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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

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the Davies household.


Part Thirty-Eight

Rhiannon stepped into the lounge and immediately two anxious faces turned to stare up at her.  She could read the question in
their faces, didn't need to hear a peep out of either of them to know what they wanted.  She smiled, remembering a time when
she had been that excited by Christmas morning.  "He's eating his breakfast," she said to David and Mica.  She chuckled at the
chorus of groans from her two children.

"Quiet down, you two," Johnny said, chuckling as he came up behind Rhiannon and passed a plate of eggs to her.  He kissed her
on the cheek.  "The presents will still be here.  They won't get up and walk off if you don't open them immediately.  Give your
Uncle a chance to wake up and come down on his own."

The children's answer was less than enthusiastic, but they obediently went back to watching the telly.  They were glum and
silent for a few moments, but were soon laughing and cheering for the characters onscreen.

Rhiannon sat on the sofa, which Johnny had apparently put back to rights while she had been busy upstairs, and started in on
her breakfast.  Johnny sat beside her, sipping at his coffee.  "Everything okay?" he asked in a hushed voice.

She blew out a breath, not sure where to start.  "Everything's fine," she said eventually.  "But Ianto's not alone up there ... and it
isn't Owen he's with."  She didn't think this was going to go over well.  "There was a bloke in bed with him.  They're seeing
each other."

Johnny nearly choked on his coffee. "What?" he croaked between coughs.  Under his breath, he said, "He's a queer?"

Rhiannon glanced to the kids.  Thankfully, although their attention had been diverted briefly by their father's coughing, they were
once again immersed in their program.  She fixed Johnny with a stern glare.  "Don't you dare start in on him about this," she
warned in a hissed voice.  "I didn't tell you before when I found out he was dating a man because I knew you'd start up with the
gay jokes.  He doesn't need that right now.  So you just keep your sense of humor to yourself for the time being."

She remembered how embarrassed Ianto had been on that first day he'd been there, when he'd accidentally let Jack's name slip
out.  He'd been tired, just waking up from his nap, and had caught Rhiannon talking to his stomach, to his unborn child.  His
comment that he'd sometimes caught Jack doing just the same thing had taken Rhiannon by surprise.  She hadn't known he was
gay.  He'd always dated girls, as far as she knew.  There was some girl named Lily, or Lisa or something, when he'd moved to
London, if she remembered right from the sporadic phone calls between them in the years following their father's death.

Of course Ianto had been mortified that he'd betrayed himself by telling her about Jack.  And if she believed him, then Jack was
the only man he'd ever been attracted to.  It wasn't a difficult concept to believe.  That Jack was a good looking man.  He must
be something special to work his way into Ianto's heart.  She sincerely hoped he deserved his place there.

"His name is Jack," she continued.  "He's also Ianto's boss."

"Is that a good idea?  I mean, I don't know this Jack bloke, but can we be sure he's not just taking advantage of Ianto's
condition?"  Johnny looked genuinely worried.

Rhiannon poked at her eggs before shrugging.  "It's not my call to make, love, nor is it yours.  If it's a mistake, then it's Ianto's
mistake to make."  She scowled.  "That doesn't mean I won't deck this Jack if he ever hurts my little brother, though."  With
that said, she stabbed at the last of her eggs and ate them.

"As long as you save a piece of him for me.  Ianto's family, and no one fu- ... messes with my family."

Rhiannon couldn't agree more.  "I love you, Johnny Davies."  Smiling, she leaned over and kissed his cheek.  Getting up, she
took his coffee mug and swallowed the last of the bitter liquid then gave him a cheeky grin and retreated to the kitchen.  Johnny
was after her in a second, his fingers going to her sides and prying an involuntary shriek of laughter from her.  It was all she
could do to keep from dropping the plate and mug amidst her laughs.

The kids, drawn by the laughter joined in.  Rhiannon barely had the time to place the dishes on the table before the tickle war
began in full.

Johnny was easily overpowered and driven to the floor by the kids.  Oh, of course he could have gotten up, but where would
the fun have been in that?  He managed to get his hands on Mica and was holding the wriggling little girl up from the floor,
tickling her relentlessly.  Rhiannon swooped in and pounced on David.  A peal of laughter burst out as each of her dancing
fingers found his sensitive ribs.  It wouldn't be too long before the kids were too old for this sort of behavior, but Rhiannon
would enjoy it for as long as she had left.

In the middle of the raucous laughter, no one immediately noticed Ianto and Jack's descent down the stairs.  It wasn't until Ianto
cleared his throat and spoke, that four heads spun to see that he had stepped off the last stair.  His tone was dry, his smile
genuine.  "And here I was given the impression that there were some people down here waiting to open their gifts.  It looks as if
I was misled."

"Uncle Ianto!" the children chorused.  They clamored over to him and grabbed either of his hands, tugging him toward the tree.

They paused though, when they noticed Jack standing at Ianto's side.

"Who's this?" David asked bluntly.

"Where's Doctor Owen?" Mica inquired.

Ianto smiled at his niece and nephew.  "Owen had to go back to work last night, but he'll be back later today.  And this is Jack.  
Owen and I work for him and he wanted to make sure I was doing okay."

Without hesitating, Mica asked, "Is he your boyfriend?"

