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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

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More Notes:  Slight spoiler warning.  We are finally in 'Out of Time,' so references are made to that episode.


Part Thirty-Five

Ianto woke to the sound of a mobile trilling.  He rolled over toward the sound, hoping to silence it.  Instead, the back of his hand
connected soundly with Owen's bare chest with a loud thwack.  Owen yelped, jerking awake and upright.  Ianto's hand slipped
down, dropping bonelessly into the medic's lap.  

Without thought and still mostly asleep, the Welshman dragged himself toward the source of warmth, pressing his cheek against
Owen's stomach.  He could vaguely hear Owen's exasperated sigh, but didn't pay much attention to it.  Sleep was far more
interesting at the moment.  That, and stopping the annoying ring that continued despite his earlier attempt to make it stop.

Owen disentangled himself from Ianto and rolled away.  He grabbed up his mobile and answered it with a grumbled, "Harper

Ianto allowed himself to doze.  Owen's voice washed over him, but he didn't hear half of what the doctor was saying.  It was
Tosh he was talking to, he'd heard her name, but he didn't catch much else.

"Do you need me to come back?" Owen asked.

Ianto jerked, his muzzy senses catching on that.  Was Owen going to leave?  Already?  They'd barely been there a single day.

He forcibly opened his eyes, then blinked repeatedly to try and clear his hazy vision.  "Owen?"

The medic patted his shoulder in an almost patronizing way and continued with his phone conversation.  "Yeah.  Yeah, alright.  
Yeah, he's awake.  Hold on."  He held the mobile in front of Ianto's face and waved it.  "Here," he said to Ianto, "Tosh wants to
talk to you."

Ianto still wasn't properly awake, but he took the mobile anyway.  He tried for a cheerful greeting, but it came out as half a yawn

"Oh, Ianto, I'm sorry.  Did I wake you?" Tosh asked.  Even over the phone, Ianto could hear the guilt in her voice.

"It's all right, Tosh.  I should probably get up and have breakfast anyway."  He glanced at his watch.  "Or perhaps, lunch would
be more likely at this hour."  He was surprised.  He didn't normally sleep so late, but here he was with most of the morning gone.

"How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Better," he replied honestly.  "Owen says he's taking me off the oxygen today."

"That's wonderful!"  Ianto could practically hear the beaming smile in her voice.  "Oh, you won't believe what came through the
Rift yesterday."

Ianto shifted himself upright, not an easy feat with one hand occupied with holding the mobile to his ear.  "Must be something
interesting to get you so excited," he teased.  Owen helped to shove a couple pillows behind his back, then slipped off the bed to
get dressed.

"It was a plane!" she announced.  "An actual plane with three people on-board.  Jack and Gwen went out to meet the plane when
it landed.  Apparently, they're from 1953.  They're perfectly fine and all understandably confused."

"Really?" Ianto asked, although he didn't doubt Toshiko.  She wouldn't lie to him.  It was just so unusual though.  For a plane
from the fifties to simply fly through a rift opening, and with its pilot and passengers alive and unharmed; it was shocking to say
the least.

Tosh eagerly filled him in on everything.  She described the three unfortunate victims of the rift in such detail that Ianto almost
felt as if he had met them himself.  He felt sorry for them.  They'd been thrust into a strange, unfamiliar world and would have
to learn how to survive in it.  They'd effectively lost everything and everyone they'd ever known.  If they'd had family, they
were most likely long gone by now, unless any of them had had children.  But even then, there was a good possibility that any
child would be dead now as well.

Unconsciously, he began to run his hand over his belly in soft, slow circles.  Beside him, Owen was lazing in bed, messing about
with the laptop they had brought with them.  Ianto didn't know what he was doing, probably playing a game of some sort.  He
cast a sidelong glance at the medic and wondered if the team would need the extra help.

"Will you need Owen to come back?" he asked, feeling a slight worry.  He knew that Owen was only here to keep an eye on
him, and that he really didn't need constant medical care.  But he still felt better knowing that Owen was there.

"Oh, no," Tosh replied.  "Like I told Owen, we have everything under control here.  Jack gave them their physicals himself.  
When I first started, before Owen was brought in, Jack and Suzie would take turns doing the medical stuff and the autopsies.  
Between you and me, I think he just likes to pretend he knows less than he does to get out of doing extra work."

Ianto smiled and gave a soft chuckle.  "We all know that paperwork is daunting to him."  It was so difficult to get Jack to
complete his paperwork.

