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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

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Part Thirty-Seven

Rhiannon was jostled awake by an exuberant four-year old bouncing on the creaky pull-out sofabed.  Mica's excited squeal of,
"It's Christmas, it's Christmas!" cut through her mother's sleep like a knife.

Rhiannon cracked open her eyes.  David was standing beside the pull-out sofa, pushing at Johnny's shoulder and demanding he
wake up, while Mica continued to bounce up and down between her parents.

She loved her kids dearly, but sometimes her youngest had too much energy to take.  She sat up and gripped Mica around the
waist to still her.  The girl was practically vibrating with excitement.  "All right, Mica.  You and David go watch some
cartoons."  The two children let out sounds of disappointment and Rhiannon held up a hand.  "You can open your presents after
breakfast and when Uncle Ianto is awake to watch.  You wouldn't want him to be disappointed, would you?"

That seemed to mollify the children.  Mica was still pouting as she climbed down off the bed though.  Together the two children
settled on the floor in front of the television.

With that taken care of, Rhiannon rolled slightly and kissed Johnny's cheek.  "Merry Christmas, love."

Johnny grunted and scrubbed a hand down over his face.  "Bloody Hell!  Were they up this early last year?"

With a chuckle, Rhiannon got out of bed and put on her dressing gown.  "It just feels earlier.  I'll get breakfast sorted, then I'll
get my brother up.  You keep an eye on the early birds and make sure they don't try to sneak any gifts."

Kissing him one more time, she went to the kitchen and looked into the fridge for a short while.  As she contemplated the
contents, an idea sparked in her mind.  Maybe she'd surprise Ianto with breakfast in bed.  She'd have to bring enough for Owen
as well.  She'd been awake when he'd had to unexpectedly leave and had told her he'd be back sometime before morning.  She'd
left the door unlocked for him and she thought she'd heard him come back, but couldn't be certain.  It had been rather late and
she hadn't bothered getting up to check.

With a smile, she reached in for the eggs and started cooking.  Ianto liked his eggs scrambled so that's what he'd get.  Eggs
mixed with a little milk and some chopped ham.  Of course she made enough for everyone.  She served the kids and Johnny
first.  Johnny helped, getting glasses of juice and a coffee for himself while Rhiannon loaded everything onto a battered old tray
table they hadn't used since the last time one of the kids had gotten sick and had to stay in bed.  Everything just barely fit onto
the tray.  Two plates of eggs, toast, a glass of orange juice for Ianto and coffee for Owen, and she was all set.

She carefully lifted the tray and carried it up the stairs.  It was a little awkward digging the key to the bedroom door out of the
pocket of her dressing gown, but she managed and soon enough she was entering the room and nudging the door shut with her

With one look at the bed, she knew that something was amiss.  Ianto was in bed, sleeping peacefully.  There was even a small
smile on his face.  Behind him, practically wrapped around her little brother, was a man who was definitely not Owen.  If she'd
ever caught Owen holding onto Ianto like that she would have broken his arms.  This man, this stranger, was pressed up close
against Ianto's back, his arms twined around Ianto and hands resting on his swelled stomach.  His hold was possessive, and yet
loving.  The way he unconsciously nuzzled his face into the back of Ianto's head was affectionate.

He was a looker, that was certain.  Who was she kidding?  He was bloody gorgeous.  Man could have been a model.  But that
didn't explain who he was or what the hell he was do cuddling up with her little brother.

And he was naked!  The duvet was shoved down low, barely covering up to their hips.  While she could see the hint of Ianto's
pyjama bottoms peeking out from beneath the duvet, she couldn't say the same for the stranger.  All she could see was bare
skin.  That, and the fact that his underwear was lying in a pile of clothes that definitely weren't Ianto's.

Rhiannon turned and carefully placed the tray of food on the chest of drawers.  Then she returned to the edge of the bed,
purposely stepping over the clothes on her way.  She stood over the two sleeping men, staring down at them.  She poked the
stranger in the shoulder.

Beautiful blue eyes blinked up at her as the stranger rolled onto his back.  The duvet slipped a little lower, giving a tantalizing
view of bare, creamy flesh.  Another inch and he'd be flashing her.  A wide, flirtatious grin spread it's way across his face.  As
he moved, Ianto groaned and shifted back against him.

