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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  If you've been reading for this long, I'm sure you've already noticed though.

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More Notes:  Still set very close to 'Out of Time.'  Really, we're right before it now.


Part Thirty-Four

Ianto wearily rubbed at his eye.  He was tired, but feeling contented.  Cheering appropriately when David successfully completed
another level in his game, Ianto looked around at the bed.  David was tucked in close to Ianto's side, attention solely focused on
the Nintendo DS in his hands.  On the other side of the bed, Mica had left all of the drawings they had worked on together.  All
of her supplies had been cleaned up and put away and the small stack of paper left behind was in a tidy pile.  The topmost page
showed Mica's view of their family.  Five roughly drawn figures stood in a line, hands linked together.  All were smiling.  David
was first, next to a large figure that was probably his father.  Next was Rhiannon, then Mica herself and lastly Ianto.  It was a
bit disconcerting that his figure had been drawn with a pair of dark lines trailing away from him, one ending in a long pole-like
object and the other ending with a cylindrical squiggle that was most likely meant to resemble his oxygen tank.  He looked
forward to being unencumbered by the medical equipment.  Maybe then Mica wouldn't mind drawing a new picture.

He looked up as the bedroom door opened and Owen stepped in.  The medic paused at the sight of David, and there was a
distinct look of discomfort on his face.

David looked up, too.  "Who's he?" he asked bluntly.  His tone bordered on rude, but there was a wariness to it as well.

Ianto set a hand on David's head.  "This is Owen Harper," he told the boy.  "He's a doctor I work with.  He's here to look after
me."  He glanced over at the medic.  "Owen, this is my nephew David."

Owen shifted from one foot to the other.  "Hey," he said, lips curling briefly in an uncomfortable smile.

Deciding to take pity on the medic, Ianto scraped his nails lightly over David's scalp.  "David, why don't you go downstairs?  I
think Owen needs to have a look at me."

"Yeah, sure," David replied, shrugging.  Still playing his game, he slid off of the bed and crossed the room.  At the door, he
paused and took his eyes away from the small screens in his hand.  He looked up at Owen, eying him critically for a moment.  
"You make sure he gets better," David ordered, then left the room, his eyes returning to his DS as he closed the door behind

"Nice kid," Owen muttered.  He cleared his throat and strolled the rest of the way to the bed.  With a sigh, he dropped to sit and
dragged the bag of supplies closer.  "How are you doing?  Any dizziness?  Shortness of breath?"  Even as he asked, he was
pressing a stethoscope to Ianto's chest.  He tugged the cannula from Ianto's nose and instructed him to take a breath.

He did so, and put up with the rest of Owen's fussing.  "I feel fine."  At the glare from Owen, he elaborated.  "I don't feel dizzy.  
Mostly, I'm just tired."  He punctuated that statement with a yawn.

Owen readied a syringe.  "That's to be expected," he said.  "By the smell of things when I came in, I'd say your sister's cooking
dinner.  You think you're up to putting in an appearance downstairs?"

Ianto nodded.  He didn't want to disappoint his nephew or niece by not eating with them.  He looked away as Owen injected the
medication.  He didn't like needles, never had.

"I think I can manage that," he replied.

Owen disposed of the used syringe in the sharps container he'd brought along from the Hub, while Ianto put his nasal cannula
back in.  He hated the feel of the prongs in his nose.

"In the morning," Owen said, "I'll take you off the oxygen, see how you do without it."

"And the IV?" Ianto asked, raising the hand that was encumbered with tape and tubing.

"That stays."  Owen stood and flipped back the blankets.  "At least for now."

With difficulty, Ianto stood and was pleased to note that he was only momentarily dizzy.  Owen's hand wrapped around his
elbow, steadying him.  Ianto grabbed onto the pole of the IV hanger and dragged it along beside him while the medic toted the
oxygen tank.  Together, they left the bedroom.

Ianto shuffled to a stop just before they reached the stairs.  "Bathroom," he murmured, his cheeks warming as he allowed Owen
to help him.  He was grateful when Owen waited outside the door, giving him the privacy to go about his business without an
audience.  It had been bad enough when Jack had needed to hold him up.  But it would have been so much worse if Owen had
to as well.  At least Jack was ... he didn't know what Jack was to him, but he felt more at ease accepting his help.