Ianto's mouth dropped open and his cheeks began to color with a blush.  With a chuckle, Jack crouched down to look Mica in
the eyes.  "I'd like to think so."  He smiled and winked at her.

Mica giggled.  Rhiannon was surprised to see her daughter so easily taken in by this stranger's charm.  She was usually so shy
around people she didn't know.

"I'm Mica!" she announced proudly.  "This is my brother, David.  And my Mam and Tad."  She gestured toward each family
member in turn, a great big smile on her face.  Then she looked over her shoulder.  "Can we open the presents now?"


It had been a long time since Jack had spent a Christmas with a family.  Even longer since there were children involved,
including his own.  He'd always found himself busy at this time of year before, perhaps why so many relationships hadn't
worked out.  Torchwood always had ways to keep him busy during the holidays, doing jobs no one else wanted to do.  And
during the times when he had the time free and didn't have family, what was the point really in celebrating?

He was surprised that he was enjoying himself as much as he was.  Ianto was sitting beside him on the sofa.  David and Mica
were on the floor, half-buried beneath piles of presents and torn wrapping paper.  Johnny - who he'd been introduced to shortly
before he'd sat - and Rhiannon were busy corralling the energetic children, taking an endless number of pictures and disposing of
the abandoned wrappings.

Ianto's gifts were received well.  Jack was pleased for him.  It was obvious that Ianto was nervous about it.  He'd been biting his
bottom lip, watching as paper was torn asunder.  There was an obvious look of relief on his face when Mica had practically
squealed in delight at what looked to be an art kit of some sort.  She had eagerly hugged him and promised to draw a picture for
him.  Jack was surprised when she promised one for him as well.

David had been just as happy with his presents if the loud shout of elation was anything to go by.  Jack didn't know what he'd
gotten really, probably a game system or something.  Rhiannon leaned toward Ianto, a soft glare on her face as she plucked up a
few stray pieces of torn paper from where they'd landed near his feet.  "I can't believe you bought that for him," she hissed.

Ianto shrugged unrepentantly.  "I'll tell you what, I spoil yours and you spoil mine."  He rested his hand on his deceivingly flat
stomach and smiled up at her.

"Well that goes without saying," she said, smiling right back at him.  She kissed him on the cheek and ruffled a hand through his
hair, smiling wider as he raised his hands to deflect hers, and then to try to fix the mess she had made of his hair.

Jack watched it all with a sense of amusement.  He was pleased that Ianto had been so readily accepted by his family.  It would
do the Welshman good to be surrounded by a caring support system such as this.  Having the experience of raising two children,
they could give Ianto advice when it came to taking care of his own son.  There would be someone he could go to for help.

Watching them, Jack had a sudden urge to go and visit his own daughter.  He knew that he wouldn't though.  He and Alice
weren't close.  He suspected that she barely tolerated his presence in her life.  Jack remembered the little girl she had been.  
Before Lucia had taken her away and changed her name.  When she had still been his little Melissa, an angel who thought he had
hung the sun in the sky just for her.  That had been so long ago, back before Lucia had taken everything away from him.  Fear
of Torchwood, fear of Jack's immortality, her hatred of him, it had led to her changing their names and disappearing.  By the
time Jack was reunited with her daughter, she had been poisoned by her mother's fears, but at least she was attempting to bridge
the fragile connection between them.  And Alice's own son, Stephen adored Jack and vice versa.  Jack didn't even mind so
much that Alice insisted he pretend to be her brother instead of her father when anyone was around.  He hoped Stephen wouldn't
hate him if he ever found out the truth, if he ever learned of Jack's immortality.

A hand touched his cheek and Jack turned to find himself facing concerned blue eyes.  "You okay?" Ianto asked softly, tenderly
brushing his thumb back and forth.

Jack smiled, but he could tell by the look in Ianto's eyes that his attempt had been seen straight through.  "Sorry, my mind was
wandering," he replied.  He cast a quick glance to the side, but no one else was paying them any attention, the parents watching
their children and David and Mica too focused on their new treasures.  He returned his gaze to Ianto and smiled more
confidently.  "Ask me again later.  Who knows, I might tell you about it.  You seem unusually talented in drawing my secrets out
of me."

Ianto's cheeks tinted and he ducked his head self-consciously.  "It's a gift, really," he murmured shyly, but with a hint of his
humor shining through.

Jack tucked his fingers under Ianto's chin and lifted his face.  He didn't like the way Ianto tried to hide himself away.  He wanted
Ianto to be more confident, but knew that would only happen over time.  Time that Jack might not have if the Doctor showed
up.  No, when the Doctor showed up, the girl with the tarot cards had told Jack that he would.  And when he did, Jack would
leave with him, no doubt about that.  But for the first time since he'd landed in the wrong century to wait for the infuriating and
beguiling alien, Jack felt a flash of guilt for what he'd leave behind.  He looked at Ianto and knew without a doubt that the young
man before him would be hurt if Jack just upped and left without a word.  Jack didn't want to hurt him.  Hadn't Ianto suffered

"You are a gift," Jack declared.  Then he quickly leaned in and kissed Ianto on the mouth.

"EWWW!" David whined, while Mica giggled delightedly.

Ianto pulled back, cheeks hot with color.  Even so, there was a fragile smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

Not yet, Jack found himself thinking, hoping; don't let the Doctor come, not just yet.

To Be Continued ...