Rhiannon crossed her arms over her chest and glared down at the beautiful man holding her brother.  "Your name had better be
Jack or you'll be leaving here with a few less pieces of anatomy," she warned.

If anything, the smile on his face grew wider.  "He's talked about me?"

She rolled her eyes.  "Is that what you're really going to focus on?  Where's Owen?  He said he was coming back."

Holding Ianto close to his side with one arm, the stranger propped himself up with his elbow.  He smiled charmingly.  "Captain
Jack Harkness at your service.  And I sent Owen home."

"Are you even qualified to look after my brother in his condition?"

"Trust me, I have experience in these matters."

Rhiannon cocked her head to one side.  "What sort of experience?"

Jack gave her a look that clearly translated as, 'Wouldn't you like to know?'

Rhiannon snorted.  Secretive bastard.  "Whatever.  Just cover yourself and wake my brother up.  I have breakfast."

Jack didn't get a chance to do anything.  Beside him, Ianto groaned and pulled a pillow over his head.  "Please tell me I'm still
asleep and this is some horrible nightmare," he grumbled, his voice muffled somewhat by the pillow.

"No such luck there," Jack said, leaning toward Ianto and kissing his shoulder.

Ianto flinched.  Jack didn't appear offended.  Instead, he reached up and rubbed a hand over Ianto's shoulder while his other
hand was moving in soothing circles on his stomach.

Slowly, Ianto extracted himself from the pillow covering his head.  His cheeks were tinged pink as he rolled over onto his back.  
They reddened further as he adjusted the duvet over Jack, keeping him properly covered while Jack was busy helping him to sit
up and pushing a couple pillows behind his back for comfort.

Rhiannon retrieved the tray table and brought it over to the bed.  Setting it over Ianto's legs, she caught his eyes before she
straightened up again.  "We'll be talking about this later," she said.

Jack nudged Ianto with an elbow.  "I think that means we're in trouble," he advised, his smirk still fixed in place.

"I'll be talking with you, too," she promised a bit more sternly.  She wasn't sure what to make of this man.  With a huff, she
gestured to the tray.  "Since I went to all the trouble of cooking for two, I suppose you could eat the other one."  She headed for
the door.  "Try not to take too long coming down.  The kids are already up and eager to get to the gifts."

She left, locking the door behind her.  She truly hoped that man was good enough for Ianto.


Ianto sat, poking at his plate of eggs with his fork.  He felt dreadfully embarrassed.  Rhiannon had walked in on him and Jack in
bed together.  That Jack was naked, made it all the worse in his mind.

Beside him, Jack was heartily eating his own breakfast.  "This is good!" Jack declared in the breath between mouthfuls.

Ianto smiled a little.  "She made my favorite," he mumbled, slowly starting to eat his eggs.

"Eggs with ham.  Simple.  I like it."

"And milk," Ianto said.  "Just a little milk mixed in.  My Mam used to make them this way.  Rhi said it was the only way I would
ever eat them when I was little."

Jack hummed.  "I never had eggs mixed with milk before.  I like mine with onions and some mushrooms.  Mushrooms were
hard to come by on Boeshane." He shrugged.  "The land was mostly desert and ocean and being a colony world we didn't get
much help from off-world.  Not many ships passed by.  But sometimes a shipment of goods would come in.  My brother hated
them, so Mom would make it just for me."

"You have a brother?" Ianto asked.  He finished off the last of his eggs and took a swallow of orange juice.

The clatter of Jack's fork hitting his plate drew Ianto's attention.  He worried at the expression on the man's face.  "Had," Jack
replied, his voice soft.  He placed his empty plate back onto the tray.  "I lost him a very long time ago."

"I'm sorry."  Ianto fiddled with his juice glass before putting it down.  "I didn't intend to bring up any bad memories."

Jack's hand settled on his cheek, his thumb rubbing across the stubble there.  He leaned in and kissed Ianto on the corner of the
mouth.  "I know you didn't."  He kissed him again, using his fingers to urge Ianto to turn enough to catch his lips properly.