By the time they got downstairs, Ianto was feeling worn out.  He was grateful to sink into the chair Johnny hastily pulled out for
him and even put up with Owen fussing around him like a mother hen.  It hadn't escaped his notice that Johnny and Rhiannon
had been holding onto each other when he and Owen had come into the room.  Nor had he missed the way Rhiannon discreetly
wiped at her eyes as she turned back to her cooking.  Ianto didn't want to call attention to it, but he knew she'd been crying.  
About him, it had to have been about him, and Ianto hated that he was the cause of her tears.

"I sent the kids to wash their hands.  As soon as they get back we'll eat," Rhiannon said, her voice wavering.

Ianto smiled a little.  The kids had passed by him, going up as he and Owen had been coming down.

Johnny was staring at him, focus blatantly on his stomach.  He didn't say anything, but Ianto knew what he was thinking.  In
answer, Ianto raised his hand to show off the ring.  "Alien tech.  The ring conceals my stomach.  I am just as ... wide ... as
when you saw me last."

"Ah," Johnny answered, tearing his eyes away with obvious effort.  He went to the fridge.  "What can I get you to drink?"

"Juice or milk for him," Owen answered as he dropped into a seat at Ianto's side.  "A beer for me, if you have one."

David pounded down the stairs.

"Don't run in the house!" Rhiannon shouted.

The thundering footsteps slowed their pace.  Shortly after, David rushed into the room, with Mica trailing behind at a more
sedate pace.  The little girl was looking remarkably smug, pleased at her older brother being scolded.  David shoved her
sideways as they both went for the open chair next to Ianto.  Mica turned and shoved right back, kicking the boy in the shin as
she did so.

"That's enough, you two," Johnny said with exasperation.  He placed a glass of juice down in front of Ianto, and a beer in front
of Owen.  "You sit there.  And don't kick your brother," he said to Mica and indicated the chair beside Ianto.  "And you there."

With a grumble, David sat in the chair next to Mica.  She was looking decidedly smug.  Ianto felt amused by the entire scene.  
He hadn't expected to be so warmly welcomed by his niece and nephew, hadn't thought they'd fight over his attention.

Johnny handed out drinks while Rhiannon served up dinner.  Ianto saw the red tinge around her eyes and the flush to her
cheeks.  It made his chest clench to know that he was the cause of her tears.  He didn't want to upset her.

Despite his regret about Rhiannon crying over him, he enjoyed dinner.  The meal, while it was just a simple chicken dish, was
delicious.  Ianto was even able to finish the entire plate.  Conversation flowed freely.  The children regaled their parents with
tales of the day, both of them excitedly including the brief amount of time they had each spent in Ianto's company.

Ianto placed his fork down on his plate and pushed it back a bit, frowning at the faint tremble to his fingers.  He was tired, the
strain making itself known on his body.  He was running on his last reserves of energy.

Casually, he glanced around and caught Owen's eye.  Knowing that the medic would only pester him over his tiredness, Ianto
cleared his throat and threw a smile at his sister.  "That was very good, Rhi.  Thank you," he said.  He honestly meant it, not
only as a means of distraction.

Owen's lips flickered briefly, but he echoed Ianto's appreciation of the meal.  "Never thought of using chicken nuggets in pasta.  
My compliments to the cook."

Rhiannon smiled, obviously pleased with the praise.  "Thank you.  It's nice to get thanks and praise every once in a while."

The two children were oblivious, but Ianto smiled as he saw Johnny shift uncomfortably in his seat.  Hastily, he added his own
compliment, topping it off with a quick peck on his wife's cheek.

Rhiannon chuckled as she started clearing the table.  "Are you up to having dessert?"

Ianto smiled sadly, dropping his hands to his lap to hide the way they shook.  "Unfortunately, no.  It's been a long day."

Mica pouted.  "But we made cookies!"

Ianto turned to Mica with a warmer smile.  "Really?  Then I must ask that you all save me some so I can enjoy them tomorrow.  
Do you think you can do that?"

Mica nodded emphatically.  "Yes," she cheered.

Owen shoved his chair back nosily.  "Come on, let's get you up," he said.  He reached out and grasped Ianto's arm, helping him
out of his seat.

Suddenly, Johnny was beside them, clearing his throat.  "You mind if I, you know, help?"  He nodded his head toward the drink
Owen had left on the table.  "You could finish your beer."

