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Summary: Ianto has a secret.  Set during series one, after Cyberwoman.

Warnings:  MPREG!!  If you've been reading for this long, I'm sure you've already noticed.

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More Notes:  No Spoiler warning.  It's still Christmas morning in the Davies household.


Part Thirty-Nine

As the morning progressed, Jack noticed that Ianto's weight grew heavier against his side.  Jack casually put an arm around his
shoulders, pulling him in closer.  "Tired?" he asked softly.

With a hum, Ianto nodded.  "You should know," Ianto replied under his breath.  "You were a participant in my morning
exercise."  Before Jack could apologize, Ianto quickly added, "I don't regret a moment of it."

Jack tightened his arm around his shoulders and again tugged him closer.  "Come on," he urged, guiding Ianto to lie down.

Ianto moved, albeit reluctantly.  He pulled his legs up onto the sofa and settled himself comfortably on his side, his head resting
on Jack's thigh.  He had to keep his knees bent, but he looked comfortable enough.  Languidly, Jack began stroking his hand up
and down along Ianto's side.  Ianto let out a little hum of pleasure and shifted a bit closer, moving his arm out of the way of
Jack's gentle touch to place his hand on the older man's knee.  He squeezed gently, but did nothing more.

Smiling, Jack raised his other hand to tousle through dark hair.  "Your hair's getting long," Jack mused, twining his fingers
through the strands.  He didn't remember it ever being long before, at least not as shaggy as it was getting.

"I've not had much of a chance to get it cut," Ianto answered, his index finger idly swirling on Jack's knee.  "It'll probably get
longer still.  Owen will want to keep me locked away in the Hub for the foreseeable future."  He patted his own stomach to
punctuate his words.

Jack chuckled.  "Don't you worry.  I'll smuggle you out every now and then."

"Under your coat, I suppose?"

"We could always drug his coffee," Jack offered.

"I'm sure we could enlist Tosh and Gwen into helping," Ianto added and Jack could hear the smile in his voice.  "They like me."

"We all do, Ianto.  We all do."

Ianto's only response was to snuggle closer still, shoulder bumping into Jack's leg.  They lapsed into a comfortable silence.  
Well, silence between them because David and Mica were anything but quiet as they enjoyed the gifts they had received.  Jack
continued to stroke his delightful lover, contenting himself with the closeness and the company around him.  It was rare that he
could enjoy a quiet day like this.  He wanted to enjoy it while he could.

Occasionally, Ianto would utter a sigh or a slight moan, but not another word.  Beneath Jack's hand, Ianto relaxed and soon fell
asleep.  He slowed his hand and let it rest at Ianto's waist, watching the children play.

A movement beside him had him turning to find Rhiannon draping a light blanket over her brother's legs.  "I guess this is where I
ask what your intentions are toward my little brother?"

Jack smirked flirtatiously, then changed his mind and altered it to something a little less flashy.  For some reason, he found
himself concerned about her regard for him.  He didn't want to alienate her further.  He knew that he probably hadn't made a
good first impression with her.  Difficult to do when you're found naked and in bed with her younger sibling, the younger sibling
she was understandably protective of.

"As innocent as any relationship could be, I suppose," he answered.

She froze and gave him a calculating look.  "Is that what this is?" she asked, gesturing between the two men.  "A relationship?  
You're serious about him?"

A flippant remark about being willing to die for him was on the tip of Jack's tongue, but considering his inability to stay dead, it
didn't seem a good enough show of what he felt for the Welshman.  She didn't know of course, but Jack did, and he didn't want
to make some hollow promise.  Leveling her with his stare, he spoke to her frankly and with utter sincerity, "I would tear apart
all of time and space for him."

Rhiannon blinked, her breath puffing out in a surprised gasp.  Something glittered in her eyes and he wondered just how much
Ianto had told her about Torchwood.  Enough to take him seriously, it seemed.  "Wow.  I didn't know it was that serious.  If
you love him, you could have just said so and left it at that.  No need to be so dramatic about it."

It was Jack's turn to blink.  Love?  When had he said anything about love?  But then, ripping apart the universe for someone did
intone such devotion.  He looked down at Ianto, not really noticing as Rhiannon drifted away.  He felt her hand on his shoulder
though and heard her voice say, "Maybe you should tell him how you feel though, hm?  He's sweet, but he can be blind about
things like that."

Jack didn't think that was such a good idea though.  Yes, he might love Ianto Jones, but he didn't think actually voicing the
words would do anyone any good.  They might be the most beautiful words he knew, but they could also cause such agonizing
pain.  If he admitted it, it would only hurt so much more when Ianto was gone.  Love hurt and Jack wasn't ready for the tearing
agony of it being taken away from him.  To voice it would only make it more real, and so much more painful when it was
wrenched away from him.

A hand caught on his sleeve and tugged lightly.  Mica stood beside the sofa, her little hands folded over the arm.  Jack struggled
to smile at her and was relieved when she smiled back.

"Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?" he asked her, grateful when his voice didn't crack.  He felt raw inside.  
After the events of the past couple of nights, and John Ellis's death, the last thing he needed was to analyze his feelings - his love
- for Ianto Jones.

Mica nodded emphatically.  "I didn't think Santa would get me everything I asked for.  I didn't know he could.  One thing was
really hard and not really a present.  But he did it!" she said energetically, and yet still too softly to disturb Ianto's sleep.

"Oh?  And what was that?"

"He made Uncle Ianto feel better."  She turned her head to regard him.  "Did you get what you wanted?" she asked.

Jack looked down at Ianto and couldn't help the slight curling of his lips as Ianto made a soft little snuffling sound in his sleep.  
He lightly pet Ianto's cheek with his thumb, heart swelling in his chest as the young man nuzzled against his thigh.  "Absolutely,"
Jack whispered.  "I've got everything I want."  

He only wished he could keep it forever.

To Be Continued ...