Ianto almost melted at the first tender caress.  He brought his own hand up to Jack's throat, wrapping his fingers around the
back of his neck, bringing him closer.  Parting his lips, he accepted Jack's tongue, lapping at it with his own eagerly.  He'd
missed Jack, missed his kisses and his touch.  His heart was fluttering as the kiss deepened and he moaned, trying to shift
closer, wanting more contact, more kisses, more Jack.

His knee struck the tray table, jostling it.  Jack lashed out, catching the edge with his hand and keeping it from toppling over.  As
it was, the juice glass wobbled a bit, and a splash of liquid slopped over the edge of the forgotten half-empty coffee cup.

"I think we'd better move this," Jack advised, bending forward to move the table to the end of the bed.

Ianto's mouth went dry as the motion exposed more tantalizing views of tanned skin to his greedy eyes.  He must have made
some sort of noise, because Jack turned to look over his shoulder, a wicked smirk on his face.  With a delicate touch, Ianto ran
the pads of his fingertips down along the Captain's back, tracing each bump of his spine down and down and then even further
down into the crevice of his buttocks.

The sound Jack made was positively sinful.  He arched his back and moaned, the sound going immediately to Ianto's cock.  
Ianto tried to surreptitiously alleviate the discomfort in his sleep pants, but Jack moved suddenly.  He cast the duvet to the end of
the bed, narrowly missing the tray table, and threw his leg over Ianto, straddling his knees.  In that same swift movement, he
caught up Ianto's hand from where it had been adjusting himself.  He licked Ianto's fingers, then took the thumb into his mouth,
sucking happily as he moaned again.

"Jack, we can't," Ianto groaned, trying and failing to tear his eyes away from the temptation that was a naked and quite eager
Captain Jack Harkness unabashedly rocking his hardness against Ianto's stomach.

Jack let Ianto's thumb slip out of his mouth with a wet pop.  He reached down and caressed Ianto's own manhood through the
constriction of his pyjamas, making him gasp and buck into the touch.  "I think you're more than capable," Jack grinned,
squeezing just enough to make Ianto's eyes roll back.

Ianto bit his lip.  It would be so easy to give in, to allow Jack to have his fun.  But this wasn't his room, wasn't his bed.  He was
a guest in this house.

God, Jack was so beautiful.  How could he say no?

With some effort, he reached down and wrapped his hand around Jack's wrist.  "Jack, please.  This is my sister's bed.  I can't.  
Not here."

Jack pulled away immediately.  "I understand," he said with a soft smile.  He leaned over and kissed Ianto again, a short, quick
peck before he whispered against his lips, "How about I help you to the bathroom and give you my Christmas present there?" He
nudged his cock against Ianto's stomach.

"In the shower?" Ianto murmured, images racing through his brain.

Jack hummed thoughtfully.  "I like the way your mind works, Mr. Jones.  Come on, it'll be fun."

Ianto nodded and allowed Jack to help him up.  Jack swiftly dressed himself.  Before Ianto could wrap his mind around what
was happening, the ring to conceal his stomach had been slipped onto his finger and Jack had helped him into a dressing gown.  
Then he was hustling Ianto out of the room.

"Bathroom?" Jack asked as they moved along the hall.

Ianto pointed out the room and in no time at all he was directed inside.  Jack locked the door behind them and began to shed
clothes.  Ianto didn't have quite so much to remove as Jack did, but he pushed the dressing gown off of his shoulders and
shoved his sleep pants down until gravity took over and they pooled about his ankles.  He was reaching to pull the ring from his
finger when Jack stopped him.

"No, leave it on," Jack said, smiling warmly.  He caressed Ianto's cheek.  "It'll be easier this way."

Ianto swayed a little, mesmerized by the look in his lover's eyes.  "What will?" he asked, feeling a bit breathless.

Jack enfolded him in his arms and pulled him close.  Ianto returned the gesture, enjoying the feel of Jack's body pressed so
tightly against his own.  Jack nuzzled his neck, then traced a line upward with his tongue.  "Ravishing you," Jack answered, then
caught the lobe of Ianto's ear between his lips.