Shrugging, Owen said, "All right.  As long as Ianto doesn't mind."

Ianto was wary, but didn't see any reason to say no.  He agreed, and allowed Johnny to take hold of his arm and offer his
support as well as carry the oxygen tank for him.  Goodbyes were called, along with a hug from Mica and a kiss on the cheek
from Rhiannon.  He was still puzzling over why Johnny wanted to help him as they made their way out of the room.

It took a conscious effort on Ianto's part to lift his feet high enough to climb the stairs.  It certainly had been far easier going
down than it was heading back up.  But then, gravity was working against him now.  It frustrated him that he couldn't seem to
get his muscles to work properly.

Halfway along, he stumbled and Johnny's arm around him was the only reason he didn't fall.  Ianto tightened his grip around the
pole of the IV hanger, fighting to keep his rankled feelings in check.  He was tired of being dependent on others, tired of
dragging around this IV and the oxygen that Johnny was carrying for him.  He was plain tired of it all.  Despite that, he still
managed an appropriate "thanks," to Johnny for keeping him from tumbling down the stairs.

"No worries," Johnny responded.  He tightened his hold a bit, taking on more of Ianto's weight as they continued up the stairs
and into the bedroom.

Ianto sank onto the bed wearily.  He tugged the ring off of his finger and set it carefully aside.  Looking up, he saw Johnny
staring down at his protruding stomach with wide eyes.  Uncomfortable under such blatant scrutiny, Ianto tugged at the hem of
his over-sized t-shirt even though he was already fully covered by the garment.

"Sorry," Johnny said, shaking his head.  He cleared his throat and tried to smile.  It was watery at best, falling away as he wrung
his hands together.  "It's just ... you know," he tried and shrugged.

Despite the lack of comprehensive speech, Ianto understood completely.  It wasn't easy to get used to being around a pregnant
man.  Hell, Ianto wasn't used to it and he was the one that was pregnant.

Johnny looked over at the closed bedroom door, then back at his brother-in-law.  He seemed nervous about something.  "Do you
think," he started, swallowed and then sat on the bed next to Ianto.  He looked about ready to try and say something, then shook
his head again.  "No, never mind."


Releasing an aggravated breath, Johnny rubbed at the back of his neck.  "It's crazy.  Weird."

Ianto ducked his head.  "Oh."  He wrapped his arms around himself.  Looks like Johnny hadn't changed his mind about how he
felt.  He still saw Ianto as a freak.

"No," Johnny said quickly, raising his hands but not touching him.  "It's not that.  God, I'm sorry.  I'm not doing this right, am

Ianto was confused.

The other man gestured toward Ianto's stomach.  "Could I?  You know, touch it?  You can say no."

Blinking in surprise, Ianto hesitantly nodded.  He still didn't like people pawing at him.  Well, people other than Jack.

Johnny waited until Ianto pulled his shirt up.  His callused fingers were scratchy as they grazed his skin; it made him flinch.  
Johnny rumbled an apology and pressed his palm more firmly to the distended flesh.  Ianto tried to shrug it away, but Johnny
wouldn't let him.  "No, really.  I'm sorry," he said, his large hand heavy on Ianto's stomach.  "What I did this afternoon, how I
acted toward you; I was wrong.  This baby is yours and that means he's family, no matter how he was created.  And if you ever
need anything, you let me know.  I won't turn my back on you again."

Ianto swallowed and nodded.  He didn't know what to say.  A moment later, he let out a laugh as the baby kicked and Johnny
jerked back with a cry of surprise that faded into an amused laugh.

"Looks like he won't let me forget it either," Johnny said, brushing his hand over Ianto's belly one last time, giving it a soft pat
before he lifted his hand away.  He stood up from the bed and stepped back, smiling gently.  "Get some rest.  We all want you
getting better."

Ianto dropped his shirt, still stunned by Johnny's apology.  He wasn't expecting to be accepted.  "Thank you," he said sincerely,
watching the other man.  At best, he'd hoped to be ignored by the other man.

Johnny grinned and walked to the door.  "No need to thank me," he replied, pausing only briefly.  "You're family.  And I should
have remembered that."

Then Ianto was alone.  He settled down on his side, smiling to himself as he rubbed a hand over his bulging middle.  "This was a
surprising turn of events," he mused, looking down on his belly.

He was happy that he had come home.

To Be Continued ...