprotective mother?" Ianto suggested.

Rhiannon smiled, then laughed and Ianto couldn't help but join in as well.  They almost had their chuckles contained when Owen
stepped into the room carrying a tray of food.  Then Ianto and Rhiannon looked at each other and both burst into laughter again,
their humor only growing as Owen demanded to know what they found so funny.

To Be Continued ...

Author's Note:  Since this fic takes place two years before Children of Earth and the circumstances are vastly different, the
conversation between Ianto and Rhiannon about Jack is completely different.  Besides, I didn't want to have to watch it again.