Ianto shivered at the implication.  He slid his hands down to Jack's arse and shamelessly palmed the rounded globes, delighting in
the feel of Jack's skin against his own.  For the first time, he could feel all of Jack pressing against him without the
encumbrance of his bulging stomach wedged between them.  He leaned closer still and took a nipping bite at Jack's neck,
reveling in the shiver that shook the Captain's frame.  He squeezed his fingers in the flesh beneath his palms, rocking up on his
toes to rub himself against his lover's solid body.

Jack's hands moved to his hips.  He chuckled as he angled the Welshman away, stopping him from easing the pressure building
in his groin.  "Someone's eager," Jack smiled, then licked at Ianto's bottom lip, sucking on it briefly before kissing him properly.

Ianto broke the kiss this time.  He brought his hand to Jack's groin, taking hold of his rigid member.  "I think I'd like to open my
gift now," Ianto whispered huskily.  He stroked the hard flesh deliberately and felt gratified by the rough groan that answered his

Taking hold of Ianto's hand, Jack put an end to the teasing touch.  "Now, now," he chastised, licking his lips.  "You don't want
this to be over with too quickly, do you?"

"We don't have time for something more drawn out," Ianto declared.  He tried to pull Jack back to him, but the Captain was a
clever one and slipped free of his hold.  He went over to the shower and turned the taps, testing the temperature of the cascading
water with his fingers.

"I have something else in mind," Jack said.  He shook the water from his fingers and went back to his clothes.  Ianto's eyes
raked over him, following every rippling muscle and finally settling on that perfect arse as the man bent over to rummage
through his scattered clothing.

"You won't make this last any longer if you keep doing things like that," Ianto warned, wrapping his hand around his own cock
and resisting the fervent urge to stroke himself.

Jack rose back up and returned to him, holding something in his hand.  He stood close to Ianto, but not close enough to touch.  
"Shall we get started?" Jack asked, a twinkle in his eyes.  He held up a tube of lubricant with one hand and a condom held
delicately between the thumb and forefinger of his other hand.

Ianto sighed and let his hand fall away from his cock.  He stepped closer to Jack and pressed his forehead against the other
man's.  "Let me get this straight.  You brought condoms and lube, but forgot your coat?"

"That sounds about right," Jack replied with a shrug.  "I was distracted last night."  He cleared his throat and looked unsure.  
"We don't have to-"

Ianto kissed him to silence him.  "I want to," he replied breathlessly, licking at Jack's lips.  "I love the way you feel inside of me."

Jack responded by claiming his mouth in a devouring kiss.  Knowing fingers stroked him in all the right places, setting his nerves
ablaze.  Lost in the haze of passion, Ianto followed wherever the Captain led him.  He stumbled backward as Jack began
shuffling him along, trusting that he wouldn't be allowed to fall.  Indeed, Jack's arms circled him, keeping him safe in his

He started, breaking the kiss at the unexpected shock of water raining down on him.  Then he remembered the shower that Jack
had turned on earlier.  It wasn't too hot, or cold, so he quickly adjusted to the cascade until he was pushed out of the direct path
of the spray and backed into a corner.  He wrapped his arms around Jack and leaned back against the cool tiles, fully content to
do whatever Jack wanted him to.  He felt Jack's knee nudge between his thighs and parted his legs obligingly.

When the first finger breached him, he scraped his blunt nails across Jack's back, fervently attacking Jack's tongue with his
own.  A second finger, then a third was soon added and Ianto was writhing in time with their movements inside of him.  "Please,
Jack," Ianto gasped, panting against Jack's mouth.  "Please, get on with it."

"Always so impatient," Jack murmured.  Yet, he removed his fingers and Ianto heard the telltale sound of a wrapper being torn.  
"Hold on to my shoulders."

Ianto did so, with a small measure of confusion that was swept aside when the Captain hooked his elbow behind one of Ianto's
knees.  "No, Jack.  I'm too heavy," Ianto warned, worried about his excess weight hurting Jack.  Just because his swollen belly
wasn't visible at the moment didn't mean that his weight had lessened.

The smile on Jack's face was brilliant.  "Don't worry, I've done this before."