Tosh giggled and agreed.  They chatted a bit more before reluctantly saying their goodbyes.  He liked talking with Tosh, but he
knew that she had work to do.  He couldn't monopolize her time when she could be doing something more important.

As soon as he hung up, Owen was closing the laptop and hopping off the bed.  "About time, Tea Boy," he grumbled.

Ianto fiddled with the mobile, sliding his fingers along the edges.  "Sorry," he mumbled, then brightened considerably as he
remembered what Owen had said last night.  He sat up a little straighter.  "You said we could get rid of the oxygen tank today."

Owen quirked a small smile.  "Let's check you over first," he said, then pulled his bag of supplies closer.

Ianto endured the doctor's examination.  He was all too eager to get to the end of it, to finally be rid of one of the medical
encumbrances.  The IV would remain, at least for now, but at least he wouldn't have to tote an oxygen tank around with him

He sat still as Owen took his pulse, waited patiently as this was followed by a check of his temperature and lung function.  At
long last, Owen removed the cannula and turned off the oxygen.  He checked Ianto's breathing and pulse again.

"If you feel any shortness of breath," Owen warned, "or feel faint, you let me know immediately."

"Yes, Mother," Ianto taunted.

Owen glared at him, but the expression was tempered by the smirk on his face.  "Keep that up and I'll have you over my knee."

Ianto leaned over a little to pat Owen's arm.  "I think some fetishes should be kept to ourselves, don't you?" he said in a
conspiratorial tone.

Owen opened his mouth to reply with what was likely to be some scathing retort, only to be cut off by the rattle of the door
handle and a soft knock on the door.

"Uncle Ianto?" Mica's voice came through the door.  

Ianto felt relieved by the agreement he and Rhiannon had made yesterday afternoon to keep the door locked whenever he needed
a break from wearing the ring.  The discussion had come up somewhere between the opening credits of Goldfinger and the first
time he'd dozed off, his head resting comfortably on her lap, the feel of her fingers twining through his hair.  Neither of them
thought they could trust the kids to knock before coming in.  Locking the door when he needed a break was the easiest solution.

"Yes, Mica?" Ianto called back.

"Mam wants to know if you and Doctor Owen want lunch."

Ianto would have responded, but Owen beat him to it.  "Yeah, we'll be right down, kid."

"Okay!" Mica said loudly.  This was followed by the clatter of her feet as she hurried away and her loud excited voice telling her
mother what Owen had said.

Her enthusiasm made Ianto smile.  He accepted the ring as Owen passed it to him, then allowed the medic to help him dress.  
Ianto's eyes were drawn to the IV line in his arm.  As Owen eased his feet into a pair of slippers, Ianto couldn't help but ask,
"So, how long until I get rid of this thing?"

"Tomorrow, maybe.  We'll see," Owen answered with a shrug.

As it turned out, it was two days before Owen removed the intravenous line.  Ianto wore himself out trying to keep up with his
niece and nephew on his first day without the oxygen tank.  He refused a nap, even though he was feeling the strain of the ring.  
As a result, the mild fever he'd already had before arriving at Rhiannon's had spiked considerably by the time he went to bed that

Owen was rightfully peeved with him the next morning when he didn't have the strength to make an appearance for either
breakfast or lunch.  Not only had he told Ianto off, but so had Rhiannon.  Ianto, himself, was feeling mighty foolish and knew
that he wouldn't be making the same mistake again.  Everyone decided it would be better if he were to remain in bed that day.  It
felt like a punishment when neither of the children were allowed in to see him, but Owen had forbidden him to use the ring, not
wanting to sap away what little strength he had.

That restriction and the IV line were both removed the next day when Ianto's temperature returned to normal.  He agreed to all
of Owen's terms and took several breaks during the course of the day to rest without the ring on.  He was feeling stronger
though and was happier for it.  At the end of the day, he was even allowed a short walk outside with his sister for company.

Every day, either Tosh or Gwen called to fill him in on the happenings at the Hub.  Both women were concerned for John Ellis,
the gentleman who had come through the rift with the two women.  While the women seemed to be adjusting well enough, Mr.
Ellis wasn't doing so well.  Jack seemed to have his hands full in dealing with him.  Ianto could only hope for the best and
wonder if Jack would ever call him himself.  He wouldn't hold his breath over it though.  Jack was a busy man after all.


The morning of the twenty-fourth was a bright, sunny day.  With a great deal of pleading and several cups of coffee, Ianto had
managed to coerce Owen into going with Johnny to the nearest shopping centre to do some last minute Christmas shopping so
that he wouldn't be empty-handed come Christmas morning.  His niece and nephew would be disappointed if they received
nothing from their uncle.