He scrabbled to hold on to Jack's slick shoulders as Jack lifted his leg.  Ianto shifted his weight to his other side, as well as
leaning more heavily against Jack and the wall at his back.  "Been with many pregnant men?" he asked coyly.

Jack hummed, putting his hand against the wall to keep Ianto's leg aloft.  "Not so many," he said, teasingly nudging the blunt tip
of his shaft to Ianto's waiting hole.  "But I've had lots of fun in showers."  With that he pushed inward, sinking slowly in, in one
steady motion.

Ianto dropped his head back, barely registering the sharp sting from contact with the tiles.  "God, I'm going to come," he

"I won't be far behind you," Jack responded.  He mouthed at Ianto's throat, sucking against his Adam’s apple.  He withdrew a
little, only to snap his hips back up.

Ianto dug his nails in a little more, his mouth falling open in a breathless gasp.  Obviously pleased with this reaction, Jack
repeated it, his hips moving in short, swift bursts.  Lights danced behind Ianto's eyelids, fire and electricity sparked along his
spine.  This would be over fast.  He was already teetering on the brink.

"You are so beautiful," Jack breathed.  He captured Ianto's mouth with his own again, swallowing his rising moans.  And then
his hand wrapped around Ianto's cock and Ianto screamed around the tongue mapping out his dental history.

It was over far too quickly for Ianto's liking and he soon found himself unraveling under Jack's expert care.  He jerked in Jack's
hold, his body thrown into convulsions as stars exploded across his vision.  He felt an answering twitch in the muscles bunched
under his clawing hands, and knew that Jack had followed him into bliss.

Together they sank to the floor of the shower with Ianto sitting mostly on Jack's lap.  He hooked his legs around Jack's body,
content with the intimacy between them.  He bowed his head to the Captain's shoulder, curling his arms around him, shivering as
every movement seemed to jostle the length still nestled within his body.

"I wish we could stay like this," Ianto murmured, basking in the fading remnants of the euphoria that made his skin tingle still.

Jack kissed his shoulder.  "Your family's waiting."

Ianto groaned.  Jack was right, of course.  Still, he would have liked to enjoy the afterglow a bit more.  With shaking limbs, and
Jack's help, he managed to disengage himself from Jack's lap and get up.  "I hope you realize you've completely worn me out

Jack only grinned.  "That only means we can have a cuddle after the presents are opened."

"You're incorrigible."

To his delight, Jack took care of washing every inch of him, spoiling him rotten no doubt, but Ianto couldn't say he didn't enjoy
it.  When they climbed from the cooling shower, Jack bundled him in a towel and began to vigorously dry him.

"When will you be leaving?" Ianto asked as Jack helped him dress.

"This afternoon.  I gave Owen the morning off.  When he gets here, I'll leave you in his capable hands," Jack said, tying the sash
of Ianto's dressing gown.

Ianto caught his hands as they finished the knot.  He couldn't look up to meet the man's eyes.  "Could you come back?" he asked

Fingers tipped his chin up.  Ianto felt himself blush at the warmth in the Captain's eyes.  "If you want me to."

Ianto nodded, eagerly and yet embarrassed.  "Yes, I do.  I-I've missed you."

Jack kissed him, deeply and thoroughly.  "I'll see what I can do.  If I can't, I'll be back in the morning."

Ianto tried to hide his disappointment, but it must have shown in his eyes.  Jack's fingers caressed his freshly shaved cheek.  
"Sorry," Ianto said.

"Don't be sorry.  I'll do everything I can to be back here tonight."  He kissed Ianto again.  "I've missed you, too.  My bunk's
never felt so lonely before."

Ianto felt his heart melt a little.  "You're more than welcome to join me any time you like."

Jack took his hand and kissed his knuckles.  "Come on, I think your niece and nephew have waited long enough, don't you?"

Ianto chuckled.  "They'll be driving Rhiannon and Johnny mental."

"Let's go rescue them."  He tugged on Ianto's hand and led him from the room.  Ianto couldn't help but think he would rather
face a pack of rampaging Weevils than introduce Jack to his family.  Immortal or not, he wasn't sure Jack would survive it.

To Be Continued ...