Ianto would have gone himself, but Owen had forbidden it, telling him the stress of such a shopping trip might be too much for
the Welshman to deal with at this point in his recovery.  He was doing better, but he wasn't fully healthy.  Owen had grumbled
all the way out of the house, while an equally unhappy Johnny trailed behind him.  Who better to help pick out the children's gifts
than their father?  No one had seemed eager to dispute Rhiannon's decision that he should accompany the doctor.

While they were gone, Rhiannon and Ianto decided it would be a good idea to go on an outing of their own.  They were only
going to a local park, where Ianto would spend the majority of his time sitting on a bench enjoying the fresh air while Mica and
David worked off a portion of their seemingly endless supply of energy.  Ianto knew that Rhiannon had checked with Owen
whether it was a good idea or not and he had okay-ed it, so long as Ianto didn't overtax himself.

Ianto had been sitting for a little while, watching Mica chasing David around, when someone sat beside him on the bench.  It
wasn't Rhiannon.  She was a little ways off, talking with one of the other mothers.

"Good morning, Ianto," the woman sitting beside him said.

Ianto snapped his head to the side.  Mrs. Koladka was sitting there, a sad smile on her face.  "What are you doing here?" he
asked her, looking quickly to where Rhiannon was, and then to the children.

Mrs. Koladka shook her head.  "I won't do anything to hurt them," she said.  "And I'm sorry you think me capable of such a
thing.  I never intended you harm, Ianto."

"Yes, kidnapping me and handing me over to Nathaniel James was a perfect way to ensure my safety," he hissed, keeping his
eye out for any threat to his family.

Mrs. Koladka let out a long breath.  "He had me fooled.  But my David was precious to me.  He was so young when he was
taken, when I lost him to that horrible place.  Tell me honestly, if I had come to you and told you the truth, would you have
trusted me, allowed me into your home?"

Ianto bit his lip and settled his hands over his deceptively flat stomach.  "I don't know," he answered truthfully.  "Probably not."

"I did what I had to do, to protect my family.  Not only that child, but you as well.  When I learned the truth, I didn't hesitate to
put an end to Nathaniel's insanity.  I only wish I had done it sooner, to spare you some measure of suffering."

Ianto looked at her.  She looked older than he remembered, a few more lines on her face, her hair a little duller.  "We probably
shouldn't be talking," Ianto said.  "Jack's looking for you, you know."

Mrs. Koladka smiled faintly.  "I'm sure he is."

"Everything okay, Ianto?" Rhiannon called.

Ianto waved her off, smiling as reassuringly as he could.  "It's okay, Rhi.  She was just leaving."

"Yes, I suppose I am," Mrs. Koladka said, her tone one of resignation.  She reached into her coat pocket and Ianto flinched.  He
relaxed when he saw that it was only a slip of paper she had pulled out.  She took hold of his hand and pressed the paper into his
palm.  "Perhaps, you wouldn't mind sending an old grandmother a picture of her great grandchild when he's born."

He looked down at the paper, rubbing his thumb over it as he contemplated the risk she was taking in just giving it to him.  "I
could just give this to Jack.  You'd end up in a cell, perhaps even a UNIT prison."

She calmly stood.  "You could.  It won't matter to me.  But I'd still like the picture, either way."  Mrs. Koladka stretched her
hand out toward him, but let it fall back to her side before she could touch him.  "Goodbye, Ianto.  Whether you believe it or not,
I am sorry.  I never wanted to hurt you."

Ianto watched her go, wanting to say something, but not knowing what.  He could only watch, his heart feeling heavy as she
departed.  He remembered the kind woman who had tried to comfort him in the aftermath of the cyber-incident, the woman who
had cooked for him and done his shopping, the woman who had done nothing but treat him as if he were a treasured member of
her family.  He tried to reconcile that woman with the one who had kidnapped him and found that he couldn't.  The hurt he'd felt
at her betrayal was still there, but he didn't hate her for it.  Instead, he found himself understanding her.  All she wanted was to
protect the one piece of her grandson still alive.  She had just gone about it the wrong way.

Rhiannon came up beside him and rested a hand on his shoulder.  "Who was that?" she asked.

Ianto tried to smile and failed.  Instead, he found himself hastily wiping the tears from his face.  He shoved the paper she had
given to him into one of his pockets.  "Just an old friend," he answered and cleared his throat.  "Come on, let's get the kids
home.  I think I could use a nap."

To Be Continued ...